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Make Your Own Balloon Garland
Balloon garlands just add so much style to party and wedding decor! Learn how to DIY a balloon garland with this video tutorial and then get full details here: http://bit.ly/2mnM7gS
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Eric Carle Reads "The Very Hungry Caterpillar"
Listen along as Eric Carle reads from his beloved children's book, "The Hungry Caterpillar."
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Reading Corner in the Classroom
Learn how to create the perfect reading corner for your students! From themes and ambiance to classroom library organization and resources, we're sharing a few of our favorite tips for designing a space that works for both you and your students.
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Classroom Decorating with Schoolgirl Style: The Paint Chip Theme
Get an inside look from Melanie Ralbusky from Schoolgirl Style on how to create a colorful classroom from the Paint Chip Classroom Theme Collection.
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Easy & Affordable Wedding Favors from Oriental Trading
Customize your own wedding favors for a fun and memorable keepsake guests will love. See how easy it is to create the perfect handouts that fit your personality, wedding theme and budget. Personalized Wedding Favors and other Wedding Decorations at http://www.orientaltrading.com
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Easy Easter Bunny Headband Craft Video
Celebrate Easter adorable Easter bunny headband craft! This Easter craft is perfect for beginner crafters and inspires loads of imaginative play for kids. Get full instructions and shop it here: http://www.fun365.orientaltrading.com/project/easy-easter-bunny-headband-craft Project and video by: Rachel of I Heart Crafty Things MAKE IT: 1. Download free printable. 2. Cut out pieces. 3. Attach nose and eyes. 4. Draw mouth. 5. Create whiskers with string. 6. Attached additional square to add length to the headband. 7. Staple the ends to create headband 8. Place on head and have some Easter fun!
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Do It Yourself Wedding Favors by Oriental Trading
Create your own beach themed wedding favors and programs to go with a beach or nautical themed wedding. These projects are not only simple but can be made on a small budget. Program Fans Items needed: 10” raffia fans, organza ribbon, starfish assortment, hot glue or glue dots, computer and printer 1. On computer, print programs on colored paper 2. Glue or tape programs to the 10” raffia fans 3. Adhere starfish and shells using glue dots or hot glue 4. Attach ribbon to handles and tie into a bow Beach Candy buckets Items needed: small tin pails, organza ribbon, “thank you” charms, starfish assortment, assorted candy or shells, tissue paper, hot glue or glue dots 1. Thread “thank you” charm onto ribbon 2. Adhere ribbon to bucket using hot glue or glue dots 3. Decorate by applying starfish or shells to ribbon with hot glue or glue dots 4. Tie ribbon in a bow to handle 5. Fill with votive candle or wrapped candy Thank You Coasters Items needed: Glass photo coasters, ribbon, “thank you” charms, hot glue or glue dots, computer and printer 1. Print off photo or message 2. Cut into two inch squares and insert into back of each coaster. 3. Wrap ribbon around coaster and adhere with glue dots or hot glue 4. Apply decorations such as starfish with glue dots or hot glue
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Oriental Trading Company Executives Accept ALS #IceBucketChallenge – Twice!
Oriental Trading Company executives accepted the ALS #IceBucketChallenge from both the company’s Call Center and Fulfillment Center. The challenge now goes out to Jonathan Staruck from Mindware, Chris Merritt from SmileMakers and Johnson Zhiang from BSM. For more information about ALS, please visit www.alsa.org.
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Unicorn Valentine's Card Box Idea
Get ready for Valentine's Day with this darling DIY project made for us by Alice and Lois. Learn how to make this Unicorn Valentine's Card Box. Your little girl will just adore this card box for her school Valentine's party. We have a printable template for all of the paper pieces. Step 1: Print the two templates pages and cut out shapes. Get the templates from downloads button under the shopping list. http://www.fun365.orientaltrading.com/project/unicorn-valentines-card-box Step 2: Trace template shapes onto colored paper. Refer to the photo for which colors we used for each piece. But you can always choose any color you like! Step 3: Cut out all of the shapes on the colored paper. Step 4: Make the unicorn horn by rolling the horn piece of paper and adhere to top of box using a hot glue gun. Step 5: Glue the horn onto the top of the box using the hot glue gun. Adhere the ear pieces (glue the pink smaller ear pieces to the larger white ear pieces and fold in the middle slightly) on either side of the horn. Glue the mouth, eyes and hair using a glue stick. Step 6: Glue the mane pieces together. Glue the edges of mane piece 1, 2 and 3 to adhere (using glue stick) and then use the hot glue gun to glue both manes to the back of the horn. Step 7: Lightly fold the tail in half-length wise. Fold the bottom edge back a half inch and glue to the back of the box.
