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Bridge Resource Management
International Sail Training and Tall Ships Conference 2013 Speaker: Andy Chase Presentation: Bridge Resource Management Room: Latinerstuen
Trailer - Leadership & Team Working Skills - Vessel Resource Management Series
Whenever a ship puts to sea, the Master and crew have a duty to navigate safely and efficiently at all times. Their actions determine the successful outcome of the voyage, the well being of the seafarers, and protection of the marine environment. Vessel Resource Management is the term used by the STCW Convention to describe the process by which the officers and crew work together to achieve this.
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BRM (Bridge Resource Management) Course
Yak Maritime Academy Lowest Fee Structure in India Address :- 407,4th Floor,Gauri Complex Sector-11,CBD Belapur- 400614 Mobile No :- 7208003064 / 62 / 61 / 57
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Skyscraper Water Supply | Strip the City
See how water is pumped to buildings and massive skyscrapers in Dubai. | For more Strip the City, visit http://science.discovery.com/tv-shows/strip-the-city/#mkcpgn=ytsci1 Subscribe to Science Channel! | http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=sciencechannel
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Setting Up Port Forwarding
Follow Eli on the Vlog Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/EliComputerGuyLive Info Level: Beginner Presenter: Eli the Computer Guy Date Created: February 1, 2013 Length of Class: 16:29 Tracks Servers Networking Prerequisites Understand TCP/IP and Networking Purpose of Class This class shows students how to setup Port Forwarding on a Small Business Router and explains why Port Forwarding is important. Class Notes All networking protocols use specific pots. HTTP uses Port 80. FTP uses Port 21. Port Forwarding is telling the router to forward traffic on specific ports to specific computers on the network. You can only forward one port to one computer. You would use other technology for load balancing or fault tolerance. One Router can port numerous different ports to different computers. All small Business Routers have different configuration screens. If you are using Residential Internet Service your ISP MAY block certain ports such as Port 80. Make sure to hit SAVE. If you don not save the configuration the Router will not forward the ports. Do not mistake Configuration for Physical Ports with the Configuration screen for Networking Ports. Resources http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Port_forwarding
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Ruins along Blue Diamond Trail, Fair Hill Natural Resources Management Area -- Aug. 18, 2013
Fair Hill NRMA is near Elkton, Maryland, and just south of the border with Pennsylvania. These ruins are just inside the woods near the McCloskey camping site, near the northern border.
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MSc. in Management of Water Resources in the Mediterranean 20
This raw video material was captured by myself and is dedicated to both my instructors: Mr. George Zaimes and Mr. Dimitrios Emmanouloudis and the "Maountainous Waters Management ("Mountainous Water Control Works") Laboratory" of the "Department Of Forestry & Natural Environment Management Of Drama-Greece" of the "Technological Educational Institute Of Kavala-Greece", itself; This "torrential ephemeral stream". {which is situated at a distance, approximately 10 kms away from the city of Kavala-Greece on the way, ("Old National Road Kavala-Thessaloniki"), just outside of the "Amisiana Village", (located just at the North-West rim of the settlement)} ,to Thessaloniki-Greece, was absolutely dry during the autumn of 2009; High rates of precipitation and snowfalls occured during winter 2009-2010; At the specific site, a "rectangular shaped steel reinforced concete culvert", (aiming, both to locally channelize the torrent stream, as well as, acting as a pedestrian and vehicle bridge), was designed to be erected; As soon as, the "gross-beton", (in order the side wooden formworks to be erected upon that), had been poured into place, and after that, the side wooden formworks erected, sudden heavy snowfalls occured, interrupting completely the construction works for a long period of time; At the end, although all the surroundings snow melted and the heavy rainfalls seized, this torrential stream,(owing to the fact that "upwards melted snow originated", run-off water still continued to recharge this torrential stream, as well as, groundwater water flow recharge to the torrential stream water body continued and finally "torrential stream body water recharge", by water flow within the unsatureted zone), continued to discharge high water volumes, in a way that it was impossible the works to be continued; Special mention deserves the fact, that all the wooden formworks where covered by "torrential stream originated" fine sediments washed-up by the torrential water momentum; Nevertheless, mechanical excavators equipped with steel articulated buckets needed to be brought into service to assist the transported, (accumulated at the construction site), sediments movement, away from the construction site.
Gantt Chart Excel Tutorial - How to make a Basic Gantt Chart in Microsoft Excel 2013
http://www.excelfornoobs.com In this Microsoft Excel 2013 tutorial I show you how to make a basic Gantt Chart. This is a basic Gantt Chart that shows the time frame of a project and the time frame of the individual task that are to be performed. This Gantt Chart is basic so it doesn't show the progress of the project. If you would like to see an Excel tutorial on how to create a Gantt Chart that shows the progress of a project you can find it by searching through my videos. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-oD50HSBBBI https://www.youtube.com/user/Subjectmoney http://www.roofstampa.com hjttp://roofstampa.com http:/www.subjectmoney.com http://www.excelfornoobs.com
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Strategic Human Resources Management at RRU
http://www.royalroads.ca/execed Associate faculty member, Guy Nasmyth, discusses the learning environment and benefits of the Graduate Certificate in Strategic Human Resources Management program at Royal Roads University
Bridge ICD Sdn Bhd - Corporate Video
Bridge specializes in providing a complete human resource management model from recruitment and selection to development of human capital. Our core strength is focused on middle and upper management human resources.
