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10 Extinct Animals That Shouldn't Be Brought Back

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Scientists these days are serious about bringing animals extinct millions of years ago back to life. They even have a list of candidates, which includes the woolly mammoth, dodo, mastodon, and Tasmanian tiger. However, the animals you’re about to see are not desirable and will not be loved by humans. Those scary monsters from the past won’t do anyone any good. TIMESTAMPS Meganeura 1:25 Phoberomys pattersoni 2:25 Dunkleosteus 3:25 Helicoprion 4:22 Deinosuchus 5:14 Gigantopithecus 6:12 Megapiranha 6:55 The Giant Short-Faced Bear 7:50 Titanoboa cerrejonensis 8:41 Megalodon 9:15 Music: Lookahead https://www.youtube.com/audiolibrary/music SUMMARY -Meganeura, which was actually a griffinfly, was a bit smaller than a crow and had a wingspan of about 2.3 ft. A Meganeura’s diet consisted of insects, invertebrates, and small amphibians. -Phoberomys pattersoni (also known as “guinea-zilla”) weighed 1,500 lb and was 4.9 ft tall. It’d be impossible not to scream if you saw a buffalo-like rodent charging at you. -A prehistoric cannibal. Dunkleosteus was not a part of the shark family but was an arthropod or placoderm fish. Its bite was as powerful as that of the Tyrannosaurus rex and modern crocodiles. -Helicoprion was 35 ft long with shark-like features and was twice the size of the largest known great white shark. Its tooth whorl, which consisted of 15 to 18 serrated teeth, worked like a circular saw when eating its prey. -Deinosuchus was related to the alligator and could grow up to 39 ft long. They preyed on sea turtles and dinosaurs. -Gigantopithecus, which translates to “big ape,” was a relative of orangutans. Its teeth, which were falsely branded as “dragon teeth,” were made to grind and chew plants, bamboo in particular. -Megapiranhas were 2.3 ft long and weighed 20–30 lb. The megapiranha had a bite force of 279–1,069 lb. -Around 500,000 to 2 million years ago, the giant short-faced bear was the most powerful carnivore around. Its scientific name was “Arctodus simus,” and it weighed between 2,000 and 3,500 lb. -Titanoboa cerrejonensis’ length was about 40–45 ft, and its average weight was 1.25 tons. Titanoboa looked like a boa constrictor but behaved like an anaconda. -Megalodon was the largest shark to ever live on Earth. Its teeth were 5” to 7” in height and had a bite force of 24,400–41,000 lb. #extinctanimals #seacreatres #megalodon Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightgram/ 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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Text Comments (3847)
BRIGHT SIDE (11 months ago)
Which of those creatures is more terrifying for you?
RAM grabs (18 hours ago)
noe zavala loza (1 day ago)
Raelynn Carter (2 days ago)
BRIGHT SIDE all of them
fkae flamingo (7 days ago)
Vishal Chanana (8 days ago)
The Shark 🦈
Cash da Man (4 hours ago)
I used to have a guinea pig
Ines Naglic (16 hours ago)
Today's piranhas are big enough 🐟
Eric Salamander (1 day ago)
Forget about bringing these animals.back to life, Man can't play GOD.
Also the T-Rex shouldn’t be brought back because it’s scary and eats other species
Ines Naglic (16 hours ago)
Sounds like humans 😄😄
distillmanson (1 day ago)
....haha uh.....I'm not sure how I feel about this video. The information (presuming it's accurate) is interesting, yeah, but...it's soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo corny. So corny. And I don't even know how to elaborate on what I mean by that...But it felt a lot like a strange PG-rated episode of Blue's Clues, or some other children's program teachers like to play during science class in elementary school.
Titus Soke (2 days ago)
I think we should bring all of those back besides #8 4 and 3.
Lanebaoy 5087 (2 days ago)
Yeah let’s just put a wholly mammoth back in the word... -no hate-
Joshua Rounds (2 days ago)
he makes such good videos
Felipe Gamer (4 days ago)
Tammy Cranfill (5 days ago)
its a megapithocas
SallyAcornfanboy (5 days ago)
Yeah playing God is never a good idea. Bringing the dead back to life is God's domain I mean seriously to anyone who's seen Fullmetel Alchemist knows what i'm talking about.