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Top Tips for Outdoor Halloween Decorations from Oriental Trading
Get your front porch ready for trickortreaters to come knocking with our bewitching tips for outdoor Halloween décor. See how a few affordable accessories can transform your porch into the best haunt on the block!
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DIY Rustic Wedding Ribbon Garland
DIY bride Tiffany and her mom guide you through making a ribbon garland for your rustic wedding. This DIY wedding decoration can be used in a variety of ways with your own rustic wedding theme. Items needed: Ribbons in Burlap, silver, gold and white, scissors 1. Cut white ribbon the length of the table 2. Measure and cut the gold ribbon to desired length 3. Repeat step 2 with the silver and burlap ribbons 4. Cut about 12 ribbons per foot of garland 5. Loop gold ribbon around the white ribbon followed by the silver and burlap ribbon 6. Repeat step 5 down entire length of the white ribbon
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Poke a Tree Game Idea
Are you looking for a fun game to play during your holiday party? This game is a fun activity for kids to enjoy at school, home, daycare and more. You will need: tissue paper, red paper cups, green paper cups, holiday rubber ducks, kraft paper, foam core sheet, hot glue gun, glue sticks, rubber bands, scissors 1. Fold a stack of tissue paper in fourths and staple together 2. Use a 5 - 6" round object and trace a circle on tissue paper 3. Cut circle from tissue paper 4. Place holiday themed prizes inside the cups 5. Place tissue paper over the cups and secure with a rubber band 6. Hot glue the cups to the foam core sheet in a Christmas tree shape, add the provided free printable sign and cut a trunk for the tree from the kraft paper 7. Play the game and poke your finger through the tissue paper to retrieve a prize
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Oriental Trading Company: Corporate History and Fun Facts
We make the world more fun!
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Craft Turkey Cone Crafts with Kids
Keep the kids table busy on Thanksgiving with these adorable turkey cones by Becky James of The Crafting Chicks. The kids can easily craft these on their own or you can help them creating their turkeys. This craft is sure to be a hit for Thanksgiving. See more: http://bit.ly/2PXIOd4.
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Craft a Christmas Paper Cone Wreath
Craft a Christmas Paper Cone Wreath to add some Christmas color to your doorway, entryway or wall! This wreath is a great way to get crafty for the holidays. See the project: http://bit.ly/2EFpHDF.
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Favorite Christmas Baking Ideas from OrientalTrading.com
Entertain friends and family with fun and easy-to-make holiday-inspired cookies and cupcakes. Bake up some special treats for a party, the office or as edible gifts to make the holidays extra sweet! Try these ideas for Snowman Cupcakes, Santa Claus , Candy Cane Cake from http://www.orientaltrading.com
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Parachute Games
Parachute games are always a delight kids look forward to. This colorful activity is a wonderful way to keep kids active outside as well as indoors, and can be a great lesson to show them the importance of teamwork. The best part is that any number of kids can participate. In fact, the more, the merrier! This short video shows you how to play three of our favorite parachute games. So gather everyone around for an afternoon of fun! OTC product featured in video: 61/3000 6' Super Sturdy Parachute
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Candy Buffet Ideas
Creating your own sweets station is simple with these easy candy buffet ideas! From fresh candy and treat bags to candy buffet jars and table décor, you’ll find all the party supplies you’ll need to create a mouth-watering candy bar at orientaltrading.com.
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How to Make a Felt Flower Hoop Wreath
Get step-by-step instructions of how to create 3 different types of felt flowers to create a unique hoop wreath.
