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Rimworld: Prepare to Die #10 (Hardcore Survival Modpack)

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Help keep the channel alive and uncensored over at Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/Roll1D2Games Jilp Vondle, the most cursed man alive, tasked with only one thing: Survive. This is going to be a radical departure from any of our previous series! This is a high difficulty modpack aimed at emphasising survival, and eventual death with a slew of new core mechanics such as fog of war, combat extended, and various survival needs and additions. No more infinite resources, buildable helper bots, resurrections, magic, or easy mode! === Mod Info === Steam Workshop Collection: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1186763584&savesuccess=1 Achtung! By: Brrainz Allow Tool By: UnlimitedHugs Alpha Animals By: Sarg Bjornson Animal Tab By: Fluffy Architect Icons By: marcin212 Area Unlocker By: Fluffy Better Workbench Management By: falconne Blueprints By: Fluffy Camera+ By: Brrainz Circle And Oval By: FlashPoint55 CleaningArea By: Hatti Color Coded Mood Bar By: semTex. Common Sense By: avil Damage Indicators By: Spdskatr Defensive Positions By: UnlimitedHugs DontBlockDoorMod[1.0] By: tikubonn Draggable Corners By: sparr Dub's Paint Shop By: Dubwise Dubs Bad Hygiene By: Dubwise Dubs Mint Menus By: Dubwise ED-Embrasures By: Jaxxa EdB Prepare Carefully By: edbmods Everybody Gets One By: Uuugggg Facial Stuff 1.0 By: Killface Faction Discovery By: Orion Feed The Colonists By: PostRobcore Fluffy Breakdowns By: Fluffy Food Alert By: Mehni Haul to Stack By: ItsComcastic HugsLib By: UnlimitedHugs I Clearly Have Enough! By: ChippedChap Impassable Chest-deep Water By: Dropbear_Ninja.wa.au In-wall coolers and vents [1.0] By: Hanabishi InventoryTab By: CptKota Invisible Conduits 1.0 By: Lance Hardwood ItemListSelector By: InsertKey JecsTools By: Jecrell Just Ignore Me Passing By: Brrainz Mechanoids Extraordinaire By: Spino Megafauna By: Spino Mod Manager By: Fluffy More Faction Interaction By: Mehni More Mechanoids By: Orion Pawn Badge By: rangelreale Pharmacist By: Fluffy Pick Up And Haul By: Mehni Please Haul Perishables By: Marvin Powerful Faction Bases By: NilchEi Progress Renderer By: Lanilor Real Fog of War By: Luka Kama Recipe icons By: AUTOMATIC RenameColony By: bathroom floor Replace Stuff By: Uuugggg ResearchPal By: Charlotte RimHUD By: Jaxe RIMMSLoadUp By: Razuhl RimQuest By: Jecrell Rimworld Search Agency By: Killface Roof Support 1.0 By: Match Room Food By: Uuugggg Run and Hide By: The Word-Mule RuntimeGC By: user19990313 Search and Destroy By: roolo Share The Load By: Uuugggg Show Draftees Weapon By: Targhetti Simply More Bridges By: Lanilor Smart Speed By: Sarg Bjornson Statue of Colonist By: tammybee Toggle Harvest By: Jaxe Vanilla Animals Expanded — Livestock By: Oskar Potocki Various Space Ship Chunk By: tobe Wall Light By: Murmur Where is my weapon?[1.0] By: tammybee While You're Up [1.0] By: kevlou [1.0] Combat Extended By: N7Huntsman [1.0] Combat Extended Guns By: N7Huntsman [1.0] Combat Extended: Shields By: N7Huntsman [1.0] Dire Raids By: pyrce [1.0] Graphics Setter - Fix your textures! By: Maxim [FSF] Complex Jobs By: FrozenSnowFox [KV] Consolidated Traits - 1.0 By: Kiame Vivacity [KV] In-Game Definition Editor - 1.0 By: Kiame Vivacity [RF] Realistic Planets [1.0] By: Rainbeau Flambe [v1.0]-LinkableDoors By: Steardliy [XND] AutoOwl By: XeoNovaDan Mod manager file: http://www.mediafire.com/file/j5ad53kcn4q12ft/SurvivalExtreme.xml/file === Links === Second Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/roll1d3games Co-op Let's Plays: https://www.youtube.com/c/eliseandsam Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/roll1d2games Twitter: https://twitter.com/roll1d2games Public Discord: https://discord.gg/smb5k7r ============ #rimworld #hardcore #gaming
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Text Comments (43)
Alyssa Sowell (27 days ago)
Literally vomiting on every flat surface? Does his wife count?
Titanium Mech (27 days ago)
what mod makes them have feet?
Takashi Kurogane (1 month ago)
30:14 I got Palpatine vibes from you saying that.
Strill X (1 month ago)
Butchering insects isn't bad. You can exclude them from being used in human food and instead make them into kibble.
BigBear (1 month ago)
Also the helping with harvest gives you growing exp and normally you bring food from there too
Sean Hoffman (1 month ago)
Not sure if you are aware but Mechanoids Extraordinaire is not compatible with CE. Not sure if they are game breaking but for sure some issues with them.
