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Defining Animal Rights with H. Peter Steeves - ASI's Defining Human-Animal Studies 17

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This week’s Defining HAS video series addition is by H. Peter Steeves, who has discussed the term animal rights. He received his Ph.D. in philosophy from Indiana University, and he specializes in phenomenology, ethics, and philosophy of science. Steeves is the author of eight books, including: Founding Community: A Phenomenological-Ethical Inquiry (Kluwer, 1998); The Things Themselves: Phenomenology and the Return to the Everyday (SUNY Press, 2006); Animal Others: On Ethics, Ontology, and Animal Life (SUNY Press, 1999); Beautiful, Bright, and Blinding: Phenomenological Aesthetics and the Life of Art (SUNY P, 2017); and the forthcoming Being and Showtime (Northwestern U P, 2019). He has published more than 130 book chapters and journal articles, and has presented more than 190 public and academic professional lectures. Steeves has also been the recipient of a Fulbright Fellowship and an NEH grant, has been a Fellow at Princeton and Stanford, and was a member of an astrobiology research group at NASA Ames. He was chosen in 2011 by Rate My Professor as one of the “Top 15 Best Professors in the United States.” His current research focuses primarily on cosmology and astrobiology—on the origin events of both the cosmos and life.
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