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Carlsberg – Build the Danish Way Episode Two – Good Foundations
Good foundations are critical if you want to build something that lasts. Ben the architect and his crew of Master Builders share the art of building the Danish way with our six strangers. If they wish to succeed, they will have to divide into two teams… At the end of day one, will they conquer?
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All foundations for Horns Rev 3 in place – Vattenfall
The 49 foundations, which are to carry Denmark's largest wind farm, Horns Rev 3, are now in place in the North Sea north-west of Blåvands Huk on the Danish west coast. The last foundation was piled into the seabed just after New Year and the construction process of the farm is on schedule.
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BARSLUND: Off-shore demolition of wind turbine foundations | 4K
Contractor, Barslund A/S, off-shore demolition of wind turbine foundations in Denmark.
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Copenhague Boys Choir(Denmark) - Canite Tuba in Sion.wmv
From Palestrina The Copenhagen Boys Choir, also known as The Copenhagen Royal Chapel Choir is one of Scandinavia's oldest choral foundations and one which is richly steeped in tradition. The high artistic standard which has characterized the choir for 75 years has been achieved by means of the unique vocal training the choristers receive at Sankt Annæ Gymnasium (St. Anne's Gymnasium), The Copenhagen Municipal Choir School, and from the choir's duties at Copenhagen Cathedral (The Church of Our Lady). The choir has gained an international reputation through its interpretation of the works of the major composers of the renaissance and baroque eras in particular and of 20th century choral music for boys' and men's voices. COPENHAGEN ROYAL CHAPEL CHOIR gives a considerable number of concerts in Denmark and all over the world. COPENHAGEN ROYAL CHAPEL CHOIR was founded by Mogens Wöldike in 1924 after a visit to Copenhagen by the famous Thomanerchor, the boys' choir of St. Thomas Church, Leipzig, Bach's own choir. Already from the start the aim of the choir was to perform choral music written for boys' and men's voices from the Middle Ages to the 20th century. On Carl Nielsen's warmest recommendation the City Council of Copenhagen in 1929 established a Choir School for the boys, the present Sankt Annæ Gymnasium. In this way the members of the choir were guaranteed a comprehensive, thorough vocal training and musical education as an integral part of their school curriculum. Each year Sankt Annæ Gymnasium recruits new pupils with vocal and musical ability from eight-year-old school children in and around Copenhagen. Today the Choir School also houses Sankt Annæ Pigekor (St. Anne's Girls' Choir) and Sankt Annæ Gymnasiekor (St. Anne's Gymnasium Choir). Until 1959 COPENHAGEN ROYAL CHAPEL CHOIR was permanently attached to Christiansborg Slotskirke (The Chapel of Chistiansborg Castle), but since then the choir has been giving regular concerts every Friday evening in Copenhagen Cathedral throughout the main season, and the boys have also been singing at High Mass and Vespers in the Cathedral. Because of its connection with both Sankt Annæ Gymnasium and Copenhagen Cathedral the choir is the oldest representative in Scandinavia of something as fundamental in European choral music as the Cathedral School Tradition. The Boys of Our Lady's Church flourished especially in the 16th and 17th centuries when they were also part of the Copenhagen Royal Chapel Choir. The richness of this period's musical life is also reflected in the repertoire of the Boys' Choir at the present time. In the same way COPENHAGEN ROYAL CHAPEL CHOIR today often performs in connection with the Royal Family's major festivities, at State Visits abroad as well as at many other official arrangements and cultural campaigns of significance. Since 1998 the choir has with the permission of Her Majesty the Queen been able to append the title Copenhagen Royal Chapel Choir to its name, and in accordance with the choir's traditions, this title is now its English name. Over the years the choir has gained a reputation for being one of the finest of its type and it has given concerts in all parts of the world and at innumerable international music festivals. Its repertoire is comprehensive, ranging from commissioned works by leading composers of our time (Poul Ruders, Bernhard Lewkovitch, Per Nørgaard, Vagn Holmboe and Palle Mikkelborg) back to the earliest polyphony. The choir has also taken part in productions for radio and television both in Denmark and in other countries, and the many CDs which the choir has made on labels such as EMI, Decca, Vanguard, Chandos, Kontrapunkt and Danica Records (OH) have all contributed to its distinguished international reputation. Since 1991 Ebbe Munk has been the choir's artistic and administrative director. (Wikipedia) http://www.kdk.dk/kdk/
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How To Access the $60 Billion Available Among Danish Foundations
View more details at http://peoplehelpingpeopleclub.com
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Jan De Nul Group - Construction foundations OWF Kriegers Flak (Belgium)
Jan De Nul Group and Smulders joined forces to build two Gravity Based Foundations (GBFs) for the high voltage station of the Danish offshore wind farm Kriegers Flak. Both foundations consist of a concrete part (GBF) and a steel structure on top. Jan De Nul Group was responsible for the design and construction of the concrete GBF, while Smulders took care of the design and construction of the steel shafts and decks placed on top. Jan De Nul Group is now in charge of the installation of both GBFs, the ballasting and the placement of scour protection in the offshore wind farm Kriegers Flak in Denmark.
