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Moranbah Mine Shaft
2 mine shafts (4 & 5) are drilled and reamed to approximately 30m below ground level at 4.3m diameter, using shotcrete as wall stabilisation cast in night shift. Shaft (6) is 7.8m diameter, which requires the construction of a “ringed hard soft secant wall” around the perimeter prior to internal drilling at 7.3m diameter down to 30m.
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Ride in mine shaft cage from depth 500 m to the surface
Fáranie šachtou zdola nahor
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Exploring Nine Underground Levels in the Abandoned Black Mine
On a recent, moonless night we found ourselves in a dark, remote, windswept canyon in the Arizona desert where we stumbled across the seldom-visited and hard-to-find Black Mine. This mine is massive, and the entire claim is dotted with vertical shafts that pierce different areas and levels of the extensive underground workings. Only one shaft, though, connects all nine levels of the Black Mine, and we found it. It is an inclined shaft that descends around 800 feet into the ground as it passes through all nine levels of the mine. Many of the drift levels off of this shaft were quite extensive with multiple branching tunnels which were strewn with various mining artifacts from a bygone era. We were very impressed. In this video, you will see footage where I was almost the victim of a rock slide/collapse in the first drift level of the mine. Rest assured -- I survived with no injuries. You will also see some of the many artifacts we found including old gallon-sized glass bottles, chains, bell signal signs, mining equipment, books from the 1950s, catalogs from the 1960s, an oil canister from the 1920s, and so much more. Based on the number of artifacts we found in the mine, it was quite evident that not many people visit the Black Mine. This is one of my longer videos because of the large amount of fantastic footage from all nine levels of the Black Mine, so enjoy the underground tour.
SHAFT SINKING PART 1/drilling-loading
drilling off a bench in the shaft...filmed in Thompson Manatoba 1993.I had to shorten the video to upload and the musiic goot mixed up.
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Shaft vs incline || difference between shaft and incline || mining || mining videos || shaft
This video will explain the difference between vertical shaft and incline. These are the two approaches to the coal seam in underground mining,mining shaft, mining incline,coal, capital cost, ventilation etc
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Dark Matter Mine Shaft
Take a ride into the Homestake Mine in Lead, SD where an elevator descends 4,850 feet underground in an abandoned gold mine to the Sanford Laboratory - the deepest underground clean room facility in the US where scientists search for Dark Matter. A special thank you to Sanford Laboratory and videographer Matt Kapust for use of photos and video. www.rawscience.tv
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South Africa World's Deepest Gold Mine Construction - Full Documentary
Mponeng is a gold mine in South Africa's Gauteng province. It extends over 4 kilometres below the surface, and is considered to be one of the most substantial gold mines in the world. It is also currently the world's deepest mine. The trip from the surface to the bottom of the mine takes over an hour. Video link: https://youtu.be/6ZtYInuOKtE Thanks for watching
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Vertical Shaft Sinking Machine (VSM)
Compact shaft sinking technology for all ground conditions
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3D METHOD STATEMENT FOR THE CONSTRUCTION OF A DEEP AND LARGE DIAMETER BLIND SHAFT FOR THE PASSAGE OF FOUR (3) GAS PIPELINES AND A VENTILATION SHAFT. The video shows the method statement for the construction of large diameter shafts for the passage of gas pipelines, even though blind shafts are usually used in the mining industry. In this particular project pipelines were installed vertically and had a depth of 600 meters and were 2m in diameter. A pendular rig with the usage of reverse circulation drilling and water as the drilling fluid were utilized to accomplish the excavation of the shafts. This is a totally mechanized process which eliminates the need of humans entering the shaft during its construction thus removing any safety hazard associated with this activity. www.brasfond.com For more information please contact [email protected] or +1 (330) 262 0015.
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Dropping in our shaft at a underground coal mine...
A shaft/ elevator we ride down to get to the mine in western Kentucky...
