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In The Middle AJPWMV
This Is My First AJPWMV And It Worked Out Real Well! If You Want More Of These, Like, Comment, And Subscribe! I’ll Probably Be Making Another One Soon So Stay Tuned :D (I Hope This Doesn’t Get Copyrighted... pls no) I Have A New Intro, And I Will Be Opening Intro Commissions Sooner Or Later... :) (once I do intro commissions, I will not be making free intros, unless for an intro comp lol) Also, Instead Of Calling Us Kettle Nation, I’ve Changed It To Klever Kids :3 Stay Kool ‘n’ Klever! -Kleverkettle 💜 oh and shoutout to Elite Puff for guessing the notification on the other video :3
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Faded | AJPWMV:D | By Alan Walker
***music is not mine*** Hi, I Hope You Like This AJMV! I Spent Some Time On It (like two weeks D:) Please Like If You Want More! Thanks For Watching! Stay Kool ‘n’ Klever! -Kleverkettle 💜
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Sad Song | AJPWMV | By We The Kings Ft. Elena Coates
Yay! This Is My Fave Song Right Now! Please: Leave A Like If You Enjoyed! Comment What Song I Should Do Next! Subscribe For More Videos! Check Out More Of My AJPWMVs!: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdK--JwBn5grBuRbaSXvrYWMLHOPc9TK0 ***not my music*** Thanks For Watching! Stay Kool ‘n’ Klever! -KleverKettle 💙
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Elite Puff’s Intro And Slothivity’s Art!
Hope You Both Like It! I’m Starting To Learn How To Make Intros With Video Star! Intro Made With: KineMaster- For The Computer Part VideoStar- For The Effects :) iMovie- For The Music Art Was Made With Meh Hands, A Pencil, Some Pencil Crayons, And Some Creativity! #plsdonotstealmyartandintroiamwatchingforyouigottwoeyesifyoudidnotknow Keep Kool ‘n’ Klever! :3 -KleverKettle💜
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Dizzy Stars Trade Attempts!
#1st Video! Dizzy Stars Trade Attempts, Please leave a like and subscribe!
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Intro/Profile Pic For Chestnutty!
I Hope You Like It! Anyways Folks, Make Sure To LIKE COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE To Join The Funday Fam! Like My New Intro? Sure Hope So! Have A Funday!
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Heyo! This Is For One Of My Friends, XxCaramelPuffxX! She Posted Her Very First Video Today 2 Years Ago! WhooHoo! ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Puff, If You’re Reading This, Happy 2nd Year Youtube Anniversary! Remember, When You Posted Your Very First Video, The Quest For The Spiked Collar? Today Is The Day You Posted It! Yayyyyyy! This Was Meh Surprise For You! I Hope You Like It! 🤗 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Thanks For Watching! Please Leave A Like And Subscribe For More Videos! ~Midnight Starz 💫
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The Tale Of Two Sides | Part 2
WHAT IS UP⬆️ Anyways, This Is The Tale Of Two Sides Part 2 Yayayayaya What do you think is going to happen to Artistic and Blossom? Comment your ideas 💡! Help meh reach a goal of 15 subs! Have a Funday!
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The Big Dream
The Big Dream :D Just wanted to test imovie... Worked out pretty well! Make sure to hit that like button and smash that subscribe button! Have A Fun Day! And if you read this description, why not comment AJPW ROCKS!
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The Tale Of Two Sides | Part 5
Get Ready For The Final Episode! Cuz It’s Comin Soon!
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Cool Kids | By Echosmith | GLMV
Cool Kids By Echosmith GLMV ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hai! This Is Meh First GLMV! I Hoped You Liked It! Dis Was Inspired By Melvyn’s Cool Kids Video: https://youtu.be/J_SvkUsI7nQ The Audio Isn’t Mine. It Belongs To Its Rightful Owners. Song: https://youtu.be/SSCzDykng4g ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thanks For Watching! Cya Soon! ~El Playz
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A New Update Has Come To AJPW! This Update Includes: -A Snazzy Llama! -A Snazzy Llama Bundle That Comes With An Outfit That Can Only Be Gotten If You Buy The Bundle! -A New Pack Run With Seashells! -The Return Of The Back To School Party! -Honeybees! (For GEMZ!) -A Cool And Fun Game!- Pest Control! And Much, Much More! ——————————————————— I’ve Decided To Call You... Kettle Nation! Suggested By Elite Puff! Go Check Her Channel Out! Her Link Will Be In The Comment Section! And Voted By Foxy y! Go Check Her Channel Out As Well! Her Link Will Also By In The Comment Section! ——————————————————— My Next Video Will Be The Tale Of Two Sides! Volunteers? Anyone? ——————————————————— Always Remember To STAY SNAZZY TO JOIN THE KETTLE NATION! Stay Kool ‘n’ Klever! :3
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The Tale Of Two Sides | Part 6 | Final Episode!
