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Official Exchange Rates Of The Russian Ruble...
For Updated Exchange Rates Of The Ruble Click This Link... http://www.businessmediaguide.com/exchange_rates_of_the_ruble/ (Information Source: The Central Bank of the Russian Federation) Please Subscribe To Our YouTube Channel... https://www.youtube.com/Businessmediaguide/?sub_confirmation=1 Official Exchange Rates Of The Russian Ruble: 05 April 2017 USD US Dollar to Russian Ruble... JPY Japanese Yen to Russian Ruble... EUR Euro to Russian Ruble... SEK Swedish Krona to Russian Ruble... CZK Czech Koruna to Russian Ruble... CNY China Yuan to Russian Ruble forecast... TRY Turkish Lira to Russian Ruble... GBR British Pound Sterling to Russian Ruble... INR Indian Rupee to Russian Ruble... BRL Brazil Real to Russian Ruble... CAD Canadian Dollar to Russian Ruble... KRW South Korean Won to Russian Ruble... HKD Hong Kong Dollar to Russian Ruble... NOK Norwegian Krone to Russian Ruble... HUF Hungarian Forint to Russian Ruble... Ruble döviz kuru ... Обменный курс рубля ... Rubl směnný kurz ... ルーブルの為替レート... रूबल विनिमय दर ... Rubelárfolyamnak ... Rublo taxa de câmbio ... Rouble exchange prices... Russian rubles are getting expensive... Российские рубли дорожают... Rusya rublesi pahalaşıyor... Доллар падают... Dollar continues to fall in Russia... 美元在俄罗斯继续下滑
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Exchange rates of the Russian Ruble...
For Updated Exchange Rates Of The Ruble Click This Link... http://www.businessmediaguide.com/exchange_rates_of_the_ruble/ (Information Source: The Central Bank of the Russian Federation) Official Exchange Rates Of The Russian Ruble: 14 February 2018 USD US Dollar to Russian Ruble... JPY Japanese Yen to Russian Ruble... EUR Euro to Russian Ruble... SEK Swedish Krona to Russian Ruble... CZK Czech Koruna to Russian Ruble... CNY China Yuan to Russian Ruble forecast... TRY Turkish Lira to Russian Ruble... GBR British Pound Sterling to Russian Ruble... INR Indian Rupee to Russian Ruble... BRL Brazil Real to Russian Ruble... CAD Canadian Dollar to Russian Ruble... KRW South Korean Won to Russian Ruble... HKD Hong Kong Dollar to Russian Ruble... NOK Norwegian Krone to Russian Ruble... HUF Hungarian Forint to Russian Ruble... Обменный курс рубля ... रूसी रूबल की आधिकारिक विनिमय दरों ... russian currency converter to indian rupees... रूसी रुपये कनवर्टर भारतीय रुपये ... The Russian currency exchange rate ... रूसी मुद्रा विनिमय दर ... أسعار صرف الروبل الروسي ... 俄羅斯盧布匯率... 1 dollar is equal to how many rubles... 1 ruble is equal to how many rupees... 1 euro is equal to how many rubles...
Russia: New 10 Ruble coin celebrates reunification with Crimea
VideoID: 20141014-007 C/U Two new coins being unveiled C/U Central Bank of the Russian Federation logo [NO SOUND AT SOURCE] M/S Coins being laid out for media C/U 10 Ruble coin with monument to scuttled ships of Crimean War in Sevastopol [NO SOUND AT SOURCE] C/U 10 Ruble coin being displayed M/S Photographer takes picture of new coin M/S Photographers take pictures of new 10 Ruble coins C/U New 10 Ruble coin dedicated to Crimea C/U New 10 Ruble coin dedicated to Crimea C/U Central Bank of Russia exterior W/S Central Bank of Russia SCRIPT The Central Bank of Russia revealed two new 10 Ruble coins dedicated to the reunification of Crimea and Sevastopol with the Russian Federation, in Moscow on October 9. A total of 10 million coins of both type are due to be issued by the Central Bank. Both coins feature images of Crimea along with the date March 18, 2014, when the treaty of Crimea's reunification with the Russian Federation was signed. The coin commemorating Crimea features the famous Swallow's Nest castle of Yalta on the coast of the Black Sea, while the other commemorating the federal city of Sevastopol features the Monument of the Scuttled Ships of the Siege of Sevastopol during the Crimean War. Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Ruptly Twitter: http://twitter.com/Ruptly LiveLeak: http://www.liveleak.com/c/Ruptly Google Plus: http://google.com/+RuptlyTV Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/Ruptly YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/RuptlyTV DailyMotion: http://www.dailymotion.com/ruptly Video on Demand: http://www.ruptly.tv
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Russian central bank discuss currency
Members of the Russian central bank meet to discuss currency.
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Russian/Nat Russian Central bank chief Sergey Dubinin announced on Monday that the Russian rouble is now so stable that the government can project its dollar exchange rate until the year 2000. Earlier this year President Boris Yeltsin announced that from the first of January 1998 the currency will be devalued by removing three zeros from the bills. Russian central bank chief Sergey Dubinin, joined by Finance Minister and First deputy Prime Minister, Anatoly Chubais announced on Monday that the bank will continue to control the currency rates. It was a muted statement of confidence in Russia's banking system which is stable despite global currency speculation that's wiped billions off currency values. SOUNDBITE: (Russian) "We won't let any unexpected currency fluctuations happen. Currency exchange rate will change gradually. We will continue to maintain our line. Nothing drastic will happen neither tomorrow nor January , 1998." SUPER CAPTION: Sergey Dubinin, Head of the Russian Central Bank Dubinin also acknowledged the growing dependence of the Russian banking system on world market indicators. These indicators have forced up inflation, and pushed President Boris Yeltsin to announce that from the first of January 1998 the currency will be devalued by removing three zeros from the bills. However the central bank chief stressed that Russian banking system displayed signs of maturity when it faced the recent world stock market crisis. SOUNDBITE: (Russian) "We learned that we could and should keep the negative effects under control. Our latest decision is to raise refinancing rate to 28 per cent." SUPER CAPTION: Sergey Dubinin, Head of the Russian Central Bank The exchange rate with the U-S dollar has always been highly variable. Now the Finance Ministry believes that the mechanism has now developed sufficiently to be able to predict the rouble's dollar exchange rate for the next couple of years. First Deputy Prime Minister and finance minister Anatoly Chubais, acknowledged that the main problem now facing the economy is poor tax collection. The government's chronic inability to collect taxes has meant that millions of state workers haven't been paid on time. SOUNDBITE: (Russian) "We are not satisfied at all with the situation in this area. That is why we are putting the final touches on a blueprint of a radical and unprecedented decree to change the situation. This decree will affect both the budget income and even more so spending." SUPER CAPTION: Anatoly Chubais, first Prime Minister These announcement come as an I-M-F delegation, visiting Moscow, has been critical of poor income levels from tax collection. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/40f4d57b2a39da3533182c2f6c722bf3 Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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Central Bank of Russia
Video Software we use: https://amzn.to/2KpdCQF Ad-free videos. You can support us by purchasing something through our Amazon-Url, thanks :) The Bank of Russia is the central bank of the Russian Federation, founded in 1860, headquartered on Neglinnaya Street in Moscow.Its functions are described in the Russian constitution and in the special Federal Law. ---Image-Copyright-and-Permission--- License: Public domain ---Image-Copyright-and-Permission--- This channel is dedicated to make Wikipedia, one of the biggest knowledge databases in the world available to people with limited vision. Article available under a Creative Commons license Image source in video
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The Central Bank of Russia will not be able to stop the decline of Russian ruble in the national
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Russian Economy
One part of the series of stories from Donna Gregory and Jay Jennings of WRAL-TV from their trip to Russia in January 1992.
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What Currency Does Russia Use 2015?
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English/Nat The struggling new state of Bosnia is expected to gain a 1.4 billion (b) dollar shot in the arm this year. Sixty donor nations and institutions are meeting in Brussels on January 9 to lay out the guidelines for the funding, with a formal pledging session scheduled for March. Around 1.2 billion (b) dollars was pumped into the war-stricken Bosnian economy last year. A key plank to the international effort is to help Bosnia set up a central bank - and a currency board to oversee the introduction of a new Bosnian currency. The Bosnian capital, Sarajevo - and a composure only recently returned after the years of inter-ethnic warfare that tore it apart. That composure could, in the eyes of World Bank officials, not just reflect peace, but the return of economic confidence. The results of last year's international bid to resuscitate the Bosnian economy were, they say, 'extraordinary'. Unemployment was running at 90 per cent 12 months ago, with most of the population dependent on humanitarian aid. Now, the jobless rate in the Moslem-Croat Federation, which received the bulk of the 1.2 billion (b) dollars pledged last year, has been halved. Its growth rate, they add, is around forty per cent. But it's only the beginning of a long recovery. Under the terms of the Dayton Peace Accord, a new central bank also has to be established. And it has to operate under a currency board for at least six years. The currency must be underwritten by foreign reserves equal to 100 per cent of its value, while the board must be immune to political influence. One of those overseeing its creation is Dr Steve Hanks, Professor of Applied Economics at the John Hopkins University, Baltimore, U-S. An international currency expert, he says the new money is the cornerstone of the programme to rebuild Bosnia's economy. SOUNDBITE: (English) 'I think that the reality is that the currency board will do a lot of positive things. It is not going to solve all economic problems. There are lots of problems to tackle. It is a very risky and tough situation. However, everything is finished if you don't have a stable currency. So you must start with a stable currency, then go on to solve other problems." SUPERCAPTION: Dr Steve Hanks A new currency will also help Bosnia meet its obligations under the Dayton Accord - so easing the flow of aid. SOUNDBITE: (English) "I think at the moment it's absolutely vital because the foreign donations that have been promised are simply waiting behind the dam - and the dam is Article Seven of the Dayton Paris Treaty, which says that there will be a countrywide currency managed under a currency board arrangement. Until that is established in a proper way, I think that the foreign aid and donations are simply going to remain blocked." SUPERCAPTION: Dr Steve Hanks Three currencies are presently in circulation in different regions of Bosnia: the Bosnian Dinar, the Croatian Kuna and the Yugoslav Dinar. Often, trading is carried out in foreign currencies: the U-S Dollar, or, more commonly, the German Mark. The Mark will remain important - as the currency to which Bosnia's new money is likely to be pegged at a fixed exchange rate. But, in theory, the Mark should disappear from high-street trading, to be replaced by new Bosnian notes. That is, if Bosnian consumers - familiar with the hard, foreign currency bargaining of the black market - take to the new currency. And that is if the joint Bosnian government - composed of former enemies - can unite to support it. Such problems ahead are not enough to cloud the vision of one artist sketching out designs for Bosnia's new banknotes. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/915324c88c22cdb95e710b32f912a50d Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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Trading Robot RTT GS10
Trading Robot RTT GS10 with the fundamental and technical analysis percentage drawdown max =15 EUR/USD RTT GS10 The cost of $ 5110.00 (U.S. dollars at the exchange rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation at the time of payment in rubles), the period of performance of 24 hours of payment on Qiwi wallet on phone number +7 915 0820905,or PayPal [email protected]
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Denomination of Belarus ruble in 2016. New money.