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How To Access the $60 Billion Available Among Danish Foundations
View more details at http://www.fundmybiz.us
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Denmark Re-Created In Minecraft - (Holy Crap!)
Denmark Re-Created Their Entire Country In Minecraft: http://kotaku.com/denmark-re-created-their-entire-country-in-minecraft-1567267859 Two Men Have Created The Entire Country Of Denmark In Minecraft: http://www.gameinformer.com/b/news/archive/2014/04/24/two-men-have-created-the-entire-country-of-denmark-in-minecraft.aspx Download The Denmark Map http://download.kortforsyningen.dk/content/danmarks-frie-geodata-i-minecraftverden Follow Mike on Twitter: https://twitter.com/MikeColangelo
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Natural Makeup Routine | okaysage
hi everyone! this is my everyday natural makeup tutorial :) recently, i got rid of my eyelash extensions and they legit pulled out all of my real lashes, so i can kinda only do natural makeup looks now lmao.... PRODUCTS MENTIONED: - giorgio armani luminous silk foundation - laura mercier transluscent loose powder - lime crime venus palette (the shade "aura") - tatcha luminous dewy skin mist - anastasia beverly hills brow wiz - e.l.f. cosmetics clear brow mascara - maybelline the falsies mascara SOCIAL MEDIA: instagram: @gtfosage twitter: @gtfosage snap: sagetullis business inquires only: [email protected] if you didn't know... my name is Sage (aka okaysage) and I love makeup, fashion, and beauty videos! my most popular videos are my everyday makeup tutorial , tumblr girl tutorial, and my get ready with me's :) my FAVEE youtubers are maddi bragg, rosiecheeksandfreckles, suede brooks, truebeutie, and sydney carlson!! have a great day ily all so much .xxx BYEEE! - extra tags for video/channel (ignore): natural makeup, back to school makeup, makeup tutorial, soft grunge, glowy skin, natural glow, everyday makeup, daily tumblr makeup, high school makeup tutorial, get ready with me.
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Sets in Homotopy Type Theory by Bas Spitters (Aarhus University, Denmark)​
Talk at: FOMUS 2016. For all Talks and more information, slides etc. see: http://fomus.weebly.com/ Sets in Homotopy Type Theory by Bas Spitters (Aarhus University, Denmark)​ We consider 0-types, so-called hsets, in the univalent foundation. We show that they satisfy the categorical axioms of a structural set theory with natural numbers, dependent (co)products, image factorizations, quotients, the axiom of description and (large) power sets. Technically 0-types form a (predicative) topos. Using classical logic, we even have a model of Lawvere set theory. In conclusion, we retrieve the set theoretic foundations with the univalent foundations. This may be viewed in the light of Voevodsky's simplicial set model which shows that conversely the univalent foundations may be modeled in ZFC (or Lawvere) set theory. This is based on the article: Egbert Rijke and Bas Spitters. "Sets in homotopy type theory." Mathematical Structures in Computer Science 25.05 (2015): 1172-1202. http://journals.cambridge.org/abstract_S0960129514000553 This workshop was organised with the generous support of the Association for Symbolic Logic (ASL), the Association of German Mathematicians (DMV), the Berlin Mathematical School (BMS), the Center of Interdisciplinary Research (ZiF), the Deutsche Vereinigung für Mathematische Logik und für Grundlagenforschung der Exakten Wissenschaften (DVMLG), the German Academic Merit Foundation (Stipendiaten machen Programm), the Fachbereich Grundlagen der Informatik of the German Informatics Society (GI) and the German Society for Analytic Philosophy (GAP).
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Jan Gehl on changing mindsets about urban planning and living
Jan Gehl, Professor of Urban Design at the School of Architecture at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, and founding partner of Gehl Architects - Urban Quality Consultants, gave insightful talk at the Opening Plenary of the EFC AGA and Conference in Copenhagen on 31 May. After screening his short film, "The Human Scale", which showed a global panorama of cities, the challenges they face, and some solutions, Mr Gehl shared his view of the importance of the good city for the cities today and for the future. His main point was that the best thing foundations can do is to change mindsets of people who can then go and make change in their local environments. He gave the example of New York City, where he helped to change city planners' ways of thinking when it came to making cities people friendly. Various stakeholders in New York City then went on to transform key locations, such as Times Square, into places meant for people, rather than cars.
Denmark and UNDP Work Together For Development
Denmark is an important partner for UNDP. In 2014, Denmark was UNDP’s 7th core contributor with 60,142,154 USD. This important partnership provides us with the foundations for a fit-for purpose organization and critical resources to implement our development mandate and our Strategic Plan. Denmark funds 100 projects through direct funding and 2637 projects through UNDP Regular Resources.
HEAR: "After I was deported from Denmark, they put me in Busmantsi..."
Find more at www.hear.farbg.eu This production is part of the project “HEAR: Hearing Entails Awareness and Rights” of the Foundation for Access to Rights – FAR (http://hear.farbg.eu). The project has been supported by the European Programme for Integration and Migration (EPIM), a collaborative initiative of the Network of European Foundations (NEF). The sole responsibility for the content lies with FAR.
