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Operations Research 05A: Sensitivity Analysis & Shadow Price
Textbooks: https://amzn.to/2VgimyJ https://amzn.to/2CHalvx https://amzn.to/2Svk11k In this video, we'll talk about how to perform the sensitivity analysis and how to explain the shadow price for LP problems. ---------------------------------------- Smart Energy Operations Research Lab (SEORL): http://binghamton.edu/seorl YOUTUBE CHANNEL: http://youtube.com/yongtwang
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Sensitivity Analysis (Business Forecasting)
This short revision video introduces and illustrates the concept of sensitivity analysis. Sensitivity analysis is a technique which allows the analysis of changes in assumptions used in forecasts. As such, it is a very useful technique for use in investment appraisal, sales and profit forecasting and lots of other quantitative aspects of business management.
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Linear Programming- Sensitivity Analysis in Simplex
Subject:Economics Paper: Quantitative methods I (mathematical methods)
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LP Sensitivity Analysis - Interpreting Excel's Solver Report
This brief video explains the components of LP Sensitivity Analysis using an Excel Solver Report. A few questions were also answered based on the following Linear Programming model. Max 50A + 60B + 55C s.t. A + B + C ≤ 100 2A + 3B + 2C ≤ 300 2A + 3B + 2C ≥ 250 A + 2C ≥ 60 1. State the optimal solution 2. What is the optimal objective function value? 3. What would happen to the optimal solution if a) the unit profit on B decreases by 20? b) the unit profit on C decreases to 45? c) the unit profits on A & C change to 53 (Simultaneous Changes-100% Rule)? 4. Interpret the reduced cost for A 5. What would happen to the objective function if a) the RHS of constraint 1 increases by 5? b) the RHS of constraint 2 decreases to 250? c) the RHS of constraint 4 changes to 44? 6. Which constraints are binding? 7. What are the slack/surplus values?
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Sensitivity Analysis - Microsoft Excel 2016
Example of how to build a sensitivity analysis table in Excel 2016 to evaluate how changing two inputs simultaneously will affect an output (profit). Course discount (81%): https://www.udemy.com/excel-power-user/?couponCode=YOU-TUBE ________ Here is a link to download the practice file we use in the video: https://excelpoweruser.weebly.com/blog/youtube-file-download Sensitivity analysis in Excel is one of the skills that separates the common Excel user from the power user. In this tutorial, we learn how to build a sensitivity analysis table in Excel 2016 to evaluate how changing two inputs simultaneously will affect an output (profit). I hope you enjoy this tutorial and please let me know if you would like more videos on sensitivity analysis. If you'd like to learn more, I built a business-focused Excel course on Udemy that is stripped down to the core functions for being an analyst. The objective is to get people to the power-user level quickly. The course is about 2 hours and includes things like: -completely abandoning the mouse to increase speed 3X -data manipulation & visualization -conditional statements & pivot tables Course discount (save 81%): https://www.udemy.com/excel-power-user/?couponCode=YOU-TUBE For additional tutorials about Excel, check out my Quora profile: https://www.quora.com/profile/Eric-Andrews-5
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L6 - Statistical Modelling - Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analysis
All predictions and simulations from statistical models require an understanding of how to reflect uncertainty and utilise sensitivity analysis. This tutorial explains these concepts and highlights key points to consider.
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Sensitivity Analysis of a Linear Programming Problem - Part One- Simplex Matrix Math
In this lesson, we learn how to regenerate the final (optimal) Simplex table given the optimal set of basic decision variables and the initial Linear Programming problem.
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Excel Finance Class 89: Sensitivity Analysis For Cash Flow & NPV Calculations
Download Excel workbook http://people.highline.edu/mgirvin/ExcelIsFun.htm See how to do Sensitivity Analysis and adjust a single variable for a NPV calculation. See the NPV and SLOPE function and TRANSPOSE array Functions and how to create a X Y Scatter chart.
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Sensitivity Analysis in Linear Programming
We discuss changes to our model. We calculate the Range of Optimality and the Shadow Price. We then interpret the Excel Solver Sensitivity Report. This is LP video 5 and extends the table and chair problem presented in LP videos 1-4.
