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6-Configuring Exchange Server 2016 to send and receive outside emails
6-Configuring Exchange Server 2016 to send and receive outside emails (Internet)
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How to Configure Exchange 2019
This video goes over configuring a base exchange 2019 installation with no edge transport server. This shows you how to add your domain, set it as default, create send connector, and modify mailbox. This configuration requires you to have already set up your MX, DMARC, and SPF records with your registrar or name server provider for the domain you are setting up exchange on. Installation Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xmDOdkOKQxQ ===My Recommend PC Hardware=== https://www.christitus.com/recommendations/ ===My Recommended Linux Books=== https://www.christitus.com/recommendations/#books ===My Current YouTube Gear=== https://www.christitus.com/recommendations/#youtube DISCLAIMER: This video and description contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This help supports the channel and allows us to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for your support!
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Configure email address format in Exchange 2016
Configure email address format in Exchange 2016 1. Prepare - DC11 : Domain Controller (pns.vn) - DC12 : Exchange server 2. Step by step : Configure email address format - DC12 : Create email address format named @pns.com.vn (default is @pns.vn) + Start - Exchange Admin Center - mail flow - accepted domains tab - '+' : + Name : pns.com.vn + Accepted domain : pns.com.vn --- Save + mail flow - email address policies tab - '+' : + Policy name : pns.com.vn + Email address format - '+' : + Select an accepted domain : Choose 'pns.com.vn' --- Save + Click pns.com.vn - Apply - Yes + recipients - mailboxes - '+' - User mailbox - Existing user - Browse... : NamQA - Save === email address format @pns.com.vn -----------------------------------******************** Youtube.com/c/MicrosoftLab ********************-----------------------------
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How to Build an SMTP Relay Connector in Office 365
Easy to follow instructions to build a connector in Office 365 to handle SMTP relay.
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O365Eh! Episode #2 -Preparing for the mandatory use of TLS 1.2 in Office 365
Discussion of Microsoft's plan to discontinue support for Transport Layer Security (TLS) versions 1.0 and 1.1 soon in Microsoft Office 365.
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Install Edge Transport role on Exchange 2019 server
Install Edge Transport role on Exchange 2019 server 1. Prepare - DC21 : Domain Controller(pns.vn), IP | DC22 : Exchange Server (Mailbox Role), IP | DC23 : Workgroup, IP (All Servers running Windows Server 2016) - Software : Exchange Server 2019 (file ISO), "Microsoft Unified Communications Managed API 4.0, Runtime", KB3206632(Update for Windows Server 2016) Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013, .NET Framework 4.7.1 2. Step by step : Install Edge Transport role on DC23 - DC21 : Create a new record A named Edge + Start - Server Manager - Tools - DNS - Right-click pns.vn - New Host (A or AAA) - Name : Edge, IP address : - DC23 : Settings require and Install Edge Transport role + Poin DNS to DC21( + File Explorer - Right-click This PC - Properties - Change settings - Change... - More... - Primary DNS suffix of this computer : pns.vn + Install KB3206632 - Restart server | + .NET Framework 4.7.1 - Restart server | + Install "Microsoft Unified Communications Managed API 4.0, Runtime", Visual C++ ... + Windows PowerShell : + Install-WindowsFeature RSAT-ADDS - Restart server + Install-WindowsFeature Web-WebServer,Web-Common-Http,Web-Default-Doc,Web-Dir-Browsing,Web-Http-Errors,Web-Static-Content,Web-Http-Redirect,Web-Health,Web-Http-Logging, Web-Log-Libraries,Web-Request-Monitor,Web-Http-Tracing,Web-Performance,Web-Stat-Compression,Web-Dyn-Compression,Web-Security,Web-Filtering,Web-Basic-Auth,Web-Client-Auth,Web-Digest-Auth, Web-Windows-Auth,Web-App-Dev,Web-Net-Ext45,Web-Asp-Net45,Web-ISAPI-Ext,Web-ISAPI-Filter,Web-Mgmt-Tools,Web-Mgmt-Compat,Web-Metabase,Web-WMI,Web-Mgmt-Service,NET-Framework-45-ASPNET, NET-WCF-HTTP-Activation45,NET-WCF-MSMQ-Activation45,NET-WCF-Pipe-Activation45,NET-WCF-TCP-Activation45,Server-Media-Foundation,MSMQ-Services,MSMQ-Server,RSAT-Feature-Tools, RSAT-Clustering,RSAT-Clustering-PowerShell,RSAT-Clustering-CmdInterface,RPC-over-HTTP-Proxy,WAS-Process-Model,WAS-Config-APIs + Mount file ISO Exchange 2019 + Right-click setup.exe - Run as adminstrator - ... - Server Role Selection : Choose 'Edge Transport role' - ... - Finish + Start - Exchange Management Shell, type : Get-ExchangeServer | ft -AutoSize # Show version -----------------------------------------------------------------******************** Youtube.com/c/MicrosoftLab ********************-------------------------------------------------------------
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Windows Server 2016 - Install SMTP and Configure, Test (How To Step by Step)
SMTP Test Client https://github.com/CodeCowboyOrg/SimpleSMTPClient/releases How to Install, Configure and Test SMTP Relay Server on Windows 2016
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How to add an email alias address in Office 365
Professor Robert McMillen shows you how to add an email alias address in Office 365. You can add an unlimited amount of aliases in Office 365 so you can receive email on more than one address.