Bjarke Ingels on his favorite architecture in Copenhagen
Get inspired by famous Danish architect Bjarke Ingels of the Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) lists his favorite 5 areas around Copenhagen, Denmark with great Danish architecture. More here; http://visitdenmark.com/danish-architecture More Denmark? Like us: https://www.facebook.com/denmark Follow us: http://instagram.com/govisitdenmark Tweet with us: https://twitter.com/visitdenmark Watch us: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=visitdenmark A huge thanks to all our Instagram contributors; @sydneymluken, @taiklan, @li_na_bo, @dave_brown, @phyler, @kimahmphotographer, @gittestark, @s1000, @astridkbh, @insta_justitia_1497, @scandinaviantravelgirl, @marrytheworld, @camillajagger, @miladify, @mhbcu, @rachelpfletcher, @scandinavia181magazine, @tivolicph, tobiasgrau, @wildricks, @caspersoeby, @carla_beans, @astridcph, @trineklein, @mmhenriksen, @tejlgaard, @rasmusrunner, @le_phamme, @fienielsen_, @trixlovv, @anneoesterby, @sofie_holmgren, @infootus, @mayanoergaard, @theolyngby, @iverina, @artemisvoyage, @luisianamuseum, @carohoeck, @hiestelle, @taiga240
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Denmark is the happiest nation(from ABC), because it is closer to Bible economics (read the notes)
Denmark scholars explicitly state that Christianity is the origin of many of its values, institutions, etc. "Compared with most other countries in the world, Denmark's societal institutions and popular mentality have been shaped by Christianity to an exceptional degree... religion is more firmly entrenched in Danish society than in many other countries....The Church of Denmark...has nearly 80% of the population as members." denmark.dk/en/society/religion/ Secular education uses propaganda to rob people (even Danish commenters below) of facts that even atheist scholars admit: "Everything good in Western civilization, from individual liberty to the arts, is due to Christianity." - Murray Rothbard This is like teaching relativity but attributing it to Darwin instead of Einstein. "28% of Danish citizens responded that "they believe there is a God", 47% responded that "they believe there is some sort of spirit or life force" and 24% responded that "they do not believe there is any sort of spirit, God or life force". Another poll, carried out in 2008, found that 25% of Danes believe Jesus is the son of God, and 18% believe he is the Savior of the world.[3] en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Religion_in_Denmark When Bible principles are followed, even secular research foundations like Blue Zones show they brings happiness and health to life (see www.bluezones.com or quest.bluezones.com). These Bible factors are big reasons Denmark is #1 in happiness and #1 in peace (http://travel.amerikanki.com/most-peaceful-countries-in-the-world/) or close to it year after year after year. There are ~20+ biblical principles on economics. Denmark follows a number of them even better than America. That is a key ingredient to their happiness. http://www.truth-is-life.org/jubileeeconomics.html Basically, the Bible advocated either: 1A) Distribution of all land and natural resources, since these were created by God and not any human being. The Bible repeatedly instructed Israel to give every family permanent land in Joshua 13-18, Ezekiel 45-6 and other places. When kings such as Solomon did this in 1 Kings 4:25, it brought great peace and safety to all. Concentration of wealth dramatically increases corruption, bribery and the ability of a few elite to control media companies and education and brain wash people which is precisely why American founders feared it worse than invading armies. AFTER land is shared fairly, THEN the free market takes over and those who work hard can get rich, but all can take care of their basic needs. This was the Jubilee system that God gave Israel (VERY briefly). 1B) If the land is not divided fairly as is ideal, then God required pagan nations to guarantee the basic needs of the poor (Daniel 4:25). Kids and a few others need full support. Adults should be supported in ways to make them self-sufficient as soon as possible, never for no work done. Many ancient nations/tribes and 1000s of great thinkers agree that these are the only 2 ethical economic systems and they are the only ones that prevent many societal ills. Capitalism, communism and most forms of socialism refuse to recognize these principles.. Denmark, Sweden and some others are doing B with free education, free health care, etc. America isn't currently doing EITHER A or B and so is having big problems. 2) Danes don't make materialism the #1 idol as many nations do. People are much more important. The Bible says repeatedly that greed is the root of all evil and we can see this in many situations all throughout history causing much destruction, including millions of kids dying every year these days because of capitalism. Dr. Woodberry has completed the most rigorous study so far and shown that protestant missionaries are by far the #1 factor in bringing democracy and freedom to countries around the world. See: https://www.disciplenations.org/media/CT-Article-On-Missionaries-And-Global-Democracy.pdf http://isites.harvard.edu/fs/docs/icb.topic965299.files/Woodberry%20APSR%202011.pdf Christianity pioneered economic rights as well as many human rights and a good deal of morals and stopped many abuses as well 1000s of years before science figured out why they were important. Bible principles add ~10 years to life and increase, happiness, success, mental stability, marriage quality and other things. www.truth-is-life.org/GoodLifeEvidence.html http://www.heritage.org/research/reports/1996/01/bg1064nbsp-why-religion-matters http://www.heritage.org/research/reports/2006/12/why-religion-matters-even-more-the-impact-of-religious-practice-on-social-stability See also: "How Christianity Changed the World" by Dr. Alvin Schmidt http://www.amazon.com/Christianity-Changed-World-Alvin-Schmidt/dp/0310264499/ and The Book That Made Your World http://books.google.co.kr/books?id=9RPKxPNYa1UC and Stay Free (Part 5 - How Christianity Changed The World I) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U5RawppkXNU http://www.tektonics.org/scim/sciencemony.htm
