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Help us fight for ANIMAL RIGHTS in Uruguay!!

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ANIMALS ARE NOT THINGS AND CAN’T BE EXPLOITED OR SLAUGHTERED FOR OUR NEEDS Help us fight for ANIMAL RIGHTS!! The Uruguayan Parliament wants to transfer CONAHOBA (Animal Welfare Commission) from the Education and Culture Ministry to the Livestock Farming Ministry, AND THAT MEANS THAT WE WON'T BE ABLE TO DEFEND ANIMALS AT ALL!! This commission was created by Law 18.471 for animal welfare, now it is going to be even worse. 1.- Instead of 10 members there will be just 4 and none of them will represent Humane Orgs for Animal Rights. 2.- Since they plan to transfer CONAHOBA to the Livestock Farming Ministry (MGAP), we won't be able to defend animals as beings, since their only aim is animal production and are legally treated as things. 3.- The Commission should be composed of those who fight for all animal rights daily. 4.- Law 18,471 law should be a legal tool which should allows us to defend all animals alike. But, it has articles that allow rituals with animals, experimentation and animal slaughter. 5.- The Parliament is going to vote to have the DOG POUND again!!! Please help us aim ANIMAL RIGHTS in Uruguay, please share and sign the petition and all those in Uruguay who wish to stand for Animal Rights we invite you to join us: Libera org, Basta de TaS, Animal Help and activists for Animal Rights in Uruguay, invite you to a Massive concentration in Rejection to the transfer of the National Animal Welfare Commission ( CO.NA.HO.BA. ) to the Ministry of Livestock (MGAP ) the 23rd October, AT 6:30PM. at Plaza Independencia, Montevideo, Uruguay Please help us spread, share and sign this petition!! This is Mary Brown Founder of ANIMAL HELP in Uruguay
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Anina ForAnimals (3 years ago)
where is the link to the petition?

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