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Linear Programming by Graphing, Sensitivity Analysis on Constraints
After solving a linear programming problem by graphing, performing sensitivity analysis on the right-hand-side of a constraint and finding the range you are allowed to change the right-hand-side.
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Lesson 6 video 1: Risk, Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analysis
In this and next videos I will explain how to incorporate risk and uncertainty in the economic evaluation of projects for the purpose of investment. I will explain how you can apply the sensitivity analysis techniques to evaluate the projects in this case. There are several quantitative methods for incorporating risk and uncertainty. I will explain two of these methods: 1) Sensitivity analysis or probabilistic sensitivity analysis 2)Expected value or expected net present value
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Sensitivity Analysis - Direct and Indirect Methods
Sensitivity Analysis is a tool used in financial modeling to analyze how the different values of a set of independent variables affect a specific dependent variable under certain specific conditions. Click here to learn more about this topic: https://corporatefinanceinstitute.com/resources/knowledge/modeling/what-is-sensitivity-analysis/
ACCA F9 Investment Appraisal Under Uncertainty - Sensitivity Analysis (example 1)
ACCA F9 Investment Appraisal Under Uncertainty - Sensitivity Analysis Free lectures for the ACCA F9 Financial Management To benefit from this lecture, visit opentuition.com to download the free lectures notes used in the lecture and access all our free resources including all F9 lectures, practice tests and Ask the Tutor Forums. http://opentuition.com/acca/f9/ Please go to opentuition to post questions to ACCA F9 Tutor, we do not provide support on youtube. *** Complete list of free ACCA F9 lectures is available on http://opentuition.com/acca/f9/ ***
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Sensitivity Analysis changing WACC and Growth Rate using Excel
We are going to learn sensitivity analysis changing our estimate on weighted average cost of capital(WACC) and growth rate at a time to see how the results changes. In here we are going to create a matrix showing changing results in a single table. Find Excel file here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Qbr7hu3pZLdcOrm30evKrUwMIP93dXLb This will help you to determine: #range of changing results. #whether to invest in such project/product. Finance Standard
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Sensitivity Analysis and Tornado Plots
Analyzes net present value using sensitivity analysis and generates a tornado plot. Made by faculty at the University of Colorado Boulder Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering. Check out our process design playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4xAk5aclnUjEuE_fvbyEts_oBpHYcwLY
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Data tables and sensitivity analysis Excel
Our Excel training videos on YouTube cover formulas, functions and VBA. Useful for beginners as well as advanced learners. New upload every Thursday. For details you can visit our website: http://www.familycomputerclub.comData tables provide an elegant way to perform single and two-way sensitivity analysis on your Excel worksheet data. What is a single variable sensitivity analysis? It is the process by which you find out how one value changes based on a change in another value. You may wish to know how your monthly payments change with change in interest rate keeping the loan amount and period of loan constant. Or, you may wish to 'guesstimate' how your profit would change if you reduced on increased the sales price of an item because that might change the number of buyers. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jfRkXKgNVDs
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Sensitivity Analysis in Excel
made with ezvid, free download at http://ezvid.com Tutorial on sensitvity analysis and tornado charts using excel and real data from NextEra.
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Sensitivity Analysis
This video is a part of Conservation Strategy Fund's collection of environmental economic lessons and was made possible thanks to the support of the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and the Marcia Brady Tucker Foundation. This series is for individuals who want to learn - or review - the basic economics of conservation. In this video, you will learn how to set up a sensitivity analysis within a cost-benefit analysis. To follow this series, subscribe to our YouTube channel. For more information on these and other trainings from Conservation Strategy Fund, check out: http://www.conservation-strategy.org/
11 GAMS and Matlab - Sensitivity Analysis (Example)
Download scripts/files/codes and further information: www.gamsoptimization.com. This video shows a small sensitivity analysis to point out how a big one can work.