Eight Minutes? Sorry If This Is Too Long! I Tried To Fit It All In! Anyways, I Hope You Enjoyed My Little Series! As I Said, It Was Inspired By A Book I Wrote! Who Was Your Favourite Character? Tell In The Comments! *•*•*•*•*•*•*•*•*•* Shoutouts Of The Day: Shoutout To Slothivity And Elite Puff! For Telling Which Colour Heart I Used In My Last Video! I Am Starting To Give Shoutouts, So If YOU Want A Shoutout, Look For The Pinned Comment In The Comment Section! But Keep In Mind I Won’t Always Have A Question, So Keep On The Lookout! ^=^=^=^=^=^=^=^=^=^ Stay Kool ‘n’ Klever! -KleverKettle
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Intro For Foxy y | Redo
This Is A Redo, Since She Posted A New Green Screen :) Good Luck To Everyone Entering! Shoutout To Slothivity And Elite Puff Again! For Telling Me The Code Word In My Last Video (Got Deleted)! Want A Shoutout? Look For The Pinned Comment In My Videos! Keep In Mind That There Won’t Always Be A Question So Keep Your Eyes Peeled! Stay Kool ‘n’ Klever! -KleverKettle :3
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The Tale Of Two Sides | Part 4
In The Tale Of Two Sides, Episode 4, Blossom And Artistic Visit A Magical Mirror Named... (Will Be Said In The Video) And Will Ask Questions About The Barrier That Trapped The Phantoms At The Lost Lands. Sorry If Ya Can’t Really Read What The Animals Say, I don’t Use A Screen Recorder For These Episodes. What Do You Think Is Going To Blossom And Artistic? Comment Your Ideas💡 Feel Free To Answer This Question! Who Is Your Favourite Alpha? And Why? Mine Is Cosmo, I LOVE Nature. 🌿 Now That I Mention Cosmo, Feel Free To Join The Funday Fam! My Very Own Pack! It’s Allegiance Is With, Yes, Cosmo. Anyways, Make Sure To Like, Comment, Share, And Subscribe To Be Part Of The Funday Fam! (Unless You Wanna Be Called Fans, Funday Fans) Always Remember To Keep Calm And Jam On! Have A Funday! 😁
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Elite Puff Art Con Entry!
*random skit at the start* App Used: ibisPaint X If You Want Art Like This Comment Down Below! Music Isn’t Mine Stay Kool ‘n’ Klever! -Kleverkettle 💜
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The Tale Of Two Sides (Trailer)
~The Tale Of Two Sides~ Will Be Coming This Summer :D The Tale Of A Good Little Bunny With An Enemy, An Evil Arctic Wolf. Starring: Blossom Artistic And All The Alphas ——————————— Was TOO Lazy To Edit :3 Have A Funday! :)
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The Tale Of Two Sides | Part One
I Decided To Start The Series! :D Have A Funday!
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Intro For Tiffany
#tiffsintrocon2 User: Kleverkettle This Is For Her Intro Competition! And Yes, I’m Back From My Vacation! Stay Kool ‘n’ Klever! :D
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The Tale Of Two Sides | Part 3
... 👋 Whatcha think’ll happen to Artistic and Blossom? Comment your ideas! 💡 Have a Funday! :D
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Intro For XxCaramelPuffxX
Oof! I Kinda Rushed Dis... I’m Sorry For The Bad Quality! Eeeeeeek....
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Intro For Slothivity!
Hope You Like It! Apps Used: Video Star iMovie If You’d Like One Tell Me In The Comments! This Is Probably The Best One I Did So Far :) Stay Kool ‘n’ Klever! :3
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User: Kleverkettle I Think... Imma New Jammer Cuz I Changed It... Welp, I’ll Go With That lol I Couldn’t Decide On The Song... I Hope You Like This One :3 I’m Making Intros For People, Comment If You Want One :D Stay Kool ‘n’ Klever! -KleverKettle :)
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Art Contest Entry For Elite Puff
:3 Good Luck To Everyone Entering Her Art Contest! User(AJPW) Funday133 User(AJPC Version) Kawaiicornfun Have A Funday!
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Outro For Elite Puff
Hiii I hope you like it :D Feel free to change the music or anything. :3 Have a Funday B)
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Tiffany AJ Outro Contest Entry!
Hello! If you would like an intro/outro, just comment! #tiffanyajoutrocontest Have A Funday!
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Panda Play's Intro!
meh, this isn't my best but I hope you like it! ***the music isn't mine*** Please Like, Comment, And Subscribe For Future Videos! Stay Kool 'n' Klever! -KleverKettle 💜
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