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HRH Princess Marie of Denmark //40th birthday//
Marie Agathe Odile, Her Royal Highness Princess of Denmark, Countess of Monpezat, was born on 6 February 1976 in Paris, France. The Princess’s parents are Alain Cavallier and Françoise Grassiot, married on 14 June 1975 and subsequently divorced. Alain Cavallier is the former co-owner of an advertising agency and has retired. Françoise Grassiot is the owner of the hotel “Chateau de la Vernède”. On 7 November 1987 she married Christian Grassiot, a financial adviser. The Princess has four half-brothers, Benjamin and Gregory Grandet, both born in Switzerland, and Charles and Edouard Cavallier, both born in Paris. Like the Princess, all four half-brothers grew up in Paris. Prior to marrying HRH Prince Joachim, Princess Marie was a French citizen and belonged to the Roman-Catholic Church. In connection with the marriage, the Princess joined the Evangelical Lutheran Church and became a Danish citizen. On 24 May 2008, Marie Cavallier married HRH Prince Joachim of Denmark and, inconnection with the wedding, became HRH Princess Marie, Countess of Monpezat. The wedding ceremony took place in Møgeltønder Church, and the wedding banquet was held at Schackenborg Castle. HH Prince Henrik Carl Joachim Alain, born on 4 May 2009, and HH Princess Athena Marguerite Françoise Marie born on 24 January 2012 The Princess attended primary school in Paris in the years 1981-1989. In 1989, she moved to Beau-Soleil International Boarding School in Villars, Switzerland and stayed there until the upper secondary examination in June 1993. The Princess studied international business and economics at Babson College, Boston, Massachusetts, USA (1995-1997) and economics at university in Genève (1994-1995). The Princess has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Marymount Manhattan College, New York (1997-1999). During her years of study, the Princess worked at Estee Lauder in Paris as an assistant to the public relations manager in the summer of 1994 and as an assistant to the managing director of ING Numismatic Group SA in Genève, Switzerland in the summer of 1997. In addition to pursuing university studies, the Princess taught French. After having completed university studies, the Princess worked at the advertising agency DoubleClick Inc. in New York as an international marketing co-ordinator. In 2002, the Princess moved back to Paris and worked in the press department of the French advertising agency Media Marketing. In 2004, the Princess became an assistant to the managing director of the Reuters financial news agency’s Radianz in Genève. From January 2005 until her marriage to Prince Joachim, the Princess worked as an executive secretary in ING Numismatic Group SA. The Princess’s mother tongue is French. She also speaks Danish, English, Italian and Spanish. Princess Marie is patron of a great many national organisations, institutions, and foundations, and is an honorary member of various associations and societies.
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Foundations for oily/combination skin
The foundations that i have talked about in this video are Estee lauder Double wear Laura Mercier Silk cream foundation Revlon colorstay Mac fluid fix Make sure you check out my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/SuperMakeupish-Samiksha-Danish/204131023008540?ref=tn_tnmn Twitter at http://twitter.com/#!/Supermakeupish
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Country of Denmark Recreated in Minecraft - The Know
Denmark's Ministry of Environment has recreated the entire country in Minecraft and made it available for players and educators to tour and modify. Get 50% off your first Nature Box order: http://bit.ly/OYBOxc List of Ministry Servers (scroll down): http://gst.dk/emner/frie-data/minecraft/spil-her/ Download 10km Blocks of Denmark (sign-up required): http://download.kortforsyningen.dk/content/danmarks-frie-geodata-i-minecraftverden Need to Use an Old Version of Minecraft? Under "Edit Profile" in the launcher, you can select which version of the game to use. News By: Ashley Jenkins Hosted By: Ashley Jenkins Music By: @EvGres at EpicWins.com Rooster Teeth: http://roosterteeth.com/ Achievement Hunter: http://achievementhunter.com RT Store: http://roosterteeth.com/store/ Subscribe to The Know Channel: http://bit.ly/1kCYEoz Subscribe to the RT Channel: http://bit.ly/13y3Gum Subscribe to the Let's Play Channel: http://bit.ly/11ac5D0 Subscribe to the Game Fails Channel: http://bit.ly/15RbCXV Subscribe to the Slow Mo Guys Channel: http://bit.ly/OqINYx
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Science and Society - How do we improve investments in science? The model of Denmark
A fundamental aspect of science is how do we fund it. The Spanish science funding system presents some defects. Should the government take full responsibility for increasing investments in science? Could we improve the system using Denmark as a model? Here I present to you the data and a proposal. Sources: Spanish R&D figures: http://www.ine.es/dyngs/INEbase/es/categoria.htm?c=Estadistica_P&cid=1254735976151 Danish R&D figures: https://www.dst.dk/da/Statistik/nyt/NytHtml?cid=23482 Danish Foundations' law (and modification): https://www.retsinformation.dk/Forms/R0710.aspx?id=175473 Important Danish foundations: http://novonordiskfonden.dk/en www.carlsbergfondet.dk/en
Frederik & Mary  open the Mary Foundations latest project "Club Trick" (2013)
17 September 2013 / Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary participate in the introduction of the Mary Foundation's project 'Klubfidusen' (Club Trick) in Bagsvaerd Football Club, Bagsvaerd Main Road 86-90, Bagsvaerd.
