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WATCH Putin SHUT DOWN this Liberal US reporter on Phony Dossier Allegations

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The Next News Network (5 months ago)
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Patrick Hutchinson (7 months ago)
That reporter and those like him asking these RETARDED questions to a foreign president Putin for Christ's sake. Thay are only achieving one goal and that is to publicly SHAME AMERICA by asking a disrespectful and antagonistic line of questions. What is Vlad going to say, yeah man I've got all the most damning blackmail info you could ever want, after the press briefing I'll take you and show you all. HA HA HA HA HA HA. Disgusting, and the EXACT REASON FOR SO MANY PEOPLE turning off their news programs and cancelling their papers. He's a SOROS puppet and a typical coward of the left.
Dave Boerema (8 months ago)
I think they are both smart enough, to have learned from the past. And want both of the countries to prosper. I still don't trust any of them. Time will tell.
Ricky Rick (8 months ago)
Nobody trusts Putin but they can't say that. He is a snake but they can't say that. At least he seems to be reasonable most of the time.
Frank Armand (8 months ago)
Can you believe that reporter asking Putin if he has any dirt on President Trump or his family? What a P.O.S. MSM
LectronCircuits (8 months ago)
Awesome. You can't make this stuff up. Cheers!
Rick Robinson (8 months ago)
These so called American reporters are an embarrassment to the American people !
Douglas Robert (8 months ago)
First time I think I've ever seen Trump in a country that is not under the control of the NWO Globalist Bankers
Kathy Petersen (8 months ago)
Trump will never stop screwing up. just who guy is as President. meant to be a scumbag businessman.
dspguitar (8 months ago)
I trust Putin more than any liberal democrat.
proud deplorable (8 months ago)
Please let's not think about this issue again 😅😅😅he said shut up dick😎
Robert Mindolovich (8 months ago)
Notice how nervous trump is when putin is talking about supposed “dirt” on president trump? How he has to affirm at the very end how of course they don’t have any dirt, because putin actually never denied it in his statement? Get ready for that piss tape u loyalist sheep
Speak Up (8 months ago)
Can I hit like a thousand times?
Sonny Tanod (8 months ago)
Putin really smacked down the last reporter.
Robert Neville (8 months ago)
CNN is a terrorist organization
Uptowns Finest (8 months ago)
Trump is Putin's bitch KGB -VS- KFC
neweyes777 (8 months ago)
America is a Republic not a democracy # 1, and #2, the MSM attacks Russia constantly like it were still a communist state, and the only reason why they want Russia to look bad is b/c the Liberals now love war to make money and see war as a way to conquer and implement Their NWO in EVERY country! They see Trump and Putin and Russia becoming a U.S. Ally as a threat to implementing Their NWO, and they see Russia as a good scape goat in trying to impeach Trump using the false Russia Collusion Story. They also want the Constitution destroyed b/c its a check on their powers!
Frank Frazier Jr. (8 months ago)
This was a knockout blow to a beta punk by two Alpha men.
Carroll Long (8 months ago)
The Democrats and the News Media are Ignorant of Russia..Plus They Diffinitely wanting the Cold War Back..so they can Blame President Trump. The Democrats have always said they want World Peace..So it has been Served Up on a Platter and Now they Don't want to Partake. Chris Wallace looks Stupid interviewing Putin.
erik ted (8 months ago)
Obama would never be here talking. does anyone know why?
birdie (8 months ago)
united states is a Constitutional Republic. not a democracy. haha sorry that was driving me nuts
23dlc (8 months ago)
Eileen Kauffman (8 months ago)
Oh just great! The US trolls are there. How embarrassing. Such classless, lowlife!!
Mr Rytte (8 months ago)
No the U.S.A. is not a Democratic state. We are a Republic form of government. We do have Democratic elections for our Republics, the States and Territories. But our President is voted on by the People and then the Electors elect in reflection of the vote in their Republics/States rules. "I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." Too bad the pledge was removed from the schools to cater to mob rule to slip in socialism past blind eyes and inept minds that fail to understand. One of the reasons a Republic system was chosen by the founding fathers was to prevent mob rule and the buying of the vote. People are duped by their willingness to believe what they are spoon fed through media. Even if they get off their butts to check facts, some facts aren't really the truth, but stretched to twist to the narrative of the medias desire. There is a historical document that reflects on this "willingness for people to crave this deception" and it's curse. Some know where it's written (Sorry if it's source offends some, but not to sorry). People are so ready to believe a story that is worded to fuel their interests. 10. And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. 11. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: 12.That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness. The media has become a god to many. It tells them what to think and do to feed their coffers. Many are addicted to the feed used whether it's to nourish the cravings of Libido, Heart or Mind of the masses. We crave to be fed and entertained without truth. Has this cursed us, all the world? Sadly I feel it has. I want real truth, not a soap opera.