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Inclined Shaft Insanity! (And a Doomed Jackrabbit)
A doomed jackrabbit? That's right! While exploring some inclined shafts at some abandoned mines, we came across a jackrabbit that had somehow found its way 3500 feet inside the mine tunnel and was trapped in a stope slowly dying of thirst. The rabbit was too far down in the stope for us to retrieve it safely so that we could return it to the outside. This video explores and examines some inclined shafts up close including their construction and features. The inclined shafts we explored underground led to large, cavernous stopes and open stopes as well as flooded workings. This video highlights the many intriguing features of these inclined shafts.
Shaft mining of entry of mines
It's a shaft mining pit no.2 of kharkharee colliery of BCCL (CIL) man entry
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5 years to complete sinking the shafts at the new Bakubung Platinum Mine (big construction project)
It will take 5 years to complete sinking the shafts at the new Bakubung Platinum Mine. The deepest shaft is 1 kilometre down. The mine will be ready to begin extracting platinum in 2018. More about Bakubung: Wesizwe's core project is the Bakubung Platinum Mine (formerly known as the Frischgewaagd-Ledig project). The property consists of various portions of the farm Frischgewaagd 96 JQ and Ledig 909 JQ. These two farms are located directly south of the Pilanesberg complex. The project site is situated directly adjacent to the western side of the Royal Bafokeng Platinum Styldrift project and immediately north of Maseve's Project 1, owned in partnership with Canadian group Platinum Group Metals (PTM). These properties are all located on the Western Limb of the mineral-rich Bushveld Igneous Complex in the North West province of South Africa. The Bakubung Platinum Mine will comprise of an underground mine with a twin vertical shaft system - a main shaft and a ventilation shaft which will also function as the second escape route -- and a process plant. The main shaft is planned to have a hoisting capacity of 230 000 tonnes of ore plus 40 000 tonnes of waste per month. Initially the Merensky Reef ore will be mined at the rate of 180 000 tonnes and the UG2 ore will make up the balance of 50 000 tonnes per month. Once the Merensky has been depleted, the full 230 000 tonnes will be generated from UG2 ore. It is anticipated that the annual 4E (3 PGM + Au) production during steady state be around 350 000 ounces. The Merensky Reef will be mined using conventional stoping methods and the UG2 using semi-mechanised methods, also known as hybrid methods. Crushing will be done underground from where the reefs will be separately conveyed to stockpiles at the concentrator plant. The concentrator design has emanated from the results of the test work conducted during the bankable feasibility study and is based on a standard PGM plant layout. Options for collaboration in developing a joint concentrator plant with neighbours Maseve are being investigated to exploit benefits from economies of scale and sharing capital infrastructure costs. [source: http://www.wesizwe.co.za/bakubung.asp] ======================================= www.Concrete.TV Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Concre... Twitter: @_concretetv www.Concrete.TV -- a dynamic blend of broadcast style television and WebTV, covering: news, projects, products, people, countries and events for the concrete and construction industry. ======================================= [5 years to complete sinking the shafts at the new Bakubung Platinum Mine] [http://youtu.be/CQc5CrF_-ZA]
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Autonomous drone flight into a mine stope
Autonomous flight into an underground mine stope to explore and map it in 3D. The Hovermap payload enables this by providing GPS-denied flight and collision avoidance. In this trial the drone was tasked to fly to a set of pre-defined waypoints. It descended only 5m into the stope but still obtained a dense and relatively complete map. In future the drone will autonomously explore the stope to ensure full coverage without the need for pre-defined waypoints.
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shaft sinking
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Underground Mine Hoist Operator
See what it's like to be an Underground Mine Hoist Operator in the mining industry!
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An underground gold mine – Realistic Scenery Volume 9
If you’ve ever wondered what a gold mine looks like from the side then this video is for you! And while we’re at it I’ll step you through every stage of how this awesome diorama was built. The techniques used to build this diorama can be used whether you’re building a huge model railroad or just a tiny little master piece of a model, you can also use these techniques for war gaming scenery however when it comes to sealing the scenery with Woodland Scenics Scenic Cement I’d use it undiluted for extra strength. The hot wire tools I use in the video are supplied from ‘The Hot Wire Foam Factory’ and I’m giving you my 100% honest opinion that these tools are absolutely fantastic! This diorama idea has been on the cards for over 12 months and it was not until I started to use the hot wire tools that I was able to get the results I was after! I highly recommend these tools! If you down here reading these comments…. THANK YOU. I’m glad you’ve been enjoying the videos and don’t forget that if you’d like to help support these videos you can go over to patreon and donate to the channel, I have some perks for different levels of donation. The music used throughout the video is from Epidemic Sound using their YouTube Subscription License and the intro tune is licensed through Premium Beat.