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Stone foundation repair (& floor) part 5 of 6 (Mike Haduck)
I patch up a concrete/stone foundation and ready a concrete floor for new carpet, I show some old school white washing, All my videos are my ways and ideas, always seek professional advice for any work.
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Delivery of a Modular Cleanroom Facility in Denmark
Clean Modules Ltd - http://www.cleanmodules.co.uk The modular cleanroom facility was designed and constructed in the United Kingdom, while in Denmark the foundations were prepared. This resulted into a considerable time and cost saving compared to traditional cleanroom solutions.
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5 Countries Most Likely To Leave The EU
In many ways the British vote to leave the European Union during their referendum on the 23rd of June, 2016 was the first crack in the foundations of the EU. However the question remains, will there be other fissures in this political institution? These are the five countries that are most likely to leave the European Union. SUBSCRIBE to Top Lists: http://bit.ly/1L6oSup 10 Most Iconic T-Shirts Of All Time - http://bit.ly/29iiuVJ 5 People Who Survived Your Worst Nightmares - http://bit.ly/29JmBum 10 Inventors Killed By Their Own Inventions - http://bit.ly/298lqIL ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Like us on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1KFduoO Follow Top Lists on Twitter: http://bit.ly/1OzsRG5 5 Countries Most Likely To Leave The EU
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Stiesdal TetraSpar Floating Offshore Wind Foundation test | Tests
DTU Wind Energy, DHI and Stiesdal Offshore Technology A/S are currently testing Henrik Stiesdal’s TetraSpar floating foundation concept in the offshore wave basin at DHI in Denmark. Please view this video for a sneak peak of the test. For further information about the test, please visit this link http://www.offshorewind.biz/2017/06/15/stiesdal-tetraspar-floating-offshore-wind-foundation-put-to-the-test/
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Frederik & Mary Official Visit to the USA (2011) - 2
19-25 October 2011 / Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary make an official visit to USA (New York and Boston) . News from American and Australian Media.
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The Danish Hydrocarbon Research and Technology Centre at DTU
New knowledge and new technology are required to increase the extraction of oil and gas from existing fields in the North Sea. This challenge is now being taken up by a new national research centre: The Danish Hydrocarbon Research and Technology Centre at DTU. Apart from identifying new technological and conceptual solutions that boost oil and gas extraction, the goal of the research centre is to provide the framework for international research, and to lay the foundations for relevant, research-based study programmes with the potential to support interdisciplinary and interdepartmental research programmes. http://www.oilgas.dtu.dk/english
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Brazil Protests Danish Inhumanity: Capoeira-Roda July 3 2007
Martial Artists Protest Danish Human Rights Violations at Parliament Yesterday, July 3, 2007, in the plaza before the Danish Parliament near the ancient Borsen stockmarket (click its image at left to see film of protest), a group of martial artists protested "softly" against Denmark's current and past history of human rights violations. They performed Capoeira forms, a martial arts developed by Caribbean and Latin American slaves and their descendents, in a very similar way the Japanese underclass, forbidden to posses weapons, developed their range of martial arts of using the body as a weapon and for spiritual and cultural practice. Capoeira encorporates martial arts with a unique flavor of African dance and music. In 2005, representatives from the west-Indies African-Caribbean Reparations and Resettlement Alliance (ACRRA), who are descendents of Africans sold into slavery by Denmark, came to Copenhagen, asking for an official government apology. The petition was rejected by the Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen administration. Denmark, through its unique maritime and commerce history, actually grew into one of the world's wealthiest and most prolific slave traders, despite the reputation Great Britain and the US has. As well, the Capoeira dancers yesterday protested other issues few understand in the slave-trade cases connected to the former Danish west Indies. Included was the sale of the Virgin Islands held by Denmark to the United States. In effect the people on those islands re-experienced "being sold." This year marks the 90th anniversary of that event. On July 3, 1848, the brutal conditions the Danes enforced on the African inhabitants of St. Croix and St. Thomas prompted a rebellion that eventually forced Danish governor, Peter von Scholten, to sign a sort of emancipation proclamation. He had no other choice since the islands were so far away from Denmark and the local economy was about to collapse. One of the many issues ACRRA has with Denmark, is how the history books do not reflect the actual events, glorifying instead this unprecedented Danish "liberation" of slaves on the small islands. Brazilian-born martial arts Master Rui, and some of his Danish students performed their "Capoeira-Roda" in front of Denmark's parliament to remind Danes not only of the past and it's current effects in many regions of the world, including Brazil, but more significantly, according to Rui, the pressing issues of discrimination which Denmark engages in now. He points to the 2006 report (actually the third such report against Denmark) from the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) and a similar one by the European Coalition of Cities Against Racism, quite critical of Denmark's racist treatment of ethnic and religious minorities at home. Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen, a very good friend of US President George Bush, has reacted aggressively against these many reports coming from all directions. On March 16, 2006, he spoke before National TV-2, stating, "The report is so filled with mistakes that it would be ludicrous to take it seriously." (source: http://nyhederne-dyn.tv2.dk/baggrund/article.php/id-4135077.html). Most who are familiar with the foundations to these reports' strong admonishment of current Danish behaviors against its minorities suggest that in effect, the Danish government is pulling the wool over everyone's eyes through a very a intelligent rewriting of the facts by a good PR machine. In a way, according to Rui and others involved with the Capoeira-Roda protest, this painfully echoes with the false history of the slaves' emancipation by Governor von Scholten in 1848. Denmark enjoys a special relationship with America. Approximately 10% of its population has emigrated to the US. In the short clip of the protest I filmed yesterday, July 3, 2007, you will see the Danish Parliamentary castle (Christiansborg). As the film goes 180 degres around, you will notice the huge statue of King Frederik VII on his bronze horse behind the Capoeira dancers. He reigned in Denmark until 1863... an interesting date, since that was when President Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation. Paradoxically, Denmark was one of the first nations to make slavery illegal on home soil in Europe, in a 1792 law that went into effect 10 years later, however the black market from Denmark flourished long after despite the legislation, and slavery continued in the colonies, like the Virgin Islands. You can access the YouTube film by clicking here or the image above. Master Rui, a Brazilian trained at Copacabana in Rio de Janeir, Brazil, teaches at the Capoeira Gruppen Senzala in Copenhagen. URL to the Capoeira demonstration, and a unique view of Copenhagen on a gorgeous day: http://youtube.com/watch?v=V1X2odyjTqA You can also click on the Borsen stock market image above. Below is the petition from the Danish National Institute for Human Rights: April 11, 2005 Whereas the U.S. Virgin Islands was formerly the Danish West Indies under the rule of the Kingdom of Denmark, Whereas during the period of 1671 to 1848, people of Africa were unjustly transported to the Danish West Indies by trading companies under the authority of the King of Denmark, and were forced into chattel slavery, Whereas the Kingdom of Denmark derived great wealth from the institution of slavery in the Danish West Indies, Whereas, the people of the U.S. Virgin Islands suffered economic, psychological, social and emotional harm during the period of slavery in the Danish West Indies, Whereas, elements of the institutions of slavery and the harms caused thereby continued after 1848, Whereas in 1917, for $25,000,000 in gold bouillon, the Kingdom of Denmark sold the Danish West Indies to the United States of America without consulting the descendants of the enslaved Africans, Whereas it is important that both the people of the Kingdom of Denmark and the people of the U.S. Virgin Islands acknowledge this shared history, Whereas it is also important that both the people of the Kingdom of Denmark and the people of the U.S. Virgin Islands create from this shared history, a shared future that is mutually beneficial, Whereas to that end, in collaboration with Virgin Islands Danish Apprenticeship (VIDA) program, a delegation from the U.S. Virgin Islands under the auspices of the African-Caribbean Reparations and Resettlement Alliance (ACRRA) traveled to the Kingdom of Denmark during the week of April 6-11, 2005, and met with the Danish Institute of Human Rights (DIHR), to engage in discussions on how the people of the U.S Virgin Islands and the people of the Kingdom of Denmark may enhance the relationship between them, Whereas the ACRRA delegation and DIHR have found these discussions to be constructive and useful, Whereas, in this context the parties have come to determine that reparations comprise education, restoration and reconciliation, Now therefore: 1. ACRRA and DIHR have determined that it is worthwhile to continue the examination of the matters discussed in these meetings, 2. ACRRA and DIHR hereby agree to establish a Joint Task Force to examine the question of reparations between the people of the Kingdom of Denmark and the people of the U.S Virgin Islands with respect to the institution of slavery. 3. The members of the Joint Task Force shall be nominated in equal numbers by ACRRA and DIHR, with provision for observers. 4. The head of ACRRA and the head of DIHR, or their designee shall co-chair the joint task force. 5. The Joint Task Force shall examine initiatives in education, restoration and reconciliation, which may include among other things, historical and other research projects, conferences, lecture series, cultural and other exchanges, and such other initiatives as the Joint Task Force may deem appropriate. 6. The Joint Task Force shall present a plan of action to ACRRA and DIHR within a period of no more than one hundred and eighty (180) days. linked to, please go to http://www.gather.com/viewArticle.jsp?articleId=281474977047175
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Better Life Foundation | Episode 04 | The Curious Case of CBI
A documentary crew follows a group of five passionate NGO workers and a reluctant volunteer, trying to make the world a better place. In this episode, two unexpected guests visit the NGO and Neil tries using a telephone. Does Political Science involve cooking? Can someone go to jail for sharing a cartoon? What kind of food can one expect at a sixteen course buffet? Find out in Episode 4 of Better Life Foundation! Check out Them Boxer Shorts here: https://www.youtube.com/user/themboxershorts
