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WOW. Rodman BREAKS DOWN During LIVE CNN Interview and Reveals Barack Obama's ULTIMATE BETRAYAL

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Text Comments (1136)
nasty buzzard (13 days ago)
Obama is a traitor to the United States Como is just a dumb ass
Jose Diaz (27 days ago)
There always has to be a bogeyman for us to take action on anything the reasons were told for going to war are never the real ones
Chris Rosa (2 months ago)
This is possible we could make our prison systems for non-violent drug offenses and just mental illness people where they go in they get the best of help and trade instead of picking up trash on side of road making license plate they will be trained College High School whatever trade we can make fit for people that are criminals and let's stop this let's do it non organists nonprofit non-profit guys let's not privatized prison systems let's not profit them that's that's how people come on
Chris Rosa (2 months ago)
1 let's stop Prosecuting minorities and poor white people and make the justice system fair for all where is a nonprofit organization and let's stop prisons only for murderers and rapists and violent sexual crime and violent crime and make our prison systems into a factory where we develop trades and we start from the back and then as soon as they walk out the front there different person we can do it
Chris Rosa (2 months ago)
It's sad what we did to this guy he's trying to be a patriot he's trying to help out a country that starving and we demonizing we deathrite him look what we've been doing our whole history of America we started off with criminals and prostitutes and we became a great country but we have so many bad things that we've done in the past we have to bring that to the light to move forward
Chris Rosa (2 months ago)
I could see that day when Robin went up the Obama you was talkin like yo man listen North Korea wants to make peace I can see Obama like I bro just relax you had a few drinks you're tuned up I'll talk to you when you're sober
Chris Rosa (2 months ago)
Somebody say mental illness
Joe Pere (3 months ago)
Obama worst president in history!
David Masker (3 months ago)
We are so lucky you did not make it to be President McCain and now we can see why you have brain ROT.And Dennis Rodman is now open for all of us to see the super good man inside he truely is and forgive my spelling brain dead McCain.The inclusive crowd and Obama again prove they are not worth a pisshole in the Chicago snow.Chicago can hopefully get HELP now,its coming.
allthe same (3 months ago)
Go back to what they said about Obama when he said I would meet with our enemies and specifically North Korea why are you Trump idiots are such jerks and allergic to the truth now North Korea leader is a great guy that Trump defends and Rodman now is a good judge of character. you are a bunch of jerks
Jonie Isenberg (3 months ago)
Ooh Yall (3 months ago)
Dennis Rodman, thank you for your help. The former president is so embarrassing.
Fluffy Panda (3 months ago)
Oh hey Gary.
Jamal Jackson (3 months ago)
We run THE BIGGEST GULAG IN THE WORLD John McLame. 2.2 million inmates for a "war on drugs"
John Flynn (3 months ago)
John McCain's karma has come back to bite him
James Moore (3 months ago)
😇 Mission complete
David Buzzin (3 months ago)
😠🔨☠💣🗡🔫KILL OBAMA🔫💣☠🔨🗡😠KILL McCain 🔫💣☠🔨🗡😠
Trump 😆😆😆😆😆💄
nouser129 (3 months ago)
The Swamp, both Republicans and DEMONrats, are jealous because an outsider, President Trump, is able to accomplished what none of them can.
nouser129 (3 months ago)
McCain is a fraud
Buddy9040 (3 months ago)
angie diguls (3 months ago)
Thank you Dennis Rodman 😥
Lisa Cody (3 months ago)
Dave Jan (3 months ago)
"Songbird" McCain sells out his own men in Nam & gets them tortured to death, joins the enemy against the USA making anti american propeganda broadcasts & then LIES his way as a democrat sleeper spy into the RNC & betrays america every way possible since. Was a God damned TRAITOR then, Been a TRAITOR since. "OBAMAS BOY!!" BOTH GOD DAMNED LYING TRAITORS.
MrMeanmarkcallous (3 months ago)
wow I get choked up dennis rodman greatest rebounder nba will ever know
David Hickman (3 months ago)
John McCain is a dick wad. He has done more harm than good as a senator.
Mary Hooper (3 months ago)
Thank you Gary
Jason Piverotto (3 months ago)
We give McCain TO North Korea and ask them to show what inhumane acts they WON'T do anymore!!!they get a good last whack...we get rid of a whack...already working!
Kathy Duke (3 months ago)
Dennis Rodman is a hero to me. No good deed should be cast aside.
Frederick Rassmann (3 months ago)
God Bless President Donald J. Trump and Dennis Rodman the true believers that World Peace is possible and are doing something about it.
T bone (3 months ago)
Where was Rodman and Trump at when North Korea murdered Otto Warren? Fuck N Korea!!!!