The only one more deserving of death than Hillary Clinton is George Soros!
MARIA E ROBLES (8 months ago)
MARIA E ROBLES (8 months ago)
Awesome Press Conference!!!....Congratulations President Trump, and President Putin...!!
Donny Klaehn (8 months ago)
John Von Itter (8 months ago)
I believe the Democrat Party/Soros/Leftist Elites are Far Greater Threats to this Country than Russia is. I think the DNC/Podesta e-mails were leaked by a DNC staffer who was later murdered. But I gotta say, if you folks think Putin is some kind of Hero?.... Well, that's pretty fucking sad.
Luis Maldonado (8 months ago)
People call Trump President a traitor after meeting mr. Putin what is clear these people want a nuclear confrontation to revalidate Hillary mentality of confrontation those people calling mr. President Trump a traitor are the real traitors of the USA
Stephen Smith (8 months ago)
OOHRAH, Putin! give these human separatist to SHAME! now the time is that the human race needs to know the Truth! who we truly are, where we all originally came from, and why we are here. it comes to you two world leaders, the TRUTH!
Joshua Long (8 months ago)
Put in is a complete boss and has no room for weakness or stupidity. I like how he laughed and took off his ear piece and told that fool. These losers try and get these snub questions in and Trump and Putin both handle them like complete bosses... fuck the MSM... paid for by Soros just like Putin saids...he is the real enemy
fred janeson (8 months ago)
I'm glad I voted for him!
Mannequinwizard (8 months ago)
SS Beau (8 months ago)
I would much rather listen to Putin speak than any yapping by any msm 🐀
Mannequinwizard (8 months ago)
XaviorvorteX (8 months ago)
... "and don't think about this anymore again!" Well said.
Tammy Wines (8 months ago)
I want Putin to get his hands around Jim Acosta from CNN the cunt news network.
Peter Lim (8 months ago)
Stupid Democrats though Russia would get suck in to their plans, oh boy they're dead wrong , our president Trump & Putin are not that stupid!!! He he he!
Juan Carnuba (8 months ago)
I've been kind of a fan of Vlad for awhile. He seems very pragmatic. He speaks off the top of his head, kind of like Trump, not from a teleprompter. I'd take him over Maxi-pad any day.
1woksape (8 months ago)
It's a God vs. evil war...
Susan Clarke (8 months ago)
I believe PUTIN...Chris Wallace you are acting kinda STUPID here...Watch your words...Watch his words.... HILLARY CLINTON is the bad guy...bad apple.. DEMOCRATS are the EVIL doers ..I shut down poor media types ..you make America look bad ..Putin....real good guy... Mueller is a hacker...& a slacker.. I don't prop up self severing Soros gangsters.....Mike Wallace had ok skills...try harder in your job Chris...you make us look bad...
freespeech_zone (8 months ago)
The US liberal media is a joke and an embarrassment to the world
Lee BK (8 months ago)
Is that reporter friggin serious? What a gall.
George Ramirez (8 months ago)
Putin said before the only country that gets into everybody's business is America !!
me him (8 months ago)
All day long I've seenn nothing from west media but attacks! From people calling trump a traitor to putins lapdog! Ban those channels from any meetings with other leader's! They never ask anything of substance!
Joe Couchmam (8 months ago)
TRUMP 2020
Soldier for God (8 months ago)
Two of the worlds best leaders who are straight up and talk like men and think with logic and facts instead being a bitch boy who only reacts with emotions.
pawpaw pawpaw (8 months ago)
Before Trump became a presidential candidate... who cared what he did in Russia? good point.
Okanagan Dude (8 months ago)
Vlad getting a taste of the sjw libtard media!. Now he knows how trump feels
A.S. (8 months ago)
I TRUST PUTIN THAN Mueller and Stzrok. This summit is so positive to move forward. This PUTIN explanation means 1+1=2. Not 1+1=12 Russian indicted 😂😂😂😂😂
Darrin Ros (8 months ago)
I definitely believe Putin before the FBI. At least our enemies have honor. They acknowledge when they do crazy stuff. Our people lie, because they don't like Trump they will lie and I consider it treason.