Link to the Belarus banknotes: http://coinsmoscow.ru/c1250/
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Russia to be Debt Free by Year's End, 1509
Good Sunday morning to you, I’m Still reporting from Washington. Moscow will pay off the balance of the debt inherited from the old Soviet Union days this year, according to a report on Friday in the Russian newspaper, Izvestia. The final Russian state debt is owed not to banks, but to Bosnia and Herzegovina. $125.2 billion is still owed to those nations as part of an agreement after the breakup of Yugoslavia. A source inside the Russian Finance Ministry told Izvestia: “The agreement has taken a long time to get ready, a preliminary agreement has been signed. The final version just needs signing, it’s a matter of a few months.” This final state debt of Russia will be paid off within 45 days after the final signing. Russia paid off a $60 billion final debt to what’s known as the Paris Club – a group of 19 creditors, mostly in the Western bloc, including the US and the UK, in 2006 – 9 years ahead of schedule. According to an RT report: “When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, the newly formed Russian Federation inherited a growing external debt of over $66 billion with barely a few billion dollars in net gold and foreign exchange reserves.” What does this mean? Has monetary reform broken out in Russia? It would make common sense, why borrow from banks when you can keep a balanced budget and print sufficient money to keep the economy humming. But is that the case? Another report two days earlier sheds additional light on the subject. On Feb. 15, Reuters reported that the Russian central bank is worried that some regions of Russia – similar to the states in the US – are borrowing from private banks. Central bank Governor Elvira Nabiullina told the upper house of the Russian parliament on Wednesday, according to Reuters: “… that the central bank was in favour of replacing the regions' debt to banks with loans from the state budget.” It is difficult to be sure from these skimpy reports, but it appears that Russia has gone totally rogue economically speaking and is no longer allowing the state to borrow from private banks and is even now encouraging their individual regions to not do so. Could it be that this is the real reason that the Clinton/John McCain/Lindsey Graham axis is pushing war with Russia? Well, I’d like a better understanding of what Russia is doing economically. So, this to Mr. Putin, you are welcome to do a Skype interview on this channel. Please consider this your formal invitation. Please have someone respond to my best email: [email protected] I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day. Visit our website at http://www.billstill.com Considered by informed insiders’ as the ultimate resource for surviving economic or financial collapse/crash and attaining the unvarnished truth about the latest US and world news, current events in Washington, and today’s United States political climate. Please Like, Comment & Share. Good evening, I’m still reporting on Russia to be Debt Free by Year's End Bill Still is a former newspaper editor and publisher. He has written for USA Today, The Saturday Evening Post, the Los Angeles Times Syndicate, OMNI magazine, and has also produced the syndicated radio program, Health News. He has written 22 books and two documentary videos and is the host of his wildly popular daily YouTube Channel the “Still Report”, the quintessential report on the economy and Washington. Connect with Bill Still: https://www.youtube.com/user/bstill3 https://plus.google.com/u/0/+BillStill http://billstills.blogspot.in/ https://twitter.com/billstill https://www.facebook.com/BillStillOfficial https://www.pinterest.com/billstills/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/billstill http://billstills.tumblr.com/ https://billstills.wordpress.com/ https://www.diigo.com/profile/billstill https://www.reddit.com/user/billstills/ http://www.stumbleupon.com/stumbler/billstillss Consider becoming a cherished sponsor: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=3204630 https://youtu.be/Wt47jtHrBMw
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I discovered a variable star in honor of the start of the FIFA World Cup
Hello. My name is Filipp Romanov. I am 21 years old. I am amateur astronomer from Russia, Moscow. My experience of astronomy is almost 9 years. I am popularizing astronomy in Russia for free  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CSmg0e_IfUg  (my detailed portfolio in Russian is available here https://filipp-romanov.livejournal.com/15273.html ) and for residents of other countries: http://www.imo.net/members/imo_user/profile/?user_id=7229      http://spaceweathergallery.com/indiv_upload.php?upload_id=125986 https://skyhuntblog.wordpress.com/2017/09/14/new-discovery-of-an-old-eruption-romanov-v1/     http://www.astb.se/cassiopeiabloggen/?p=68518     https://twitter.com/PappalardoJoe/status/999424509492060165 I discovered (without anyone's help, I learned by myself) 43 variable stars (List of variable stars discovered by me https://filipp-romanov.livejournal.com/27664.html ). One of them I discovered in honor of the start of the FIFA World Cup 2018. This variable star is in the constellation Monoceros and its name is Romanov V12. It was registered https://www.aavso.org/vsx/index.php?view=detail.top&oid=621388  on June 12, 2018 in the AAVSO VSX databese. I want to be a student of Moscow State University, to study there and become an astronomer. I came to Moscow from Primorsky Krai, the Russian Far East. I have a small (its area of 13.2 square meters) room in a two-room communal apartment in Moscow, but new residents of a different room create obstacles for me and my mother: we can not to live in this apartment because of them. Their behavior and actions: aggressive, cruel, lawless (by type of a crime apartment raiding: Rus. "квартирное рейдерство"), and all these facts are recorded on video. Among these residents there is an employee of the Moscow police. The police and officials in Moscow did not help me and my mother. We (my mother and I) are homeless  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gBxjUj-qeag  for the second year, since 23 January 2017. I wrote a petition (in Russian) on 09.12.2017 about this terrible situation on the change.org  https://www.change.org/p/помогите-вернуть-деньги-соседи-в-коммунальной-квартире-препятствуют-продаже-моей-комнаты   My mother brought me up alone. My grandmother has cancer (oncology), and my grandfather is an old pensioner. They can not help me by money. My mother and I really need your help in buying another housing in Moscow. My room is for sale since March 2017    https://www.avito.ru/moskva/komnaty/komnata_13.2_m_v_2-k_1214_et._1062043827 , but these aggressive residents from another room in that communal apartment are create obstacles in its sale. I and my mother do not have money to buy another housing in Moscow. But I have diseases of the bronchi, of the blood, of the joints and oh the heart (Congenital heart defect); I was disabled for 10 years in orthopedics; we do not have money for a lawyer/attorney; so I do not have the opportunity to go to court, but I can not continue to be homeless. I wrote my statements to the President of the Russian Federation V. V. Putin and to the mayor of Moscow S. S. Sobyanin, but my statements to them were not transferred by officials; therefore the help of people to me and to my mother is very necessary for purchase of housing for us. The price of a standard (not big) apartment (one-room flat, because again buying a room in a communal apartment, I think, is dangerous for my life, based on my terrible experience of living in a communal apartment) in Moscow is about 6 (six) million rubles. At the official exchange rates (1 USD = 63,2396 russian rubles; 1 EUR = 73,7247 russian rubles) of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation  https://www.cbr.ru/eng/currency_base/daily/?date_req=23.06.2018  on date June 23, 2018 it is over 94877 US dollars or over 81383 euros. The number of my Visa Classic card: 4276 3800 1986 3351 FILIPP ROMANOV and it was issued to me in Moscow bank "Sberbank". For currency transfers - the bank details of my VISA card are: Recipient: ROMANOV FILIPP DMITRIEVICH Beneficiary account number: 40817810138119913952 Name of beneficiary's bank: SBERBANK (HEAD OFFICE - ALL BRANCHES AND OFFICES IN RUSSIA) MOSCOW RUSSIAN FEDERATION SWIFT Code: SABRRUMM QIWI: +79161737934 PayPal: [email protected] WebMoney: R361292364258 Z599841035834 E178941034165 Nobody ever from strangers helped me with money and did not buy astronomical equipment, but I really need this help. I thank everyone for every possible help (Your free charitable gift/donation) to me and my mom for buying a housing in Moscow. Then my mother and I can: it is safe to live in a new home, and I can: continue to astronomical observations through my telescope, make new astronomical discoveries and contribute to the world science - for people from all countries of the planet Earth. My contacts: e-mail: [email protected] , phone number  +79161737934 , https://www.facebook.com/romanov.philipp
Russia And China 'In Agreement' Over Ukraine
Hundreds of Russian soldiers have surrounded a military base in Crimea, preventing Ukrainian soldiers from going in or out. The convoy blockading the site, near the Crimean capital Simferopol, includes at least 17 military vehicles. Russian soldiers surround Ukrainian military units in Perevalnoye, Crimea Russian troops are also reported to have taken control of a ferry terminal in the city of Kerch on the eastern tip of Crimea, which has a majority Russian-speaking population. Ukraine's defence ministry said two Russian fighter jets violated the country's air space in the Black Sea on Sunday night and that it had scrambled an interceptor aircraft to prevent the "provocative actions". And reports claimed pro-Russian protesters had occupied a floor of the regional government building in Donetsk. The 11-storey building has been flying the Russian flag for the last three days. Ukrainian prime minister Arseny Yatseniuk has insisted his country "will never give up Crimea to anyone" and urged Russian forces to withdraw. A Russian navy ship enters the port of Sevastopol But Mr Yatseniuk said: "I was and am a supporter of a diplomatic solution to the crisis, as a conflict would destroy the foundations for stability in the whole region". The crisis has had a huge knock-on effect on global stock markets, with Moscow's stock exchange plunging as much as 10% on Monday morning. Russia's central bank raised its rate to 7% from 5.5% as the ruble hit an historic low against the dollar and the euro. Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov discussed Ukraine by telephone with his Chinese counterpart, Wang Yi, on Monday, and claimed they had "broadly coinciding points of view" on the situation there, according to a ministry statement. William Hague said the crisis was the biggest in Europe in the 21st century Speaking at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva later, Mr Lavrov said Russian troops were necessary in Ukraine "until the normalisation of the political situation". He added: "We call for a responsible approach, to put aside geopolitical calculations, and above all to put the interests of the Ukrainian people first." Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Qin Gang said: "China has always upheld the principles of diplomacy and the fundamental norms of international relations. "At the same time we also take into consideration the history and the current complexities of the Ukrainian issue." As the tense stand-off continues, the other seven nations of the G8 urged Moscow to hold talks with Kiev. "We, the leaders of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States and the President of the European Council and President of the European Commission, join together today to condemn the Russian Federation's clear violation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine," they said in a statement. "We have decided for the time being to suspend our participation in activities associated with the preparation of the scheduled G8 Summit in Sochi in June." British Foreign Secretary William Hague, who is in Kiev for talks on the crisis, said Russia has taken operational control of Crimea. He described Russia's intervention in Ukraine as the biggest crisis in Europe in the 21st century. At a news conference with Mr Yatseniuk, Mr Hague said: "If this situation cannot resolve itself, if Russia cannot be persuaded to respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, there will have to be other consequences and other costs." Mr Hague added: "The UK is not discussion military action, our concentration is on diplomatic and economic pressure." Prime Minister David Cameron will later chair a meeting of the National Security Council on the "British and international response to the grave situation in Ukraine". European foreign ministers are holding an emergency meeting on Ukraine in Brussels to table a joint response to the military incursion. Rear Admiral Berezovsky announces his defection before TV cameras Mr Yatseniuk heads a pro-Western government that took power in the former Soviet republic when its Moscow-backed president, Viktor Yanukovych, was ousted last week. US Secretary of State John Kerry will visit Kiev on Tuesday to show "strong support for Ukrainian sovereignty". Meanwhile, Ukraine launched a treason case against its new navy chief after heswitched allegiance to the pro-Russian Crimea region. Rear Admiral Denis Berezovsky was appointed head of Ukraine's navy on Saturday. But a day later he appeared before cameras, alongside the pro-Russian prime minister of Crimea's regional parliament, saying he had ordered Ukrainian naval forces there to disregard orders from "self-proclaimed" authorities in Kiev. Russian President Vladimir Putin on Saturday won parliament's authorisation to use force in Ukraine.
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American investors withdrew from the Russian stock more than billion to $1.6
For the fourth straight month, foreign investors reduce investments in the assets of the Russian Federation. During this time, they brought the Russian stock more than $1.6 billion — the maximum outflow for the last three and a half years. The flight of investors is due to unfulfilled expectations regarding the rapprochement between the United States and Russia, the aggravation of the corporate conflict between "Rosneft" and AFK "Sistema", and the fall in oil prices. Data Emerging Portfolio Fund Research (EPFR) show that foreign investors continue to reduce investment in funds oriented to the Russian stock market. According to "Kommersant", based on data from "Renaissance Capital", the amount of funds withdrawn from such funds in the week ending June 28, exceeded $83 million Almost continuous outflow of foreign investments from the Russian market proceeds from the end of February. In General, over the four months it exceeded $1.6 billion. Outflows from Russian funds occurs on the background of their inflow to the assets of other developing countries. According to EPFR, last week funds emerging markets attracted almost $1.9 billion, and in four months — almost $28 billion in the Russian stock market was among the outsiders. More funds were derived only from China ($4 billion), but the size of this market significantly more Russian. Leaders in attracting funds from the BRIC countries were India and Brazil funds have four months invested $2.6 billion and $1 billion respectively. The recovery in oil prices had no impact on the Russian currency More resources of Russian funds lost only three and a half years ago. Investors then were concerned about the actions of the Federal reserve scaling back monetary stimulus and low growth economies of developing countries, including Russian. Since August 2013 for the seven months of almost continuous flight of investors Russian funds lost $2,47 billion, and all funds focused on emerging markets, has lost more than $44 billion. The current negative investor perception of the Russian market contribute primarily internal risks, which led to the deterioration of the investment climate in the country. In the first place — unjustified expectations about the rapprochement between Washington and Moscow after the election of a new President of the United States. In June, the U.S. Senate has prepared a bill to expand anti-Russian sanctions. On Wednesday, the EU Council also extended sectoral sanctions against Russia. On Friday, Moscow has taken retaliatory action, extending the limitations. "The illusion of normalization of relations between Russia and the West has definitively disappeared. Quotes of Russian shares dropped to the levels that started the rally in the second half of 2016,"— said the Director of analytical Department IK "Region" Valery Weisberg. Why MTS was arrested Reduces the attractiveness of ruble assets and the worsening of the corporate conflict between "Rosneft" and AFK "System". "The situation around AFK "System" certainly does not improve the investment climate in the Russian market, however the impact of this history on the market was limited essentially by the dynamics of quotations of securities of the holding company and partially MTS,"— said the head of the investment Department of "Raiffeisen Capital" Vladimir Vedeneyev. The pessimistic mood of foreign investors contributes to the low efficiency of the agreement OPEC+ since global oil reserves are declining much slower than expected. As OPEC+ gave minus The price of Brent crude last week fell to $45 per barrel — the lowest level since 14 November last year. Even with the subsequent recovery (increase of 6%) at the end of Friday's trading price has stayed around $47,4 per barrel, which is 11% below the levels preceding the may OPEC's decision on prolongation of the agreement on the limitation of oil production (see “Kommersant” on 26 may). "Oil prices decreased significantly on the background of the frustration associated with the increase in US production and a lack of progress in the reduction of oil reserves in OECD countries, is not conducive to investment in Russian shares",— said Vladimir Vedeneev. Stepan Demura Channel степан демура июль 2017 последнее
GS 10 http://www.facebook.com/pages/Golden-Source-10
Академия профессионалов GS10 валютного и фондового рынка./Russia/ Интерактивное обучение новичков и подготовка профессионалов валютного рынка ForEx,нефти и золото,прогнозирование курсовых разниц и дисконтирование валютных курсов на год, прогнозирование складского учета (розница и опт.), оптимизация запасов дающий максимально возможный доход для бухгалтеров и фин. директоров, методика учета и прогнозирования защищена авторским правом, по расчетам функций 2-4 порядка позволяет вести учет, прогнозировать и торговать на любых условиях текущего рынка и на любой промежуток времени (от 1 часа до 1 года) с максимальной эффективностью учитывая курсовые изменения. Разработана в компании GS10. Записаться на интерактивное обучение вы можете оставив сообщение на чате или на mail: [email protected] The cost of $ 10000.00/MN intraday, $ 10000/1h current time (U.S. dollars at the exchange rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation at the time of payment in rubles).