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Fix The Connection to Microsoft Exchange is Unavailable
The connection to Microsoft Exchange is unavailable. Outlook must be online or connected to complete this action. Visit my website: http://www.avoiderrors.net/?p=23098 Click on the link underneath if you have multiple email accounts in outlook and you just need to delete and re-create your Exchange account in outlook. no emails will be deleted. httpvh://youtu.be/UrZrySKbUTY
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Azure Information Protection and Exchange Online - better together - THR3076
In a world where people can work from virtually anywhere, it is almost impossible to keep data in a single (secure) location. This is where rights management can help. Come and find out how to use AIP policies in Exchange Online, how you can leverage document metadata to intelligently track and further secure attachments, and how this approach relates to and can leverage Office Message Encryption at the same time!
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Setup Outbound Spam notifications on Office 365/Exchange
It is good practice to monitor outbound spam, if a computer gets infected with a virus or your exchange passwords are compromised the attacker may be able to use your Exchange/Office 365 mailbox to send out spam. This video shows you how to setup notifications if any outbound spam is blocked, if outbound spam is detected your administrator will get an email informing them of this and be able to take the appropriate actions. To block set the notifications -Go to EAC. -Open Protection -Click outbound spam -Open the default policy (or any other policy) -Select Outbound spam preferences -Tick the Send notification to the following email address or addresses when a sender is blocked for sending outbound spam. -Enter the email you want the notification to go to.
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What is SMART HOST? What does SMART HOST mean? SMART HOST meaning, definition & explanation
What is SMART HOST? What does SMART HOST mean? SMART HOST meaning - SMART HOST definition - SMART HOST explanation. Source: Wikipedia.org article, adapted under https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ license. SUBSCRIBE to our Google Earth flights channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6UuCPh7GrXznZi0Hz2YQnQ A smart host is a type of email message transfer agent that allows a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) server to route email to an intermediate mailserver rather than directly to the recipient's server. This smart host often requires authentication from the sender to verify that the sender has privileges to have mail forwarded through the smart host. This is an important distinction from an open mail relay that will forward mail from the sender without authentication. Common authentication techniques include SMTP Authentication and POP before SMTP. When configured to be a backup mail server (not the primary MX record), a smart host configuration will accept mail on behalf of the primary mail server if it were to go offline. When the primary mail server comes back online, mail is subsequently delivered via the smart host. Some internet service providers (ISPs), in an effort to reduce email spam originating at their customer's IP addresses, will not allow their customers to communicate directly with the recipient's mail server via the default SMTP port number 25. In this case the customer has no choice but to use the smart host provided by the ISP. When a host runs its own local mail server, a smart host is often used to transmit all mail to other systems through a central mail server. This is used to ease the management of a single mail server with aliases, security, and Internet access rather than maintaining numerous local mail servers.
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Installing and Configuring an SSL Certificate in Exchange 2016
In this video tutorial we will learn how to install and configure ssl certificate in exchange 2016. For this demonstration i will be using my local enterprise root certificate authority to get ssl certificate with subject alternative name for our Exchange 2016. 1) Create a certificate request 2) Get certificate from Certificate Authority 3) Import certificate on Exchange 2016 4) Assign certificate to exchange services
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Exchange Server 2016 - Install & Config - Part 2 - EP-165
Part two of the install and configuration. Thanks to "Music: Little Idea - Bensound.com" Thanks for watching! I hope you all enjoy... Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UnkyjoesPlayhouse/ Twitter :https://twitter.com/unkyjosplyhouse Email:[email protected] For PayPal or Patreon donations to Unkyjoe's Playhouse, please visit the "About" section on my channel. All cash donations are directly put back into Unkyjoe's Playhouse channel projects. I cannot respond to all emails, but give it a go! *PLEASE NOTE* I do not respond to YouTube or Google+ private messages. Please contact me via the official Facebook page or via my email address to get in touch.