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Inside the Resolution Copper Mine, 1.3 Miles Underground
Mar. 14 -- There are deeper mines in North America than the Resolution mine but none with a single shaft this long. It is a 6,943 foot concrete barrel, 30 feet in diameter bored into the mountain of Arizona and took six years to dig. Bloomberg's Matt Philips journeys toward the center of the earth to check out this engineering marvel. (video by Adam Wolffbrandt)
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We went out recently over Daw Mill Colliery one of the UKs largest coal producers before its closure to see whats now become of this once thriving site. we had a good explore above ground and then started below were we came across a pretty fast flowing underground river! Daw mill colliery history: Daw Mill was the largest mine and biggest producer of coal in its region, located just outside of a town called Nuneaton. It first opened in 1956 with the first shaft being sunk between 1956-1959 and the second sunk between 1969-1971. The mine was a natural extension of former collieries Kingsbury and dexter all of which mined in the five metre Warwickshire coal field known as the Warwickshire thick. After the denationalisation of the coal industry Daw Mill was brought by UKCoal and by 2008 nearly 700 people worked at the mine, it was also this year that Daw Mill produced over 3.25million tons of coal beating a 13 year old record for annual output. However as early as 2009 talks about Daw Mill future had begun with coal prices dropping each year and railway threats to business. In 2009 Daw Mill was rated the most technologically advanced and most productive mine in Europe. The colliery was situated on the Birmingham to nuneaton line just east of the former Shustoke railway station. In 1983 an inclined tunnel linking underground workings with the surface was completed. This drift mining enabled Daw Mill to increase its production capacity as it removed the often time-consuming process of winding coal up the shafts. On record 3 men have been killed at Daw Mill in mining accidents in 2006 and 2007. In 2011 UKCoal was fined 1.2million pounds for safety breaches. On 22nd February 2013 a major fire broke out in the mine 500 metres underground and was described as the worst underground blaze in Britain for 30 years, no one was injured however with the fire unable to be put out for months the damage left behind compared with profits each year was not justified and the mine never re-opened after the fire. Daw Mill was the last remaining colliery in the West Midlands, once operating 20 collieries. Most the the Daw Mill site has now been demolished and the remaining buildings in recent years have really taken a beating from vandals (even last year the remaining buildings were in pretty good shape) unfortunately id never taken my camera before so thought I would this time to film what remains. most of the shoots with the convyer belts are now filled completely with water and only one still has room to get down into, the house remains, power room, a couple of odd sheds and warehouses, and of course all the underground fun. This video will be in 2 parts so keep an eye out for the second part coming soon! if you could drop the page a subscribe and like the video that’ll be much appreciated cheers all!