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Iran Khodro в России. IKCO на ММАС-2016
Иранская компания Iran Khodro (IKCO) вновь решила выйти на российский рынок. Пока IKCO ищет партнеров для продажи своих автомобилей в России, потенциальные покупатели могут посмотреть на автомобили Iran Khodro на ММАС-2016. На стенде всего три автомобиля Iran Khodro для России, два из них (Dena и Soren) построены на платформе Peugeot 405 (1997 г.) и один (Runna) на базе Peugeot 206 Sedan (1998 г.). Известно, что IKCO планирует наладить производство в Белорусии, только вот когда это произойдет и когда появятся дилеры неизвестно. Со слов представителя марки, цены на эти автомобили будут варьироваться в диапазоне 9 000$ – 12 000$, что по текущему курсу ЦБ РФ (26.08.2016) – от 584 550 руб. Cтенд Iran Khodro (IKCO) на ММАС-2016 (MIAS-2016) - Краткий видео обзор автомобилей. Iran Khodro Runna (седан) - Бензиновый мотор 1,6 л (1587 см³), 115 л.с., 142Нм/4000 об/мин, МКПП Iran Khodro Dena (седан) - Бензиновый мотор 1,6 л (1648 см³), 115 л.с., 155Нм/4500 об/мин, МКПП - Бензиновый турбо мотор 1,6 л (1648 см³), 150 л.с., 215Нм/2200-4800 об/мин, МКПП Iran Khodro Soren ELX (седан) - Бензиновый мотор 1,8 л (1761 см³), 100 л.с., 153Нм/3000 об/мин, МКПП - Бензиновый мотор 1,6 л (1587 см³), 110 л.с., 142Нм/4000 об/мин, МКПП - Бензиновый мотор 1,6 л (1645 см³), 114 л.с., 150Нм/5000 об/мин, МКПП - Бензиновый турбо мотор 1,6 л (1645 см³), 148 л.с., 215Нм/2200-4800 об/мин, МКПП P.S. Заметьте, что Iran Khodro округляет рабочий объем 1645 см³ до 1,7 л, хотя этот мотор считается - конечно 1,6 л. (Модель Soren ELX сбоку на кузове имеет маркировку 1,7 Turbo). #IKCO #IranKhodro #московскийавтосалон Будем рады вопросам и комментариям! Спасибо за просмотр! ---- Композиция "Jalandhar" принадлежит исполнителю Kevin MacLeod. Лицензия: Creative Commons Attribution (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/). Оригинальная версия: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1400018. Исполнитель: http://incompetech.com/
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#Russia: 'Economy inches forward but will it be enough?' #WorldBank
The World Bank’s Lead Economist for the Russian Federation, Apurva Sanghi, presented the main findings of the Russia Economic Report (RER). The biannual report synthesises recent trends in key economic indicators, presents the World Bank’s economic outlook for Russia for 2016-18. Amidst external headwinds, the recession continues in Russia, although the pace of GDP decline has slowed down. Russia continued its adjustment to lower oil prices and the environment of economic sanctions imposed in July 2014. Over the last two years, the government’s policy response package of a flexible exchange rate policy, expenditure cuts in real terms and bank recapitalisation – along with tapping the Reserve Fund -- has helped facilitate this adjustment. In 2016, the economy is projected to contract by 0.6%, and grow by 1.5% in 2017 and 1.7% in 2018, as hydrocarbon prices are predicted to continue their recovery and positively affect domestic demand. When asked about the impact of EU sanctions Sanghi said that it was difficult to assess their impact as they came at the same time as the oil price shock which dwarfed them in magnitude.
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#БАНКОВСКИЕ #АФЁРЫ $16/1 #ПЯТЬ ВИДОВ #РУБЛЕЙ в обороте #ЦБ#РФ #ОбщеСОЮЗНЫЙ #Классификатор #Валют#810
#БАНКОВСКИЕ #АФЁРЫ $16/1 #ПЯТЬ ВИДОВ #РУБЛЕЙ в обороте #ЦБ #РФ #ОбщеСОЮЗНЫЙ #Классификатор #Валют #643RUB #643RUR #810RUR #810SUR #002SUR ПЕРВАЯ часть выпуска $16 https://youtu.be/JcYEM_YSAOA ВТОРАЯ часть выпуска $16 https://youtu.be/nxABrwFqXWA #300 ПОДПИСЧИКОВ!!! #Триста игелистов Ж=D 01:12 20млрд.руб. фальшивых векселей Сбербанка 02:50 Ржавое золото российских банков 03:35 Фонд Рюриковичей 750квдрлн.руб. - движения до закрытия 08:35 Опровержение Разъяснения банков о конвертации по письму 176-Т Уважаемые Правоведы СССР и другие мои други! Прошу, перезаливайте видео себе хотя бы через неделю после выпуска! У вас подписчиков гораздо больше и поэтому вы мои оригиналы вытесняете из рекомендованных соответственно больше смотрят вас и конечно не смотрят повтором у меня. Благодарю за понимание! Inessa Avitangi - вопрос СССР- ответ РФ. 15.11.2017 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A99KWk7-pMI Дима Димов - Фальш 35-4. КОД 810 - 643 новинка https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_w5CsJeayeY you should know basic[s] (party version) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5rBkyzWN4Hw ПИСЬМО от 4 декабря 2000 г. N 176-Т https://normativ.kontur.ru/document?moduleId=1&documentId=41794 ПИСЬМО от 30 декабря 1997 г. N 77-Т https://normativ.kontur.ru/document?moduleId=1&documentId=26160#l0 Официальные курсы Госбанка СССР http://www.cbr.ru/currency_base/GosBankCurs.aspx?C_month=11&C_year=2017&mode=1 ISO 4217 Amendment Number 164 22 Sep 2017 https://www.currency-iso.org/en/shared/amendments/iso-4217-amendment.html https://www.currency-iso.org/dam/downloads/dl_currency_iso_amendment_164.docx https://www.currency-iso.org/dam/downloads/lists/list_one.xls https://www.currency-iso.org/dam/downloads/lists/list_one.xml https://www.currency-iso.org/dam/downloads/lists/list_two.doc https://www.currency-iso.org/dam/downloads/lists/list_three.xls https://www.currency-iso.org/dam/downloads/lists/list_three.xml https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TDKMKI4mcbk Currency Exchange Rates http://six-swiss-exchange.com/services/currency_cross_rates_matrix_en.html Общесоюзный классификатор валют https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Общесоюзный_классификатор_валют#CITEREFЛавров1992 Общесоюзный классификатор валют http://википедия.орг.рф/wiki/Общесоюзный_классификатор_валют Общесоюзный классификатор валют ОКВ 1 84 158 http://www.wikiwand.com/ru/Общесоюзный_классификатор_валют ОБЩЕСОЮЗНЫЙ КЛАССИФИКАТОР ВАЛЮТ (ОКВ) (УТВ. ПОСТАНОВЛЕНИЕМ ГОССТАНДАРТА СССР ОТ 22.03.84 N 158) http://lawrussia.ru/texts/legal_913/doc913a242x955.htm Общесоюзный классификатор валют ОКВ 1 84 158.gif https://vk.com/doc51678172_454897620 Общесоюзный классификатор валют ОКВ 1 84 158 — Википедия.pdf https://vk.com/doc51678172_454897756 Открытое письмо юристам, экономистам и банкирам с вопросами о банках и валюте России И собственно по этим темам у меня вопросы к Вам: 1. Зачем сейчас банки изымают монеты у населения? 2. Верно ли я считаю что монеты- и есть обеспечение купюр? 3. Верно ли что старые монеты и купюры до деноминации- это валюта RUR(SUR)-810, а после- RUB-643? 4. Почему банки отказываются принимать валюту 810, если на сайте ЦБ в курсах валют она значится? 5. Почему банки нарушают закон о гербе РФ? Печатали керенский герб временного правительства, который народ путал с гербом РФ- нарушая пункт закона о схожести их логотипа на рублях с гербом РФ. 6. Почему с 2016 года начался выпускаться бон и монеты с гербом РФ? Хотя как негосударственная организация не имеет на это права. Национализация ЦБ уже случилась? 7. Правильно ли я понимаю Шашурина, что все счета с 810 валютой- и есть его активы всего СССР? 8. Как мог ЦБ в 2007 году отдельным указанием принудить всех использовать в счетах 810 код, если он аннулирован в классификаторе валют ОКВ? 9. Почему банки отказываются мне делать конвертацию валют с наличных 643 на безналичные доденоминационные 810? Их относительный курс 1000:1. 10. Почему банки отказываются открывать на моё имя 643 счёт? #Сенсация #Расследование #Ссср #Банк #Новости #ОтмываниеДенег #Центробанк #ЦбРф #ФинансовыеМахинации #Экономика #БанковскоеЖульничество #Путин #Медведев #Мошенничество #ФальшивыеДеньги #Закон #Кодекс #Россия #Монеты #Боны #Скандал #Кризис #Рубль #Инвестиции #Доход #Девальвация #Зайцман #Рами #Инфляция #Экономист #Умножать #Валюта #Деноминация #Капитал #Разбогатеть #Минфин #Цб #Фонд #Рюриковичи #750Квадриллионов #Рф #ISO4217 #ГосбанкСССР #176Т #77Т #ОКВ184158 #26121994N365 #ОбщесоюзныйКлассификаторВалют #сенсация #расследование #ссср #банк #отмывание #денег #центробанк #экономика #банковское #жульничество #путин #мошенничество #закон #кодекс #россия #скандал #кризис #рубль #доход #девальвация #рами #инфляция #экономист #умножать #валюта #деноминация #капитал #разбогатеть #минфин #фонд #госбанк #окв #общесоюзный #классификатор #новости #финансовые #махинации #медведев #фальшивые #деньги #монеты #боны #инвестиции #зайцман #рюриковичи #квадриллионов #цб #рф #1 #84 #158 #365 #750 #4217 #26121994 #iso #176т #77т #n
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World Bank Improves Outlook For Russia's GDP, New Sanctions Loom
The World Bank has improved its outlook for the Russian economy. A stronger ruble and slowing inflation suggests that the economy will contract less sharply than previously expected. The World Bank now sees Russian GDP falling by 2.7 percent through 2015, a lower prediction than its previous estimate of 3.8 percent. The Bank has also increased its growth forecast on the battered economy to 0.7 percent for 2016, up from the decline of 0.3 percent forecast last month. The World bank added that the outlook for Russian's economy still remains uncertain but the new forecast will allow the central bank to increase monetary easing for the rest of 2015. Senior Russian Federation Economist Birgit Hansl announced that 'The revised forecast is largely driven by the adjustment in oil prices over the previous two months that is supporting the ruble exchange rate and a slightly faster retreat of inflation. That would allow the Central Bank of Russia to pursue monetary easing at a more rapid pace for the rest of 2015, as a result bringing down borrowing costs and increasing lending to firms and households. Both investment and consumption growth would contract slightly less than previously expected.' Subscribe to TheStreetTV on YouTube: http://t.st/TheStreetTV For more content from TheStreet visit: http://thestreet.com Check out all our videos: http://youtube.com/user/TheStreetTV Follow TheStreet on Twitter: http://twitter.com/thestreet Like TheStreet on Facebook: http://facebook.com/TheStreet Follow TheStreet on LinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/company/theStreet Follow TheStreet on Google+: http://plus.google.com/+TheStreet
Serbo-Croat/Nat Yugoslavia - the federated republics of Serbia and Montenegro - has devalued its national currency, the Dinar by 69 percent. The new exchange rate pegged to one German Mark will be three-point-three-zero dinars, which equals the current black market rate. The move is expected to give a much-needed boost to a desperate economy, hit by tough international sanctions, which have just been lifted as a result of the Dayton peace deal.. There's a mammoth job ahead of leaders in Yugoslavia to restore a semblance of confidence in the national currency, the Dinar. The devaluation proposed by central bank Governor Dragoslav Avramovic and accepted by Belgrade's government late Saturday drops the dinar's value by 69 per cent and comes into effect today (Sunday). The exchange rate now is one German mark to three-point-three-zero dinars... in U-S dollars, four-point-six-five dinars equals one dollar. The previous official rate, established in January 1994, was one Dinar for one German mark, which was an attempt to rein in mounting inflation. The devaluation is part of a package of economic measures aimed at revitalising the domestic economy of the Federal Yugoslav Republic which comprises Serbia and Montenegro. It follows the lifting of international UN sanctions against the former Yugoslavia after three-and-a-half years. The sanctions were imposed to punish perceived Serb support for the aggression of their brethren in Bosnia's war. Hit hard by the atrocities of war, the new federation is burdened by a 120 percent annual inflation rate. 700-thousand of its people are unemployed; about one third of the country's overall work force. VOXPOP: "They are saying prices will not go up, we'll see now." VOXPOP: "If we work hard, we'll have everything" VOXPOP: "The previous par of Deutsch marks and Dinars was not right, they should have made it one to four, instead of one to three point three" As part of the changes, the central bank governor has also announced a new economic programme to improve the country's balance of payments and to make it more competitive. The programme includes measures to free up foreign trade. But Avramovic has warned the country will not fully emerge from its economic slump unless it quickly abandons its centralised command economy and embraces a free market system. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/56f472bd61653ef4bdc87da30c999c9a Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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What Is A Py6 Currency?