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How to Resolve HTTP 500 Error in  Exchange Server 2016
How to Resolve HTTP 500 Error in Exchange Server 2016
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How to install and configure Exchange Server 2016 on Windows Server 2016 Step by Step
How to Exchange Server install on windows server 2016 Before installation set static IP. After join to server domain. Exchange 2016 supported Outlook Clients Outlook 2016 Outlook 2013 Outlook 2010 SP2 and updates KB2956191 and KB2965295 Outlook for Mac for Office 365 Outlook for Mac 2011 Prepare Active Directory using the same machine. Open Windows PowerShell. Install-WindowsFeature RSAT-ADDS Install Required Roles. Install-WindowsFeature NET-Framework-45-Features, RPC-over-HTTP-proxy, RSAT-Clustering, RSAT-Clustering-CmdInterface, RSAT-Clustering-Mgmt, RSAT-Clustering-PowerShell, Web-Mgmt-Console, WAS-Process-Model, Web-Asp-Net45, Web-Basic-Auth, Web-Client-Auth, Web-Digest-Auth, Web-Dir-Browsing, Web-Dyn-Compression, Web-Http-Errors, Web-Http-Logging, Web-Http-Redirect, Web-Http-Tracing, Web-ISAPI-Ext, Web-ISAPI-Filter, Web-Lgcy-Mgmt-Console, Web-Metabase, Web-Mgmt-Console, Web-Mgmt-Service, Web-Net-Ext45, Web-Request-Monitor, Web-Server, Web-Stat-Compression, Web-Static-Content, Web-Windows-Auth, Web-WMI, Windows-Identity-Foundation, RSAT-ADDS .NET Framework 4.6.2 is supported and should be used by Exchange 2016 on servers running Windows Server 2016. (Get-ItemProperty -Path 'HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\NET Framework Setup\NDP\v4\Full' ).Release 394747 = .NET Framework 4.6.2 or later Download and Install Unified Communications Managed API 4.0 Runtime Preparing Schema Open Windows PowerShell .\setup /PrepareSchema /IAcceptExchangeServerLicenseTerms Preparing Active Directory .\setup /Preparead /IAcceptExchangeServerLicenseTerms /OrganizationName:"COMPANY" Preparing Domain .\setup /Preparedomain /IAcceptExchangeServerLicenseTerms Download KB3206632 for Windows Server 2016 Exchange Server 2016 installation is complete. Create Send Connector to send e-mail to the internet You must create a Send Connector. Exchange Server 2016 isn't to send mail outside. To send mail out side your Exchange Server. FQDN: * All domain Send Connector create is complete. Exchange Server is for send mail to internet and receive to mail, you must allow to firewall. Port number is 25. MX and SPF record create for Exchange Server 2016 on Microsoft dns server Go to DNS Server.. Accepted domain settings Exchange Server 2016 install has been complete...
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How to access Webmail in Outlook | How to Setup Webmail in Microsoft Outlook | Outlook email
Tutorial on How to access webmail in outlook or setup Webmail in Microsoft Outlook. It's an easy process to setup Webmail account in outlook any version. Using webmail in Outlook is a better option than using webmail in default Webmail applications. Configure Webmail in Outlook/Webmail Account in Outlook/ access webmail in outlook/ Setup Webmail in Microsoft Outlook gives you more control over emails in webmail and it's easy to handle webmail accounts in Outlook. This method for How to access webmail in outlook | Setup Webmail in Microsoft Outlook works for every version of Outlook and for every Webmail account. Instructions to access webmail in outlook | Setup Webmail in Microsoft Outlook | Configure Webmail in Outlook 1. Login to the Cpanel of the website from which Webmail or Webmail account is associated or created. Find Email Accounts and click on it. Here you will get a list of all Webmail accounts associated with your Domain name/Website. Click on set up mail client for required Webmail. Here you will get the settings to access webmail in outlook or Setup Webmail in Microsoft Outlook. 2. Open Outlook, Click on File then Add Account. 3. In Add Account, Enter name you want to use - Webmail as Email Address - Webmail Password as Password & Retype Password. Select Manually configure server settings... and click on Next. 4. Select Internet Email and click Next. 5. Select Account Type IMAP - Type "Incoming Mail Server" & Outgoing Mail Server (find from setting available on Cpanel's Set Up Mail Client page). 6. Under Logon Information Type Webmail Address as Username and Webmail Password as Password. 7. Click More Settings Click on Outgoing Server Tab - Enable My Outgoing server require authentications - Use Same settings as my incoming mail server. Click on Advanced Tab Enter Incoming Server IMAP Port - Outgoing Server Port (find from setting available on Cpanel's SetUp Mail Client page). For encrypted connection select SSL for both Incoming & Outgoing. Increase server timeouts to 5 min. Click Ok then Next. Now Outlook will test that whether we have provided right Webmail Settings to Setup Webmail in Microsoft Outlook or to access Webmail in Outlook. Once completed without error then you can use Webmail in Outlook. So this is the way to access webmail in outlook | Setup Webmail in Microsoft Outlook | Configure Webmail in Outlook. Thats conas Conas rochtain a fháil ar Webmail in Outlook | Conas a shuiteáil Webmail i Microsoft Outlook | R-phost Outlook Thanks for watching my Video. Please Like Share and Subscribe to My Channel Also Watch, How To Create Webmail Based On Domain Name | Create Webmail in Cpanel or email Account in Cpanel https://youtu.be/8Np0uo38hmw How To Change Email Password In cPanel | Resetting Webmail Password In cPanel https://youtu.be/Tiuu_inJHP0 How to Forward Webmail to Gmail | How to set up email forwarding in Webmail | email forwarder cPanel https://youtu.be/H7cY1i5FyeI How to backup Emails from Webmail | Importing & Exporting Emails from One Webmail Account to Another https://youtu.be/4K8Qyw-XSho How to use Filezilla Ftp Client | Upload Files to Web server using Filezilla | Filezilla Tutorial https://youtu.be/vQhypzKAVCU How to forward One Gmail account to another Gmail Account | Gmail Forwarding https://youtu.be/VXJIufDYPRU How to setup Gmail in Outlook 2019 | Configure Gmail in Outlook 2019 https://youtu.be/jhbBS8vHnqQ
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How to setup a domain using MailCleaner from start to finish
Author, teacher and talk show host Robert McMillen explains how to setup a domain using MailCleaner from start to finish. This includes adding the LDAP connector, whitelisting, and testing connectivity.
