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Founders GTX1080 mining Fail

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MIke Anonymous (11 months ago)
Run all GTX series ABOVE 1050ti at 65% TDP +100/+500 and the 1050ti at 75% TDP +100/+500
PC Gameplay (1 year ago)
My gtx 760 has always failed on a few of the same algorithum bench marks including Equihash. And Equihash is the only one i want to use it on to see what it can get. Cryptonightv7 was working great on it but ever since i put another 1050 on it the other day cryptonightv7 goes on an off and on continual loop so i had to put it on Skunk thats giving far less. Drivers are up to date. Dont know why when the 1050s arent even on Cryptonightv7. I always have them on Equihash.
PHANTOMAS (1 year ago)
No es que minen mal sino que la founders edition tiene menos clock que una custom. Antes de ponerse a minar tiene que saber algunas cosas basicas.
Mysterialj (1 year ago)
Nice rig update, keep up tha good work..
Mr G Productions (1 year ago)
Bruv you got scammed
marvin diesel (1 year ago)
Its your psu
Joe Kyser (1 year ago)
What’s your ram?
Travel Wire (1 year ago)
Nicehash got problem with FE cards they already mentioned it and i saw few videos.
firstname lastname (1 year ago)
Just right click on start button and click on device manager !
ccranthony91 (1 year ago)
Congrats on the clean room. Im thinking its something power related on that card
Corné van der Nest (1 year ago)
I have a rig with 4 x Gigabyte GTX1070Ti Gaming and 1 x MSI GTX107Ti Gaming cards and a 1200W PSU that should be able to run all the card with no problems. A had the exact same thing hapening to me when I built the rig and took a long time to troubleshoot. Eventually I added an 650W PSU I had lying around to power the MSI card and everything ran smoothly after that. I suspect the 1200W PSU might not work 100%, but I have not been able to test it properly. Hope this helps
ImportRace (1 year ago)
Nice. They had a sale at best buy yesterday for $250 for an msi rx580 8gb MK2 model
Insane Itachi (1 year ago)
They way EHash mines, it tends to, for me anyway, require a little more juice. Try it by itself. :)
mikka333 (1 year ago)
That's power issue on the 6/8pin supply, swap the power cable or change a PSU. Push core to 1890MHz and VRAM to 5500MHz, keep 100% power target, at least 570sol/s, 3.2sol/w
ArtMiles11 (1 year ago)
Take the car apart see if there's anything funky check your thermal paste
James E (1 year ago)
Run a standalone miner for Equihash, see if it crashes....
MarkoVelja (1 year ago)
Yes try what Yi jun Lin says,try to connect alone 1080fe,and with only 1 PSU,thats right not with extender for 2 psu.If that does not work maybe MB is week with power,maybe it is a little bit faulty just enough when card pull juice it emptys capacitors
YouTubeWatcher (1 year ago)
Nice hash crashes on my 970 if optimize for compute is on in the nvidia control panel. Make sure that is off and try again?
David Simpson (1 year ago)
my 970 only crashes is i try and mine dagger on nicehash anything else it is fine
brandon coin (1 year ago)
YouTubeWatcher will do thanks
Richard Byrne (1 year ago)
Try lower the TDP to 70% then try to benchmark it. If it's not getting enough power through the motherboard.
Kenshinboy (1 year ago)
y alot american like to choose 1080.... get 1070ti or 1080ti.....
AKS MINER (1 year ago)
Plug 🔌 HDMI to msi card
LOL nice update and you knew that MSI card was going to hash more...I think that MSI cards whether AMD or Nvidia are the best cards out there..
brandon coin (1 year ago)
Rebel Investments I Crypto Warrior msi ftw
DOMAINITY (1 year ago)
brandon coin. I couldnt mine equihash on my gtx 1050 too. It has been mining equihash fine until yesterday. It can mine other algo but except equihash. Are u having that problem with ur GTX 1050 too or just your 1080??