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Piling being driven at Lake Denmark
Green Heron Docks: The Green Machine driving a piling at Lake Denmark in New Jersey
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European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre – Suction Bucket Foundations
Find out more about the innovative suction bucket foundations at EOWDC off the coast of Aberdeen
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Finish 5 by Cinco De Mayo | Update #2 (DANISH)
* O P E N F O R M O R E I N F O * P R O D U C T S : 1. Loréal Perfect Match foundation - N2 Vanilla 2. Elf cream blush - St. Lucia (In The conturing blush and bronzing cream) 3. Maybeline Color Tattoo - Ethernal Gold 4. My Colour Work shop - Purple lipstick (DONE) 5. Sultan White Pearl Parfume INTRO : https://youtu.be/0-XP6xVIG5g UPDATE 1 (ENGLISH): https://youtu.be/dJnOou62CFA UPDATE 1 (DANISH): https://youtu.be/5UZxq0ZBwLI O T H E R V I D E O S : Playlist for Pan that palette & Project pans 2016: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQ43InrCevDkPHk56no8WZtrJVRgh-8wc Decluttering Intro | Makeup (Danish) : https://youtu.be/uHXYutRFaKY Playliste til Pan that palette & project pan 2015 (danish) : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQ43InrCevDnJSJykwO7jUT39ccULi8t7 F A V O R I T E PP P E O P L E : Cherrish : https://www.youtube.com/user/PrettyPistol86 Andrea : https://www.youtube.com/user/DolledUpDaisy24 Kitty : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC55ae24HhQ5ii5DfTO_Gzlw?spfreload=10 Bethany : https://www.youtube.com/user/GlamourWithGrace Courtney : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCp_Ay_HBALyO1xOOsRSNvQ Amber : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCek9Y_cUU5G0D1wAO6lsOxQ D I Y | How I repress powderproducts : https://youtu.be/Md_9GKDRJvY M Y B R U S H E S : Finding colour : http://www.dx.com/p/finding-color-fc18003-professional-cosmetic-makeup-brush-set-18-pcs-169951#.Vqx8BDaOWOw Real techniqes : https://www.matas.dk/soeg/real%20tech#&hisState=[5:580] Gillian jones : https://www.matas.dk/gillian-jones-sort-12-stk-penselsaet-logostof BeautyBay - Beautyblender: http://urlen.dk/nkc K A M E R A : Canon EOS 1200d. E D I T I N G: Imovie W H A T D O I W E A R : Cardigan: Second Hand Top: Pimkie Lips: Elf - think pink W H E R E C A N Y O U F I N D M E : Facebook side : https://www.facebook.com/elisabethbcyoutube Instagram: elisabethbchristensen Twitter: isabeth94 Tumblr: http://epicbc.tumblr.com Soundcloud: Elisabethbchristensen Blog: http://elisabethbrounbjergchristensen.blogspot.dk FB salgs side : https://www.facebook.com/EBCclosetsale //This video is not sponsored //
Carlsberg – Build the Danish Way Episode Four – Strangers Don’t Have to be Strange
It’s the final day of the Build and the team is racing to finish by their deadline: Sundown. But their water turbine isn’t harnessing enough waterfall power. Can they get it up and running in time to inaugurate the pub by pulling the perfect pint? Erm… Probably?
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Spring Makeup tutorial | Samiksha Danish |
Hey my Muffins, I'm back with a Spring Summer Makeup video. Its simple yet something I think think you can rock this spring. Its a full face routine where I have kept the eyes simple. Hope you guys enjoy it. Do comment below and let me know what you guys think. ***************************************************************************** PRODUCTS USED: Face : Makeupforever primer in neutral Foundation : Makeup forever HD foundation in shades 155 and 135 Concealer: MAC PRO concealer palette in Medium Eye primer : Benefit stay dont stray Eyeshadow : Urban decayb Naked Palette 3 Eyeliner pencil: MAC smolder Mascara: Clinique dramatic eyes Blush : MAC in pink swoon Highlight: MAC Soft and gentle Contouring: The Balm Bahama Mama Lip Liner : Shishedo : Smoothing Lip Pencil in the shade RD702 Lipstick : Rimmel, Airy Fairy **************************************************************************** Music is provided by Pamgea Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ ***************************************************************************** If you enjoyed this video, then do like my video and do subscribe to my YouTube channel. You can follow me on F.A.C.E.B.O.O.K : https://www.facebook.com/Supermakeupish T.W.I.T.T.E.R : https://twitter.com/supermakeupish I.N.S.T.A.G.R.A.M : http://instagram.com/supermakeupish Samiksha ♥♥♥♥
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Denmark: 'Russia not on the table' - Puigdemont denies Russian influence on Catalan process
Subscribe to our channel! rupt.ly/subscribe Former Catalan President Carles Puigdemont participated in a debate on Monday about the current political situation in Catalonia at the University on Copenhagen. "The EU has been a success promoting freedom, democracy, prosperity and welfare in our countries. The EU works pretty well in the good times, however, we are all aware of its failures every time there is a crisis," Puigdemont said, commenting on the international community in the Catalan conflict. Video ID: 20180122 034 Video on Demand: http://www.ruptly.tv Contact: [email protected] Twitter: http://twitter.com/Ruptly Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Ruptly
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Sail-out of the Sandbank offshore substation from Aalborg in Denmark  - Vattenfall
Load-out of topside on 8 April 2016 Load-out of jacket on 9 April 2016 Sail-out from Aalborg on 21 April A four-day trip to Esbjerg
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Carlsberg – Build the Danish Way Episode Three – The Log Whisperer
Day two and the Build is progressing nicely. But there’s a snag. Where’s the beer? If the team want to pull a pint in their finished pub, they’ll need to retrieve it… the adventurous way.