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Windows Live Mail to Exchange Server - How to Import, Export, Convert, Transfer
Video tutorial for Windows Live Mail to Exchange Server conversion. Know how to import windows live mail to exchange in easy steps. Exporting Windows Live Mail to Microsoft Exchange can be accomplished in quick steps using this migration tool. Follow step-by-step guideline as illustrated in this video and checkout how easily one can perform import process to easily transfer Windows Live Mail messages into Exchange Server. If you are getting below errors for importing Windows Live Mail into Exchange Server like : windows live mail export to exchange not working windows live mail export to exchange doesn't work windows live mail export to exchange mapi error windows live mail export to exchange crashes windows live mail export to microsoft exchange not working Then, using this converter will resolve your email migration issues. Download this Windows Live Mail to Exchange migrator and easily move your email messages from Windows live mail to Exchange Server - On-Premise or Hosted Exchange server. For mass or batch migration of multiple Windows Live Mail user mailboxes to Exchange Server, you need to grant and enable 2 permissions or roles for Exchange Server administrator account. In the video we have shown, what exact settings are required to be enabled for Exchange Server Administrator account for migrating multiple Windows Live Mail user mailboxes. Download migrator from https://www.bitrecover.com/eml-converter/ #windowslivemailtoexchange #windowslivemailmigration #windowslivemailtoexchangeserver
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Resolver el error 550 5.7.1
Si tienes el error en tu bitácora de correo el error 550 5.7.1 … ruleset=try_tls, arg1=hotmail-com.olc.protection.outlook.com, relay=hotmail-com.olc.protection.outlook.com, reject=550 5.7.1 [email protected] do not try TLS with hotmail-com.olc.protection.outlook.com 1 Time s … Es que está bloquedo tu servidor o tu ISP Ve al foro https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/outlook_com/forum/oemail-osend/550-571-unfortunately-messages-from-werent-sent/71763bb5-e345-47db-ade7-c1f5605d7861 Donde encontrarás el enlace a Sender Information for Outlook.com Delivery form. Haciendo la petición de que se borre de la lista negra.
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Solved - Outlook cannot logon verify you are connected to the network
Outlook cannot logon. Verify you are connected to the network and are using the proper server and mailbox name. The Microsoft Exchange information service in your profile is missing required information. Read More: http://www.avoiderrors.net/?p=27146
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Fixed: Contact Form 7 Issues with Office 365 Email (GoDaddy)
Contact Form 7 not sending emails to Office 365/GoDaddy account? It's a simple fix! Solution: The problem is that cPanel's MX Entry is set to Local Mail Exchanger by default. This means that if you set a web form in your website to use [email protected] and it's the same as your website, the web server will attempt to handle the email itself (because it also hosts your site). To solve the problem you can change the setting in cPanel to Remote Mail Exchanger in which case the web server will use the MX records to route the email. This problem will occur with any host who uses cPanel including GoDaddy, HostGator, etc
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How to Set Up Out of Office Auto Reply in Outlook Exchange and Email
Watch this tutorial video to learn how to set up automatic reply emails in Outlook. We'll show you how to do this both for Outlook Exchange premium email accounts, and for regular Outlook email accounts. To Set Up Auto-Replies for an Exchange Account: Open the Outlook app on your computer. Click File, then, Select Info. Click Automatic Replies. Click the “Send Automatic Replies” box. Choose the date and time you want auto-replies to start and end. Check the box labelled “only send during this time range.” Write your auto-reply. Finally, click OK. To Set Up Auto-Replies for a Regular Outlook Email Account: Go to Outlook.com and log in. Click the gear, then select Automatic Replies. Click the “send automatic replies” box. Choose the dates to start and stop sending auto-replies. Write your reply. Choose if you want this response to be sent to your contacts, or to anyone who emails you. Lastly, click OK. Visit http://www.techboomers.com for over 100 free courses on all of today's most popular websites & apps!
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13 Galaxy S9/S9+ Settings You Should Change Now!