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The Network Manager  - connecting the network
The Network Manager adds value to Europe's air traffic management (ATM) system by: - helping air navigation service providers, aircraft operators and airports enhance their Europe-wide network performance - jointly creating strategy, plans and priorities - helping to make routes more efficient - balancing demand and capacity - managing scarce resources - consolidating information into centralised ATM databases and helping to underpin collaborative decision-making - monitoring and analysing network performance - dealing with network challenges centrally - weather, major events, hotspots, crises. Watch this animated video for more details! We are pleased to share with you some of videos and animations. They are, however, subject to specific terms and conditions of use. All images and visuals may be used: only in unaltered form, for personal, non-commercial purposes and with proper acknowledgements (© Courtesy of EUROCONTROL). Any other use is subject to our prior written authorisation and must include the aforementioned proper acknowledgements. For such requests, please contact our Press office at [email protected] www.eurocontrol.int
Safety Solutions: Avoiding Low Clearance Collisions
In this edition of Safety Solutions, Director of Risk Management Todd Carrier discusses how to avoid low clearance collisions. For more safety solutions and risk management resources, visit us online at www.protectiveinsurance.com and click on Loss Prevention. *Disclaimer* This video and its content are designed to provide general driving and road safety information. It is not intended to be a substitute for real life driver instruction or training. Please know all the variables posed in the real life application of the information provided herein are beyond the scope of this edition of Safety Solutions. While every effort is made to provide accurate and current information, Protective Insurance Company does not warrant that the information contained herein is free from error or is all inclusive. Protective Insurance Company does not guarantee or accept any legal liability arising from or connected to the adequacy, completeness, accuracy, or appropriateness of the material, and is not responsible for any omissions or inaccuracies obtained from other sources or caused by human error. The appearance of an individual, organization, or third party web address in this video is not intended as, or in any manner serves as, an endorsement of that individual, organization or website.
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Engine Resource Management training
CDC & COC BELIZE / PANAMA *We make CDC/COC/COE and WATCH-KEEPING *CENTRAL AMERICA BELIZE / PANAMAContact Detail:- 408, 4TH FLOOR Gauri Complex, Sector-11, CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai CELL: - +91-22-27580576 / 7208003062 / 7208003057 / 7208003064 /7208003061
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M+K Insights: High Performing Teams - Eliminating barriers and building bridges
Workplace Relations Director, Andrew Douglas, speaks about his upcoming training program: High Performing Teams - Eliminating barriers and building bridges. About the Program: A business is only as good as it's people... ...and time and money are finite resources, therefore the pressure is on for HR Managers to make decisions that: - Remove Barriers that get in the way of building high performing teams; and - Build Bridges so that employees have all the resources and tools to excel. The big question is, "As an HR professional, what choices must I make?" Following our sell-out 2012 series on "Managing Difficult and Toxic Employees," this follow-up training will walk through the commercial and legal strategies that remove barriers and build bridges. In particular, we will be covering the following: - how can HR really add value in developing the technical and non-technical capabilities of employees; - rewarding exceptional performance through values-driven remuneration and benefits; - techniques for measuring poor performance and how to have difficult conversations without ending up in court; - how to manage high conflict employees and legally prevent them from damaging others; and; - tips for detecting employees affected by mental health problems and how to have respectful and beneficial conversations. By the end of the workshop, you will be better equipped to identify strategies that will not only help your business, but make life a lot easier for you, the HR professional. Each workshop is limited to 18 participants only so be sure to book early - these sessions are not to be missed! Visit http://www.mk.com.au/training for more information.
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Local Management Search Marketing
Local Management is a full service marketing company specializing in improving our client's online visibility. Maintaining a prominent web presence is absolutely vital in today's world for any business. More and more people are utilizing the internet as their primary source of information. Call us today (800)420-6009
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*Goal Setting* and *Performance Plans*
http://www.myhrpro.ca Improve your personal effectiveness with these goal setting tips and learn how to use techniques to create performance plans in your organization to elevate the performance management of your employees. In addition to our other HR videos in our series http://www.myhrpro.ca, here are some other resources from other sources. Goal Setting/Development Planning - Human Resources at MIT 
Performance Goals Are short-term objectives set for specific work in the employee's current position Relate to the department's overall goals Include clearly ... Performance Goal Setting and Performance Measurement 
http://www.humanresources.about.com › ... › Performance Management
You can develop an effective performance goal setting and performance ... ThePerformance Development Planning (PDP) process enables you and the people ... Performance Goal Setting - Goal Setting Techniques 
Mar 15, 2010 -- All these will aid you towards higher standards of performance. In theplanning stages of performance goal-setting you should think carefully ... Performance Planning and Goal Setting: Half-Day Training Program http://www.wolfmotivation.com/.../performance-planning-and-goal-...
Performance Planning and Goal Setting: What it is and what it is not! Clarifying performance expectations; Focusing work activities. Benefits of Performance ... Goal setting, planning, and organizational performance: An http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/0749597890900255
by KG Smith - 1990 - Cited by 93 - Related articles This study is a preliminary attempt to bridge the gap between macro- and microlevel studies of the effects of goal setting and planning on performance. PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT Planning & Goal Setting 
http://www.franciscan.edu/imagebase/hr/.../planningandgoalsetting.p... Personal Goal Setting - Goal Setting Tools from MindTools.com 
http://www.mindtools.com › Time Management
Goal setting is a powerful process for thinking about your ideal future, and for ... The process of setting goals helps you choose where you want to go in life. Goal-Setting For Sport Performance Enhancement | The Extra Gear 
In fact, I would go as far as to say that creating an effective goal-setting plan may give you the biggest performance bang for your buck of any mental skills ... Performance Appraisals: Evaluation & Goal-Setting Review Year ...