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Ruble Crash Tests Putin and Beijing
Follow us on TWITTER: http://twitter.com/cnforbiddennews Like us on FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/chinaforbiddennews Thanks to economic sanctions, plummeting oil prices and devaluation of the ruble, Russia's economy tumbles. Recently other countries have been concerned about the following things: Whether Putin's government would collapse; What attitude would the Chinese regime, so-called close ally of Russia, have towards Russia; Whether it would change from "hoping Russia not to fall" into adding fuel to the flame making the ruble fall further, or conversely give up on Russia and turn to the United States? Please see the following experts' analyses. Though the Russian central bank has raised interest rates several times, the ruble still continues to fall in recent months, Its exchange rate against U.S. dollar has hit a record low of 50 to 1, which is "on the verge of death line". In fact, the ruble's exchange rate against the dollar has plummeted over 55 percent this year. Most Moldovans working in Russia] converted the rubles they earned into dollars or euros before sending them back to their families, leading to a Moscow branch of Sberbank to run out of foreign currency by 2 p.m, reported Wall Street Journal. Apple Inc. said that due to the volatility of the ruble, online sales in Russia have been suspended. Furniture manufacturer IKEA also announced price hikes in Russia. In October, the Chinese regime's Central Bank and the Central Bank of the Russian Federation signed a scale of 150 billion yuan/815 billion rubles of bilateral currency swap agreements. Outsiders doubted that the Chinese regime was to reveal all the details for rubles. Some media commented that before the Chinese regime is clear about the seriousness of risk to the ruble, any action taken by the Chinese regime to rescue Russia is likely to become a self-injurious behavior. Now, international oil prices have fallen by nearly half in recent months. As the proceeds from oil and gas exports account for over half of Russian national revenue, losses for Russia are tremendous. Additionally, international sanctions resulting from the Ukrainian problem have imposed further impact on Russia. Given these, Chinese media that long supported Putin, have started to reverse direction. Chinese Internet portal "Sina" published an article entitled "Russia currency crisis may shake the foundation of Putin's power." It said that though Putin blamed the collapse of the ruble on opportunists and Western countries, to Russia's economy, the currency crisis means a credit crisis, and it may have the risk of pushing down people's support rate for Putin. The Chinese regime's overseas mouthpiece, the "Global Times," reported the sharp plunge of the ruble against the dollar on Dec. 16 pushed Putin to a "dangerous situation." Chris Wu Fan, chief editor of Chinese Affairs magazine: "(Russia) has grabbed so much land from China, and the Chinese people haven't forgotten it. Russia's turmoil at present may affect China's attitude toward Russia. Working hand in hand to fight against the United States has long been the Chinese regime's long-term thinking, but Russia has encountered this kind of situation now. So, Chinese are unable to help it out. Regardless of how much oil it would purchase from Russia, it would be useless. Should Russia really fall, will the relationship between China and the United States be changed? This is a global trend, and it is very urgent." White House Press Secretary Josh Ernest said the other day that Obama intended to sign the Russian sanctions bill newly passed by the U.S. Congress. Currently Russia imports 40 percent of food from other countries. As to the plastics industry, it has long relied on imports to solve domestic problems. Chris Wu: "Once the West imposes sanctions, no agricultural products would be imported. The people's livelihood would immediately become harder, and in turn, people's support rate for Putin would decline. In the past, the Communist Party only attached importance to military and heavy industry, regardless of people's living and the livelihood industry. This ideology has long been inherited. As Putin is a Communist, and is head of the KGB, his economic thinking would definitely be like this." Chris Wu believes that the only way for Putin now is to use foreign exchange reserves to purchase rubles to ease its plunge. However, in Russia's foreign exchange reserves of $415 billion, apart from the gold and the $170 billion of the sovereign wealth funds, the foreign exchange reserves that can flow are only about $100 billion. Russian Economic Ministry estimated that the capital outflow this year may reach the level of $120 billion. On Dec. 17, the Russian Ministry of Finance released a piece of news that it would sell $ 7 billion of foreign exchange, 《神韵》2014世界巡演新亮点 http://www.ShenYunPerformingArts.org/
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Разговор с В.Путиным.Прямая линия.Прямой эфир. 04.12.08.Part 5
Part 5 Speaking during his annual televised Q&A session with the public,Russian Prime Minster Vladimir Putin The session lasted for about three hours. The Russian Prime Minister and the leader of the most popular Russian political party, United Russia, covered a variety of issues ranging from the global financial crisis to relations with Europe and the United States to purely domestic topics. В прямом эфире телеканалов «Россия» и «Вести», радиостанций «Маяк» и «Радио России» Владимир Путин Председатель Правительства и лидер партии «Единая Россия» ответил на вопросы, поступившие в общественные приемные Председателя партии, заданные по телефону, sms, а также через сайт программы.Трансляция идет из Гостиного двора в Москве. As for the banking sector, this form of state participation is already stipulated through the Deposit Insurance Agency, which has been allocated the necessary resources totalling 200 billion roubles and which has the right to join the capital of problem banks. If necessary, we also consider it possible to spread the practice to the industry in the near future. ERNEST MACKEVICIUS: The second part of my question is about the Reserve Fund. VLADIMIR PUTIN: When a TV viewer asks a question about the Reserve Fund, he probably means all the state reserves in general. Because we have the Reserve Fund, the National Welfare Fund and the gold and currency reserves of the Central Bank. I won't dwell on how each of these funds works, but I can say that, of course, we have these reserves, and they are large. Russia has the third biggest gold and currency reserves in the world. In fact, I have just received updated information from the Central Bank, and for the first time in recent weeks we see a growth of the gold and currency reserves of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. We have been saving these assets to use them in case of crises in the world economy and, as a consequence, in the Russian economy. That is what we are doing. But we will do it carefully. What does "carefully" mean? We should have a clear idea of how much currency flows into the country and because of the falling world prices for our main commodities - energy, oil, gas, petroleum products, metals, fertiliser and some other products ¬- because of the falling prices for all these goods in the world markets and because we continue spending significant amounts of currency on imports, the inflow and outflow is regulated by instruments that are well known in the economic and financial sphere, and we will use these instruments. But we will not allow leaps in the economy and sudden changes in the exchange rate of the national currency. To secure the interests of both the citizens and the economy we will, if necessary - and we have done so before - we will carefully use the gold and currency reserves and the other funds at the Government's disposal. If we pursue a balanced, meaningful and responsible economic policy, these assets will be sufficient. ERNEST MACKEVICIUS: Some people in the room would also like to ask a question. Pyotr, I am addressing Pyotr Rovnov, give them a chance to ask a question. PYOTR ROVNOV: Yes, Ernest. Who would like to ask Vladimir Putin a question? Ask your question, and please introduce yourself. ALEXEI LISHENIN: Alexei Lishenin, Volgograd. Good afternoon, Mr Putin. On the eve of the New Year holiday Russian people have two problems: where to buy a Christmas tree and will Ukraine pay up for the gas we have supplied? We can handle the first problem, but as for the second one, I would like to hear your competent opinion. Thank you. VLADIMIR PUTIN: As for the Christmas tree, I think every family that wants to have one will be able to buy it, a real or a synthetic one (people use synthetic ones more and more often nowadays). It creates a certain atmosphere in communities and in homes. In general, it is a very joyful and beautiful holiday. In spite of all the problems, I think people will enjoy seeing the New Year in. I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you a very happy New Year. Трансляция канала ВЕСТИ
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Chronicle of life - Horoscope
You can book chronicling his life from birth to the moment as determined by the formula of life, learn about their past and future on the page Mail from the future (http://www.facebook.com/pages/GS10-Mail-Future), send mail to future and to receive letters from the future, at the time you specify, are strictly confidential and delivery time guarantee that you need to be a member of a private club GS10 & Mail-Future (http://www.facebook.com/groups/151340481710637). The formula of life = your date of birth + date of birth of one of the parents (any of your choice). The cost of $ 39.00 (U.S. dollars at the exchange rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation at the time of payment in rubles), the period of performance of 24 hours of payment on Qiwi wallet on phone number +7 915 0820905,or PayPal [email protected], the order will receive an e-mail. Confidentiality is guaranteed, because we do not demand the full name. In the tree of life are all the dates of the past and the future, so make sure that this is so you can sort by date past. Two important these dates, when there will be changes in your life in the future, a detailed commentary based on full horoscope. Followed by dates specified in the chronicle of your future life ordered separately. Book for your friends formula of life for a birthday, it will be very interesting to them.