James Owsley (8 months ago)
Nice to hear Putin talk about George Soros,I hope Trump and Putin had a meeting about the head globalist peice of shit
James Owsley (8 months ago)
The Next News Network George Soros is financing everything,I think he lives in Texas.... Need to citizens arrest George,Hillary,Bill,Obama,Podesta brothers,Huma(Muslim brotherhood)Maxine Waters,ect
The Next News Network (8 months ago)
I noticed that too. Putin knows who the puppet masters are.
amund amundson (8 months ago)
our media is just trash and no class what so ever
Bouncer Slab (8 months ago)
Obama would have been hiding or making up excuses for hiding instead of trying to make peace. Obama is a 🐔💨💩
Sheila Roberts (8 months ago)
k.m. kah (8 months ago)
Thank you mr. Putin for setting the record straight about collusion and dossiers. I had to hear Russia Russia Russia one more time I think my head is going to fall off. Will the Democrats libtards and snowflakes ever stop? Think it's time to drop this now and move on to putting Hillary and Obama in jail where they belong which seems so much important than made up Russia dossier. Especially when we know who's behind it.
Robert Miles (8 months ago)
​Why is Fox undercutting Trump and Putin by insisting there was collusion and that Trump is weak in not demanding accountability? Mutual or reciprocal extradition of Soros and the Russian Military involved in trying to influence both US and Russian elections is the correct response, yet that is not what is getting reported by any of our main stream media. Trial by court, not by punitive executive branch action. That is also correct in a democracy. However our media favors the EU and Chinese model because that is how they are getting paid I think and reflects an un-elected method of those who are trying to influence us on all platforms and is non-democratic. There is a reason we trust Trump and Putin and not the vague accusations of our deep state intelligence communities.
Linda Stewart (8 months ago)
God Bless Putin and President Trump they're both more honest than those da- dems libs and so so so many others in our government I'm ashamed of the dems libs fbi cia mueller comey strozk session bushs clinton's obama's and so so so many others We The Good Americans truly need to stand behind Our Great President Trump he's making America Great Again
ALberto Martinez (8 months ago)
US & Russian Federation military designed a trap into which the democRATS walked right into. After years of Washington DC disrespecting our military and Bill of Rights the push=back begins. The end end of our domestic enemis draws closer. LONG LIVE THE REPUBLIC
Satendra Vishwakarma (8 months ago)
The long Russian interference saga led to Trump to seek one to one meeting with Putin is a very smart move by Trump. Whoever initiated interference allegations, it's damaging to US image, credibility loss of supervising agencies and also they made american people look like idiots in front of world. Responsible citizens of any democratic / republics are not influenced by third actor.
Stephen Bowles (8 months ago)
what I've been trying to say our government is so corrupt even Republicans are but trump he truly does love America AND HES A MAN OF HIS WORD when he said drain the swamp well let's say they believed him because he doesn't play if he says hes gonna do something so this is all a corrupt skeem to make trump look evil coming out of the gate to try and ruin his agenda of draining the swamp, think about it evil people taking their gravy away they ain't going quietly and honestly hello they are corrupt....by the time it's all said and done Republicans will most likely be drained also he just needs friends for his second term
A Smith (8 months ago)
Putin vice-president 2024
Bobby B (8 months ago)
After this failed witch hunt, I trust Putin way more than than our rotten to the core FBI.
Win94ae (8 months ago)
What a ridiculous question.
Ray C. (8 months ago)
We may be seeing history in the making. Russia and United States as allies.
Spearhand (8 months ago)
Bob Jacobson (8 months ago)
Talk to him, yes. Trust Putin, NO. Trust Germany, NO. Polska tak
Lou George (8 months ago)
Some U.S. reporters are not listening to summit talks. They ignore both Trump and Putins words. They have no understanding about the talks. The media attempts to label Trump and Putin bad guys. Media, good guys. Its a shame the U.S. media is so infantile in their approach to ask questions. The media wants to rule the roost. If the media disrespects the President and Putin, he should be asked to leave. He is a disruptor. Constitution doesn't guarantee one the right to disrupt a press conference. Just toss them in jail until they cool down. Personally, I ask once, and I don't repeat myself. No arguement, no compromise. Either ask your question or remain quiet. And no repeat questions. Many questions have been answered via talks but ears need cleaning.