Ercilia Robles (3 months ago)
McCain you are the idiot. Denise you walked by faith not by sight Amen
bryan schultz (3 months ago)
I hope in the near future, the President gives him at least some credit for the progress so far. It is said every tidal wave begins as a ripple. In this case the ripple is named Dennis. Who'd have thunk?
Warren Lightning (3 months ago)
McCain, the only thing you understand are Lies, pedophilia, and committing treason.
Warren Lightning (3 months ago)
Anyone else see the contempt in that cnn interviewer?
Judge Executioner (3 months ago)
John McCain it’s not too long before you spend eternity in a fiery place.
Alison Watson (3 months ago)
Only Trump could do this and shut up McCain you are as bad as Obama. You are freaking traitors. Thank you President Trump we love you.
Julio Carrasco (3 months ago)
Jeannie Griffin (3 months ago)
The only "change" those damn neocons gave us was death and destruction in many areas in the world. Including Americans. McShame ...., OBarry, Hillery and Kerry along with Comey, Holder, Brennan, clapper and lynch--- they should all be ashamed of themselves but they can't shut up and they are making their beds-- all of which are in the real estate of Gitmo ....military Tribunals🇺🇸MAGA🇺🇸🕊🇺🇸🇺🇸
Theresa Armatino (3 months ago)
John mc Cain will stand before God one day and his knee will bow....but most of all he will answer for his great misdeeds to the people of this world!! What a glorious blessing God has given us with Trump
Terry R (3 months ago)
I've never once said I hope he/she rots in hell till ... McCain he's a POS and I hope He Rots In Hell ! Once a traitor always a traitor !! Let Satan have him !!
John GIbbons (3 months ago)
Hey John Satan is waiting!!!
Dan Max (3 months ago)
President TRUMP was right when he said, John Mccain's a pussy , & so far from being a hero for getting caught, and being a P.O.W. He could never leave the U.S. soil, because he's way to afraid too! Obama was never our president to begin with. HE'S A FRAUD, AND A CON-ARTIST ! President TRUMP'S the true, and legitimate leader of America now ! Way to go Dennis R.
Allita Algeo (3 months ago)
WOWW! Obama failed in more ways than one. Otto would still be alive today. Dennis Rodman is a good guy! Trump will take care of what needs to be done. As far as john mccain.... i don't have the right words to say, except that he is getting everything he deserves
Donald Brown (3 months ago)
What's up with your camera?
Maryellen Race (3 months ago)
War provides profits for the elite. Money from governments for armaments.  Obama was a puppet just like several presidents before him. Trump wants to stop all that.
desmondjr brownjohnson (3 months ago)
fridgemagnett (3 months ago)
Unreal. Peace negotiations were possible back then. No wonder Kim believed the USA wanted war. As usual, songbird McCain wanted war - nothing new there.
samdon815 (3 months ago)
President Obama was a do nothing president. Go President Trump!
Amy Waters (3 months ago)
Kudo's for Dennis Rodman !
SKY BRIDGE (3 months ago)
SKY BRIDGE (3 months ago)
STOP STOP (3 months ago)
I miss "The Land of the Lost."
STOP STOP (3 months ago)
Kids, don't do drugs or else...
SkyRim LuvR (3 months ago)
♥Dennis Rodman, thank you for being so true & honest, and trying to set this up for years, you rule, my friend. :-)
Will 88 (3 months ago)
Kim Yum Yum? Is that Dennis' nickname for lil rocket man?
Tess Curran (3 months ago)
Wow that's a cold day in hell when Dennis Rodman's smarter than Obama the sitting president,???
Douglas Robert (3 months ago)
Denuclearization is the main goal here - it matters not how kim treats his people - we don't need global thermal nuclear war because liberals got their panties in a knot over how kim runs his country - Great First Steps Mr President
CLCinflorida (3 months ago)
Verification of what haters Obama and McCain are, they are so Anti-American...
I wish I knew (3 months ago)
Poor Mr Rodman. Very brave
Grace Bertrand (3 months ago)
Rodman is an ignorant sap!!!
Isi Ggarcia (3 months ago)
Yeah Trump Trump God bless
Arun Thomas (3 months ago)
Don't backstab asusal
Onemanfrom ohio (3 months ago)
Heather Dodge (3 months ago)
Why would Chris Cuomo, who's paid hundreds of millions of dollars to be "in the know", ask Dennis Rodman if Kim Jong Un speaks English? How long has N. Korea been significantly in the news? And how much time and effort would it take Cuomo to find out in Wikipedia that Kim Jong Un not only knows and speaks English, but also German, French and of course his native Korean. He undoubtedly knows Chinese and Japanese as well, since that's his neighborhood. These talking heads are nothing more than a fashion show. It's beyond embarrassing. It's downright pitiful.