Trevor Whyatt (1 month ago)
Over here in Aus a wooden toilet is called "A thunder box" and you need to check under the lid before sitting just incase a "Redback spider" thinks your junk is a meal.
Shelton Myers (1 month ago)
Butcher those insects, the black chiten is good armor
Greater Draken (1 month ago)
When you made that golden toilet i didn't know weather to shoot myself or wait till i died of laughter
Unhumanized (1 month ago)
Gold toilet livin the best life
Xert Sene (1 month ago)
I love this series and it's similar to how I usually play. I usually build my table outdoors and surround it with flowers for the mood boost. Later I wall in the table so I can eat while hiding from animals or other danger. A table in a field of flowers can give me as much as a +20 mood boost as of last time I tried it. Also, you can hydrate prisoners by building a well in their cell as people have said in previous comments, but you can also put a wash basin in their prison and have your pawns deliver water from a well to the basin. They can wash and drink at the basin, but if they are incapacitated then you will need a pawn to perform the 'administer fluids' job. I usually put a well and latrine in my prison, but if the prison is not on top of an aquifer or I don't have time to build a well then I will use a wash basin.
Zero Dawn (1 month ago)
You could turn off your AC if you are cold
Doctor Gears (1 month ago)
Remember. Randy giveth, and Randy taketh away.
change walls from wood to some that wont burn X.X
yt fan (1 month ago)
you have some fertile land below the main sleeping room
Dmitry Olyenyov (1 month ago)
"Force" button when you override priority, queues all nearby things.
luis flores (1 month ago)
Use bateries to get the base powered, put those bateries un the energy grid and under roof
Anxious Merchant (1 month ago)
the wind turbines work area overlaps, thats why they dont run
Motley Motley (1 month ago)
The low tier way to deal with the fecal sludge is build a burn pit and use it as fuel. All the pit lets you do is burn corpses, clothes and drugs, provides light, and makes people who spend too much time close to it ill.
The Mafias (1 month ago)
I think you should start with 1 item that fits the characters background. Like if they were a doctor give them 1 glitter medicine, or if they were a cop a shitty pistol. Seeing as you can't make ammo it would be a last defence thing
Foster Davies-Smith (1 month ago)
Randy Random: "And then from the sky fell RPG rounds on our brave colonists!" Spectator: Wait why... how would-" Randy: "SHHHH SHHH SHHHH! You're breaking the story flow!" Spectator 2: "What story flow!? Bumblefuck the 7th woke up from surgery in an abandoned wasteland and in less than a year is banging a woman nightly and shitting in a golden toilet!" Randy: "I know! It's poetry in motion!"
Carri Capps (1 month ago)
The harvest requests do give you a lot more food, so it's best to take a pack animal and a colonist if you can spare it. I'm too hype for Jilp 7 and I pray each night he makes it another episode.
Pendant Blade (1 month ago)
14356th comment to use AIMED SHOT over snapshot.
Some Guy (1 month ago)
You don't really need to get any different power generation, cause the turbines actually output a shitload of power when it's windy. Just research batteries and have them run things during the down periods
zanku hammer (1 month ago)
For your defence corridor you may have more luck putting a space between each sand bag block. In effect it forces pawns to climb up then down repeatedly and really staggers raids. As is they'll climb on top and the game will treat it as not having to climb over the rest as your already kn top of them
SS_Shadowsan Wolf (1 month ago)
I believe to make ammo you have to research machining then place the Loading Bench
MPG Productions (1 month ago)
use stall doors so you can section off the room without actually sectioning them off
SS_Shadowsan Wolf (1 month ago)
Research Biofuel Refining and then u can refine the fecal sludge and use it for power.
firefox1117 minecraft (1 month ago)
Also for the water tower theirs a small chance that the disease event will happen and you have to drain the tower. the water drop symbol means you are low on water.
Lucy Aycan (1 month ago)
You should do the deadfall maze thing at your entrance instead. anything that doesn't have the door permissions to run through the side will just run into the traps.
firefox1117 minecraft (1 month ago)
The help wanted event gives you some of the harvest so it gives you food.
PhoenixFires (1 month ago)
Bathtubs are amazing. I got my prisoners and colonists a jade one and it actually functions to clean, fill rest, fill comfort, and increase happiness all with one usage.
weeno (1 month ago)
gripping stuff
Daisuke Morichika (1 month ago)
I think corn block the wond from the windturbine
Tom Meakin (1 month ago)
*"By the way, my capacity to make wood grow really hard and fast is truly unmatched"* Jilp Vondle the Fondler ladies and gentleman
fire leaperd gaming (1 month ago)
I look foward to this every day
Draig Monarch (1 month ago)
Happy Birthday Jilp 7! 7:09
Draig Monarch (1 month ago)
Jilp 7 ftw.
Tim D Nchantr (1 month ago)
Right on time. Appreciated sir.
Dr. Sir Knight (1 month ago)
You should get Realistic Darkness 1.0, it makes the game alot darker and more realistic which makes the game alot harder at night.
wornchalice 8081 (1 month ago)
if you can tame those ground runners they will mine for your and give you the highest yield
Damian Phillips (1 month ago)
fire leaperd gaming (1 month ago)
Good for you

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