James Pettigrew (8 months ago)
What a bunch of pointless stupid predictable questions that yieldrd no new information or news. Trump should have praised Putin and Russia for helping the White South African farmers who are being systematically killed and having their farms taken away by the government. Just like what happened in Rhodesia back in the 70s and 80s. Of course, the result will be the same. Black Socialist will take over and make the stolen farms into collectives which will be run inefficiently and corruptly, and will fail. Causing the people to starve. Russia, like Australia, is giving these White Boer farmers a new home. What is the U.S. doing? Nothing.
dg Wiley (8 months ago)
For the 8 years of 0bomber I envied Russia for their leaders. Ours were crap. Now we have a president who will stand up for America and not bend it over for Iran like 0bomber did.
Leslie Lang (8 months ago)
I say we trade George Soros for those 12 Russian spies talked about. Russia has an international warrant out for Soros. Gee I wonder why. Our media needs to get back to doing the real job of researching & writing the news truthfully. If it means bringing all those companies (CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, etc. ) to their knees by boycotting them, then so be it. At some point I think there will be a divine intervention on those companies.
Miss Cassie (8 months ago)
Trump 2020
Spoonfed Truth (8 months ago)
It’s sad that even Putin knows what a slimeball George Sorros is and why is that evil man still breathing? He’s behind all the civil unrest, not just here in the US, but globally he funds almost 200 organizations like BLM, Antifaa, LaFemme etc.
Jim Mitchell (8 months ago)
We have a socialist Democratic Party in bed with the liberal news media fighting for their lives because they know the Clinton foundation money will run out soon. Most people don't realize that John Brennan was a real communist and was picked by Obama to head our intelligence. True story! You better keep your powder dry and stick with very smart President Trump!
Just shows you. The press thinks about NOTHING else but dirt on trump. And they keep failing and making themselves look like absolute MORONS
greets with fire (8 months ago)
Why do the establishment politicians want war with Russia? It makes no sense.
spook show (8 months ago)
greets with fire NWO
Julian Rain (8 months ago)
It's funny how all those liberals making jokes about "tinfoil hats" and "conspiracy theories" are now the biggest paranoids. How the tables have turned :D
Stormy Syndrome (8 months ago)
In other words, "if we did have compromising intelligence on Mr. Trump, we sure as hell wouldn't be telling someone a low as you about it." These idiots have no idea how intelligence agencies actually work. They're used to folks just spilling the beans and pouring their hearts out.... people who should never have had a security clearance to begin with.
Gary Farmer (8 months ago)
Putin handled that like a pro. The stuff going on these days is unreal. Trump is turning the knobs everywhere. I think these two can deal. The lefts heads are beginning to explode.
All about America (8 months ago)
Gary Farmer Some on the right too. (Establishments I mean) They ALL work so hard to find something wrong with everything he does. Like someone said...if he cured cancer...they would find something to whine about.
Steve Riddle (8 months ago)
The United States and Russia have a common enemy it's called globalism or Progressive liberal one is the same as the other
Will Hopkins Hopkins (8 months ago)
You libtard demo rats,are very dangerous to this country,and our freedoms,you people need to be eradicated!
Billy Anderson (8 months ago)
Well I guess when the Trump administration sold Russia 23% of our uranium mines that might be considered collusion oh wait that was the obama administration but when Trump was caught on a hot mic telling the Russian ambassador that he could be more flexible after he wins reelection could be considered collusion oh wait that was obama buy when Russia donated 135million dollars to the Trump foundation after he sold our uranium mines that for sure is collusion oh wait that was the Clinton foundation who received that 135 million dollars but for sure when Trump went to Russia and they paid him 750,000$ that dam sure is collusion oh wait that was bill Clinton ! It appears that the only collusion going on was between the obama administration, Hillary and bill and the dnc when they paid 12 million dollars for Russian propaganda against Trump ! Only idiots and braindead libral morons can look at the real evidence and still accuse Trump of collusion!