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Creating a Quilt for your Classroom - Fun Student Teacher Activity Kit from Oriental Trading
Have fun and get your students involved in learning with a classroom quilt! This easy-to-use kit lets kids be creative while getting hands-on with any subject. Find this and other classroom activity kits at http://www.orientaltrading.com
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Poke-A-Pumpkin DIY Halloween Game
Add a DIY party game to your Halloween tricks and treats! This easy-to-make Halloween game idea is tons of fun for home or classroom, and trust us - your littles will love it! See more details: http://bit.ly/2PcH7Zo
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Oriental Trading Teacher Appreciation Event 2012
Sneak a peek inside Oriental Trading Company's Teacher Appreciation event. Partnering with the Omaha Children's Museum, Oriental Trading set up games, prizes, activities and a product showcase filled with teacher resources and supplies for the classroom so teachers could easily gather ideas on how they can enhance lessons and make learning fun. Everyone had so much fun, we're already planning on what to do next year! See you then!
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Behind the Scenes at a Grand Events Photoshoot
Having trouble finding ways to use Oriental Trading's incredible large-scale decorations and stand-ups for your grand event? Well, what better way to gather inspiration than directly from the source? Straight from Oriental Trading's dynamite studio team, go behind-the-scenes for a quick look at how they use the same large wall decorations, stand-ups and more from our Grand Events catalog to create the most memorable Mardi Gras event possible. Feeling inspired yet? Shop every party decoration featured in the video and much, much more at orientaltrading.com.
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Easy DIY Colorful Home Organization Ideas
Tidy up your office, craft room or classroom using these simple DIY techniques! You can add a pop of color to your space with these easy DIY home organization ideas. See the full project and shop it here: http://www.fun365.orientaltrading.com/project/easy-diy-home-organization-ideas Project and video by: Sarah Khandjian of Sarah Hearts Shop it and get instructions here: http://www.fun365.orientaltrading.com/project/easy-diy-home-organization-ideas
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Fall DIY Pinecone Wreath
Add a pop of color to your home this fall with this easy-to-make colorful DIY pinecone wreath. Customize your wreath to fit your favorite fall color palette. You will need: wire frame wreath, pinecones, acrylic paint, glue gun and glue sticks, paper plates 1. Roll pinecone in paint 2. Let dry 3. Apply glue 4. Stick to metal frame and repeat until frame is full of pinecones Make & Shop Here! http://www.fun365.orientaltrading.com/project/fall-diy-pine-cone-wreath
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Field Day Games
Let the good times roll, jump, hop or run at your school's field day! Join us as children race and compete against each other, all in the name of teamwork, exercise and fun. With the right games and equipment, organizing your own field day will be a breeze!
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Top 10 Ideas for VBS Fun from Oriental Trading
Whether your Vacation Bible School is having a Western theme, a high seas ocean adventure or a traditional camp retreat, there are so many easy ways to make it fun. Plan your own unique VBS with these affordable ideas kids love! Check out our Top 10 ideas. Find hundred's of affordable VBS products at http://www.orientaltrading.com
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DIY Burlap Ornaments
Create your own ornaments for Christmas this year with these DIY burlap ornaments. With just a few supplies and a free printable you can easily make theses. See the project: http://bit.ly/2JqptPq.
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Oriental Trading, Kristi Yamaguchi & Friends
Kristi Yamaguchi and other figure skating icons talk about how Oriental Trading Company helps make the world more fun both on and off the ice.
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Luau Like You Mean It
Say "Aloha" to the ultimate summer bash with a little help from orientaltrading.com. From luau party decorations and tableware to hula skirts and Hawaiian leis, you'll find more luau supplies than you can shake a tiki torch at. Nobody delivers more luau fun for less! Get inspired with more party ideas at Oriental Trading: http://www.orientaltrading.com/party-supplies/theme-parties-a1-551332.fltr
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Pink Ribbon FUNdraising Ideas
Take your Pink Ribbon Event to the next level with hundreds of new and exclusive giveaways, goodies and decorations that will give everyone the strength, hope and smile they deserve! Find more pink then you think at http://www.orientaltrading.com
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Wedding Romance Video
Create the wedding of your dreams with a little help from Oriental Trading. From wedding ceremony décor to reception decorations, favors and more, you'll find the ideas, inspiration and values that help you achieve a fairy tale wedding on any budget.