World's Deepest Mine - Gold Alchemy
South Africa's TauTona mine, real life alchemy, and Halicephalobus Mephisto. Footage from the 2012 documentary, "Down to the Earth's Core". We have travelled into space and looked deep into the universe's depths, but the world beneath our feet remains unexplored and unseen. Now, that's about to change. For the first time in one epic unbroken shot, we embark on an impossible mission - using spectacular computer generated imagery to smash through three thousand miles of solid rock, and venture from our world into the underworld and on to the core of the Earth itself. It's a journey fraught with danger. One thousand feet down we find ourselves inside one of the planet's most volatile places - the San Andreas Fault. Caught between two huge rock slabs, we watch as stress builds and then releases. It unleashes an earthquake and blasts us on towards rivers of molten rock, explosive volcanoes, tears in the Earth's crust and giant tornadoes of liquid metal. But for every danger, there are wonders beyond imagination. Four hundred feet below the surface, a three hundred million year old fossilized forest, with every leaf and every piece of bark perfectly preserved. At one thousand feet down we enter a cave of giant crystals, glistening in deadly 122 degree heat. More than two miles underground we find buried treasure - gold and gems. Deeper still there are valuable resources - salt, oil, coal and iron. And over one hundred miles down we see the sparkling beauty of diamonds. As we descend we piece together our planet's extraordinary story. We rewind time to discover how prehistoric forests became modern-day fuel. 1700 feet down a layer of rock reveals the extraordinary story of the dinosaurs' cataclysmic death. We watch stalactites form and gold grow before our eyes. The deeper we travel into the underworld the more we understand our world above the surface. A bigger picture takes shape - a cycle of destruction and creation, driven by the core that sustains our dynamic planet and makes the Earth the only planet with life in a seemingly lifeless universe. Until, finally, three thousand miles down, we reach the core. Inside it lie the secrets of life as we know it - the magnetic force field that protects life on Earth from the sun's deadly rays, the ancient heat source that keeps our planet alive. Down to the Earth's Core brings the latest science together with breathtaking computer generated imagery. The result is an unmissable journey into an extraordinary world - full of dangers, wonders and secrets. And it's all down there, beneath our feet, right now waiting to be discovered.
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To coal shaft- from surface to the underground train
Short video shows the miner trip to work from surface to underground Schacht fahren Fáranie šachtou do vláčika z pohľadu baníka
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What is SHAFT MINING? What does SHAFT MINING mean? SHAFT MINING meaning & explanation
What is SHAFT MINING? What does SHAFT MINING mean? SHAFT MINING meaning - SHAFT MINING definition - SHAFT MINING explanation. Source: Wikipedia.org article, adapted under https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ license. Shaft mining or shaft sinking is excavating a vertical or near-vertical tunnel from the top down, where there is initially no access to the bottom. Shallow shafts, typically sunk for civil engineering projects differ greatly in execution method from deep shafts, typically sunk for mining projects. When the top of the excavation is the ground surface, it is referred to as a shaft; when the top of the excavation is underground, it is called a winze or a sub-shaft. Small shafts may be excavated upwards from within an existing mine as long as there is access at the bottom, in which case they are called Raises. A shaft may be either vertical or inclined (between 45 and 90 degrees to the horizontal), although most modern mine shafts are vertical. If access exists at the bottom of the proposed shaft and ground conditions allow then raise boring may be used to excavate the shaft from the bottom up, such shafts are called borehole shafts. Shaft Sinking is one of the most difficult of all development methods: restricted space, gravity, groundwater and specialized procedures make the task quite formidable. Historically mine shaft sinking has been among the most dangerous of all mining occupations and the preserve of mining contractors. Today shaft sinking contractors are concentrated in Canada and South Africa. The most visible feature of a mine shaft is the headframe (or winding tower, poppet head or pit head) which stands above the shaft. Depending on the type of hoist used the top of the headframe will either house a hoist motor or a sheave wheel (with the hoist motor mounted on the ground). The headframe will also contain bins for storing ore being transferred to the processing facility. At ground level beneath and around the headframe is the Shaft Collar (also called the Bank or Deck), which provides the foundation necessary to support the weight of the headframe and provides a means for men, materials and services to enter and exit the shaft. Collars are usually massive reinforced concrete structures with more than one level. If the shaft is used for mine ventilation, a plenum space or casing is incorporated into the collar to ensure the proper flow of air into and out of the mine. Beneath the Collar the part of the shaft which continues into the ground is called the Shaft Barrel. At locations where the Shaft Barrel meets horizontal workings there is a Shaft Station which allows men, materials and services to enter and exit the shaft. From the station tunnels (drifts, galleries or levels) extend towards the ore body, sometimes for many kilometers. The lowest Shaft Station is most often the point where rock leaves the mine levels and is transferred to the shaft, if so a Loading Pocket is excavated on one side of the shaft at this location to allow transfer facilities to be built. Beneath the lowest Shaft Station the shaft continues on for some distance, this area is referred to as the Shaft Bottom. A tunnel called a Ramp typically connects the bottom of the shaft with the rest of the mine, this Ramp often contains the mine's water handling facility, called the Sump, as water will naturally flow to the lowest point in the mine. Shafts may be sunk by conventional drill and blast or mechanised means. The industry is gradually attempting to shift further towards shaft boring but a reliable method to do so has yet to be developed. The shaft lining performs several functions; it is first and foremost a safety feature preventing loose or unstable rock from falling into the shaft, then a place for shaft sets to bolt into and lastly a smooth surface to minimise resistance to airflow for ventilation. In North and South America, smaller shafts are designed to be rectangular with timber supports. Larger shafts are round and are concrete lined. Final choice of shaft lining is dependent on the geology of the rock which the shaft passes through, some shafts have several liners sections as required Where shafts are sunk in very competent rock there may be no requirement for lining at all, or just the installation of welded mesh and rock bolts. The material of choice for shaft lining is mass concrete which is poured behind Shaft Forms in Lifts of 6m as the shaft advances (gets deeper).