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Global Sensitivity Analysis - Saman Razavi
The JRC's Sensitivity Analysis group (SAMO) presents "A New Framework for Comprehensive, Efficient, and Robust Global Sensitivity Analysis", by Saman Razavi, University of Saskatchewan. Seminar at the European Commision Joint Research Centre (JRC) – Ispra – 2 May 2017. This presentation provides an overview of the theory and application of a new framework for Global Sensitivity Analysis (GSA), called Variogram Analysis of Response Surfaces (VARS). VARS utilizes the concepts of variograms and covariograms to characterize a spectrum of sensitivity-related information across the model factor space. VARS is a general framework with explicit theoretical relationships with variance-based (e.g., Sobol) and derivative-based (e.g, Morris) approaches to GSA, while being highly efficient and statistically robust. This presentation also discusses strategies for improved convergence and robustness of GSA, and to this end, introduces a sequential sampling algorithm, called Progressive Latin Hypercube Sampling (PLHS), which allows progressively increasing the sample size, while maintaining the required distributional properties. Saman Razavi received his PhD degree (2013) in civil engineering from the University of Waterloo, Ontario, and his MSc (2004) and BSc (2002) degrees in civil engineering from Amirkabir University and Iran University of Science and Technology in Iran. His research interests include environmental and water resources systems analysis, hydrologic modelling, single and multiple-objective optimization, sensitivity and uncertainty analysis, and climate change and impacts on hydrology and water resources. Seminar organiser: William BECKER Video recording, audio and video editing: Mayeul KAUFFMANN
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Financial Modelling - Sensitivity and Scenario Analysis
http://www.videofinancialmodelling.com/financial-modelling-sensitivity-and-scenario-analysis/ Shows how to setup a sensitivity, scenario or what-if analysis manager in a financial model.
Paired Sales and Sensitivity Analysis
An in-depth look at how paired sales analysis and sensitivity analysis indicators are derived in TrendSheet 4 and how to get a more accurate analysis of your sales grid data. The portion on sensitivity analysis starts at 11:13.
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Decision Analysis Part-1 | Decisions Under Uncertainty/Risk & Sensitivity Analysis
Includes, - steps for decision analysis - decisions under uncertainty - decisions under risk - sensitivity analysis - decision trees - minimax, maxmin, realism (hurwicz), equally likely, and minimax regret criteria - expected monetary value (emv) calculation Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL34t5iLfZddtKi93_8Sd0KwwuABmgwbDS
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DOE CSGF 2013: Adjoint-Based UQ and Sensitivity Analysis for Reactor Depletion Calculations
View more information on the DOE CSGF Program at http://www.krellinst.org/csgf Hayes Stripling Texas A&M University We discuss our framework for using the adjoint technique to perform efficient uncertainty quantification in nuclear reactor simulations. This approach requires the solution of two systems of equations: a forward, engineering system that models the reactor, and a related but different system that provides sensitivity and error estimates. For reasons we discuss, algorithms that solve these systems tend to be memory intensive, posing unique scaling challenges as we push toward larger problems and new architectures. We discuss our approach for reducing the memory footprint of our algorithm and argue via scaling experiments that this approach is the only viable option for performing uncertainty quantification at scale on realistic reactor-analysis calculations. Abstract Author(s) Hayes F. Stripling, Marvin L. Adams, Mihai Anitescu
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Sensitivity Analysis for Financial Modeling Course | Corporate Finance Institute
Sensitivity Analysis for Financial Modeling Course | Corporate Finance Institute Enroll in the full course to earn a certificate and advance your career: http://courses.corporatefinanceinstitute.com/courses/sensitivity-analysis-financial-modeling This advanced financial modeling course will take a deep dive into sensitivity analysis with focus on practical applications for professionals working in investment banking, equity research, financial planning & analysis (FP&A), and finance functions. Course agenda includes: Introduction Why perform sensitivity analysis? Model integration - Direct and Indirect methods Analyzing results Gravity sort table Tornado charts Presenting results By the end of this course, you will have a thorough grasp of how to build a robust sensitivity analysis system into your financial model. Form and function are both critical to ensure you can handle quick changes and information requests when you're working on a live transaction.