Armed American patriot (8 months ago)
F*** the Democrats the United States definitely wants to be a republic not a democratic
super fast documentarys (8 months ago)
Come on putin kick soros ass the world needs it lock him up in a dark hole and make him suffer for what he has done to the world
dn08Hf1xK0q1 (8 months ago)
I laughed so hard when I see how CNN tries to turn this good meeting into something bad , as expected
jom_ aca (8 months ago)
And Putin let out a chuckle. I wonder what he was thinking at that moment
Miles Mason (8 months ago)
That he owned trump....trump was an embarrassment. Even fox criticized him.
dg Wiley (8 months ago)
jom_ aca. He knows what Mr.Trump and Sarah Sanders has to up with. If America had the kind of rights the leftist push for, there would be no left.
SuN KinG (8 months ago)
Constitutional Republic. Other than that an A plus response.
berni oakes (8 months ago)
Ok Mueller investigate this allegation ...$400 million to Hillary.
Mikee Cordova (8 months ago)
Fucking stupid reporter . As and they wonder y thay get shit on every day
Sonmi Song (8 months ago)
The Russians must think American's are freaking idiot's. Shameful question to ask about a sitting president with absolutely no evidence to support this rumor, in a national forum while our president is standing right there, WOW!
Kathy Petersen (8 months ago)
Sonmi Song glad was standing next to a freaking idiot you meant. an idiot next to the evil one who is responsible for genocide
stewart sutton (8 months ago)
The U.S. is a republic you communist pos. You sound like Hillary when you call it a democracy.
callie lu (8 months ago)
Putin is no slouch in the brains department...and its sad to say he sure comes off as more credible than our own government intelligence agencies...and he makes an excellent point...he had no idea trump would even RUN for president. What did he do..have info collected on all businessmen in the US on the off chance one of them might someday run for president and he could help that person beat Hillary? (Cuz he had no way of knowing that candidate either lol).
Love it! and BRENNAN WAS TWEETING TREASON 1 MIN. AFTER THE BRIEFING! I suspect it’s mostly because Putin offered for the Russians to help get to the bottom of the investigation... AND WHAT IS BRENNAN SO AFRAID OF?!?!? AND THE DEMS WHO ARE CHIMING IN WITH HIM!
Jeneane Supak (8 months ago)
United States Of America Is A Republic!!!
South Bound (8 months ago)
This tension is invented by the leftists because they have the most to lose. Dems have some really stupid representatives.
Melinda Barrios (8 months ago)
Nobody f**ks with Putin!
claudia gobin (8 months ago)
Its odd that we blame Russia for meddling in the election. Had they done so they would have favored Clinton, because she would have sold us out to the highest bidder
Bouncer Slab (8 months ago)
It's amazing to me that Mr. Putin seems more intelligent and respectful than 98% of our American media and government officials.🤔we have definitely been lied to for many years .✌😎
Pavel Mecer (8 months ago)
Well, he's charismatic. But do not f*k with him.
John Von Itter (8 months ago)
"He's not correct." Wow..is that a fact, or your opinion?
John Von Itter (8 months ago)
I was agreeing with his opinion. If English is your first language you should have known that! Words like "seems to" and "may be" indicate opinion, for future reference.
Stalinx20 (8 months ago)
John Von Itter well no. He's not correct. It's an opinion. You guys don't know what they were thinking at all .
Stalinx20 (8 months ago)
Nick Rose actually no. Obama was wanting a war with Russia. There is a video out there of the Russian meetings. I'd have to dig through YouTube to find it; if they haven't banned it yet. The video showed that Russia was trying to reason with America that they can't keep doing what they're doing. Not sure what he was referring to, but if America kept doing what "they were doing", there would be consequences. Putin hated Obama.
I pray the translators are being honest with their words AND their attitude, mood, tone, etc etc!??! I would really like to see these gentlemen come together and do something great/POSITIVE!!! TO HELL WITH ALL THIS COMPETATIVENESS OR AGGRESSION!??! Putin isn't dumb...he knows everything that's going on in America!!! Better than most Americans!!!
Stephen Bowles (8 months ago)
Andrea Gaye Scott Westfall I thought about that too but I'm sure their is more than one listening making sure
roland roland (8 months ago)
Andrea Gaye Scott Westfall Maybe , it was because mrs Hillary sold so many stuff as uranium to destroy USA , and her speech in Russia country , they discovered her weak points , with her husband Mr Bill • From there President Vladimir Putin knew all the secrets America democrats are doing against USA ! From Canada •

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