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The Top 3 Arguments in Favor of Eating Meat

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In the past 3 years, the number of Vegans in America has increased from 3 million people to over 20 million! And this phenomenon is not just a trend. Across the world, the number of people identifying as vegan has increased by 300%. The demand for plant based products is skyrocketing. But despite the global movement, there is still much controversy and debate surrounding the topic of veganism. There are many arguments in favor of eating meat, from cultural tradition to natural nutrition, so we’ve decided to take a deeper look at the top 3 most common arguments in favor of eating meat. Argument 1: Meat is a crucial part of the human diet. Without meat, we miss out on many essential elements of our nutrition. Argument 2: Eating meat is a natural part of the human diet. We have been doing it for thousands of years. Argument 3: Eating meat is part of my culture Despite the rise in plant based diets, about 96% of the world still eats meat. For most, the biggest attachment to meat is that it’s part of their cultural identity. What would thanksgiving be without a Turkey? What would a burger be without beef? Every single country has a menu centered around traditional meat dishes. Recipes that have been passed down through generations might be lost if meat was excluded. For many, giving up meat means sacrificing a piece of their culture. But it’s important to make the distinction between culture and Ethics. Many cultures have had traditions that were not ethical. Slavery was once a cultural norm, but it wasn’t ethical. Human sacrifice, cannibalism, incest and torture were all rituals of the past. Most barbaric traditions have faded away and we are now at a point where people are asking, Is eating meat ethical? Is the taste worth the suffering of an animal? Is it worth the environmental impact? In order to sustain a meat eater for one year, 3 acres of land are required, about half a million gallons of water are needed and 2.8 tons of carbon are emitted into the atmosphere. On the other hand, a plant based diet only requires ⅙ of an acre per year, ¼ as many gallons of water and the plants actually extract carbon and other pollution from the air! It takes 1,800 gallons of water to produce 1 pound of beef. That’s the equivalent of 6 months of showers! In the United States, 56 million acres of land are used to grow and feed livestock. Only 4 million acres are used for growing plants for us to eat. We are running out of space and resources to supply the demand for meat. if we care about the environment and want to contribute to the wellbeing and sustainability of our precious planet then reducing the amount of meat we consume is critical. Clarification: Humans were fully evolved before they started eating meat. The oldest modern human fossils date back about 300,000 years. Back then, we ate a diet that consisted of nuts, fruit, roots and other plants. Hunting meat was dangerous, difficult and took a lot of energy. An examination of our anatomy reveals that we are quite different from other animals that eat meat. Our teeth are designed for chewing (not ripping and tearing like a crocodile or shark). So even though we have been eating meat for thousands of years, it did not play a part in human evolution. For more interesting videos, please subscribe. Visit our website to get your own whiteboard animation https://www.afterskool.net/ Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/AfterSkool Special thanks to Mercy For Animals for the factory farm footage Thank you to Torre Washington, pro vegan body builder, for the support. Follow him on IG @Torre.Washington or visit his site: https://www.torrewashington.com Sources: https://diabetesed.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/PlantBasedDiets-Guide.pdf https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/321474.php https://www.fcrn.org.uk/sites/default/files/Environmental_impact_assessment_of_milk_production.pdf https://vegetarian.procon.org/sourcefiles/health_effects_of_vegetarian_and_vegan_diets.pdf https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/meat-and-environment/ https://myvega.com/blogs/content/get-started-plant-based-diet "What the Health" and "Cowspiracy" Documentaries by AUM Films & Media
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Text Comments (4391)
Jeremy Schoonover (6 hours ago)
"Humans are the only member of the primate family to eat meat regularly." Chimpanzees eat meat and a lot of it. They're even cannibals.
Jack Thomson (7 hours ago)
Well, sure it ain’t NECESSARY... but I’m stubborn. 🤣 There’s an honest sense of emptiness eating food that wasn’t killed for me.
oldschoolman 144 (11 hours ago)
I feel that eating factory farmed meat isn't so great, organic is my choice. Tried the vegan thing for about a year and looked like a toothpick. I don't eat a lot of meat and still lots of greens and vegetables and don't look like a toothpick any more. Oh I don't eat fast food, it really pisses my stomach off.