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Working Together to Get the Right Equipment Underground
The U.S. Gypsum mine in Sperry, Iowa, is more than 620 feet underground and accessible only via shaft, which makes getting equipment in the mine a difficult challenge. When it was time for a new Cat® R1600H loader, U.S. Gypsum turned to local Cat dealer Altorfer, a long-time partner of its surface operation. Once the mine decided on the new loader, Altorfer went to work figuring out the right way to disassemble the machine on the surface, send the hundreds of individual pieces down the shaft, and then re-assemble it underground. It took a partnership to ensure a successful project, with Altorfer engineers, Caterpillar engineers and mine personnel working in close collaboration throughout the process. The mine has since purchased an additional R1600H and Altorfer has developed best practices that are being shared with other dealers around the world.
Underground Forest Of Timbers In Abandoned Mine – Part 1
This abandoned copper mine is one we wanted to visit because we have seen explorers visit the main adit (including Adit Addicts, my exploring buddy for the day), but had never seen that anyone had documented the numerous upper adits of this particular mine. The main section of the mine is quite impressive and it is certainly understandable why explorers focus on it (I cover the ground level as well so that you can have a sense of it too in case this is your first time seeing this mine). In the interest of completeness though, we wanted to cover all that there was to see here. Also, the overlooked abandoned mines or even the overlooked sections of abandoned mines often yield the best historical treasures. I’ll discuss the guts of this mine in more detail when I get to the main section in the next video, but, as I mentioned above, this was a copper mine and, from what we could tell, all of the production took place around the turn of the last century (the 1900s). Apparently, the mine was only active for several years, but they certainly made the most of that time. Although I just explore the ground level in the main section of the mine (in the next video), I will link to other explorers that have visited all of the levels in the main mine so that you can see what it looks like. Teamwork between mine explorers will get all of these old mines explored and documented! The YouTube channel for Adit Addicts can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIXOU8aR7o50X6q2wQ0wbCQ ***** All of these videos are uploaded in HD, so adjust those settings to ramp up the quality! It really does make a difference… You can click here for the full playlist of abandoned mines: https://goo.gl/TEKq9L Thanks for watching! ***** Growing up in California’s “Gold Rush Country” made it easy to take all of the history around us for granted. However, abandoned mine sites have a lot working against them – nature, vandals, scrappers and various government agencies… The old prospectors and miners that used to roam our lonely mountains and toil away deep underground are disappearing quickly as well. These losses finally caught our attention and we felt compelled to make an effort to document as many of the ghost towns and abandoned mines that we could before that niche of our history is gone forever. But, you know what? We enjoy doing it! This is exploring history firsthand – bushwhacking down steep canyons and over rough mountains, figuring out the techniques the miners used and the equipment they worked with, seeing the innovations they came up with, discovering lost mines that no one has been in for a century, wandering through ghost towns where the only sound is the wind... These journeys allow a feeling of connection to a time when the world was a very different place. And I’d love to think that in some small way we are paying tribute to those hardy miners that worked these mines before we were even born. So, yes, in short, we are adit addicts… I hope you’ll join us on these adventures! #ExploringAbandonedMines #MineExploring #AbandonedMines #UndergroundMineExploring
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Exploring the Abandoned Whorehouse and Tunnels at the Wayward Wench Mine
Paul, Chuck, the new guy Brent, and I teamed-up to explore some abandoned mines and an abandoned whorehouse in Nevada. The Wayward Wench Mine had many tunnels of varying depths. We documented as many as we could. Afterward, we stopped off at an abandoned brothel that saw its last paying customer sometime in the early 1990s. Some of the beds and tacky decor were still in place such as velvet headboards and sparkling stucco. Real classy! Enjoy!
shaft sinking part 2/mucking out
mucking a bench after a blast....one clam gets slamed and breaks down leaving only grover's left to muck us out.
