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i5 6500 OC - GTX 1060 6GB in Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice ultra settings 1080p

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Есть желание помочь?вам сюда, ✅http://www.donationalerts.ru/r/crasher_games ✅Yandex деньги 410013786883936 ✅:System :i5 6500 OC 4.5 GHz :MB:ASRock z170 pro4 :GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 1060 G1 Rock 6GB OC :16 GB RAM 2400MHz OC - crucial ballistix :СoolerMaster Hyper 412s :SSD PATRIOT 240 GB :HDD WD BLUE 1TB :Windows 10 Pro
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The Gladiators Club (5 months ago)
Great benchmark. However, the background music is already un-necessary. Specially since Hellblade Senua is known for it's amazing in game audio design.

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