MS Excel: Monte Carlo Analysis - Uncertainty and Sensitivity to Change
In this tutorial we learn how to perform Monte Carlo iteration analysis to account for uncertainty in variables. In this scenario, we examine uncertainty in cost, benefit and growth rate values for a project and how they affect the net present value (NPV). Excel document link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_lD7FHorWGzSGhMWHh5Ukx3Vzg Check out the NEW WEBSITE: https://growyourcareer.com and look under "Downloads" UPDATED BLOG: https://arcologydesigns.blogspot.com Formulas: Cell F2: =RAND()*(D2-C2)+C2 - Generates a random value between the established parameters. Cell I2: =1/1.05^H2 - Discount factor; accounts for our preference to consume now rather than later. Cell J4: =J3*(1+$F$4) - Accounts for the growth rate of benefits at a given percent per year. Cell K2: =I2*J2 - The present value of costs and benefits after discounting. Cell T1: =AVERAGE(R3:R102) - Average NPV. Cell T2: =STDEV(R3:R102) - Standard deviation of NPV. Cell T3: =MIN(R3:R102) - Minimum NPV Cell T4: =MAX(R3:R102) - Maximum NPV Normal Distributions and Bell Curves Tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=50kZjl-7ZaQ ________________________________________________________________________ ArcologyDesigns: http://www.arcologydesigns.com BCB Energy, LLC: http://www.bcb-energy.com For free IT sample files, go to: www.bcb-energy.com and click on "IT Training Initiative," and navigate to the Sample Files download page. ________________________________________________________________________ 100% ALL original content - photos, music, lyrics, art and more! BCB Energy, LLC and its subsidiary ArcologyDesigns are the sole creators and owners to all artwork, photographs, illustrations, graphics, logos, lyrics, texts, materials, sound recordings and musical compositions and all features of the content and materials. This includes but is not limited to the design, assortment, arrangement, atmosphere and presentation and any associated copyrights or trademarks of such content and materials.
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ACCA P3 Chapter 30 Capital rationing and sensitivity analysis
ACCA P3 Chapter 30 Capital rationing and sensitivity analysis Free lectures for the ACCA P3 Business Analysis Exams
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Sensitivity Analysis Linear Programming With Excel Solver - Analysis and Interpretation | Tutorial
A sensitivity analysis determines how different values of an independent variable impact a particular dependent variable under a given set of assumptions. In this video, Prof P K Vishwanathan explains the concept of sensitivity analysis and how to interpret excel solver sensitivity report using product mix example. #MSExcel #LinearProgramming #SensitivityAnalysis About Great Learning: Great Learning is an online and hybrid learning company that offers high-quality, impactful, and industry-relevant programs to working professionals like you. These programs help you master data-driven decision-making regardless of the sector or function you work in and accelerate your career in high growth areas like Data Science, Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence & more. Watch the video to know ''Why is there so much hype around 'Artificial Intelligence'?'' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VcxpBYAAnGM What is Machine Learning & its Applications? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NsoHx0AJs-U Do you know what the three pillars of Data Science? Here explaining all about thepillars of Data Science: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xtI2Qa4v670 Want to know more about the careers in Data Science & Engineering? Watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Ue_plL55jU For more interesting tutorials, don't forget to Subscribe our channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/beaconelearning?sub_confirmation=1 Learn More at: https://www.greatlearning.in/ For more updates on courses and tips follow us on: Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/u/0/108438615307549697541 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GreatLearningOfficial/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/great-learning/ - Follow our Blog: https://www.greatlearning.in/blog/?utm_source=Youtube
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18 -- Cost and Profit Sensitivity Analysis
An overview of cost and profit sensitivity analysis, to accompany http://www.principlesofaccounting.com Chapter 18, Cost-Volume-Profit and Business Scalability. *Check out the Classroom page to find out how to take this course for credit: http://www.principlesofaccounting.com/classroom.html
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04-2 Sensitivity Analysis Global
Sobol' and regionalized sensitivity analysis
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Sensitivity Analysis and Monte Carlo Simulations using Simulink Design Optimization
Free MATLAB Trial: https://goo.gl/yXuXnS Request a Quote: https://goo.gl/wNKDSg Contact Us: https://goo.gl/RjJAkE Learn more about MATLAB: https://goo.gl/8QV7ZZ Learn more about Simulink: https://goo.gl/nqnbLe ------------------------------------------------------------------------- When you are working with large and complex Simulink models, it is sometimes difficult to determine which model parameters impact behavior the most. Using Monte Carlo simulations, correlation techniques and design of experiments (DoE), Sensitivity Analysis allows you to determine which parameters have the greatest impact on your model. In this webinar, we will use an example to demonstrate how to analyze and visualize your model's behavior across its design space using Monte Carlo simulations. This will help you identify which parameters impact characteristics such as step response times, energy consumption and component failure rates. You can also use sensitivity analysis to improve design optimization performance. Using an example, we will see how you can identify a good initial point and a smaller set of parameters in a large model, allowing you to reduce the time taken for the optimization process.