DOMAINITY (1 year ago)
brandon coin I reported my issue on nicehash and now is mining fine but thx for the advice. Love your vids man
brandon coin (1 year ago)
DOMAINITY im mining equihash on simple miner with my 10t0s no issues
Saintheart Knights (1 year ago)
Try to switch slots between the two 1080's
Miner4Life (1 year ago)
I got that card, mine gets 529MH on Equihash, I only buy used cards from Amazon so if it doesn’t work, I can return it.
FlyGuy Mining (1 year ago)
It is so wierd seeing your room clean. Ill miss the dirty one lol
brandon coin (1 year ago)
FlyGuy Mining it will get dirty again
Yi jun Lin (1 year ago)
The way it crashes looks like something power related if the card is ok. A few things I'd do: 1) try run just that founder GTX 1080 alone without plugin any of other cards, if still doesnt work, 2) with just that one card, switch power supply and/or the 8-pin PCIE power cable. if you have a fully module power supple, try a diff 8-pin slot 3) try using a different pcie slot or try use a riser if that works, putting the MSI gtx 1080 back in first, cuz that card draw the most power if you still have no luck, 4) move the card to a diff rig and try again. it makes everything so much harder when you have all cards in. I have a rig with 6 Nvdia GTX 1080 and 6 Rx580/570. It was a pain in the a when trying to diagnose any issue. good luck
Yi jun Lin (1 year ago)
And since the MSI GTX 1080 Gaming edition is MSI's flagship product line with their own PCB design, along with the FTW edition from EVGA and ROG Strix from ASUS, they mostly out perform their reference PCB brothers. But they usually need more power tho. And also becuz these cards have been manufacturer overclocked, giving both of the MSI gaming and the reference card same +150MHz/500MHz don't give them the same afterward frequencies. Additional to that, setting the power limit to 100%, 80%, 65%,etc, don't give the same power to each card. For instant, my EVGA GTX 1080 FTW at 68% power limit still use slightly more power than my EVGA GTX 1080 SC2 at 75%
Daniel Thomas (1 year ago)
Hey Brandon. I just wanted to note the msi 1080 is a overclock edition and has a higher base clock then the founders card. You can see it in the video if you watch close. So if you gave the founders card a little more clock speed to match the msi card I bet they would hash the same. Anyway just something I noticed.thanks for another great video
chris faub (1 year ago)
sounds farmiliar to me i cannot for the life of me get one of my rx560's to mine decred or hashimoto.
Venomaniac (1 year ago)
you need to run precise benchmark
Serial Thrilla (1 year ago)
Register it with nvidia and replace under warranty, maybe? Also, all the guys suggesting it had a bios mod are more than likely wrong -nvidia had the bios encrypted and locked years ago. I personally also have not seen, heard, or read about anyone modding an nvidia vbios for ages.
Total Bullion (1 year ago)
If you havent seen it yet, 'JMS Vlogs' interviewed the developer of that Eth enlargement pill program. It's a good vid.
Flight Deck HD (1 year ago)
Remember when I told you about that 1080ti that I got that was acting kooky? It would just cut out on ETH, XMR on nicehash, anything else I tried to mine. When I pulled the cooler to repaste, there was oil all over the VRAM chips. Heat does funny things. Even if your afterburner says 63C, there may be an individual component that is not being cooled properly. Maybe replace the silpads over the VRAM, and repaste the chip. And check/reflash stock BIOS just to make sure. It's not a brick yet. :)
birdman anyweather (1 year ago)
Are you running it through a riser or straight through the motherboard? I had the same problem with my two 1080's that were plugged straight into my motherboard, I just switched one of them to using a riser and powering both the card and riser through the second power supply and it ended up working like normal. Maybe too much draw through your mother board and equihash is pulling more or something. It was weird to me as well when mine did it but hey, it worked for me, maybe it will work for you
Matthew Anglin (1 year ago)
brandon coin Yeah it might be drawing to much power from the mobo try the riser and re-install drivers, my gtx 1050 rig pulls a lot more power on equihash so equihash does pull more power
Crypto With Incin (1 year ago)
Redownload nicehash, that problem happened to me for cryptonightv7
Gerard DeLuca (1 year ago)
Man that really sucks. Equihash is probably the most profitable algo for the 1080, I hope you figure it out. Maybe instead try using the MSI card as your display out to the monitor?