Henrique Mendonca (5 days ago)
By the way, Megalodon could also grow up to 65 ft. Gives me chills
Gerry Berry (7 days ago)
9:03 My aNacAnDA dOnT !
Animefood Warlord (8 days ago)
Biologist cant revive extict animal but GOD can only get back 😇😇
Johnelle Simpson (8 days ago)
The earth is 6,000
Johnelle Simpson (8 days ago)
Years old
Tonya Brosnan (9 days ago)
Your voice is terrifying
Vishal Chanana (9 days ago)
You forgot dinosaurs 🦕
Shobhit Gupta (9 days ago)
Randy Barnett (10 days ago)
One thing we shouldn't bring back--THE MUMMY!!!🤕🤕🤕
E- Gaming (11 days ago)
snoke2007 (11 days ago)
what about humans?
Ritayan Mukherjee (15 days ago)
Purusaurus is another such reptile no one wants to bring back
SHAHOOD AHMED (15 days ago)
In my opinion none of the pre-historic animals should be brought back
Johanna Alvarado (16 days ago)
The megludon and the snake
Dylan Miller (16 days ago)
Dunkleosteus is in ark
Swimmer Guan (16 days ago)
The first one was okay for humans
Swimmer Guan (16 days ago)
and the big gorilla
Swimmer Guan (16 days ago)
So was the second
Syed Mustaque (16 days ago)
Can I get a like for nothing
Marija Nikolova (16 days ago)
There all scary
Maria Martinez (16 days ago)
You Guys Teach Me
Nazrin Sabli (16 days ago)
I want these animals to come back tho (am I the only one? O..ok)
Mozib Moju (16 days ago)
swimming get of the water has a great white shark the is
Crii Babii (17 days ago)
I. Want. A. Pet. MEGALODON
Radroen (17 days ago)
Did you know why grate white sharks are so big there actualy dissents of megaladon yiks!!! Im never ocean swimming again
There going to bring the mammoth back 🤦‍♀️like no
Angel Bethel (18 days ago)
I hope they bring back the dodo
Sudaid Yasir (18 days ago)
Scorpion is dangerous to
sam barber (19 days ago)
Use of more than me
LUCIA MENDOZA (19 days ago)
oh ok
William Halbrook (19 days ago)
William Halbrook (19 days ago)
George Aziz (20 days ago)
if I were to vote over a dodo or a sabretooth I would say dodo but sabretooth would also be cool oh and yes im lonely and liked my own comment ]:
Kenya Gissel (21 days ago)
(ᵔᴥᵔ) (=^ェ^=) ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ (・⊝・)hii
Rene Andrade happy (21 days ago)
I have a gia pig his name is browny
The dodo needs to be back 😂
Irelyns World (21 days ago)
Do you people know how dangerous this is!
Cortney Maahs (21 days ago)
The mosasaurus is extinct
Rachid Badi (21 days ago)
golden shower (21 days ago)
Who r u to say who gets to live or not huh bright side 💡
Blue Star Wolf (22 days ago)
he sounds weird 🤔2019 anyone???