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On30 Mine with full underground
We are back to Steve Strbel's On30 railroad so see the fabulous mine area which features a full underground mining operation. While the mine buildings are huge and impressive, the Shoe Kill mine features a head frame with hoist to a lower level where all typical hard rock mining operations can be see. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "The Trains of Santa Cruz California" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nv0S8Sa18mY -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Minecraft: How to Find Abandoned Mine Shaft
Read the description, please! Frequently asked questions/comments: Q: You used Optifine's zoom-in function in order to see the cobweb. A: I get that remark a lot, but I hope you still got the main message in this video: Abandoned mine shafts are easily found at the bottom of oceans. Q: Does your method work on the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft? A: According to YouTube user Cochise Washington and many others, this method is applicable for the Xbox 360 version. I cannot confirm this because I do not have such a gaming console. Q: Why did you not place any torches? A: I was obviously unprepared, but this is a tutorial about finding abandoned mine shafts; this is not a tour of one. Q: What is the seed? A: No idea. This video was made in a very outdated version of Minecraft, meaning the seeds are outdated too. Thanks for your attention.
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SECRET GOLD MINE WITH A LEGENDARY ITEM in Red Dead Redemption 2! 🚩Join my Notification Squad: click the 🔔Bell! 👍 Drop the Video a Like if you enjoy it! 🎮All Social Media: http://Twitter.com/JoblessGarrett http://Instagram.com/JoblessGarrett http://Facebook.com/JoblessGarrett 📱Discord: ​https://discord.gg/joblessgarrett #RDR2 #RedDeadOnline #Gameplay
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Abandoned Mineshafts in Minecraft!
I teach you all about the abandoned mineshafts found underground in Minecraft! Learn more here: http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Abandoned_mine_shaft GET MY NEW POSTER! http://store.omgchad.com ● TWITTER: http://twitter.com/omgchad ● INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/omgchad ● TWITCH: http://twitch.tv/omgchad ● PATREON: http://patreon.com/omgchad ● OMGCHAD: http://youtube.com/omgchad ● EMAIL: [email protected]
Turkey coal mine blast: transformer explodes underground, kills more than 200
More than 200 coal miners are dead and dozens more remain trapped deep underground in Turkey following an explosion and fire inside a mine shaft between 1 to 2 kilometers deep. The explosion was reportedly caused by an electrical fault inside a transformer and is believed to have caused a fire inside the mine shaft. According to the BBC, the blast also triggered a power cut, which made the lifts unusable, leaving hundreds of miners stranded underground. To assist any miners still trapped while rescue efforts are undergoing, CNN reported that officials have turned an outlet pipe into a clean air pipe to allow fresh air to enter places where there is no fire. Thirty workers have been rescued so far but as many as 400 workers may still be underground. According to local newspaper Today's Zaman, mining accidents are common in Turkey, which is plagued by poor safety conditions. The country's worst mining disaster was in 1992, the BBC reported, when 270 miners were killed near Zonguldak on the Black Sea.
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Shaft Mine In Underground
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Amazing Underground Waterfalls in a Flooded, Abandoned Mine
The flooded, abandoned mine in this video features several thousand feet of winding, wet, water-filled workings. During our exploration and documentation of this mine, we came across an impressive waterfall cascading down a timbered and laddered raise. Farther in the mine, we found ourselves at the bottom of a large, wooden headframe with ladders and platforms which had water dripping and trickling down it from upper levels. The amazing footage in this video was originally shot in the spring of 2009. However, I misplaced the memory card that held this footage and only found it recently. The card was still intact, and the footage it contained was pristine as the day it was shot. Enjoy! View and use the information in my videos at your own risk. All abandoned mines (especially the ones in my videos) are very dangerous and should not be entered under any circumstances. Potentially life-threatening, dangerous, or legal decisions and assumptions should not be made based on any information in my videos.