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LINDO Tutorial - 2: Sensitivity Analysis and Integer Programming
This is the second video demonstrating sensitivity analysis capabilities of LINDO. It also includes a demonstration of LINDO's solution for Integer Programming Problems. (Re-edited version to remove the background audio) Note: The videos on this channel are instructional videos developed for the classes that I teach at the department of Industrial Engineering, Morgan State University in Baltimore Maryland.
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PMP- PMBOK -  Quantitative Risk Analysis - Sensitivity Analysis using Tornado Diagrams
PMP- PMBOK - Quantitative Risk Analysis - Sensitivity Analysis using Tornado Diagram PMP® Certification Training: http://www.pmexpertinc.com/ www.pmexpertgroup.com For more updates on courses and tips follow us on: - Facebook :https://www.facebook.com/pmexpertinc/ -
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IRR Calculation and IRR Sensitivity Table
Internal Rate of Return calculation and Internal Rate of Return Sensitivity Table Creation
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ACCA F9 Course Investment Appraisal 13 Sensitivity analysis and expected value
The last topic under investment appraisal is examining investment projects under risk. There are many ways to integrate risk and uncertainty, several examples include - 1. Sensitivity analysis; 2. Expected value using probabilities; 3. Decision tree analysis; 4. Simulation. In this video, we focus on the discussion of sensitivity analysis and expected value using probabilities. It is very common to see investment appraisal under risk questions in ACCA Financial Management exam. The general weakness is students cannot find the differences between sensitivity analysis and probability analysis (expected value). Don't worry, we are here to help. Watch the video and check out the answer.
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Investment Appraisal Under Uncertainty Sensitivity Analysis (example 1)
Investment Appraisal Under Uncertainty Sensitivity Analysis (example 1) - ACCA Financial Management (FM) *** Complete list of free ACCA FM lectures is available on OpenTuition.com https://opentuition.com/acca/fm/ *** Free lectures for the ACCA Financial Management (FM) Exam To benefit from this lecture, visit opentuition.com/acca to download the notes used in the lecture and access ALL free resources: ACCA lectures, tests and Ask the ACCA Tutor Forums Please go to opentuition to post questions to ACCA Tutor, we do not provide support on youtube.