Jemuel jay Cancio (22 days ago)
Sebastian Chavez (22 days ago)
4:20 33 feet jeeeeez
Bobs Alive (22 days ago)
CherryBlossom Edits (22 days ago)
*What is wrong with the Scientist...* *at least bring a harmless birb back. ;-;*
once a creature a extinct, you can't bring it back
odalis salazar (21 days ago)
LoudHouseYes BabyFirstTvNo apperantly they don’t understand that
Heyim CrayCray (22 days ago)
What is wrong with a giant dragonfly
2:29 I have a guniea pig and I would like him to be that big so I can give him I big hug
Nevaeh Magnis (22 days ago)
David Joel (22 days ago)
Potato Boi (22 days ago)
william mixon (22 days ago)
Bright side i have a question for u. Would it hurt to bring back the amazing Tasmanian tiger? Bc when they were around the were misunderstood they weren't no harm but ppl killed them
lincoln jarrett (23 days ago)
Crocodile or alligator what is it
Jeremiah Nikani (23 days ago)
the megalodon was the most terrifying
Rylan james (23 days ago)
Deinosuchus is ssssssssssssssscccccccccccccaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy right
Nininin Tatatat (23 days ago)
Before you ( I meant the scientists) revive extinct animals. Can we pls think that our planet is getting worst? Due to global warming and its not what we want. Sooner or later polar bears would be extinct because of melting of ice caps. Our fishes too and other sea creatures will die instantly because of humans. Wastes chemical wastes, plastics and other human activities that can harm our planet. Pls save our planet if we dont then this planet will die less than 1 century. Stop doing it before its too late . (Sorry for grammatical errors)
Preston Dani (23 days ago)
This is Brightside narrators 😑🔫 👕👌 👖 👞
Froggys Rule The World (23 days ago)
I think they should make the megladoon come back if u think so too leave a like
Aquaman Underwater (22 days ago)
Froggys Rule The World idk 😐 what your talking about
Froggys Rule The World (22 days ago)
Aka it’s “rules” not "role"
Froggys Rule The World (22 days ago)
I kinda need some grammar from u too understand but I just think that if u stay out of its tritory u would be fine
Lety Andrade (23 days ago)
I’m glad those animals are extinct now!
XxlexiplayzxX :3 (24 days ago)
OnE of these animals are a dinosaur
Phoenix GachaTV (24 days ago)
2013: WE WILL BRING BACK EXTINCT ANIMALS 2019: no one cares and just watching KPOP XD
Manuel Gaming (24 days ago)
smel Star (24 days ago)
That thumbnail thó
Sandy Ku (24 days ago)
❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💕 Tasmanian tigers 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
XxItalianGamerxX (24 days ago)
3:28 Hungry Shark Evolution people where you at ??
sur fpop (24 days ago)
I want mosquitos to never come back
Saatwik Jain (25 days ago)
Don't revive dinosaurs
Popcorn Days (25 days ago)
These people never learn.
TheMangle Fan101 (25 days ago)
*_This is why I don't go outside_*
blue_Yt offical# (25 days ago)
Wait a mint ic the black demon was almost the same as megalodon than why isnt that on the list?
Gacha Dylan (25 days ago)
I thouth the helicopian was a scropion
they were extinct for a REASON!!!
Brian Gonzalez (26 days ago)
Wait a minute so your saying that bringing a t rex to life is ok ...?
Camila Diaz (26 days ago)
I love EVERY animal in the WORLD I don’t care if they are bugs or if they are sharks I just love any animal I see or hear about
Nicholson Parents (26 days ago)
That's stuped
Vishal Chanana (27 days ago)
How could a fish eat it’s own kind? 😳
Henry Wehrmaker (27 days ago)
If they can bring animals back then we can bring people back
Radhika Nair (27 days ago)
Thanos should be first
Debasish Sundar Ray (28 days ago)
You know whatever it is ... "Human" shouldn't be bought back to life after extinction. These creatures are the most dangerous species of all.
claudia valerio (28 days ago)
That's where godzilla came from?
Kayleigh Smith (28 days ago)
The fasted thing on earth: Me swimming away from a megalodon 🏊‍♀️ 🦈
Xyz Da (29 days ago)
Oh yeah no dinosaur no terrasaur only a bunch of pigs and dragon fly what an amazing way to waste time...
Ilove Randumb (29 days ago)
Personally, they are extinct because god chose it, bringing them back should be seen as disobeying god
Ilove Randumb (29 days ago)
I’d rather all of these return over carnivore dinosaurs, any one else ageee?
Wolfy Pawz (29 days ago)
They might aswell throw the creatures from Godzilla in the world if there going to do the same with thease creatures!
I’m A Human (1 month ago)
Is it weird that i wanr megalodon to still be alive?
Im Nayeon Cutie (28 days ago)
Yes it is weird
Caty Beltran (1 month ago)
Non are scery 😕😊
Thanh Nguyen (1 month ago)
What about obobobobatops
Why didn’t you say T-Rex or a Velociraptor
I’m with you Chillturtle 55
Chillturtle 55 (29 days ago)
He's clearly never watched Jurassic Park
Waffelcoco Itswaffel (1 month ago)
Liam see Oh (1 month ago)
titannaboa me i like snakes and i tame them

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