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#БАНКОВСКИЕ #АФЁРЫ $18 Пронько и Катасонов «Код 810» банкиры делают нас преступниками
#БАНКОВСКИЕ #АФЁРЫ $18 Пронько и Катасонов «Код 810» банкиры делают нас преступниками https://youtu.be/IQ_7Z5Lw4w0 Уважаемые Правоведы СССР и другие мои други! Прошу, перезаливайте видео себе хотя бы через неделю после выпуска! У вас подписчиков гораздо больше и поэтому вы мои оригиналы вытесняете из рекомендованных соответственно больше смотрят вас и конечно не смотрят повтором у меня. Благодарю за понимание! Источник- стрим Царьграда за 06.12.2017 смотрите полностью по ссылке: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XfyIJlJuI04 В России пора вводить налог на роскошь?! По будням с 18 до 19 часов по Москве смотрите нашу аналитическую программу в прямом эфире телеканала «Царьград». Присылайте свои вопросы, реплики, комментарии. Участвуйте в обсуждении горячих тем дня! Сегодня Юрий Пронько обсудит эти темы: ЦБ заблокировал «антиотмывочный закон»? «Код 810»: банкиры делают нас преступниками? Налоги будут расти: НДС «скакнет» до 20-22% Пора вводить налог на роскошь! Кручу, верчу, «халявную» прибыль хочу Биткоин за $13 тысяч: когда обрушение? Задавайте нам вопросы в социальных сетях: Facebook — https://www.facebook.com/tsargradtv ВКонтакте — https://vk.com/tsargradtv Одноклассники — http://www.ok.ru/tsargradtv Ну хоть таким образом Валентин Юрьевич ответил на некоторые мои вопросы, которые я десятками рассылал во все передачи с ним и ему в контакты на сайтах и страницах в таком формате: Открытое письмо Катасонову Валентину Юрьевичу с вопросами Уважаемый Валентин Юрьевич, здравия Вам желаю! Я на своём канале снимал несколько расследований по поводу денег: #БАНКОВСКАЯ #АФЕРА 7 #ИЗЪЯТИЕ #МОНЕТ +#дополнено #НИКЕЛЬ за #ЖЕЛЕЗО + #ЦЕННОСТЬ #РЕДКИХ + #643 #810 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QH-JzbK2Vs0 #БАНКОВСКАЯ #АФЕРА 8 #Коды валют 643 и 810 это коды стран #РФ и #СССР + Что такое #бон + #Геральдика https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BwC_ULqs-FI #БАНКОВСКИЕ #АФЁРЫ $10 #Взгляд #инженера что такое #Оккупационные #ДЕНЬГИ -#насос #обеспечения #СССР https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SX0aK-Az_iA #БАНКОВСКИЕ #АФЁРЫ $11 С.П.#Шашурин #коды 810 643 #активы #СССР #пассивы #РФ #обеспечение #рубля #ЦБ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rtzt_P9nZoM #БАНКОВСКИЕ #АФЁРЫ $12 #Расследование по #кодам #валют #810 #643 #внедрение #махинации в банки и #1С https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7D3Fcz9Pee8 #БАНКОВСКИЕ #АФЁРЫ $15 #Секрет #достоинства #российских #монет #рубли РФ #кода #валют #810 #RUR #SUR https://youtu.be/-5tPKqmD3Ho И собственно по этим темам у меня вопросы к Вам, как к самому искреннему финансисту: 1. Зачем сейчас банки изымают монеты у населения? 2. Верно ли я считаю что монеты- и есть обеспечение купюр? 3. Верно ли что старые монеты и купюры до деноминации- это валюта RUR(SUR)-810, а после- RUB-643? 4. Почему банки отказываются принимать валюту 810, если на сайте ЦБ в курсах валют она значится? 5. Почему банки нарушают закон о гербе РФ? Печатали керенский герб временного правительства, который народ путал с гербом РФ- нарушая пункт закона о схожести их логотипа на рублях с гербом РФ. 6. Почему с 2016 года начался выпускаться бон и монеты с гербом РФ? Хотя как негосударственная организация не имеет на это права. Национализация ЦБ уже случилась? 7. Правильно ли я понимаю Шашурина, что все счета с 810 валютой- и есть его активы всего СССР? 8. Как мог ЦБ в 2007 году отдельным указанием принудить всех использовать в счетах 810 код, если он аннулирован в классификаторе валют ОКВ? 9. Почему банки отказываются мне делать конвертацию валют с наличных 643 на безналичные доденоминационные 810? Их относительный курс 1000:1. 10. Почему банки отказываются открывать на моё имя 643 счёт? Я так понимаю что конвертация происходит внутри ЦБ, налоги он платит по 643 коду как требует НДФЛ со своих 810 счетов в 1000 раз меньше положенного. Иначе зачем вводился весь этот балаган с изменением кодов и классификаторов, если ЦБ внутренним письмом Конечно, есть и ещё вопросы про деньги, и появятся новые, когда Вы ответите на эти, для меня самые важные. Да и думаю для всех сограждан СССР. Который жив. Юридически и физически. #сенсация #расследование #ссср #банк #отмывание #денег #центробанк #экономика #путин #мошенничество #закон #кодекс #россия #скандал #крах #знаете #доллар #валентин #политика #греф #бизнес #валюта #царьград #последнее #рубль #обвал #новое #эксперт #экономист #анализ #мвф #вэф #новости #медведев #фальшивые #деньги #монеты #боны #банковские #пронько #набиуллина #силуанов #катасонов #хазин #глазьев #сша #демура #потапенко #финансы #фонды #цб #рф #ли #вы #2017 #афёры #ёж #таёжный #ёжтаёжный #ussr #ОтмываниеДенег #ЦбРф #ФальшивыеДеньги #Монеты #Боны #Скандал #КрахРубля #БАНКОВСКИЕ #АФЁРЫ #Таёжный #ЁжТаёжный #Деньги #ЗнаетеЛиВы #Ussr #Пронько #Набиуллина #Силуанов #Цб #Катасонов #Доллар #ВалентинКатасонов #Политика #Греф #Бизнес #Валюта #Царьград #Хазин #Глазьев #Сша #2017 #Демура #Потапенко #ВалентинКатасоновПоследнее #Рубль #Финансы #Крах #Обвал #Новое #Эксперт #Экономист #Анализ #Фонды #Мвф #Вэф
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Today News - Iran, Russia eyeing digital currency to sidestep sanctions
Today News - Iran, Russia eyeing digital currency to sidestep sanctions The idea was raised by MP Mohammadreza Pourebrahimi during a recent meeting in Moscow with Dmitry Mezentsev, the head of the Federation Council Committee on Economic Policy, Press TV reported. Pourebrahimi said that digital currencies could provide a way for both Iran and Russia to avoid US dollar transactions, as well as a possible replacement for the SWIFT interbank payment system. He added that the Parliament has asked Central Bank of Iran (CBI) to start developing proposals for using digital... Source: http://c.newsnow.co.uk/A/2/938682063?-17176:26449:3 © Today News THANK YOU for your watching SUBSCRIBE my channel for more videos: https://xuri.co/todaynews ─────────────────── ▼ DISCLAIMER : ➤ If you have problems about copyright or label, please contact me via email or YT inbox. Thank you :) ➤ If you wanna use my uploads in your videos/streams, please give a link back to my original video, thats all ;) #TodayNews #News #News24 #LiveNews #NewsLive #NewsToday
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RUSSIA RUR Russian Rubles | foreign exchange quotes currency exchange exchange rates
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Exclusive interview with Vice Governor of China’s central bank
China is moving ever closer to the internationalization of the yuan, with the currency scheduled to officially join the Special Drawing Rights basket on October 1. This move shows the importance of the country to the global economy. CCTV spoke to the Vice Governor of the Chinese central bank, Yi Gang, during the recent G20 meeting in the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou. Yi discussed the implications of this development, and how it was related to China's ongoing economic reforms. Subscribe to us on Youtube: https://goo.gl/lP12gA Download for IOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/cctvnews-app/id922456579?l=zh&ls=1&mt=8 Download for Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.imib.cctv Follow us on: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cctvnewschina Twitter: https://twitter.com/CCTVNEWS Google+: https://plus.google.com/+CCTVNEWSbeijing Tumblr: http://cctvnews.tumblr.com/ Weibo: http://weibo.com/cctvnewsbeijing
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Putin's $500000 Watch (English Subtitles)
Russia's highest 'elites', including the civil servants never previously employed in the business sector, have a liking for exorbitantly priced chronometers. Among them, the leader in the sheer number of expensive watches is Putin. In 2009, he had twice bestowed upon ordinary Russian citizens a watch from his own wrist: the lucky guys were a son of a shepherd from Tuva and a locksmith from Tula. Both times it was a Blancpain Aqualung, priced $10500 each. http://www.vedomosti.ru/newspaper/article/2009/10/26/217271 http://premier.gov.ru/visits/ru/6122/events/4678/ http://www.rg.ru/2009/09/15/putin.html http://www.thetimetv.com/news-vladimir-putin-gives-his-blancpain-watch-metalw... http://www.kommersant.ru/doc/1237457 http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2009/sep/16/putin-swiss-watch-factory-worker In 2010, he threw into the liquid concrete at the construction site of the Nizhne-Bureisk hydroelectric power plant another copy of the same wristwatch. http://www.newsland.ru/news/detail/id/551587/ Thus, within a short span of time, the (former) prime minister had disposed of wristwatches worth a total of over 1 million rubles (over $30 000). But it doesn't end there: now Putin wears a fourth Blancpain Aqualung. Putin has also been noticed with more expensive models of wristwatches.For example, Patek Philippe, made of white gold, worth $60 000. http://www.newsru.com/pict/big/731955.html But the real sensation is that the manager of only a moderately wealthy country is the owner of a wristwatch costing $500 000! It is the A. Lange & Sohne Tourbograph wristwatch. Crocodile leather watchband, sapphire glass screen, and a platinum watch case will lighten up the dull routine of any 'galley slave' ('galley slave' - an expression once used by Putin to refer to himself). http://style.rbc.ru/luxury/2008/06/25/58452.shtml http://newsru.com/world/27jan2009/obama_5.html http://www.gazeta.ru/politics/2009/08/05_a_3233371.shtml http://issuu.com/watchmedia/docs/mw_1_2006 http://www.timeway.ru/articles/alange__sohne_tourbograph_pour_le_merite/ http://www.alltime.ru/catalog/watch/brand.php?BrandID=686&Block=1 http://luxwatch.ua/position/a-lange-and-sohne/limited-editions/tourbograph-po... Compare: the USA president's watch costs $200, that is, 2500 times as cheap as those of the president of Russia. http://www.newsru.com/world/27jan2009/obama_5.html The price of the president of France Francois Hollande is even lower: $150. http://ria.ru/world/20120507/643111744.html http://soirmag.lesoir.be/tout-sur-fran%C3%A7ois-hollande-2012-05-06-17505 Aside from that, Putin has Patek Philippe Calatrava of $18000, A.Lange & Sohne 1815 of $25000, Breguet Marine of $15000, IWC costing $3400, as well as Blancpain Leman Flyback of $10000. All of this (merely the portion noticed by observers) sums up to more than 22 million rubles (over $650 000). http://www.timeofswitzerland.com/ru/A._Lange_Soehne/1815 http://www.nybooks.com/blogs/nyrblog/2011/apr/14/russia-opposition-putin-corr... Officially, Putin's yearly income is around $112 600, which is a sixth of his wristwatch collection's worth. http://government.ru/docs/18673/ The system's corruption threatens the Russia's national security, the outward flow of capital is accelerating. http://www.gazeta.ru/financial/2012/05/14/4582933.shtml http://www.vestifinance.ru/infographics/469 http://rbctv.rbc.ru/archive/lookforunderstanding/text/562949983854512.shtml Prices in rubles are presented in accordance with the official dollar exchange rate, established by the Central Bank of Russian Federation on 02.06.2012: 33.7384 RUB/USD http://spb.rbc.ru/freenews/20120601121813.shtml Original Russian video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bBTwx2xm06o Reposted with the kind permission from the owner of the original to spread the awareness in the English-speaking world.
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National bank of Russia | Wikipedia audio article
This is an audio version of the Wikipedia Article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Central_Bank_of_Russia 00:00:29 1 History 00:00:37 1.1 State Bank of the Russian Empire 00:02:12 1.2 State Bank of the Soviet Union 00:02:22 1.3 The Central Bank of the Russian Federation 00:03:41 2 Role and duties 00:05:25 2.1 Anti-fraud activities 00:05:56 3 Chairmen 00:06:05 3.1 Governors of the State Bank 00:06:18 3.2 Chairman of the board of the USSR State Bank 00:06:33 3.3 President of the Central Bank of Russia 00:07:08 4 Subsidiaries 00:09:10 5 Politics Listening is a more natural way of learning, when compared to reading. Written language only began at around 3200 BC, but spoken language has existed long ago. Learning by listening is a great way to: - increases imagination and understanding - improves your listening skills - improves your own spoken accent - learn while on the move - reduce eye strain Now learn the vast amount of general knowledge available on Wikipedia through audio (audio article). You could even learn subconsciously by playing the audio while you are sleeping! If you are planning to listen a lot, you could try using a bone conduction headphone, or a standard speaker instead of an earphone. Listen on Google Assistant through Extra Audio: https://assistant.google.com/services/invoke/uid/0000001a130b3f91 Other Wikipedia audio articles at: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=wikipedia+tts Upload your own Wikipedia articles through: https://github.com/nodef/wikipedia-tts "There is only one good, knowledge, and one evil, ignorance." - Socrates SUMMARY ======= The Central Bank of the Russian Federation (Russian: Центральный банк Российской Федерации Tsentral'nyy bank Rossiyskoy Federatsii) also known as the Bank of Russia (Russian: Банк России Bank Rossii) is the central bank of the Russian Federation, founded in 1860 as The State Bank of the Russian Empire, headquartered on Neglinnaya Street in Moscow. Its functions are described in the Russian constitution (Article 75) and in the special Federal Law.