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View Apr 1, 2011 -- Goal Setting and Goal Alignment ... Tips for Interactive Goal Setting ....Employee, Aimee has initiated a Performance Planning and Appraisal ... Management Training - Performance Planning and Goal Setting 
Managers need to be able to hold skillful, timely, difficult conversations. For life to proceed with minimal disruptions and maximum input from its stakeholders, the ... (goal setting)(setting goals)(performance management)(hr consulting Edmonton)(calgary human resources)(human resources company)(human resources consulting company)(performance plans)(performance plan)(performance plans)(job descriptions)(job description Performance Management System)(performance planning)(hr forms)(hr articles)(human resource articles)(resource management)(goal setting worksheets)
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CRM Customer Relationship Management) Software Introduction
Info Level: Beginner Presenter: Eli the Computer Guy Date Created: May 28, 2013 Length of Class: 30:44 Research Assistance: Tracks Productivity Prerequisites None Purpose of Class This class introduces students to CRM Software and explains why Customer Relationship Management Software is so important. Class Notes CRM means "Customer Relationship Management" What is CRM Software Used For? Sales -- Keep track of leads so that is easier to close sales Help Desk -- Keep track of work orders Projects -- Keep track of people and requirements for a project CRM Software allows managers to track employees and provides metrics that can be used in decisions pertaining to resource allocation. CRM vs. Project Management Software -- Project Management Software is generally more targeted to large projects such as Construction or Large Scale Migrations. Hosted vs. Self Hosted -- There are benefits and drawbacks to both. The ability to Sync with Outlook and SmartPhones is a useful ability Reminder Notification Options (Email) make sure you don't forget a task Fees for CRM Software can range wildly. make sure you understand what you are paying for. Do Your Research Well... Migration is HELL Assessing Cost -- Remember that the value of a CRM System is IN the Data NOT the software itself. A CRM may become the most valuable asset of a company. Corrections Lab Setup Used in Demonstration N/A Study Guide Resources http://na.sage.com/sage-act http://www.jitbit.com/hosted-helpdesk/ http://www.jitbit.com/hosted-crm/ https://xtrant.com/
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TTU CASNR - The Department of Natural Resource Management
The department encompasses a community of students, educators and researchers learning to face challenges and make wise choices about our environment. Natural resources like clean water, fish, wildlife, and recreational opportunities are always in demand. We make management decisions about these resources by applying ecological principles and knowledge. Our goal is to balance the current needs of people with sustainability or future availability of resources. We offer degree programs at the BS, MS, and PhD levels which prepare students for professional careers in Natural Resources Management.
Integrated Resource Planning for Water Utilities
Les Lampe, Ph.D., a VP in Black & Veatch's water business, discusses resource planning for utilities that focuses on scenario planning, climate change and using a portfolio of supplies. Learn more in our 2013 Water Report: http://bit.ly/1dNjz70 TRANSCRIPT Les Lampe, Ph.D | Vice President, Water, Black & Veatch: Many of the progressive utilities are moving much more toward integrated resource planning where they're looking holistically at their water supply resources, and what that's leading them to is looking at things like scenario planning, incorporating climate change into it, and trying to have a portfolio of supplies as opposed to just one source of supply. It involves taking a look at the adequacy of the supply that you have right now, looking at your projection of demands that might be encountered in the future, and then it's looking at developing a fairly conservative and robust assessment of where you might be at 10, 20, and 50 year time frames down the road. What you need to be doing is looking at some of the scenarios, but in a sense you're looking at scenarios that incorporate risk within it, so you need a very intensive look at these kinds of risks, whether it's drought and a prolonged period of no availability of water or even floods, in terms of your facilities, and what could happen in terms of more frequent and larger flooding events that you might have to deal with. Integrated resource planning and asset management kind of go hand in glove. With asset management, you're looking at the actual hard facilities and how they'll function and serve you, and manage those facilities to optimize their service. Well looking down the road in terms of integrated resource planning, you're talking about the supply facilities, particularly, and how well they'll work for you. So the asset management is kind of a bridge between the hard facilities into the natural system and the sources of raw water supply and how that'll function for you. All utilities are facing capital expenditure limitations and so it's kind of layered over all of the planning in terms of cost-effectiveness. You're looking at multiple objectives in terms of climate change, environmental sensitivities, public acceptance, but cost-effectiveness is kind of the driver that we're looking at.