Exhaust type Fan || Mine Air Shaft || Mine Ventilation Fan || Fan House.
Mining Mate is a youtube channel which is meant for mining or mining related queries only. Our sole purpose is to make the people better understood about each and every facts or contents related to coal mining/underground coal mining.we are spreading our knowledge and ideas which is gained during practical training . Our only intent is to make you all very clear about each and every aspects related to mines area. I request you all to visit to our channel once you will definately be benifittedplz do like and subscribe our channel and comment in the comment box ..if you want us to touch any particular topic ...related to coal Mining************ //****Thankyou All**^^////*$
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Calico - Rappelling 150' Omega Mine Shaft
SDME and Underground Explorers explore the Omega Mine in Calico, CA where we find a huge stope room with 10+ stories of timber cribbing and wild miners in their "natural habitat". San Diego Mine Enthusiasts - Documenting and preserving our nations mining history for the education of all. "Embraced, not erased!" Don't try this at home!!
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Discovering the Abandoned Eldorado Gold Mine
In this video, TVR Exploring and I visit the 'Eldorado Mine' in Nevada. This multi-level mine produced primarily gold during the early 1900's. The mine's 250-foot vertical shaft connected the levels together. In this video, we explore the 50-level of the mine. Much of the underground workings are only accessed via the vertical shaft which we did not climb. This mine is in very great shape despite being over 100 years old. The mine features numerous ore chutes, some artifacts and some gut-wrenching winzes (shafts) leading down to the lower levels. I hope you enjoy! #urbex #abandonedmine #mineexploring #abandoned #mining #exploring #desert #travel #history #adit #shaft #underground #minerals #silvermine #goldmine #exploringabandonedmines
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Going Underground in the Mine With Endless Tunnels!
For those of you who like videos where there is a LOT of footage of walking through endless abandoned mine tunnels -- you're going to love this video! I stumbled upon this mine in a remote area of Arizona quite some time ago. Research yielded little information on this mine except that it was a producer of gold and silver. The workings consist of endless tunnels that are intersected by a vertical shaft from higher on the mountain. Because of this, the mine had strong airflow throughout its meandering tunnels. As you may know, strong airflow like that is a good sign that the mine is well-ventilated which reduces the risk of encountering oxygen-deficient air.
🔥 Australia's worst mining disaster Dalyston No 20 Shaft Historical site Wonthaggi
Two significant coal mine disasters took place here at the no 20 Shaft in Dalyston, Victoria, Australia 📌 The first occurred during the first year of operation on the 20th February 1931, when 4 men died underground. Then disaster strikes once again, on the 15th February 1937, in which another 13 men died underground this explosion was so powerful ,it blew the cage out of the shaft some 40 ft above the surface, and hit the poppet head, making this the worst mining disaster in Australia's history. The newspaper of the day "the Canberra Times" can be read from the national archives. (Link Below) 📌 http://trove.nla.gov.au/ndp/del/article/2424471 📌 This second disaster, in which Thirteen miners were killed from the explosion, resulted in a successful national campaign to improve conditions for all Australian miners. So at least some good came from the sad deaths of these miners. May they rest in piece. The Dalyston township today, is nothing more than a few assorted stones and cement slabs laying around, and allotment numbers found on maps of the area. LOT 36 Bass Highway Dalyston VIC 3992
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Soudan Underground Mine State Park (MN) - Shaft #8 cage lift
This is video I shot in the lift house for the cage in shaft #8 in the Soudan Underground Mine that tourists take to go a half-mile underground for the mine tour. The mine became a Minnesota State Park after US Steel donated the mine to the State of Minnesota.
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Deep Underground in the Dangerous Palmetto Mine
We found ourselves underground again in a sketchy, collapsing California talc mine called the Palmetto Mine. It has a 75-foot vertical winze deep inside the mine which Paul descended. The mine also features a well-preserved and rather unusual looking ore bin and chute outside the mine. Because the Palmetto Mine was a talc mine, we also saw our fair share of collapses and near-collapses while in the tunnels. Definitely a very dangerous mine -- like all talc mines are.