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Awesome 80s Party
The 80s called...and they want you to have an 80s theme party! From costumes and mullet wigs to neon party decorations that are like, totally 80s, orientaltrading.com is one-stop shopping for 80s party supplies and 80s party ideas. No one delivers more 80s fun for less! Party on! Check out more party ideas from Oriental Trading: http://www.orientaltrading.com/party-supplies/theme-parties-a1-551332.fltr
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DIY Easter Flower Glassware
Sip stylishly this spring with these easy DIY Easter glasses. Shop affordable supplies for all your Easter crafts @ orientaltrading.com. Items needed: Plastic wine glasses, monochromatic yellow paper flowers, glue dots 1. Adhere flowers to wine glasses using glue dots 2. Layer flowers for different looks
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Easy Popsicle Stick Kids' Craft Ideas
Find 3 easy and fun popsicle stick craft ideas for kids that will keep those little hands busy creating. Magic Wands You will need: craft sticks, foam stars, adhesive rhinestones 1. Add foam star to end of craft stick 2. Add rhinestones under the star and down the craft stick Bug Bookmarks You will need: craft sticks, washi tape, pom-poms, chenille stems and googly eyes 1. Wrap craft stick with washi tape 2. Glue on pom-pom head 3. Cut chenille stems for antennas and glue on pom-pom 4. Add googly eyes Craft Stick Superheroes You will need: craft sticks, craft foam, superhero stickers 1. Cut cape shape from foam and glue to craft stick 2. Add super hero stickers Make & Shop Here! http://www.fun365.orientaltrading.com/article/easy-popsicle-stick-craft-ideas
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Under The Sea 1
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DIY Rustic Wedding Placemat
Add extra elegance to your wedding reception with this DIY placemat. Our DIY bride Tiffany, along with her grandma, shows you how to make this rustic wedding decoration in just a few simple steps. Items needed: Cardstock, glue dots, snowflake embellishments, sprig of greenery 1. Rough in the placement of your embellishments using a plate as your guide 2. Adhere snowflakes to placemat with glue dots 3. Finish off with a sprig of greenery
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DIY Bling Pumpkin
Learn how to make a bling pumpkin in 60 seconds! Make a glamorous pumpkin using mardi gras beads for this DIY pumpkin decorating idea. You will need pumpkin, scissors, pencil, foam brushes, paint and beaded necklaces 1. Draw 2 lines around your pumpkin making 3 sections 2. Paint the top and bottom of the pumpkin 3. Cut beaded necklaces 4. Hot glue beads onto the pumpkin starting at the top 5. Your pumpkin is complete Make & Shop Here! http://www.fun365.orientaltrading.com/article/bling-pumpkin
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The Flamingos - Cutting Edge of Corporate Rock & Roll
Rockumentary from Oriental Trading Company
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NoMess Halloween Pumpkin Decorating Ideas from OrientalTrading.com
See easy and affordable ways kids can make their own unique Halloween pumpkins. From princess pumpkins to cowboys, we've put together some of our favorite decorating ideas for making jackolanterns without the mess. Find Halloween Decoration Supplies at http://www.OrientalTrading.com Cowboy pumpkin 1. Use eyeball shaped sucker rings, wax lips and self-adhesive moustache for the face 2. Add bandana and sheriffs badge and top off with cowboy hat Spider Pumpkin 1. Use glue dots to apply eyes to pumpkin 2. Use black pipe cleaners for the legs
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Do It Yourself Hair Accessories: Black Feathered Headband
Looking to get in on the hair accessory bandwagon but don't want to break the bank? Make your own! Items needed: hot glue gun, scissors, black fabric headband, black diamond feathers, black biot feathers, adhesive felt pads, iridescent jewel assortment 1. Clip long ends from the black diamond feathers 2. Hot glue the diamond feathers to felt pad applying them in a circular pattern and let dry 3. Cut most of the hard stem off the biot feathers and hot glue to center of second adhesive pad 4. Create a circle with biot feather gluing to same adhesive pad 5. On the pad with the diamond feathers, hot glue an iridescent jewel to the center where the feathers meet 6. Hot glue the pad with the diamond feathers to the pad with the biot feathers and hot glue both to headband
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Halloween Haven
Make your haunt the talk of the block with frightfully fun Halloween decorations, candy, costumes and party supplies from Oriental Trading. With our spellbinding selection and screaming low prices, you'll find hundreds of ways to have a howling good time this Halloween.