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[Metagame Design Meeting Idea]} Resource Management - Supply Lines - Convoys {
WARNING!!:: This is not a short video and covers ALL THE THINGS! Well, as far as resources go anyway... HUZZAH! 2000 views now! I know that doesn't amount to a hill a beans in YouTube terms, but it's still delicious to me! Thanks e'erbahdy! NOTE : I'm aware the audio is busted. Originally I had two days to make this video, and I simply didn't have the time to retrack the whole bloody thing. I'm currently working on an extensive melee weapon concept, and just can't really justify going back to fix the audio unfortunately. If you can bear with me this once, I'll appreciate it! Please visit the PS2 Road Map if you want to help bring attention to this idea or to the resource system in general. We have a good, strong thread going on in there, and we've likely got the dev teams attention at this point. If you have a Twitter, please also tweet the URL to the PS2 folks (@PurrfectStorm, @mhigby, @j_smedley, @PS_TRay, @Arclegger, @RadarX, @autenil and anyone else I'm forgetting). Thanks for the support! What is this? It's a metagame design idea that was originally for the Planetside 2 Metagame Design Meeting. It has since evolved and taken on a life of its own and - hopefully - is gaining momentum. If you ain't familiarized with Planetside, get yourself straight at Planetside2.Com. Right Right Right? CREDITS ~ Blank Continent Maps: blueberrybadguy Music: Aesop Rock - Skelethon - Cycles to Gehenna Yoshihiro Ike - Ergo Proxy - busy doing nothing Aesop Rock - Skelethon - Zero Dark Thirty Rosewater - Random Replay
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A Bridge Under Troubled Water?  Session V: The Persian Gulf and the South China Sea
A Bridge Under Troubled Water? Offshore Energy Discoveries and the Geopolitics of the Eastern Mediterranean November 28, 2013 Session V: Distant Mirrors: Energy, Conflict and Cooperation: The Persian Gulf and the South China Sea Chair: Prof. Menahem Blondheim, Truman Institute Dr. Ran Shauli, Truman Institute: "Southeast Asia and the Regional Quest for Energy Resources" Dr. Micha'el Tanchum, Truman Institute: "From Strategic Autonomy to Strategic Alliance in the South China Sea: India's New Naval Partnership with Japan" Mr. Yoel Guzansky, Institute for National Security Studies: "Arab Gulf States: Oil Discoveries, Border Disputes and Alliance Politics" Dr. Christopher Pokarier, Truman Institute and Waseda University, Japan: "Fifty Years of Lessons: Australia's Management of International and Domestic Resource Politics"
Planting Summer Food Plots - Contrasts - The Mangement Advantage #37
The record rainfall of the spring of 2013 has delayed our food plot planting, but the month of June still offers a great opportunity to plant summer food plots in the Midwest. This week we're planting Eagle Forage Soybeans in Illinois. Different planting times require different planting techniques, but with the right drill setup and cooperative weather, food plots planted now can be just as productive as plots planted earlier in the season. Due to the delayed onset of summer weather, instead of drilling beans an inch into the soil, Casey set the drill to put the beans around a half inch under the surface. The warm weather in the forecast and the ample moisture already present allows for shallow planting. The drill he used was a rental from the county soil and water conservation district. For land managers who can't afford to purchase their own equipment, local offices often have equipment for rental as a cheaper alternative. On the drill is the instruction manual that shows the user the settings for the planting population desired. Instead of utilizing 7.5 inch rows, Casey covered every other row with cardboard to give the forage soybeans room to grow. By summer's end, they should be 6+ foot tall and provide tons of forage for his deer herd. We often discuss the term "adaptive management". The last two years have really reinforced this idea. Last year, much of the country suffered a historic drought. In a total reversal, this year many places have seen record rainfall. Your management plan is always changing and should never be set in stone. This is especially true when planting food plots. Time and equipment doesn't always allow for the food plot preparation you might desire, but there are always ways to make your situation work. Watch this and more wildlife management videos at http://www.themanagementadvantage.com/home/ Be sure to sign up for our weekly updates that will send our newest wildlife management videos and articles straight to your inbox!
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MSc. in Management of Water Resources in the Mediterranean 2
Inspecting (first time in Greece) (first time outside U.S.A. around the globe) a "3-Inch (3") USGS Modified Portable Parshall Flume" (for open channel flow measurement) in order to measure the streamflow (discharge) of a small Mediterranean stream (reach) (creek) situated in Kefallari - Drama on 2013.04.21, by a student (Thomas K. Papalaskaris - Civil Engineer) of the "MSc in Management of Water Resources in the Mediterranean".
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Water Undone: The Efforts to Save the Puyallup River Watershed
The Puyallup River watershed is a major source of fresh water into Puget Sound through Commencement Bay in Tacoma. But it suffers from a multitude of pollution problems, including policies on "land use favoring paving and shingles," as detailed in this documentary from UW Tacoma. The program takes viewers through the interwoven watershed-river system that supplies water for drinking, irrigation, recreation, food, wildlife and the natural beauty of the Northwest. It explains how spreading urbanization threatens the Puget Sound area's water supply and lays out the case for improvement: to clean up Puget Sound, start with the watersheds. Lorin Reinelt, watershed coordinator, Pierce County Surface Water Management Linda Ellefson, citizen activist, Dead Man's Pond Jeanne Fancher, citizen activist, Friends of the Lower White River Harold Smelt, manager, Water Programs, Pierce County Surface Water Management John O'Loughlin, division manager, Science and Engineering, City of Tacoma Cindy Beckett, citizen activist, Midland Residents Association Russ Ladley, resource protection manager, Puyallup Tribal Fisheries Char Naylor, water quality manager, Puyallup Tribal Fisheries Dave Seabrook, chair, Puyallup River Watershed Council Jayne Gordon, stream team coordinator, Pierce Conservation District Barbara Skinner, former mayor, City of Sumner Michael Shaw, environmental program manager, Port of Tacoma Bob Freitag, director, Institute of Hazards Mitigation Planning and Research, College of Architecture and Urban Planning, University of Washington Larry Dominguez, fish ecologist, WA Department of Natural Resources Cindy James, TMDL coordinator, Water Quality Program, WA Department of Ecology Tom Loranger, section manager, Water Resources Program, WA Department of Ecology Sue Mauermann, director, Environmental Programs, Port of Tacoma Ryan Mello 12/27/2010
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Land Between The Lakes 50th Anniversary (15 minute version)
Celebrating Fifty Years of Innovative Resource Management, Outdoor Recreation, and Environmental Education at Land Between The Lakes National Recreation Area. This documentary explores the history and creation of this national treasure, designated as a National Recreation Area by President John F. Kennedy in 1963. It traces LBL's early days under the Tennessee Valley Authority to its continued mission with the USDA Forest Service. Insightful interviews with past and present employees, as well as original residents of the area, offer a unique perspective on American land and recreation management
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Devil's Gate
A well known landmark on the Oregon and Mormon Trails Devil's Gate is a narrow gorge situated between Independence Rock and Split Rock. Find out about the unique history of this feature. University of Wyoming Extension Sustainable Management of Rangeland Resources http://www.uwyo.edu/ces/programs/ag-and-natural-resources.html Produced by: Ashley Garrelts - Extension Educator David Keto - Extension Media Producer
Lecture 2. Hydromorphological Assessment of River Water Bodies
Global Water Partnership Ukraine opens an online course of lectures on Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) in the climate change conditions: Ukrainian experience. - Introductory lecture, Features of the Transition to the IWRM in Post-Soviet Countries, by Andriy Demydenko, EU EPIRB project; - Lecture 1, EU Water Framework Directive: General Principles and Methodology for Ecological Status Assessment, by Serhiy Afanasyev, Institute of Hydrobiology, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine; - Lecture 2, Hydromorphological Assessment of River Water Bodies, by Oleksandr Obodovsky, Kyiv Shevchenko National University; - Lecture 3, Mathematical Modeling for Decision Support in Water Resource Management, by Mark Zheleznyak, Institute of Mathematical Machines and Systems, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.