Jon Weaver (3 months ago)
I don't believe Fat Un can speak that many languages.
solice8844 (3 months ago)
Obama’s evil has not a care for the welfare of others.
Joanna Stafish (3 months ago)
McCain, shut the hell up you little lying demon dick. I'd love for North Korea to do one last missile launch... with the little demon dick McCain strapped to the nuclear missile and shot all the way back to hell where he came from.
Terry Cox (3 months ago)
Wow, you were able to go to Singapore. That's great.
team undertale (3 months ago)
CNN needs to be shut down because I mark said so..
Kilgore Trout (3 months ago)
Ivory Chenteyl (3 months ago)
Beautiful sentiment Dennis
outside the rattlebox (3 months ago)
Well they both have one major thing in common....Bad hair, can we arrest kim for a bad fade
Anton Monteleonus (3 months ago)
I hope the sheeple have been awaken! MSM really portrayed Dennis as a traitor for years !
Su Ma (3 months ago)
Amazing! great example of not judging a book by it's cover! God Bless Dennis! To act in love is to be Christ like....to act like McCain is just the opposite...way to go, guy!!!
S V (3 months ago)
Love the hat that Dennis is wearing. While it's still young, vindication is sweet all the same.
Wall of Fire (3 months ago)
Wow… I have a whole new appreciation for Dennis. He has heart. Cuomo looked like he needed to take sedative. Like his brain hurt.
Ronald Strayer (3 months ago)
O Bummer and John Boy need to both walk up 13 steps and get a rope neck tie ASAP
Preppy Littles (3 months ago)
Way to go Obama 🙄
Leona Leone (3 months ago)
Thank you, Dennis for your love of mankind and trying to do good! We are so fortunate to have you! And many of us regular folks would hide you out any day and enjoy every moment!
latlanticcityphil (3 months ago)
No Name is a piece of dog poop, and Obama an A-hole for not reaching out to Kim Jung
Margaret Halverson (3 months ago)
GOD bless you Dennis
Reality Check (3 months ago)
Bet CNN was sorry they had him on.
Mary Robinson (3 months ago)
I am sorry Rodman!!!
sangjeong kimcho (3 months ago)
sangjeong kimcho (3 months ago)
HANNITY BROUGHT UP A GREAT POUINT AND APT ONE AT THAT- jimmycarter(liberal) WAS SO BAD THAT HE ARGUABLY PAVED THE WAY FOR REAGAN SO TOO WAS lazybarack (even worse than jimmy); SO BAD HE PAVED THE WAY FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP! lazybarack- AND I DON'T WANNA BEAT A DEAD HORSE- IT'S LIKE WHEN ALL THEY CAN SAY ABOUT HIM IS "barackocare" IT'S LIKE SAYING "well koreansHAVE no notable athletes or celebrities or notable people in corporateamerica BUT THERE WAS ONEkorean WHO MADE A MAGNITUDE OF A DIFFERENCE: cho seung hui!"
Jessica Mills (3 months ago)
I remember thinking he was crazy for doing this but at the same time.....its Dennis Rodman. Lol I did take it as a good sign tho that he was so welcoming to Rodman. Our politicians should've jumped on this for opportunity of peace.
Breakneck (3 months ago)
CNN edited the Obama part from their rebroadcast and online video!
bigguy130 (3 months ago)
Obama missed his chance to make peace with North Korea by ignoring Rodman. I bet Obama is feeling like a fool now, seeing Trump doing what he could have done.
Smith performance racing (3 months ago)
Glad it's happening peacefully. He has nuclear bombs because of you Democrats. Democrats suck....
P U 25 (3 months ago)
Obummer is a fucking Traitor, Gay, Muslim, married to a Tranny and lastly from Kenya!! Are any of you surprised?? 🇺🇸MAGA🇺🇸
K & E Fleming (3 months ago)
Thank you again Gary,as iv'e said many times, GOD Bless your honesty and showing this video! Rodman is a good Patriot !!!
Gregory Kadok (3 months ago)
Dennis is just disappointed in Obama...He thought he would be great and it didn't happen
Mannix ja (3 months ago)
John McCain you’re just another FAILURE.
WHYMELORD (3 months ago)
McCain a traitor scumbag curious does anyone know how many people are imprisoned in the USA ??????
Steven Perez (3 months ago)
Eat shit Obama. This is how you lead a country
Jerry Heppner (3 months ago)
Cause your lies cnn !!
RICK Smith (3 months ago)
Obama always will be a piece of shit
koty kaiakapu (3 months ago)
make rodman our new NK ambassador
wyatt man (3 months ago)
Obama is nothing but afaggot ass crack whore
Say What? (3 months ago)
Does Dennis think the piercings look good? Uh, no.

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