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How Far Will the Ruble Fall?
http://www.forexconspiracyreport.com/how-far-will-the-ruble-fall/ How Far Will the Ruble Fall? By www.ForexConspiracyReport.com The Russian Ruble appears to be in free fall versus the US dollar. How far will the Ruble fall and will it recover? The key to this dilemma is the approach that Russian President Putin is taking in annexing Crimea and supporting separatist in Ukraine. In February of this year we wrote about the Forex response to violence in Ukraine. At that time a Ruble was worth 2.7 cents. Today a Ruble is worth 2.2 cents and it appears to be on its way farther down. http://www.forexconspiracyreport.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/ruble-against-USD-1-year.png http://www.google.com/finance?q=CURRENCY%3ARUB&sq=rub%2Fusd%20pair&sp=1&ei=zkBiVJqkG8HJ8wauiICgBQ The graph from Google Finance shows us that the Ruble was reasonably steady around the three cent range at the beginning of the year and this, in fact, is where it was for most of the last five years. Then Mr. Putin became concerned about the overthrow of a corrupt leader in Ukraine as the result of street demonstrations. Mr. Putin wants Ukraine in the Russian economic orbit and most of Ukraine want to be allied with the European Union. As a result of the Russian annexation of Crimea, part of Ukraine, and support of armed separatists, the EU and USA have levied sanctions against the Russian Federation. These actions have reduced credit to Russian industry and banks. As a result of these sanctions there is a flight of capital out of Russia. And now the price of oil has fallen, reducing the Russian trade surplus. Price of Oil and the Russian Trade Surplus An article in Bloomberg notes that falling oil prices are cutting into the Russian trade surplus. Russia’s trade surplus narrowed in September to the lowest in seven months as falling oil prices cut export revenue during President Vladimir Putin’s escalating standoff with the U.S. and the European Union over Ukraine. The surplus fell 20 percent from a year earlier to $13 billion, the central bank in Moscow said today on its website. The median estimate of 14 economists surveyed by Bloomberg was $15.7 billion. Imports decreased 10 percent to $25.8 billion and exports fell 13 percent to $38.8 billion. Russia’s central bank said yesterday that the sanctions, compounded by falling oil prices, are weighing on the economy of the world’s biggest energy exporter. Growth is the slowest since a 2009 recession and may be zero next year, it said. “A stronger-than-expected decline is negative for the ruble as the trade surplus is the main underlying factor of support for it,” Vladimir Osakovskiy, chief economist for Russia at Bank of America Corp. in Moscow, said by e-mail. “However, we think that the dated nature of the release should constrain its negative market implications.” Saudi Arabia is increasing production even as its OPEC colleagues ask for cutbacks. The USA is awash in energy due to the oil fracking boom. There is no sign of a letup in Saudi or US oil production and how far the Ruble will fall is directly related to how far their trade surplus falls. China to the Rescue? Mr. Putin is in Beijing for a meeting of Asian Pacific leaders. He took the opportunity to finalize a deal with China to supply natural gas. This may be grandstanding or it may be a genuine attempt to solidify links with China, its old Communist neighbor. According to the online Financial Times: When Vladimir Putin met China’s president Xi Jinping on Sunday, a memorandum of understanding for a second massive gas supply deal caught most of the attention. For the Russian president, the deal may be less appealing for its commercial benefits than its ability to advance a larger strategic goal of cementing ties with its eastern neighbour. To the extent that Russia can make up for lost revenue by upping its sales to China that may be an answer to how far the Ruble will fall, namely this far and no farther. Remember, however, that the two old Communist allies are actually enemies in many ways. In the days of the so called Sino Soviet bloc there were battalion sized battles on the Russian China frontier. Better for Mr. Putin if he mends fences with the West, but would take a great deal of effort for someone who believes that the worst thing to ever befall Russia was the breakup of the old USSR. http://youtu.be/w3avMnkLdpc
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Russia: Egypt's parliament speaker touts 'big potential' of bilateral ties
The Speaker of Egypt’s Parliament, Ali Abdel Aal, said in Moscow on Tuesday that Egypt hopes “to strengthen and broaden cooperation” with Russia since the countries “have a big potential" in their bilateral relations. SOT, Ali Abdel Aal, Speaker of Egypt’s Parliament (Arabic): "I would like to thank you personally once again for a warm welcome and your hospitality in receiving us here. We are very happy to be here today, and to pay a visit to the Russian Federation, Moscow. And as we discussed yesterday, and as I confirmed to you yesterday, we hope to strengthen and broaden cooperation between our countries and parliaments. We have a big potential. There is a historical background for these relations." Video ID: 20160712 046 Video on Demand: http://www.ruptly.tv Contact: [email protected] Twitter: http://twitter.com/Ruptly Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Ruptly
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Russian/Nat Thousands of out of work Russians overwhelmed a job seekers fair in Moscow on Wednesday. Many people have lost their jobs as a result of the current financial crisis in Russia. The fair was held as the International Labour Office released its report on global unemployment, which is at a record high. It predicts the instability in Russia will lead to an increase in poverty. Thousands of unemployed workers queued for hours to enter the exhibition in Russia's capital. The organisers were overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of job seekers crowding the hall, and had to arrange shifts for those wanting to get into the building. As a result of Russia's economic crisis, some people here have been released on unpaid leave by their employers. They are here to find new work, having lost faith there is a job to return to. SOUNDBITE: (Russian) "At the firm I worked at we were sent on unpaid and indefinite holiday. They said they'd call us back, but I'm sure the firm has collapsed. And as far as I can tell, there are a lot in the same situation." SUPER CAPTION: Ksenia, unemployed woman Others who have lost jobs late in life are despairing of finding other employment. SOUNDBITE: (Russian) "It seems I haven't a chance because this is for people up to the age of 45 and I'm 50. So, I haven't much hope of getting work. And I don't know where else to look" SUPER CAPTION: Nina, unemployed woman Many of the vacancies on offer on Wednesday were for menial and municipal work - something that middle class workers, among the worst hit by the crisis, are reluctant to take up. Russia's financial woes have led to a multi-billion dollar bail-out package from the International Monetary Fund, in exchange for economic reform. But the chief of the Russian parliament's Auditing Chamber, says much of the money has not reached its target. Veniamin Sokolov was reported to have alleged that the last tranche of international aid had been diverted by corrupt officials. He denies this, and claims his remarks to the B-B-C (British Broadcasting Corporation) were misunderstood. SOUNDBITE: (Russian) "I feel I should calm things down a little. Because in my interview with the BBC a week ago, I made no mention of the last IMF tranche. So there's either been a mistake or conscious provocation." SUPER CAPTION: Veniamin Sokolov, Chairman, Parliament Auditing Chamber He did, however, condemn the economic policies for Russia insisted upon by the I-M-F and World Bank, saying they are leading to the devastation of the country. He also heavily criticised the accounting procedures of the Finance Ministry. SOUNDBITE: (Russian) "Today, well more or less relative order in the affairs of the Finance Ministry is appearing. But it is very far from how a state financial institution should work. Very far." SUPER CAPTION: Veniamin Sokolov, Chairman, Parliament Auditing Chamber Throughout the day, Russians continued to queue outside the offices of collapsed commercial banks, still waiting for news of when they will again see the money frozen in their accounts. SOUNDBITE: (Russian) "So what do I do now. I've come here and I have to stand in line for my own money. And there's no guarantee I'll get it." SUPER CAPTION: Valentina, account holder Wednesday saw the publication of the International Labour Organisation's World Employment Report. The I-L-O says global unemployment will likely reach 1 (b) billion by the end of 1998, fuelled by the Asian economic crisis. The report also predicts an increase in poverty in the Russian Federation, due to the recent turmoil financial markets and political uncertainty. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/099eefa6e8711bbfa37a11b02b80cbe2 Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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Putin defies West, vows to restore plunging Ruble
Russian president press conference raised extremely high expectations as it was taking place against the unprecedented background of spiraling financial, economic and political problems in the country, merged with worsening international ones. The questions priorities lined up in the following order: the Ukrainian crisis, the return of Crimea, Sochi Olympic Games and sanctions against Russia. At the very beginning Putin gave figures to show that Russian economy has been growing in the past years. And the first question addressed to him was of the falling ruble. Putin said the country is able to outlast the crisis and it has been pushed into a position to more diversify its economy. He rejected allegations that ruble’s troubles has to do with Crimea’s rejoining Russia. Western countries believe that there’s a new cold war. But, Putin said the United States pose a threat to Russia, deploying a missile defense system in Eastern Europe, while the Russian Federation is being called the aggressor. The president reminded that after the fall of the Soviet Union, Russia stopped its strategic aviation flights though the US continued theirs. The Russian president says Russia is defending its interests in the wake of these measures by the U-S. Speaking about the Russian-Iranian ties, Vladimir Putin said Moscow is willing to diversify its relations with Tehran. He also touched on the talks between Iran and the P5+1 countries over Tehran’s nuclear energy program. The Russian president said Iran is showing QUOTE-flexibility- and the two sides are very close to a final deal. Putin also mentioned that Russia and Iran will continue their cooperation in various sectors based on a memorandum of understanding signed between Tehran and Moscow on August the fifth. It’s expected that Vladimir Putin will visit Iran in near future. Live @ http://www.presstv.ir/live.html Twitter @ http://twitter.com/PressTV LiveLeak @ http://www.liveleak.com/c/PressTV Facebook @ http://www.facebook.com/PRESSTV Google+ @ http://plus.google.com/+VideosPTV Instagram @ http://instagram.com/presstvchannel
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Yakov Mirkin believes ruble is overvalued
Over the last month the dollar has become more expensive by an average of 50 kopecks. On August 8, the exchange rate of the euro on the Moscow Stock Exchange rose to a historic level of 44 rubles. The Chairman of the Committee on Financial Markets and Credit Organizations of the Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation, Yakov Mirkin, spoke about what affects the ruble exchange rate. The analyst expects a gradual devaluation of the ruble. According to the expert, by the end of the year the US dollar will cost about 36-37 rubles.
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The New York Times Headlines - Verizon, Internal Revenue Service, European Central Bank, Chen Xitong
U.S. Is Secretly Collecting Records of Verizon Calls A highly classified court order disclosed night directs a Verizon Communications subsidiary to turn over call logs to the National Security Agency. http://www.nytimes.com/2013/06/07/us/nsa-verizon-calls.html?partner=rss&emc=rss I.R.S. Targeting of Conservatives Wrong, Most Say in Poll According to a recent poll, American think, regardless of their party affiliation, that the Internal Revenue Service was wrong to target conservative groups applying for tax-exempt status, and that it was done for political reasons and not because officials felt it was the right policy to pursue, http://www.nytimes.com/2013/06/07/us/politics/poll-irs-targeting-of-conservatives.html?partner=rss&emc=rss E.C.B. Keeps Interest Rates Unchanged in Hopes for Recovery The European Central Bank left its main rate at 0.5 percent, despite insistent calls from economists for more aggressive moves. http://www.nytimes.com/2013/06/07/business/global/ecb-keeps-interest-rates-unchanged-in-hopes-for-recovery.html?partner=rss&emc=rss Chen Xitong, Mayor During Tiananmen Protests, Dies Chen Xitong, the mayor of Beijing during the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989, has died. His passing took place two days before the 24th anniversary of the armed crackdown that he championed. http://www.nytimes.com/2013/06/06/world/asia/chen-xitong-mayor-during-tiananmen-protests-dies.html?partner=rss&emc=rss Rebekah Brooks Denies Hacking Charges Rebekah Brooks, the former chief executive of Rupert Murdoch's newspaper outpost here, appeared in court and denied five counts relating to the phone hacking scandal. http://www.nytimes.com/2013/06/06/world/europe/rebekah-brooks-denies-hacking-charges.html?partner=rss&emc=rss http://www.wochit.com
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В.Путин.5 Ежегодная большая пресс-конференция (Putin) Part 1
5 Annual Big Press Conference Part 1 January 31, 2006 President of Russia V.Putin Round Hall,the Kremlin,Moscow PRESIDENT OF RUSSIA VLADIMIR PUTIN: Good afternoon dear ladies and gentlemen! Thank you for the warm welcome. For my part, I would like to thank you all for the attention you have devoted to today's meeting. As far as I know, a record number of journalists have been accredited to cover today's event. I hope that it will prove useful for us all. In any case, I shall try to be as forthcoming as possible and answer all the questions that interest you. It would seem natural to begin our meeting today with the Russian Federation's economic results, with our perception of our social and economic policies in 2005 and what we have achieved in 2005. I should tell you at once that, as a whole, we are satisfied with the results of our work in 2005. I shall begin with general economic indicators which, in general, are well-known. Perhaps I am repeating myself, but nevertheless I would still like to list them. GDP (gross domestic product) growth was 6,4 percent. It is possible that this figure shall be slightly adjusted, but it shall not change significantly. We shall have the final figure sometime in March, but today we already more or less know the figure. This is quite good, especially since we had originally planned for growth of 5,9 percent. The Russian stock market grew significantly in 2005. Of course, all markets we refer to as developing markets grew. In Europe this includes Poland and Hungary, in Latin America it includes Argentina and Brazil, and in Asia it includes South Korea, one of the leaders in market capitalization. But even when we compare ourselves with the leaders, or a leader like South Korea where growth was around 54 percent, then we have 88 percent, an absolute record both for the world and for our country. Naturally the growth of the Central Bank's gold and currency reserves was significant, simply a record. Let me remind you that in 2000 we started with 12 billion, today this already amounts to 185 billion and by the end of last year it was some 182 billion. The Government's Stabilization Fund also grew. And this has consequences for society at large: the average salary in the country grew by 9,8 percent, on average the population's income grew by 8,7 percent, and pensions grew by 13 percent, a significant increase. The incomes of our veterans have also significantly increased, both those of the participants in the Great Patriotic War and other similar groups. All these economic indicators that I just named are given in real terms, that is to say that they take inflation into account. In addition, I would like to qualify this by saying that, of course, we are not completely satisfied with 2005. We were not able to keep to the levels of inflation that we had planned. As you know, we planned for 8,5 percent inflation and we shall have approximately 10,8-10,9 percent. It is slightly less than in 2004 but nevertheless represents significant growth. We did not manage to restrain the increase of the rouble's nominal and real exchange rates and this has had a negative effect on certain developing sectors of our economy. But I repeat that as a whole we are satisfied with our work in 2005. In the field of politics, concerning political development, I would point out the creation of the Public Council, an essential instrument for civil society. I would point out the law which gives the parties that win regional elections the right to participate directly in choosing the heads of the regions. And of course I would mention forming the bodies of state power in the Chechen Republic. With the election of parliament this process has been brought to a close and the Chechen Republic has fully returned within the constitutional sphere of the Russian Federation. Of course, there remains many economic and social tasks and tasks concerning creating local authorities. But the problem of forming state authorities has been resolved.