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Plastic bottles are aplenty today. With three plastic bottles, a stiff straw and two flexi-tubes you can easily make the famous Heron's Fountain. Water from the top (cut) bottle enters the bottom bottle. Air from the bottom bottle enters the middle bottle (filled with water) and pushes water to the top (cut) bottle. The Fountain continues until the middle bottle gets depleted of all its water. http://arvindguptatoys.com/toys/Threebottlefountain.html This work was supported by IUCAA and Tata Trust. This film was made by Ashok Rupner TATA Trust: Education is one of the key focus areas for Tata Trusts, aiming towards enabling access of quality education to the underprivileged population in India. To facilitate quality in teaching and learning of Science education through workshops, capacity building and resource creation, Tata Trusts have been supporting Muktangan Vigyan Shodhika (MVS), IUCAA's Children’s Science Centre, since inception. To know more about other initiatives of Tata Trusts, please visit www.tatatrusts.org
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Bridge Course after SLC. Fact behind the bridge course in nepal
Bridge Course class in Nepal. ब्रिजकोर्सको असली धन्दा, विद्यार्थी बेच्ने अखडाहरु... Broadcasted on 29 March 2013 ie 16 Chaitra 2069 @ ABC Television Nepal on the programme of Operation Big News.
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Teen Suicide Prevention
In this video created by Mayo Clinic, teens describe common signs that a teen is considering suicide and provide encouragement for communicating directly and immediately for support and safety. It also Includes suggestions for what to say to a teen who may be at risk for suicide and ways to keep them safe. Things can get better. For more information- Call: 1-800-273-TALK, 1-800-273-8255 Visit: http://www.suicidepreventionlifeline.org/
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Equity Value vs. Enterprise Value and Valuation Multiples
Learn how Equity Value and Enterprise Value change when a company issues debt, pays off debt, issues equity, and repurchases shares. By http://breakingintowallstreet.com/ "Financial Modeling Training And Career Resources For Aspiring Investment Bankers" The key point is that regardless of how a company is financed, its Enterprise Value - and Enterprise Value-based multiples - do NOT change. Equity Value, however, may change depending on its share count and any shares it issues or repurchases. So even when a company changes its debt or equity or cash levels, valuation multiples such as EV / EBITDA and EV / Revenue will not change immediately afterward... whereas a multiple such as P / E (Price Per Share / Earnings Per Share, or Equity Value / Net Income) will change if new equity has been issued. It's just like when you buy a house - house is worth $500K regardless of whether you pay with 100% cash or 50% cash and 50% debt, or anything else in between... but depending on how much cash and debt you use, your own EQUITY IN THAT HOUSE will be different. The $500K total value of the house is like the Enterprise Value for a company. And if you contribute $250K of your own cash and take on a $250K mortgage, the $250K you chip in is your "Equity Value" and the $250K mortgage is the "Debt." Over time, your own "Equity Value" in that house will increase and your own "Debt" will decrease as you repay the mortgage, but the $500K total value for the house stays the same as long as the house's intrinsic value remains the same. This example uses Coca-Cola's filings and financial statements - you can find them and try this yourself right here: http://www.coca-colacompany.com/investors/annual-other-reports http://www.coca-colacompany.com/investors/investors-info-quarterly-filings (NOTE: The numbers, of course, will be different if you look at this video at a later date, but the concept remains the same and has always been the same ever since Equity Value and Enterprise Value were invented.) MENTIONED RESOURCES http://youtube-breakingintowallstreet-com.s3.amazonaws.com/KO-Equity-Value-Enterprise-Value.xlsx
PRAYERS: From Dog To God
CHOLO GOTH.. PRAYERS A.K.A. San Diego's Finest...this track is off the SD KILLWAVE EP...to purchase this song go to http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/prayers4 Management / Booking: kenny Ochoa at [email protected] Dino Paredes at [email protected] http://www.facebook.com/PRAYERS http://instagram.com/prayers
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Communications Center Employee Resource Management Sample Calls
Human Resources and Employee Resource Management
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Jeffrey City - A Modern Ghost Town
Jeffrey City is a semi-ghost town in central Wyoming. Find out more about the town's short-lived uranium mining history. University of Wyoming Extension Sustainable Management of Rangeland Resources http://www.uwyo.edu/ces/programs/ag-and-natural-resources.html Produced by: Ashley Garrelts - Extension Educator David Keto - Extension Media Producer
WASTE MANAGEMENT ; 5 minite Speech - English - Written by Dr. Jimmy
WASTE MANAGEMENT ; 5 minite Speech - English - Written by Dr. Jimmy M. L. http://www.doctorjimmy.net,http://www.youtube.com/jimmyml2000Forwarded by Dr. Jimmy M. L., MBBS, D-Ortho, WOEP, FASIF (Switzerland), PGD Guidence and counciling, M.A. Disaster management, PGD Human Resource Management,Completed MBA International business (awaits results) and DNB-Ortho courses, Now studies and MTh Theology(on line course) and PDG Sociolgy of health, Orthopaedic surgeon, Conducts christian, social service activities and medical seminars, evangalist and runs web sites, Native place; Moyalan house, M.G. Road, Thrissur-4, Kerala, India, Now resides at 5 C Gokulam spring tower, near Kanjikuzhy bridge, K.K. Road, Kottayam-4, Kerala, Phone +91-9446441498, 8802269814, 9946012740, +91-481-2571698, Email; [email protected], Personal web site of Dr. Jimmy M.L. is www.doctorjimmy.net.The site contains links to face book, articles, revelations, seminar reports, consultation times, family photographs, family souvenir 2010 and other important sites managed by Dr. Jimmy M. L. as given below.A). Medical site - 2000 medical, orthopaedic linkswww.keralaorthopaedicsinternational.org B). Christian web site with 1000 Christian linkswww.indianchristianlinksandforum.org C). Archive site of Kerala orthopaedic Association 2004 -- 2010. It was managed by Dr. Jimmy as State I.T. Secretarywww.keralaorthopaedicassociation.net A). Twitter link of Dr. Jimmy M. L www.twitter.com/jimmyml2000, Face Book link; http://wwww.facebook.com/jimmymoyalanhttp://www.youtube.com/jimmyml2000. contains around 100 videos on activities of Dr. Jimmy including around 15 T.V. Programmes and other useful videos and around 400 useful favorites video links.