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Denmark - Matching skills to jobs
(CC - Sous-titres français - Subtítulos en español) Recovery in Europe is being hampered by the fact that many of the workers who lost their jobs to the crisis do not have the skills that the labour market now demands. Vocational training programmes in Denmark help keep youth connected to the labour market by ensuring they have the skills that companies are looking for. ** Formation professionnelle : la solution du Danemark à l'inadéquation des compétences ** Le fait que beaucoup de travailleurs qui ont perdu leur emploi avec la crise n'ont pas les compétences recherchées sur le marché du travail actuellement entrave la reprise en Europe. Les programmes de formation professionnelle connectent les jeunes avec le marché du travail en leur permettant d'avoir les qualifications recherchées par les entreprises. ** Formación vocacional en Dinamarca frente al desajuste de cualificaciones ** La recuperación en Europa se ve dificultada porque muchos trabajadores que perdieron su empleo por la crisis carecen de la cualificación que demanda actualmente el mercado laboral. Los programas de formación vocacional ayudan a los jóvenes a adquirir dicha cualificación y reintegrarse en el mercado laboral.
Heathen Awakening, Video #10: Eddas and Vedas, The Word Æsir, The Foundations of Our Lore
Heathen Awakening, Odinism, Asatru, Forn Siðr, Forn Sed, Norse Pagan, Fólkish, Strider Rögnirhár
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Steffen Luders
Steffen Lüders, Head of Stakeholders Relations and Communications, Novo Nordisk Foundation, Denmark: "Taking the long view; An independent foundation with corporate interests supporting research and innovation" In Denmark, foundations play a unique role as owners of large and research intensive companies. These so-called industrial foundations account for about half of total Danish R&D expenditure. Many of these industrial foundations combine commercial and charitable activity. Novo Nordisk is an example of an independent foundation with corporate interests supporting research and innovation. The history of Novo Nordisk dates back to 1922 when insulin was discovered in Canada. August Krogh (Nobel Prize winner and professor at the University of Copenhagen) received the rights to produce insulin in the Nordic countries, with the condition that the profits were re-invested in research.
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We reintroduce the bicycle in Shanghai as a symbol of modern lifestyle and sustainable urban development. The Danish Pavilion and the entire exhibition can be experienced on Danish designed city bikes that are free for the guests to use. The building is designed as a double spiral with pedestrian and cycle lanes taking you from the ground and through curves up to a level of 12 meters and down again. In this way you can experience the Danish exhibition both inside and outside at two speeds -- as calm stroll with time to absorb the surroundings or as a bicycle trip, where the city and city life drift past.
Focus On the Sound // Take 4, Puk Studio 2008 // instrumental premix
Sneak Peak of Nephew recording the albumDanmark denmark out on June 5th 2009. The clip is from PUK Studio. We're recording the foundations of the song "Focus On The Sound". Hence there are no vocals here. The video was recorded on a rather crappy device, so focus on the sound © 2009 Nephew
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New installation System for Offshore Wind foundations. www.conquestoffshore.com Conquest Offshore, together with deugro Denmark A/S, has developed a highly efficient installation system for pre piling of jackets, supported by the engineering knowledge and experience of Temporary Works Design (TWD) and Barge Master.
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Nissum Bredning Vind brings offshore innovations to life
The Nissum Bredning Vind offshore project is not huge, but it hides some new innovations. Off the Danish coast we are testing various new things: gravity based foundations, a concrete transition piece, a slender tower, 66kV electrical system, and cable-in-pipe. See what the technology could look like for future offshore projects. https://www.siemensgamesa.com
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Spanish frenzy as Puigdemont arrives in Denmark.
The Spanish State Prosecutor has asked for Puigdemont's arrest warrant to be reactivated. … READ MORE : http://www.euronews.com/2018/01/22/spanish-frenzy-as-puigdemont-arrives-in-denmark- What are the top stories today? Click to watch: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSyY1udCyYqBeDOz400FlseNGNqReKkFd euronews: the most watched news channel in Europe Subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=euronews euronews is available in 13 languages: https://www.youtube.com/user/euronewsnetwork/channels In English: Website: http://www.euronews.com/news Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/euronews Twitter: http://twitter.com/euronews Google+: http://google.com/+euronews VKontakte: http://vk.com/en.euronews
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