When you first get your Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus, there are always changes to be done to get you where you want to be or should be for daily usage. Here are 13 of these setting changes you should do. Galaxy S9/S9+ Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvXKDsTIBiWNXt0G3Z42k1n9cVMOzvz0b Galaxy S8/S8+ Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvXKDsTIBiWPxe9JQ5UYs1VzmbtxmcWo2 Note 8 Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvXKDsTIBiWP9N7srEE4Uit85x2n0ixvR Products I Use and Suggest: https://www.amazon.com/shop/jimmyispromo THANK YOU!!! DON'T FORGET TO HIT THAT LIKE BUTTON AND SUBSCRIBE. IF YOU REALLY LIKE IT, SHARE IT!! My YouTube Setup My Camera: http://amzn.to/2x8BrXz My Other Camera: http://amzn.to/2w9WVVs My SoftBox Lights: http://amzn.to/2pYh5Qy My Microphone: http://amzn.to/2pYjo5S My Mic Stand: http://amzn.to/2pfg9XY Acoustic Foam Link: https://arrowzoom.com/collections/hemisphere-grid 10% Discount Code on All Products: "AZ-JIM" Music Cred: Jou Beats - Brasil Thumbs Up! Subscribe!! Follow me!: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Jimmy-Is-Promo-1136153979746934/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/jimmyispromo Instagram: https://instagram.com/jimmyispromo/ Xbox One: jimmyispromo
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Customize the Outlook Web App (OWA)Sign In page in Exchange 2016
Customize the Outlook Web App (OWA)Sign-In page in Exchange 2016 1. Prepare - DC11 : Domain Controller(pns.vn) - DC12 : Exchange Server, 2 pictures named pns_sidebar.jpg(for side bar), pns.png(for owa text) - WIN101 : Client 2. Step by step : Customize the Outlook Web App (OWA)Sign-In page - WIN101 : Access Outlook Web App (OWA) - Display default - DC12 : Customize the Outlook Web App (OWA)Sign-In page + Copy 2 pictures to link C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V15\FrontEnd\HttpProxy\owa\auth\15.1.1261\themes\resources + Rename owa_text_blue.png to owa_text_blue_1.pns, rename pns.png to owa_text_blue.png + Open file C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V15\FrontEnd\HttpProxy\owa\auth\logon.aspx with notepate, replace : div class="sidebar" div class="owaLogoContainer" img src="%=InlineImage(ThemeFileId.OutlookLogoWhite)%" class="owaLogo" aria-hidden="true" / img src="%=InlineImage(ThemeFileId.OutlookLogoWhiteSmall)%" class="owaLogoSmall" aria-hidden="true" / /div /div to div class="sidebar" img alt="" src="/owa/auth/15.1.1261/themes/resources/pns_sidebar.jpg" class="pns_sidebar" div class="owaLogoContainer" style="display: none;" img src="%=OwaUrl.AuthFolder.ImplicitUrl %%ThemeManager.RenderBaseThemeFileUrl(Response.Output, ThemeFileId.OutlookLogoWhite, false); %" class="owaLogo" aria-hidden="true" / img src="%=OwaUrl.AuthFolder.ImplicitUrl %%ThemeManager.RenderBaseThemeFileUrl(Response.Output, ThemeFileId.OutlookLogoWhiteSmall, false); %" class="owaLogoSmall" aria-hidden="true" / /div /div === Save - WIN101 : Access Outlook Web App (OWA) - Display customize -------------------------------------------------------------******************** Youtube.com/c/MicrosoftLab ********************--------------------------------------------------------
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Exchange 2010   Working With Certificates
http://www.petenetlive.com/KB/Article/0000453.htm - Exchange 2010 Working With Certificates
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C# Application - How to Send and Receive email in Microsoft Outlook | FoxLearn
How to send and receive email in Microsoft Outlook using C#. This is the best way to learn c# for beginners
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How to enable SMTP authentication in Outlook 2013
How to enable SMTP authentication in Outlook 2013. Remember your email username is your full email address. The username in this video is just an example.
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How to Set Up Outlook 2010 for Gmail
Learn how to set up Microsoft Outlook 2010 for Google mail. Don't forget to check out our site http://howtech.tv/ for more free how-to videos! http://youtube.com/ithowtovids - our feed http://www.facebook.com/howtechtv - join us on facebook https://plus.google.com/103440382717658277879 - our group in Google+ In this video tutorial we will show you how to set up outlook 2010 for gmail. Open your web browser. Type "gmail.com". Sign in to your email account. On the following web page, click on the "Gear" icon and choose "Settings". On the next web page, press the "Forwarding and POP/IMAP" tab. On the next web page, near "IMAP access", choose "Enable IMAP". Scroll down and press "Save changes". Sign out from your gmail profile and close the browser. Launch Microsoft Outlook. Go to the "File" menu and in the "Info" tab, choose "Account Settings". In the following window, press "New" to create a new email account. In the next window, choose "Manually configure server settings or additional server types" and press "Next". In the next window select "Internet E-mail" and press "Next". In the following window, fill in your user information. Then, choose the "IMAP" account type. In the "Incoming mail server" line, enter "imap.gmail.com". In the "Outgoing mail server", type "smtp.gmail.com". In the logon Information area enter your email address and the password. When it's done, go to "More settings". In the following window, click on the "Outgoing server" tab. Check "My outgoing server requires authentication" option, and be sure to check the "use same settings as my incoming mail server option". Then, go to the "Advanced" tab. In the "Incoming server(IMAP)", set value to "993" and in "Use the following type of encrypted connection" set the "SSL" option. In the "Outgoing server (SMTP)" set value to "465" and under it in "Use the following type of encrypted connection" select the "SSL" option too. If the "Outgoing server" value drops to default, set value to "465" again. Then press "Ok". In the "New account settings" window, press "Test account settings". If everything works, you'll see the message that all tests completed successfully and then press "Close". Then uncheck the option "Test account Settings by clicking the Next button" and press "Next". In the next window, press "Finish". Wait while your outlook mail box will be refreshed.