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The Palm Island, Dubai UAE - Megastructure Development
An awe-inspiring engineering feat, Dubai Palm Islands is definitely the largest artificial islands on earth. These Islands are three man made islands in the form of massive palm trees connected to the beaches of Dubai. The first island is the Palm Jumeirah, Jebel Ali Palm second and the third is the Palm Deira which is the biggest of them all. This artificial archipelago located off the coastline of United Arab Emirates in Persian Gulf. Dubai islands project was commissioned by Sheikh Mohammed in an effort to maximize beachfront property. Dubai's palm tree-shaped resort island on land built from the sea will contribute 120 km of beaches. Aside from the construction of the ambitious expansion, there is also the problem of constructing a mini city, which consists of 4,500 high-end residential homes, miles of roads, luxurious hotels and many amenities that will require basic human resources including electricity, safe drinking water and many more. This enormous project will position Dubai as one of the top tourist destinations in the world. I will tell you why these islands have appeared and that they must satisfy. Dubai is an emirate that open sea about 50 km (an estimate) and the sites required for building projects are on the beach. To view course and especially to "park" in front of the yacht's property or even assembly. Well when the beach was not available, and demand persists, the beach had invented. And it appeared artificial islands. Hence so sophisticated forms of the islands: they had to provide a larger opening to the ocean. This new concept quickly caught on. 'Only a' product 'high-end, the latest wrinkle in the most creative developers metropolis. A new source of land, location of the trick of the planet Earth! The job went, the two islands were settled immediately, with mixed development, spectacular, exorbitant, and finally in Dubai's specific style ... In parallel to the World archipelago started building and other projects are still on the drawing board Nakheel, developer. But crisis compels us to winter a little ... Where is the dream of similar islands: In Lebanon, wants to build a cedar shaped islands, the symbol of this country. Russia wants to try an island / an archipelago in Black in Sochi at the 2014 Olympics, at least that is speaking through the past years. Also in Japan there are several large airports built on artificial islands. The Palm Islands are artificial peninsulas constructed of sand dredged from the bottom of the Persian Gulf by the Belgian company Jan De Nul and the Dutch company Van Oord. The sand is sprayed by the dredging ships, which are guided by DGPS, onto the required area in a process known as rain-bowing because of the arcs in the air when the sand is sprayed. The outer edge of each Palm's encircling crescent is a large rock breakwater. The breakwater of the Palm Jumeirah has over seven million tons of rock. The Palm Islands are an artificial archipelago (islands) in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Major commercial and residential infrastructures will be constructed by Nakheel Properties, a property developer in The UAE. The Belgian and Dutch dredging and marine contractors, Jan De Nul and Van Oord, some of the world's specialists in land reclamation, were hired to complete construction. The islands are the Palm Jumeirah, the Palm Jebel Ali and the Palm Deira. Each settlement will be in the shape of a palm tree, topped with a crescent. The settlements will have a large number of residential, leisure and entertainment centers. The Palm Islands are located off the coast of The UAE in the Persian Gulf and will add 520 kilometers of beaches to the city of Dubai. The first two islands will comprise of approximately 100 million cubic meters of rock and sand. The Palm Deira will be composed of approximately one billion cubic meters of rock and sand. All materials will be quarried in The UAE. Among the three islands, there will be over 100 luxury hotels, exclusive residential beach side villas and apartments, marinas, water theme parks, restaurants, shopping malls, sports facilities and health spas. The creation of the Palm Jumeirah began in June 2001. Shortly after, the Palm Jebel Ali was announced and reclamation work began. The Palm Deira is planned to have a surface area of 46.35 square kilometers and was announced for development in October 2004. GC Privé ~ A world of luxury www.gcprive.com
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Simulating Visitor Impact on Public Land - School of Natural Resources and the Environment
The School of Natural Resources and the Environment at the University of Arizona snre.arizona.edu How do visitor activities affect a park? SNRE Professor Randy Gimblett is working with colleagues around the globe, using new tools to address the complex questions of visitor management. From foot traffic in a botanical garden in Australia to hunter behavior in Prince William Sound, the ways in which visitors use public land, and the impacts they have are difficult to monitor, and even more challenging to predict. Using software simulations of visitor use and impact, Dr. Randy Gimblett and his colleagues develop a framework to aid difficult management decisions. The simulations include software robots or 'agents' who move across space (the park's landscape) and time (a day or week of use) and are based on data collected from real park visitors. Because park management aims to strike a balance between people's outdoor experience, and the health of the natural system, Dr. Gimblett monitors and then simulates impacts from soil compression to the quality of a hiker's wilderness experience. A new book, "Monitoring, Simulation and Management of Visitor Landscapes", summarizes the findings of Dr. Gimblett and his colleagues across the globe, and promises to set a foundation for this emerging field.