Crypto With Incin (1 year ago)
Just mine origin on it 👍
Chris Weber (1 year ago)
My guess is a bios mod. Might have to reflash the card to the one it is supposed to have in order for it to mine correctly.
Serial Thrilla (1 year ago)
Chris Weber its not possible to mod geforce 1000 series bios, it's locked behind encyption
For 1080 founders edition raise up the power target to 120% or more for equihash and benchmark again ;)
gadgetnme c (1 year ago)
Hey Brandon, I've been watching your videos for awhile now and appreciate all your update. I think he flashed the bio on that card with nvflash. You need to flash your card back to the same model. Check gpuz website for it.
Marcus Anonymous (1 year ago)
Try benchmark with the precision option not the quick one.
Secret View4u (1 year ago)
Dear I see your new GTX 1080, I have same . Can you give me setting for maximum earnings in nicehash . I all ready use NiceHash. I have three GTX 1080. My earnings is now 60000 Satoshi. Power 90. Can you help me for more earnings by good setting.
birdman anyweather (11 months ago)
Al Kz depends on the cards temps. I don't let anyone card get to 70c. But my cards are set to auto. If any do go past, just keep adjusting fam speed until you are stable
Al Kz (11 months ago)
birdman anyweather what fan speed?
Secret View4u (1 year ago)
birdman anyweather Thank You Dear. Dear is this give best earnings? Means more than 60000 Satoshi?
birdman anyweather (1 year ago)
Secret View I run all my 1080s at 65% power, +100 core and +500 on memory. I got the numbers from whattomine.com and they have been the most stable and energy efficient. I run my 1060 rig, 1070 rig, and 1080 rig with the same settings and they have all been super stable and profitable
terry b (1 year ago)
probably wont make a difference but try it on awesome miner , complete shot on in the dark you never know and ewbf/dtsm on awesome miner
BaconOrigins (1 year ago)
Y’all should buy my asus gtx 1060 3gb for 235 on eBay, need to sell
mixsetup (1 year ago)
try it on another system with Nicehash
Ramon Pagan (1 year ago)
Try a different mining program.
David Wynn (1 year ago)
Kind of weird how it doesn't mine the one algorithm. I wish I knew more to help you brandon
Soriakaj (1 year ago)
did you tried direct mining on it? or Nice Hash Legacy?
brandon coin (1 year ago)
Soriakaj not yet will do today:)
Moody Farhoud (1 year ago)
Ouch man, Someone in your discord sold you that card? I wouldn't buy any used cards unless if i had buyer protection like ebay for example. Did you contact the guy that sold you the bad card?
Moody Farhoud (1 year ago)
I don't think thats anything you did. Sounds like the seller was running that card to hot. Equihash taxes your card more than any other algo. I would def return that.
brandon coin (1 year ago)
yea he offered return i dont blame him the cards runs flawless its probably something i did
Omar Alhamadani (1 year ago)
I have had one of those cards and it mined equihash fine for me. Weird that it is only equihash.
Thomas Brigham (1 year ago)
Try a older driver maybe.
Rudy Garcia (1 year ago)
Ah man sorry to hear that the 1080 is not working properly
VillageCity (1 year ago)
Maybe the person sold it because it would not mine equihash? Kind of weird not liking one algo.
TiagoDS (1 year ago)
Card is toasted Brandon.
Carlos Velasquez (1 year ago)
Gustavo Lagioia (1 year ago)
Doug (1 year ago)
Alex Guillen (1 year ago)
Alex Guillen (1 year ago)
Spartan Mining debatable
Spartan Mining (1 year ago)
no me

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