Install Microsoft Exchange Server 2016
An install of Exchange Server 2016 (on Windows Server 2012 R2) To give domain users domain e-mail addresses [email protected] The setup requires two servers: 1) Primary Domain Controller (Either Server2012R2 or Server2016) 2) Secondary server (Server2012R2) to install Exchange Server 2016 on. The majority of the video focuses on the installation of the Exchange Server that firstly requires a series of pre-requisites to be installed on the secondary server. (First it should be joined to the domain) Pre-Requisite Setup 1) Preliminary Windows Server Roles and Features (that can be copied from Exchange Pro's website) and then pasted into Powershell. Please refer to excellent site: http://exchangeserverpro.com/exchange-server-2016-pre-requisites/ 2) Download and Install .NET 4.6 (or latest version) 3) Download and Install UCMA 4.0 Runtime Refer to: http://exchangeserverpro.com/installing-exchange-server-2016/ 4) Install-WindowsFeature RSAT-ADDS powershell command Now the preliminaries are configured, continue to: 1) Download Exchange Server 2016 2) Extract and then upon extraction double-Click on "Setup" Wait for install . . . . . . (please make sure that prior to clicking on 'install' the pre-requisite checker displays the same as in this video...basically that you're installing Exchange for the first time) ----- Exchange will be installed after a while. At this point, restart the server. Then, login to the Exchange Control Panel as the domain admin, go to: https://yourmailserver/ecp Here you will be able to setup your domain users' mailboxes (admin mailbox is setup by default). Once they are setup, they can login at: https://yourmailserver/owa There are many additional steps required to send mail to the internet, however, once you've completed these steps, you should have a functional internal e-mail server.
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PrestaShop ERP - Purchase Order management Module
[User Guide] Discover the Prestashop ERP Features - Purchase Order Management : https://addons.prestashop.com/en/stock-supplier-management/28056-prestashop-erp-purchase-order-management.html PrestaShop ERP is a suite of complementary and independent addons to compose an ERP meeting the specific needs of each company. The Prestashop ERP - Purchasing Management module is one of the 3 addons of the ERP suite. A true companion for supply needs management, it can be coupled with Prestashop add-on ERP - Advanced stock or with Prestashop ERP - Order preparation. 1 - Supplier • settings : minimum order quantity alerts • currency set by default, delay in replenishment and the tax rate by default • payment level : Paypal, IBAN or RIB. • database of contacts : commercials, after sale and accounting • history of supplier orders 2 - Supply Needs • products which the system recommends be purchased • Two primary reasons will suggest a supply need: • stock of a product goes below the warning stock level • product has been sold but is not in stock i• nformation on the product : stock level, warning stock level, ideal stock level • quantity to receive • get the total acquisition cost to optimise procurement • draft supplier order 3 - Supplier Order creation • create a new order • with date of creation, modifications, the associated supplier, and the state • In the cost tab : exchange rate, shipping costs, and eventually additional costs • evaluate the true cost of acquisition of the product • In the tab expedition : tracking number and the transporter • commercial portion : the reference on the supplier’s end, the billing date, the payment date, conditions … • product : supplier reference, order quantity, quantity already received, expected quantity, purchase price and total cost of the product • send it to the supplier : print the PDF document or use the button notify 4 - Receiving the order • Products : define the quantity received manually or using the barcodes • partial reception allowed • supply need margins : define a margin level alert and an ideal stock level
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How to Save Un-sent e-mails to Inbox instead of 'Drafts' (Outlook 2010) - by Turner Time Management
Subscribe to our Free Bi-Monthly eNewsletter with free tips to save time and effort while using your technology devices, like iPhone, Android, Laptop/Computer etc. Click the link to signup: http://news.turnertimemanagement.com/h/r/1DA3FCCF4D84 You can change where Outlook saves drafts of your unsent e-mail messages. By default Outlook will save the messages in the 'Drafts' folder. For me its "out of sight, out of mind", and I frequently forget I have saved a draft of an e-mail message. It will help you to remember the unsent message if you save them to your Inbox.
Automating business processes and approvals with Microsoft Flow : Build 2018
Use Microsoft Flow to easily add business process automation and approval processes to your solutions. You'll learn to build Flows with a few simple clicks and extend your learnings to more advanced techniques and expressions used to build complex workflows. Finally discover how you can take it up to Azure Logic Apps when it makes sense. Create a Free Account (Azure): https://aka.ms/c9-azurefree
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Getting Started with MaaS360: Cloud Extender 101
Learn how to get started with the MaaS360 Cloud Extender in this discussion of prerequisites and live demonstration of enabling, installing, configuring, and backing up the Cloud Extender. Skip to a specific topic using the links below: 00:00 Introduction 01:44 Overview of Cloud Extender 03:50 Enabling Cloud Extender and Cloud-to-Cloud Integrations 10:46 Cloud Extender Planning and Prerequisites 14:45 Downloading and Installing Cloud Extender 16:05 Configuring Cloud Extender 29:46 Verifying Configuration 37:42 Settings and Setup 52:16 Announcements and Q&A Learn even more about MaaS360 with free courses, videos, and labs from IBM Security Learning Academy! http://www.ibm.biz/academy_maas360
How To EXCHANGE Old JioPhone into Jio Phone 2 | JioPhone 2 Terms & Conditions Explained with OFFER
Hey Guys, In this video i'll explain you Can you exchange Old JioPhone 1 into JioPhone 2 (Two) ? What is the Jio Phone Mansoon Hungama Offer which is going to start from 21st July 2018. Does Jio Phone 2 worth 2999 INR is good for you & what are the difference between Jio Phone 1 (one) & JioPhone 2. All Doubts of JioPhone is explained in this video in hindi, All terms & conditions of JioPhone are covered Point by Point. Redeem Coupons Here: https://www.fast2sms.com/sidtalk Queries Solved: 1) Jio Phone 2 features details 2) How To Book JioPhone 2 ? 3) JioPhone 1 vs Jio Phone 2 4) Jio Phone Monsoon Hungama Offer Details 5) Jio Phone Exchange Offer Details 6) How to exchange old Feature phone into Jio Phone 7) Booking details of JioPhone 8) JIO Phone Terms & Conditions in HINDI 9) Jio Phone 2 Release & Booking date 10) JioPhone 2 Monsoon Hungama Offer!! 11) RIP: Airtel, IDEA, Vodafone, BSNL Social Links: [FOLLOW] Facebook: https://fb.com/SidTalk/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Sid_Talk Instagram: https://instagram.com/Sid_Talk/ Google+: https://google.com/+SidTalk PS: Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE SidTalk for more Trusted & Awesome videos.