Contech Engineered Solutions - Webinar: Bridge and ABC Innovations Webinar
One year ago, we introduced Contech's latest bridge innovations via webinar. Since that time, the response has been overwhelming. Join us to learn how engineers have used these technologies to solve real world design challenges. In this Bridge Webinar, Contech's Scott Aston, P.E., and Tim Keilty, will also update our audience with ongoing innovation initiatives. Michael Culmo, P.E., of CME Associates, will join us to discuss Accelerated Bridge Construction. This Webinar will cover: • FHWA Accelerated Bridge Construction Updates • Newly Installed Bridge and Culvert Case Studies • Expanding on New Innovations Through Technology Acceptance
★ SimCity 5 (2013) #5 ►How To Build The Arcology Great Works FAST◀ Cities of Tomorrow Gameplay
Skye's Lets Play SimCity Cities of Tomorrow (SimCity 5 2013) Big Discounts On Games - https://chrono.gg/skyestorme Use the link above to see today's offer. A new game on offer every 24 hours! SkyeStormeGaming receives a commission for each purchase made using the above link. SimCity, Mods, Banished and more ► http://skyestorme.com Youtube Channel ► http://www.youtube.com/user/SkyestormeGaming Twitter ► https://twitter.com/xSkyestormex Music used: Courtesy of Machinimasound.com Licensed under Creative Commons CC-BY 3.0 Unported License | https://machinimasound.com/license WHAT IS SIMCITY? This is a new SimCity that delivers unprecedented depth of simulation. The model-like world and detail of the simulation make this the most responsive and personal SimCity ever. This is also the most expansive city management game yet where you can control a region that delivers true multi-city scale and play a single city or up to 16 cities at once each with different specializations. Multiplayer is also a first for the series, which adds a new dimension to your game as your decisions impact both your city and your region and creates new ways to play by collaborating or competing to earn achievements. Finally, SimCity is a live service that simulates real time updates from new challenges to new features and content. DEPTH OF SIMULATION With the new GlassBox engine everything you see is simulated -- from city-wide systems all the way down to the individual Sims in your city. Quickly view the consequences of your actions and dig in to see how the systems work. See the impact of your decisions by clicking on individual Sims to learn about what they're doing, their wealth and happiness. Manipulate power, water, taxes, pollution, education, unemployment, and much more! New data visualization tools add incredible depth that is quickly accessible to the player -- click on the power layer for an instant snapshot of how electricity is distributed throughout your city. Or customize your fire station by adding a dispatch tower to respond to fires and emergencies more quickly. TRUE MULTI-CITY SCALE Play a single city or up to 16 cities at once and track population, wealth, education and happiness across your region. Playing multiple cities, each with different specializations from casino meccas to manufacturing hubs, delivers endless possibilities to create, strategize, and play. The more you invest in a specific industry, the more influence a city has over your region. CITY SPECIALISATION For the first time, create truly unique cities with different specialisations. Mayors seeking intelligent Sims can build a college town full of libraries, community colleges and universities. Specialise in Big Business such as Casinos, Electronics, Coal, Trade, and more to increase the wealth of your city. Each specialisation has major benefits but consequences as well. Educated Sims unlock technologies that will benefit your region, but large universities are expensive to maintain. Casinos will bring tourism and raise Simoleons but also attract unwanted crime. MULTIPLAYER Your decisions now impact both your city and your region. Choose to be a good neighbor and send fire and police resources to other cities in need, or specialize in industries that create pollution and then watch as the Sims in your neighbors' cities become sick. You can also choose to collaborate or compete with friends to build great works or earn achievements by topping the leaderboards. ★ SimCity 5 (2013) #5 ►How To Build The Arcology Great Works FAST◀ Cities of Tomorrow Gameplay
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Earned Value Management Software | EVMax Projstream
Earned Value Software from Projstream can help you keep budgets on track after you've landed the big contract. EVMax is designed to be the software that is not over-engineered for simple implementations, but it does scale to ANSI/EIA 748 needs with change control and budget logs, CPR format reports etc. If you are looking for earned value software that also has workflow capabilities, document management and versioning and awesome change control functionality, look for the EVMax label. Does your current earned value software have robust documentation with version control? Yes, you can even see changes tracked by author if desired. Incorporate artifacts like budget change requests and work authorization documents in a workflow routing in ProjStream's EVMax. Does your earned value management system interface with bid and proposal data and Microsoft project schedule data? If not, wouldn't this be a more seamless approach to the project life cycle? Additionally, ProjStream's EVMax has a dashboard called MaxBoard that connects directly to the cost engine so there is no need to pass data to an entirely different database. If you are looking for a system that is more of a project manager's toolkit than just and earned value management software engine, take a look at EVMax. EVMax has been validated on EVMS systems. Free trials of the EVMax are available. Why not try a low risk trial of EVMax? EVMax has been through DCMA validation efforts. EVMax has IPMR reports also have required UN/CEFACT xml formats required for larger programs that go to the central repository for ACAT I programs. Additionally, EVMax interfaces with BOEMax bid and proposal data to manage the full project management life cycle. ProjStream now offers a free 60 day trial over the web for all applications. http://www.projstream.com
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Humber's Learning Resource Commons
Humber's North Campus will see the beginnings of significant changes as construction gets underway on the brand-new Learning Resource Commons (LRC) building this summer. Designed to be a "dramatic, animated gateway" for the largest of Humber's three campuses, the 260,000 square foot building will combine glass, zinc, brick and wood to create a sense of transparency and openness for visitors and students alike. Learn more about the Learning Resource Commons: http://www.humber.ca/learning-resource-commons
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Managing Environmental Resources: Moapa Dace
Beneath the waters of the Muddy River, the endangered Moapa dace is experiencing a resurgence, thanks in part to habitat restoration by the SNWA.