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DIY Rustic Wedding Ribbon Roses
Watch as DIY bride Tiffany and her grandma show you how to make burlap accents to use with your rustic wedding theme. Simple step-by-step instructions will have you making these DIY wedding decorations in no time! Items needed: Burlap ribbon, glue dots, scissors 1. Cut burlap ribbon to approximately 24” 2. Fold one corner of the ribbon diagonally 3. Starting at the tip, roll the ribbon onto itself 4. Twist and loop ribbon around the center creating petals using a glue dot on each fold 5. Cut end of ribbon and fluff flower
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Design Your Own Easter Baskets, DIY Easter Ideas Oriental Trading
Let your kids interests inspire you to create your own custom baskets! Weve put together a variety of fun ideas, so you can celebrate Easter with baskets your kids will love. DIY Easter Basket Ideas, Easter Crafts and Easter Baskets at http://www.orientaltrading.com For a little girl 1. Fill bamboo basket with Easter grass 2. Add princess goodies like the inflatable wand, a tiara, candy bracelet princess, duck, princess suckers and more For a sports fanatic 1. In a duffle bag, stuff with Easter grass 2. Add favorite sports items such as the sports cups, sunglasses whistles, plush sports balls
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National Luau Month
May is National Luau Month so set your clocks to island time and get ready to celebrate! From unforgettable luau party games to festive luau decorations, we've got a number of incredible ideas for a luau party that'll take you and your guests to the tropics in no time.
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DIY Floral Unicorn Wreath
🦄 Add a little whimsy to your decor with this DIY unicorn wreath from Design Improvised. After all, you can never have enough unicorn in you life! See the tutorial: http://bit.ly/2stPOEX
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DIY Faux Lemon Garland Video
There are times when using real greenery can feel like a waste - because it will eventually begin to wilt. Not with this DIY Faux Lemon Garland! You'll be impressed with how realistic this looks and you'll bring it out each year to decorate your spring and summer tablescapes. You'll love the unsuspecting item we used to create those lemon accents! See full instructions and shop this project: http://www.fun365.orientaltrading.com/project/diy-faux-lemon-garland Project by: Amber of Damask Love
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Budget Friendly Wedding Reception Decorations from Oriental Trading
It's easy to incorporate your wedding colors and your personality in your decorations. Go trendy or traditional and get a customized look that only takes minutes. Check out these moneysaving ideas you can pull together in just a few simple steps. Great Decoration Ideas for Wedding Cake Table, Wedding Table Covers, Personalized Wedding Decorations, Wedding Favors. Elegant Centerpieces, Keepsakes, Wedding Flutes etc from http://www.orientaltrading.com OTC product featured in video: 42/4265 Personalized Two Hearts, One Love Wedding Votive Holders 3/968 Diamond Ring Napkin Rings 70/1866 Round Table Mirrors 42/4277 Personalied Two Hearts Mint Tins 42/4256 Personalized Two Hearts Wedding Flute Set OTCG1240 Yellow Party Tableware 42/2731 Personalized Two Hearts Round Table Mirror 3/1783 Two Hearts Dessert Plates
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DIY Egg Wreath
Learn how to make a vibrant Easter wreath using classic Easter eggs! Visit orientaltrading.com for an array of plastic Easter eggs in a variety of colors and themes for an eye-catching addition to your Easter decorations. Items needed: medium Styrofoam wreath, plastic bright eggs, Easter chocolate assortment, neon ribbon assortment, glue dots 1. Adhere eggs to wreath using glue dots 2. Use candy to fill in empty spaces 3. Add ribbon to hang
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DIY Teal Pumpkin Tutorial
Learn how to make a teal pumpkin and show your support of FARE's Teal Pumpkin Project™! This campaign promotes safety, inclusion and respect of individuals managing food allergies, as well as other children for whom candy isn't an option. By displaying a teal pumpkin, you let trick-or-treaters know they can find non-candy treats (such as small Halloween toys) at your home. Visit FARE’s Teal Pumpkin Project™ headquarters for free downloadable materials, fun ideas, and to pledge your support for the Teal Pumpkin Project™ and a safer, happier Halloween for all! www.tealpumpkinproject.org Items needed: ceramic pumpkins, turquoise paint, black paint, foam paint brush, black glitter, Mod Podge 1. Apply 2-3 coats of turquoise to ceramic pumpkins 2. Paint the stem of each pumpkin black 3. Once black paint has dried paint a thin layer of mod podge on each stem 4. Apply black glitter to wet stem and shake of excess glitter
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