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Turbo charge your Exchange on-premises and hybrid environment: Notes from the field - BRK3129
If you’re staying on-premises, then it’s time to tune up your Exchange deployment. It might just need an oil change and a tweak or perhaps it needs a major performance boost. In this session get a round up of practical advice to size it correctly, effortlessly virtualize it, troubleshoot and monitor it and keep hybrid ticking over smoothly.
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Business Applications keynote | Microsoft Ignite 2018
Learn how customers are driving digital transformation with Microsoft business applications including Artificial Intelligence (AI) and mixed reality. Find out more: https://dynamics.microsoft.com/en-us/
how to configure rediffmail in oulook 2016 | safe boot system
How to Add Digital Signature on the outlook 2016 https://youtu.be/NAVpkovqwQ8 Follow The Steps : Step 1: Open your outlook application. Step 2: Go to the file tab - click on account settings and then account settings. Step 3: click on new and add your rediffmail details (Your name, E-mail ID, Password) and click on next. Step 4: It automatically searches the mail server and configures your E-mail ID - click on finish. Step 5: You can Select the preferred location where the outlook file( .pst ) files to be stored - click on close. Step 6: Click on the rediffmail account - click on send/receive all folders - wait for the task to complete. Follow Us on: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Youtube: https://goo.gl/72PrG7 Facebook Community page: https: //www.facebook.com/SafeBootSystem Facebook: facebook.com/Safebootsystemofficialpage Twitter: https://twitter.com/safebootsystem Safe Boot System Bad Virus Production Start With Smart Like , Subscribe and Share the video and get the latest tech videos
MS Outlook Signature, Archive, Send/Recieve time setting
Pls visit for more interesting videos https://goo.gl/R7uCfd You can visit my Blog This video describe how to create signature template, how to enable archive, how to set send/recieve time in MS outlook If you like my videos pls leave comment & like . Dont forget to subscribe now Click on links for more videos https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjydTgucKcW5X_q5JDWpqgw How to move an Outlook data file (.PST) in MS Outlook 2010/2013/2016 https://youtu.be/Shz4PiNeOM0 How to create Gmail in MS Outlook 2010/2013/2016 Hindi https://youtu.be/MhQanYClTV0 Networking:How to punch down cat 6 keystone jack Hindi https://youtu.be/CLukEshaznU How change My Documents default location in windows 7 Hindi https://youtu.be/n3LO2bEfPIs How to shutdown pc remotely using Telnet Hindi https://youtu.be/j8MlJ9Y_01w How to share folder read only https://youtu.be/6MeDuXcmSqw How to make batch file to ping ip address & domain https://youtu.be/5MHcYpRlqvs To configure Gmail Id with MS Outlook Hindi https://youtu.be/_EYnfXVBh5I How to change port in Tight VNC Hindi -- https://youtu.be/XYV5_g4HVL8 How to use Tight vnc Hindi -- https://youtu.be/TJc-ebgwdks Download location in Crome Hindi -- https://youtu.be/xVn_jucqWGw Created By My Pc Support #mypcsupport #msoutlook #msoutlooktraining #msoutlooktips
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jio 4g voice call | jio 4g voice call configuration
Hi Friends This video i am showing the full details for jio 4gvice in hindi firstly download the jio 4g vice in play store this jio app are very important in the 4g user any moble handset support the 4 g but not support the Jio 4g vice to the jio suggest the use for jio4Gvice app are providing the jio company this jio app are very important in jio 4 g sim use user they are use in regularly for vice and video calling feature provide this app this jio app feature video calling and voice colling and sms chat Thank for whatch Jio4GVoice Download Link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jio.join&hl=en Subscribe = bit.ly/2uXrXxs GOOGLE += https://plus.google.com/u/2/106243286767159768217 Instagram = https://www.instagram.com/TechnicalYOU/ Twitter = https://twitter.com/YouTechnical facebook = https://www.facebook.com/Technical-You-1781486025495092/ -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Jio Phone Production Stop Coming Jio Smart Android Phone" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LY3Nh4DK-NY -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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SharePoint integration into Microsoft Teams for file sharing, storage & collaboration
Teams On Air - Ep: 66 - Delanda Coleman sits down with Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Mark Kashman, to give an overview of how SharePoint connects with Microsoft Teams. This connection takes the same files and organization that you have on SharePoint, and integrates it into Teams, so you’ll have access to the same files, sites, pages, lists, and news articles. Learn more about integrating an existing SharePoint Library into Microsoft Teams: http://msft.social/YiCKb5 Links: Microsoft Teams: http://msft.social/izQs03 Try Teams: http://msft.social/Cuem73 Join us live: http://aka.ms/TeamsOnAir Teams on Air Podcast: iTunes: https://aka.ms/TeamsOnAirPodcast
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How Do You Request Read Receipt In Office 365?