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Our Harbour Information Video
http://ourharbour.org/ Our Harbour provides a supportive long-term housing program on Montreal's South Shore for people of diverse backgrounds living with mental illness. We provide life-management support, links with resources in the surrounding community and individual assistance in integrating with society. Our Harbour also educates the wider community about mental illness.
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What is Knowledge Management? Victor Buonamia
http://www.ptp-llc.com/?page_id=18 http://www.twitter.com/ptp_llc People, Technology & Processes (PTP) is a leading company in Knowledge Management. Through Technology, we bridge the gap between People and Processes.
Introduction to DHCP
Info Level: Beginner Presenter: Eli the Computer Guy Date Created: March 11, 2013 Length of Class: 21:35 Tracks Servers Networking Prerequisites Basic understanding of TCP /IP TCP/IP and Subnet Masking Purpose of Class This class teaches students what DCHP is and the core concepts of Dynamic Host Control Protocol. Class Notes DHCP stands for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol DHCP is a Server Service Separate from DNS Can be found in Windows Servers/ Linux/ Unix and Home or Small office Routers DHCP Servers Assign: Dynamic IP Addresses Static Subnet Mask Static Default gateway Static Primary and Secondary DNS Servers Scope is the pool of addresses that the DHCP server can assign from. Such as192.168.1.100 to Lease is the length of time that the DHCP server will reserve the IP address for the client. Clients will try to renew the lease periodically Lease length can be manually configured on a per server basis Reservations are IP Addresses that are reserved for systems that need Static IP Addresses Steps for Getting an IP DHCPDiscover -- Client Requests an IP from Any Available DHCP Server DHCPOffer -- DHCP Servers offer IP Addresses DHCPRequest -- Client Acknowledges which IP Address it has accepted DHCPAck -- DHCP Server Acknowledges Client has accepted IP Address Resources http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc780760(v=ws.10).aspx
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Civ 5 Brave New Worlds: Trade Routes + Roads.
In this video i will be explaining how Roads and Trade routes work in civ 5 Brave new worlds. The mic is a little bit off, but let me know how i can make my videos more informative in the future in the comments bellow. The channel is going to be going through a massive change over the coming weeks as i restart the channel under its new image. The channel is going to be all about guides, tutorials and reviews. The goal is to become a channel where people can come and learn new things about games and pick up tips, hints and help. Music: Easy Lemon, Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Logo image: http://fiverr.com/valiantgraphics/draw-a-sizzling-caricature-of-you-using-my-style If you want an image made for you, click the link above and follow instructions there. Make sure you say "Stezzer sent you".
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Citizen Participation in Natural Resource Management in Niger
Niger is at a crossroads in West Africa, sharing a border with Mali, Algeria, Libya and Nigeria. As French forces moved into Mali, regional analysts fear that many terrorist groups moved into neighboring countries, including Niger. The expansive desert terrain and natural resources of the African nation make it an ideal territory for these groups. It is critical to the security and economic development of Niger that citizens' voices are heard. IFES is working with local partners to increase awareness of the risks and rights of workers in the extractive resources industry, including uranium, oil and gold. IFES is also working to develop partnerships between civil society organizations and government to ensure citizens understand and participate in resource management decisions. This podcast features Stephanie Buell, IFES' Program Coordinator for Niger, as she discusses the opportunities and challenges Nigeriens face regarding the management of their natural resources.
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Let's Build an MMO First Game Video Fan Designed Land Management and Building Houses
Live Shows Schedule posted at http://www.twitch.tv/markeedragon Follow me there for alerts when we do live shows. http://makemmo.wikidot.com/ Join us for building this game. Neojac http://neojac.com/ Markee Dragon Game Codes: http://www.markeedragon.com EVE Online, Guild Wars 2, Link Realms and Sim City codes Find me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/markeedragon Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/?_encoding=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&linkCode=ur2&tag=mdyoutubegeneral-20 I'm not shy about telling people that I earn a living online. Part of how I do it is to refer people to services they may already be using. If you buy stuff from Amazon consider using this link and maybe even bookmarking it for the future. I get a commission from these purchases when you use the link. I thank you for using it. It helps to fund the content I create here. Music thanks to https://soundcloud.com/stevenobrien
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