Mine Shaft
Camping with Tim, and a quartz lined mine shaft in Rose Valley, Ca. (Several miles north east of Big Bear.) There were ruins of several old shanty like buildings just outside the mineshaft where we were camping.
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English/Nat Rescue workers have started the grim task of lifting the bodies of at least 100 men killed in a gold mine accident in South Africa. They died on Wednesday when a locomotive plunged onto an elevator cage carrying workers on the night shift at the mine in Orkney. Some of the dead are thought to be from neighbouring countries, including Mozambique. Bodies are being brought up from the mine shaft in Orkney, where some 100 gold miners plunged to their deaths after a train fell on top of their elevator. Miners watched in shock as rescue workers carried mangled bodies and pieces of bodies wrapped in wool blankets out of the mine. Witnesses at the scene said survivors seemed impossible, since the two-floor lift fell 1.4 miles (2 kms) below the surface. The accident at the mine happened at the end of the night shift when workers piled into the elevator for the long ride to the surface. The elevator cable snapped and the cage fell to the bottom of the shaft - 2-thousand-3-hundred meters below the surface - where it was squashed to half its normal size by the weight of the locomotive. SOUNDBITE: "These two vehicles plunging down the shaft caught up with the cage, hit it with such intensity that the rope detached from the cage and the cage, fully loaded fell some 450 meters down the shaft to the bottom." SUPERCAPTION: Dick Fisher, Regional general manager President Nelson Mandela expressed shock at the accident. SOUNDBITE: "Apart from regretting the incident, I think we should suspend any firm comment until all the facts have been fully put before us." SUPERCAPTION: Nelson Mandela, South African President Union leaders called for an independent investigation, including foreign experts, to determine the cause. SOUNDBITE: The pointers already are very clear that there was gross negligence...It is a requirement that when a shift is hoisted there must be no loco in the shaft area." SUPERCAPTION: Mantege Kwete, National Union of Mineworkers Officials are saying it looks like human error caused the accident since the locomotive went through a safety barrier. South Africa is the leading gold producer and has some of the deepest mines in the world. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/67cfe585c2ef97b650e68ba71cd4a53f Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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South Africa-Johannesburg-Gold Reef City-Gold Mine Tour
At Gold Reef City Theme Park, you can descend down a 220m Gold Mine shaft with a guided underground tour, also watch a 12.5kg gold pour.
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Riding a mantrip in an underground mine in 4K
Here is a look at what riding a man trip into a coal mine looks like. At this particular mine, coal miners ride an elevator 600 feet down into the earth. Once there, they hop onto man trips which are diesel vehicles on train tracks. They will drive on these vehicles for several minutes up to an hour to get to the location of where they'll be working for the day. I've been underground a few times but have grown a huge respect for these workers after seeing first hand the hard work they do underground every day.
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The Nevada Searchlight Mine: Underground Exploration
We returned to the Nevada Searchlight Mine in order to explore the underground workings. The previous visit was a surface exploration of the many structures at the mine. We accessed the Nevada Searchlight Mine by climbing down the ladders in the 900-foot deep vertical shaft. This let us access the 100-level and the 200-level. Many artifacts are still in the mine including a few functioning ore carts, a miners' telephone, control panels, old signage, old tools, miners' graffiti and artwork, tobacco tins, etc.. We saw it all, and it's included in the video. Video filmed in summer 2011.
Water down an elevator mine shaft.
Looking down at water in an elevator shaft in an underground mine.
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A Year to Remember 1932: Coal Mining, Underground Mining, Australia
Miners, men digging in coal mines with picks, men & horses push wagons of coal in mine shaft, underground coal mines, men sorting coal on conveyor belts in mine shaft. ***** License this footage at Framepool: https://footage.framepool.com/en/shot/893712323 ***** Check out the Year to Remember Collection by Cinesound-Movietone: https://footage.framepool.com/en/collections/A-Year-To-Remember/
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