Force 'request read receipt' in owa microsoft community. Outlook for windows, and now mac, have a 'read receipt' option on the options tab. This is a very important feature that left out in 2 oct 2017 nice theory but it's complicated here the real world. Turn that option on to add a read receipt request your email. The removal process generates an error saying emails were deleted without being read, 29 may 2015 read and delivery receipts how they work. This seems to only apply emails that have been received from out of the as a tracking feature microsoft outlook, request read receipt is very useful for you know whether your mails has by recipient. On the file tab, choose options mail. A read receipt confirms that your message was opened. Office 365 (outlook 2016. And the server sends delivery receipt 20 mar 2013 for some reason my users aren't getting dialog box asking if they want to send a read receipt, even when was requested. Request a read receipt or delivery notification in outlook 2016 for how do you request office 365? Youtube. Outlook 2016 for mac version 15. Add and request read receipts delivery notifications outlook. 22 may 2014 office 365 (outlook on the web) message delivery options. Before you send a message, click the options tab. Office 365 how to series track email with read receipts youtube. Request read receipts for every email microsoft community. How do i send a read receipt in outlook 365? Youtube. Is there a way to set global setting for my account request read receipt on every email i hello, is it possible default all message in owa? Thank you if are accessing your emails via outlook web access, can still that receive. Read receipt confirmations in outlook bettercloud a url? Q kb. In outlook, i checked under mail options, and it was set to 'ask each time', yet it's not asked. You will get a notification when your how to bring back classic menus and toolbars office 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 365? Just download menu for 21 mar 2017 delivery receipt confirms of email message the recipient's mailbox, but not that recipient has seen it or read. Read receipt confirmations in outlook bettercloud office 365 (outlook on the web) message delivery options. Next, click show message options. Here's the reality behind outlook 'read receipt' feature and how it works across internet. Then, click request a delivery receipt or read. Place a check mark next to the request read receipt option and click ok track all messages that you send. In outlook, the message recipient can decline to send read receipts. Office 365 (outlook 2013) how to request a delivery and or read [solved] office receipts spiceworks. Where is request a read receipt in outlook 2010, 2013 and 2016. While composing a message, click the extended menu. Take the following steps log in to your email account; Click new mail (top left) open a message; With message open, click (next apps), then select show options when using gfi archiver with an microsoft office 365 mailbox, read r
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Understanding Windows Server Client Access Licenses (CALs)
Stay up to date with Windows Server Client Access License (CAL) compliance guidelines so you can ensure your licensing needs are fulfilled. Subscribe for more videos like this: http://hpe.to/6005DlCoz Learn more about CALs: http://hpe.to/6001DkPff
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An IT pros guide to Open ID Connect OAuth 2.0 with the V1 and V2 Azure Active - BRK3234
Along come your developers with a new Open ID Connect / OAuth 2.0 application and they start talking about application IDs, scopes, consent, RESTful APIs, access-tokens, id-tokens, refresh-tokens, and session tokens. Are you just going to let them deploy the app into your Azure Active Directory tenant or do you want to understand terminology and functioning of these new protocols? Learn a new skill-set in just 75 minutes, enabling you to understand and discuss Open ID Connect, Oath 2.0 protocols and Azure Active Directory application registration with your peers and developers. John Craddock is recognized for his skills in conveying deep-techie content in a highly consumable format, let him help you to bridge the gap between dev and ops. Learn more about Azure Active Directory: https://azure.com/azuread
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Enabling DKIM in Office 365
DKIM is a great way to boost your security and reduce spoofing of your domain. It is easy to enabled DKIM in Office 365 but you'll also need access to the DNS records for your domain. This tutorial shows you how DKIM can be enabled for Office 365 using Azure for DNS along with PowerShell to improve the process. Link to my blog article reference article and PowerShell commands - http://blog.ciaops.com/2018/07/configuring-dkim-in-office-365.html
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Android Devices: Change Email Settings
You need to change your email settings once you have received the email notifying you that your email has transitioned successfully. This video provides step-by-step instructions on changing your email settings on your Android Devices.
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Mapi for Gmail -  How to make Gmail your default mail client
www.mapi4gmail.com Make Gmail, your default mapi mail client with Mapi for Gmail® Send and attach your files automatically through Gmail by simply right-clicking on your file or selecting the “send as an attachment” option in your main menu.
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