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DPL Tutorial Video #3: Performing Sensitivity Analysis and Introducing Probabilities
This is the third in a series of 6 videos of where I'll walk you through the steps to creating a probabilistic DPL decision analytic model from an Excel Cash Flow spreadsheet for a New Product Development opportunity. In this video I conduct a sensitivity analysis in the form of a value tornado in order to see which variable have the greatest impact on my objective. I model the variables found to have the most impact (i.e. at the top of the tornado) probabilistically by changing them from value nodes to discrete chance nodes. I would encourage you to build the model with me through out this series of tutorial videos. To do so, request a free 21-day trial license of DPL Professional: https://www.syncopation.com/dpl-professional-trial And download the Excel spreadsheet used within the tutorial: https://www.syncopation.com/downloads/BroadswordPro.xlsx
Global Sensitivity Analysis: Variogram Analysis of Response Surfaces (VARS)
Dr. Saman Razavi speaks about the fundamentals of global sensitivity analysis (GSA) and VARS, which is a new mathematical framework for GSA of computer simulation models, including Earth and Environmental Systems Models (EESMs). VARS, which stands for Variogram Analysis of Response Surfaces, utilizes directional variogram and covariogram functions to characterize the full spectrum of sensitivity-related information, thereby providing a comprehensive set of "global" sensitivity metrics with minimal computational cost. See more on VARS in http://homepage.usask.ca/~ser134/nex_gen_sen_an.php Dr. Saman Razavi leads Watershed Systems Analysis and Modelling Lab at the Global Institute for Water Security. He is an assistant professor with School of Environment and Sustainability and Department of Civil and Geological Engineering at the University of Saskatchewan. He received the PhD degree (2013) in civil engineering from the University of Waterloo, Ontario, and the MSc (2004) and BSc (2002) degrees in civil engineering from Amirkabir University and Iran University of Science and Technology in Iran. Dr. Razavi is an Associate Editor of Journal of Hydrology and an Editorial Board Member of Environmental Modelling & Software. He also serves on several international committees. His research interests include environmental and water resources systems analysis, hydrologic modelling, single- and multiple-objective optimization, sensitivity and uncertainty analysis, and climate change and impacts on hydrology and water resources. http://homepage.usask.ca/~ser134/ ________________________________________________________ What is Global Sensitivity Analysis (GSA)? Global sensitivity analysis is a systems theoretic approach to characterizing the overall (average) sensitivity of one or more model responses across the factor space, by attributing the variability of those responses to different controlling (but uncertain) factors (e.g., model parameters, forcings, and boundary and initial conditions). ________________________________________________________ What was the Motivation for the Development of VARS? VARS was developed to address two major issues with GSA: · Ambiguous Definition of "Global" Sensitivity: different GSA methods are based in different philosophies and theoretical definitions of sensitivity, leading to different, even conflicting, assessments of the underlying sensitivities for a given problem. · Computational Cost: the cost of carrying out GSA can be large, even excessive, for high-dimensional problems and/or computationally intensive models, where cost (or "efficiency") is commonly assessed by of the number of required model runs. ________________________________________________________ What are the Special Features of VARS? · VARS re-defines GSA by characterizing a comprehensive spectrum of information about the underlying sensitivities of a response surface to its factors, while reducing to well-known and commonly used approaches to GSA as special/limiting cases. · VARS generates a new set of sensitivity metrics called IVARS (Integrated Variogram Across a Range of Scales) that summarize the variance of change (rate of variability) in model response at a range of perturbation scales in the factor space. · VARS also generates the Sobol (variance-based) total-order effect, the most popular metric for GSA, and the Morris (derivative-based) elementary effects across the full range of step sizes in numerical differencing (theoretical relationship exists). · VARS is highly efficient and statistically robust, providing stable results within 1-2 orders of magnitude smaller numbers of sampled points (model runs), compared with alternative GSA approaches, such as the Sobol and Morris approaches. · VARS effectively and efficiently handles high-dimensional problems, because of its computational efficiency, which is, in part, due to VARS being based on the information contained in pairs of points, rather than in individual points. · VARS is unique in that it characterizes different sensitivity-related properties of response surfaces including local sensitivities and their global distribution, the global distribution of model responses, and the structure of the response surface. · VARS tackles the scale issue of sensitivity analysis by providing sensitivity information spanning a range of scales across the factor space, from small-scale features such as roughness/noise to large-scale features such as multimodality.
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Finance Module 9: Sensitivity Analysis & Goal Seek
In this module, we'll go over two Excel functions, Sensitivity Analysis and Goal Seek, and see their application within the context of financial analysis.
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Excel - One Way Sensitivity Analysis and PMT Function
A walk through of the PMT equation on excel, along with the use of a data tabel or one-way sensitivity analysis
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Sensitivity Analysis for Capital Budgeting
A short video explaining how sensitivity analysis works, how it related to capital budgeting and how it can be used to determine capital investment decisions for businesses.
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OrCAD 16 6 Capture and  PSpice - Sensitivity Analysis
using OrCAD 16.6 to perform Sensitivity Analysis.
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