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Sell Russian Stocks
http://profitabletradingtips.com/trading-investing/sell-russian-stocks Sell Russian Stocks By www.ProfitableTradingTips.com If you have not already, it is probably time to sell Russian stocks. Sanctions on the Russian Federation combined with the lower price of oil are hurting the Russian economy and Russian stocks that are not already in trouble soon will be. Before looking at our list of Russian stocks to sell let us look at a few basics of what is going on with Russia and just why, in general, is it time to sell Russian stocks. Banks and Reserves Russia has borrowed heavily in order to develop its economy. Banks have borrowed from the West to lend in Russia. Estimates of $192 billion in for foreign debts are probably accurate. And, Russian banks do not have the reserves to pay off their debts. The Ruble has fallen from 3.2 cents to the Ruble to 2.6 cents since a year ago. Thus there is diminishing hope that Russian banks will be able to exchange a falling Ruble for enough dollars or Euros to pay their debts. Russian foreign currency reserves have fallen from 480 billion down to 409 billion in the last year and in order to prop up the Ruble Russia needs to sell more. Crimea, Ukraine and Sanctions President Putin wants Ukraine, the largest country totally in Europe to be in its sphere of influence and when street protests resulted in the overthrow of a pro-Russian and corrupt leader, Russia promptly annex Crimea and supported rebels in the east and south of Ukraine by sending men and material. The response of the West has been to place sanctions on Russia. Investors are leaving and the Russian central bank expects to see more than a billion in capital leave the country in the next year. A Weak Ruble Means Inflation The Russian central bank expects to see eight percent inflation in the next year. As things get more expensive people tend to save their money and the economy suffers. Companies selling to Russian consumers will be hurting. President Putin and the Worst Thing That Ever Happened to Russia The Russian president firmly believes that the worst thing to ever happen to Russia was the breakup of the old Soviet Union. This is a man who is surely aware of the thirty million war dead in their struggle against Nazi Germany in World War II. The problem is that his argument that all current problems in Russia are caused by outsiders plays well to many Russians. So, it will be difficult for the Russian leader to back off of his aggressive stance, give back Crimea to Ukraine and quit sending tanks into Ukraine. That being the case we can only expect things to get worse. On top of that the USA is in the midst of an oil boom and the Saudis are producing more and not less. Russia is not going to be able to bail itself out by selling oil and natural gas. When trading foreign stocks you typically want to look at ADRs. Take a look at what Russian stocks sell as ADRs and avoid them or make an informed decision as to when to sell Russian stocks. Oil Companies Here is a list of Russian oil and gas companies that will likely be hurt by the combination of low prices and Western sanctions. Take a look at our old article, how to trade oil stocks and then sell Russian stocks in the oil markets. • Gasprom • Gasprom Neft • Lukoil • Surgutneftegas Mining, Metals and Industry Russia is rich in natural resources but mining and extracting minerals or setting up factors to produce products require financing which is a problem with western sanctions. Here are a few Russian companies where you might want to sell if you already have not. • MecholOAO • Buryatzoloto • Polymetal International • Polyus Gold • Polyus Gold International • Seversky Tube Works • TMK Banks And here are a couple of banks to avoid or sell. • Bank Vozrozhdeniye • Sberbank of Russia If you are going to avoid or sell Russian stocks watch the news as any or all of these could recover if Russia quits trying to bully its neighbors and western sanctions ease. Technical analysis is still the key. Anyone who makes money is a good buy and anyone who stands to lose as the Russian economy declines is where you should sell Russian stocks. http://youtu.be/Fi7R8BGzK88
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Transition of Pakistan to Chinkistan   Pakistan's trade will now be in Chinese currency
China has agreed to carry out bilateral trade with Pakistan in the Chinese yuan instead of the U.S. dollar to help ease the South Asian ally's financial and economic woes. The unprecedented Chinese concession, officials and economists said, would go a long way in addressing Islamabad’s massive 87-percent trade deficit with Beijing and reducing pressure on Pakistan's depleting foreign currency reserves. "The agreement is part of practical steps being taken [by China] to support our [foreign] currency [reserves],” said Pakistani Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry. He told reporters in Islamabad the “historic” deal was concluded along with more than a dozen others during Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan’s four-day official visit to Beijing, which ended Monday. The annual trade volume between the two countries is about $15 billion, of which Chinese exports to Pakistan are estimated at around $13 billion. Pakistan’s foreign exchange reserves have lately fallen to less than $8 billion and the country urgently needs about $12 billion to service foreign debts and pay for imports. The central State Bank of Pakistan has already declared Yuan as an approved foreign exchange for all purposes in the country. Information Minister Chaudhry said the Chinese government separately has also offered an economic package to Pakistan, and its details will be announced Tuesday when Khan's delegation returns home. Reports said the proposed package includes $3 billion in Chinese grants and loans, while another $3 billion will be given for investment under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) infrastructure building project, a centerpiece of Beijing’s global Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). The Chinese financial relief is being negotiated amid U.S.-led criticism and skepticism that unfair loans under CPEC are contributing to Pakistan’s balance of payments crisis. China and Pakistan reject the criticism as baseless and part of propaganda against both CPEC andBRI. Khan’s nascent government last month secured a financial package of more than $6 billion from Pakistan’s staunch ally Saudi Arabia. Under the deal, Saudis will lend $3 billion and would allow Islamabad to import oil worth more than $3 billion on deferred payments over the next three years. Officials say the United Arab Emirates is also considering economic relief to Pakistan similar to what Saudi Arabia has pledged. Prime Minister Khan has said the funds being secured from the three friendly countries will enable Pakistan not to seek a major bailout package from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to meet the country’s immediately liabilities. An IMF team is due to arrive in Islamabad later this week to open formal talks with the Pakistani government on the subject. Source :- VOA News Disclaimer- This channel is for defence related news worldwide . We try to give you true news related to each and every aspects of defence . It is either country, defence weapon, air Force, army ,navy, military or anything we will try to fully explain . The content specially news we upload are taken from various news channels and media houses . we never claim it is 100 % on our behalf but we try to deliver you exact without rumours . our news is specially related to india . As India is a growing country specially in defence under narendra modi BJP government . Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/DefenceTube Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/defencetube Twitter Link : https://twitter.com/DefenceTube Check my all playlist : https://www.youtube.com/defencetube/playlist
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#БАНКОВСКИЕ #АФЁРЫ $10 #ВЗГЛЯД #ИНЖЕНЕРА что такое #Оккупационные #ДЕНЬГИ💸#насос #обеспечения #СССР
#БАНКОВСКИЕ #АФЁРЫ $10 #Взгляд #инженера что такое #Оккупационные #ДЕНЬГИ 💸💸💸 -#насос #обеспечения #СССР #Новосибирский #рубль #Петиция https://youtu.be/SX0aK-Az_iA Желаю всем вам здравия, друзья! Меня тут заваливает.. то за ролик с Рами о банках мне прилетел страйк на канал (уже третий!!!), то жульё налоговое через суд списало у меня с карты все деньги и даже за инет платить нечем. с гадами этими уже полтора года воюю- записали на меня через кадастры имущество из здешней деревни Дивинки и требовали с пенёй через приставов. в итоге сами сняли.. ещё и с одолжением мол если бы мы приехали с ментами вы бы заплатили в 10 раз больше. докажите что земля не ваша- вернём. все кому рассказываю- орут от шока- как так? не они ли должны доказывать что она моя? Вобщем пока через госуслуги пишу жалобы всем этим госпаразитам. ну и научившись у зайцмана попрошайничать выдумал страничку и отрыл в записях свои пыльные кошельки. Буду благодарен любой денежке! Особенно с кодом #810 #RUB Ж=) Это же часто в мире такая ирония типа сапожник без сапог- так и те кто разбирается в банковских махинациях и делает про это передачи- не имеет денег не то, что на апгрейд 12летнего компа для безнервозного монтажа, но и на связь с миром. Думаю потому что вникнуть в проблему возможно только выйдя из неё. Вот я вышел в лес из царства денег чтоб вникнуть в суть всего происходящего в моей Родине. и понял как дурят народ на деноминации ДО СИХ ПОР.. Буду очень благодарен пожертвованиям на хлеб и свет с инетом! Больше я ничего не покупаю. Всё остальное своё. Прошу, помогите таёжному ёжику перезимовать одному в глухом лесу Ж=) Я вам ещё пригожусь! Ж=D http://donatepay.ru/donation/59123 - это страничка жертвенник. по идее она для трансляций. ну может быть и будут. только ночные- на Ёте скорость с 2 до 8 утра. Карта СпёрБанка 639 002 449 051 606 491 Кошельки вэбмани R336516223207 U368899922377 B359302363464 E345843524961 Z209190831618 G690035457566 Кошелёк Илона Маска PayPal [email protected] paypal.me/igelizm на яндексе кошель закрыл- они по 180р/год списывают Банкноты и боны https://www.russian-money.ru/PaperMoneyCategory.aspx Динамика курса доллара за все время http://bhom.ru/currencies/usd/?startdate=alltime Мы за возрождение СССР - Онлайн Петиция https://www.onlinepetition.ru/USSR/petition.html Петиция · Президент РФ: Восстановить СССР и обеспечить выполнение Законов СССР на территории РСФСР до 31.12.2017г. https://www.change.org/p/%D0%BF%D1%80%D0%B5%D0%B7%D0%B8%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BD%D1%82-%D1%80%D1%84-%D0%B2%D0%BE%D1%81%D1%81%D1%82%D0%B0%D0%BD%D0%BE%D0%B2%D0%B8%D1%82%D1%8C-%D1%81%D1%81%D1%81%D1%80-%D0%B8-%D0%BE%D0%B1%D0%B5%D1%81%D0%BF%D0%B5%D1%87%D0%B8%D1%82%D1%8C-%D0%B2%D1%8B%D0%BF%D0%BE%D0%BB%D0%BD%D0%B5%D0%BD%D0%B8%D0%B5-%D0%B7%D0%B0%D0%BA%D0%BE%D0%BD%D0%BE%D0%B2-%D1%81%D1%81%D1%81%D1%80-%D0%BD%D0%B0-%D1%82%D0%B5%D1%80%D1%80%D0%B8%D1%82%D0%BE%D1%80%D0%B8%D0%B8-%D1%80%D1%81%D1%84%D1%81%D1%80-%D0%B4%D0%BE-31-12-2017%D0%B3 #сенсация #расследование #ссср #банк #отмывание #денег #центробанк #экономика #банковское #жульничество #незаконная #банковская #деятельность #путин #мошенничество #закон #кодекс #россия #скандал #крах #взгляд #инженера #кремль #русь #важно #рубль #новосибирск #валюта #сибирь #курс #доллара #падение #аналитика #прогноз #рынка #новости #финансовые #махинации #медведев #фальшивые #деньги #монеты #боны #факты #события #финансы #денежные #потоки #цб #рф #54 #russia #putin #kremln #Сенсация #Расследование #Ссср #Банк #Новости #ОтмываниеДенег #Центробанк #ЦбРф #ФинансовыеМахинации #Экономика #БанковскоеЖульничество #НезаконнаяБанковскаяДеятельность #Путин #Медведев #Мошенничество #ФальшивыеДеньги #Закон #Кодекс #Россия #Монеты #Боны #Скандал #КрахРубля #ВзглядИнженера #Инженер #Факты #Russia #Putin #Кремль #Kremln #Русь #Важно #События #Деньги #Финансы #ДенежныеПотоки #Взгляд #Рубль #Новосибирск #Валюта #Сибирь #КурсДоллара #ПадениеРубля #Аналитика #ПрогнозРубль #ПадениеРынка #54 сенсация, расследование, ссср, банк, новости, отмывание денег, центробанк, цб рф, финансовые махинации, экономика, банковское жульничество, незаконная банковская деятельность, путин, медведев, мошенничество, фальшивые деньги, закон, кодекс, россия, монеты, боны, скандал, крах рубля, взгляд инженера, инженер, факты, russia, putin, кремль, kremln, русь, важно, события, деньги, финансы, денежные потоки, взгляд, рубль, новосибирск, валюта, сибирь, курс доллара, падение рубля, аналитика, прогноз рубль, падение рынка, 54
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В.Путин.5 Ежегодная большая пресс-конференция (Putin) Part 15
5 Annual Big Press Conference Part 15 January 31, 2006 President of Russia V.Putin Round Hall,the Kremlin,Moscow DAN VAN (Sinkhua agency, People's Republic of China): Vladimir Vladimirovich, they are expecting you in China in March and could you tell us your ideas about the forthcoming visit? What do you expect from this visit? This is my first question. The second is: The year of Russia in China will officially begin and, in turn, the year of China in Russia shall take place the following year. In your opinion how can these two events strengthen relations between the two countries? Thank you. VLADIMIR PUTIN: First of all I would like to say that Russian-Chinese cooperation is a very important factor for strengthening stability in the world, strategic stability, and we value this very much. We see that our Chinese partners and friends want to operate in the same way. For our part we intend to further develop the strategic partnership between the People's Republic of China based on the documents we signed in previous years, documents such as the Agreement on Friendship and Cooperation and on the strategic partnership. Based on these documents we were able to resolve a very difficult question in our relations. The Soviet Union and Russia negotiated the state border with the People's Republic of China for 40 years! I must say that in the history of Russian-Chinese relations the border issue was never resolved. We accomplished this very important task and took steps in order to meet each other half way. We have found acceptable solutions for both parties. Three years ago we set ourselves the goal of increasing our trade to 20 billion dollars. I want to tell you that last year -although we had wanted to do this over five years and this was two, two and a half years ago-in 2005 we already had 29 billion dollars of trade with the People's Republic of China. We already have a new goal: attaining 60 billion dollars of trade between our countries by 2010. This is perfectly realistic. I am convinced that if we have the same attitude towards our cooperation in the future, then we shall achieve this goal. What can we expect this from the visit to the People's Republic of China in spring of this year? We are going to open the year of the Russian Federation in the People's Republic of China. I very much expect that this will take place at the very highest level and I am convinced that the events, these large scale events, will help our countries and peoples to draw closer to one another in the future. VERONIKA ROMANENKOVA (ITAR TASS): Two months have gone by since the last changes in the Government and the Presidential Executive Office. How would you evaluate the work done by the people you appointed and Mikhail Fradkov's cabinet as a whole? Can you call this the beginning of preparation for elections in 2008? And do you have offers regarding future places to work? Perhaps you will move to St Petersburg where the Constitutional Court will also be going? VLADIMIR PUTIN: Are you already banishing me? VERONIKA ROMANENKOVA: No. VLADIMIR PUTIN: I have already spoken about the results of work in 2005. There are problems that we have not resolved. We planned to keep inflation at 8,5 percent and we did not plan for the normal and real exchange rates of the rouble to increase so much. There are other issues that we could not resolve, that both the Government and the Central Bank could not resolve. However, in general the results of the Government's work are quite satisfactory. Regarding changes in the Government of the Russian Federation, they are designed to further improve the quality of the Government's work, especially when this is connected to implementing large-scale plans linked to priority national projects and paying more attention to the developing sectors of our economy, the high-tech field and the defence sector. The same goes for naming Dmitrii Medvedev First Vice Premier and promoting Sergei Borisovich Ivanov to Vice Premier so that, as one of the heads of Government, he can supervise all branches and fields of activity designed to increase our defence capabilities. Looking at the work done in January of this year shows that the decisions made were the right ones. Regarding elections, I don't think it is necessary to talk often about this. Of course one must always think about this within any democratic country but the Government of the Russian Federation must think about the results of its undertakings, undertakings that are reflected in the quality of life of Russian citizens, and this issue should be depoliticized. We must work as needed and not think about the elections and who will occupy which position or so on.
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Russia: More dynamic development is crucial for economic growth rate - Putin
WS Putin and Medvedev arrive at the meeting SOT, Vladimir Putin, Russian president (in Russian): "Let me say right away that on a whole, the situation in the Russian economy is stable, judging by last year's results. Even though there have been certain problems, the numbers are pretty good -- of course, we would like to see more, we hoped to see more." W/S Meeting SOT, Vladimir Putin, Russian president (in Russian): "Having said that, I want to stress the following point -- the growth rate that we see now, the rate that has been predicted by the government, is not satisfactory, we need to have a more dynamic development." W/S Meeting M/S Meeting SCRIPT Russia: More dynamic development is crucial for economic growth rate - Putin Russian president Vladimir Putin held a meeting in Sochi on the economic situation in Russia on Wednesday, outlining that the situation is stable but there is still a need for more dynamic development. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, Presidential Aide Andrei Belousov, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov, Bank of Russia Governor Elvira Nabiullina, Presidential Adviser Sergei Glazyev, and member of the Presidential Economic Council Presidium Alexei Kudrin were also present at the meeting.
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Russian markets rally
The Russian markets may not be out of the woods yet, but there are at least signs of the green shoots of recovery. The Russian RTS and MICEX indices have shown a stable rise this week.
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Sberbank of Russia - Why Invest in
VIDEO FINANCIAL REPORTING Why invest in is the first financial video platform where you can easily search through thousands of videos describing global securities. About The Video: We believe that complex financial data could become more approachable using friendly motion-graphic representation combined with an accurate selection of financial data. To guarantee the most effective information prospective we drew inspiration from Benjamin Graham’s book: “The Intelligent Investor”, a pillar of financial philosophy. For this project any kind of suggestion or critic will be helpful in order to develop and provide the best service as we can. Please visit our site www.whyinvestin.com and leave a massage to us. Thank you and hope you'll enjoy. IMPORTANT INFORMATION - DISCLAIMER THIS VIDEO IS FOR INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLY AND SHOULD NOT BE RELIED UPON AS INVESTMENT ADVICE. This video has been prepared by Whyinvestin (together with its affiliates, “Whyinvestin”) and is not intended to be taken by, and should not be taken by, any individual recipient as investment advice, a recommendation to buy, hold or sell any security, or an offer to sell or a solicitation of offers to purchase any security. PAST PERFORMANCE IS NOT INDICATIVE OF FUTURE RESULTS. The performance of the companies discussed on this video is not necessarily indicative of the future performances. Investors should consider the content of this video in conjunction with investment reports, financial statements and other disclosures regarding the valuations and performance of the specific companies discussed herein. DO NOT RELY ON ANY OPINIONS, PREDICTIONS OR FORWARD-LOOKING STATEMENTS CONTAINED HEREIN. Certain of the information contained in this video constitutes “forward-looking statements” that are inherently unreliable and actual events or results may differ materially from those reflected or contemplated herein. None of Whyinvestin or any of its representatives makes any assurance as to the accuracy of those predictions or forward-looking statements. Whyinvestin expressly disclaims any obligation or undertaking to update or revise any such forward-looking statements. EXTERNAL SOURCES. Certain information contained herein has been obtained from third-party sources. Although Whyinvestin believes such sources to be reliable, we make no representation as to its accuracy or completeness. FINANCIAL DATA Companies Data is publicly available. Data and calculations have been sourced from our Team, “Sharadar”, (http://www.sharadar.com), Rufus Pollock and from the Open Knowledge Foundation. All data is licensed under the Open Data Commons Public Domain Dedication and License. Whyinvestin does not verify any data and disclaims any obligation to do so. Whyinvestin, its data or content providers, the financial exchanges and each of their affiliates and business partners (A) expressly disclaim the accuracy, adequacy, or completeness of any data and (B) shall not be liable for any errors, omissions or other defects in, delays or interruptions in such data, or for any actions taken in reliance thereon. Neither Whyinvestin nor any of our information providers will be liable for any damages relating to your use of the information provided herein. Please consult your broker or financial representative to verify pricing before executing any trade. Whyinvestin cannot guarantee the accuracy of the exchange rates used in the videos. You should confirm current rates before making any transactions that could be affected by changes in the exchange rates. You agree not to copy, modify, reformat, download, store, reproduce, reprocess, transmit or redistribute any data or information found herein or use any such data or information in a commercial enterprise without obtaining prior written consent. Please consult your broker or financial representative to verify pricing before executing any trade. COPYRIGHT “FAIR USE” Whyinvestin doesn’t own any logo different from the whyinvestin’ s logo contained in the video. The owner of the logos is the subject of the video itself (the company); and all the logos are not authorized by, sponsored by, or associated with the trademark owner . Whyinvestin uses exclusive rights held by the copyright owner for Educational purposes and for commentary and criticism as part of a news report or published article. If you are a company, subject of the video and for any reason want to get in contact with Whyinvestin please email: [email protected]
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https://news.am/eng/news/445404.html The Karabakh army soldier was killed in Azerbaijani shooting on Monday afternoon. Narek Harutyunyan was killed in the southern section of the line of contact, the spokesperson for the Armenian Defense Ministry said. https://news.am/eng/news/445469.html Armenian lawmakers debated the ratification of the Armenia-EU Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement during on Tuesday. The agreement raises Armenia’s bilateral relations with the EU to a new level and aims to normalize these relations, Deputy Foreign Minister Garen Nazarian said while presenting the agreement. The Armenian side hopes that the EU will launch a visa liberalization process soon, he added. The deputies are expected to ratify the agreement during the next session on Wednesday morning. https://news.am/eng/news/445468.html Russia, as a co-chair of the Minsk Group, plays a pivotal role in the Karabakh peace process, newly elected President of Armenia Armen Sarkissian told Russian media. The Armenian side highly values these mediatory efforts in the search for a peaceful political solution to the problem, he said. Sarkissian has announced his plans to visit Moscow in the near future, adding that his task as the President of Armenia is to further strengthen Armenian-Russian strategic alliance. https://news.am/eng/news/445450.html Election of the Armenian Prime Minister of Armenia will be held at the National Assembly (NA) special session on April 17, NA chairman Ara Babloyan said on Tuesday. As of Monday, Armenia has completely passed to a parliamentary system of governance, according to which the Prime Minister will be the top official in the country. Fourth President Armen Sarkissian on Monday assumed office at the NA special session. https://sport.news.am/eng/news/88012/vardan-minasyan-appointed-armenia-national-team-manager.html Vardan Minasyan has been appointed the manager of Armenian football squad, the Football Federation of Armenia reported. Minasyan was heading the national team from 2009 to 2013. Prior to his appointment, Minasyan was holding the post of a FFA technical manager. https://news.am/eng/news/445460.html The poisoned daughter of former Russian spy Sergei Skripal has been discharged from hospital. Yulia Skripal, 33, was discharged from the hospital on Monday and was taken to a secure location, the media said. Her father remains in hospital, but is no longer in a critical condition. https://news.am/eng/news/445498.html https://news.am/eng/news/445537.html The rate of Russian ruble comprised AMD 7.71 on Tuesday. The Russian ruble’s rate against dollar keeps dropping amid fresh U.S. sanctions. In the morning Russian currency dropped to multi-month lows. However, the dollar exchange rate increased by 1.54 rubles up to 62.2 rubles in the afternoon. Meanwhile, euro exchange rate rose by 1.91 rubles reaching 76.61. In Armenia, the American dollar’s exchange rate against the Armenian dram comprised AMD 481.76/$1 on Tuesday, the exchange rate for one euro was AMD 593.67.
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