Jake Quintana (1 day ago)
How about we just eat fish and we don't have to eat pigs, cows, ect
K. Leagh (1 day ago)
anonymous (1 day ago)
smasher gaming (1 day ago)
I ****ing eat meat so if they say I cant I will say **** them
X (1 day ago)
And you realize your diet should be based on your lifestile. If you have to do computer work in your job you needn't eat a steak for break fast but if you do fisical work you really enjoy a chicken for dinner.
Stone League (1 day ago)
Eating meat and chewing hard food will make you grow straight teeths, wide palate, stronger masseter muscles, and better looking face.
Miguel Angel Rangel (2 days ago)
Question: once people don't need animals for meat, where all them go? Some may be lucky and get adopted as pets, but what about the unlucky ones? Would they be released into the wild, risking a major environmental problem? (Maybe they'll adapt and integrate to the food chain like horses, maybe not, we'll see)
Jordan Johns (1 day ago)
Miguel Angel Rangel Once people stop eating meat these animals could go to animal rescue camps that are all over the place already.( specifically made for livestock such as 🐄 and 🐖) Also there wouldn’t be nearly as many animals around within a year as there are now because we would not be breeding them into existence.
Miguel Angel Rangel (2 days ago)
I remember that there is a nutrient that ain't produced by plants, but it is stored in meat. Either way, maybe we should start investing in lab-grown meat and end the debate once and for all (although it may be interesting what people would do with all the unprofitable animals once that happens, but must be without releasing them, because that'll really screw up the ecological balance) (or start eating bugs, you won't believe how glorious is the taste of grasshopper is with some garlic and chilli powder 🤤)
Leo Keularts (2 days ago)
I thought this video would be supporting meat eaters And also where's the argument that people think meat tastes good if you shut down all meat factories alot of family's would be ruined not trying to be rude or salty
Jared P (2 days ago)
I eat meat cus it gudd
Kittykatkattoo XD (2 days ago)
I feel like the thumbnail is a little bias
50% nice 50% tasty (2 days ago)
I feel like this guy is a vegan
Arieana Rose (2 days ago)
FREINDS NOT FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hiro's Arts and Music (3 days ago)
Realized vegans eat food animals eat
Zage (3 days ago)
#PLANTLIVESMATTER Start the movement!
Juicy Grapes (3 days ago)
1 flaw Population control
Jordan Johns (1 day ago)
Juicy Grapes What do you mean?
banana hero gaming (3 days ago)
Damn arguement 3 hurt me so much im a meaterian pls send tips how to change pls
Addy (3 days ago)
Look I really don’t care about this. I just enjoy eating my meat. But I don’t eat so much meat. I also balance out on vegetables and fruit(also with protein).
crusader gachaverse (3 days ago)
Or we could eat insects I know that sounds gross but they do have the same nutrition and taste of meat and it takes up less space to raise them
Sudarshan Goswami (3 days ago)
more than 70% ( 900millions )INDIANS are vegetarian, remainimg 30% ( 400millions)are also not regular meat eaters.
IDKAnymore V1 (4 days ago)
Don't care taste good
IDKAnymore V1 (6 hours ago)
+Martha Licea I appreciate ur advice but I respectfully decline
Martha Licea (6 hours ago)
+IDKAnymore V1 Hey man im just trying to help you man. Going vegan increases testosterone. Your choice.
IDKAnymore V1 (6 hours ago)
+Martha Liceaseems natural to eat animals. if I get diseased I get diseased
Martha Licea (7 hours ago)
+IDKAnymore V1 Yes and its bad for health. Even worse for males.
IDKAnymore V1 (7 hours ago)
+Martha Licea is their something wrong with the consumption of animals
Unidentified Personel (4 days ago)
They are just jealous of our ancestors eating meat all the time, cause they would fucking kick their ass
Unidentified Personel (4 days ago)
Fuck this vegan degenerate
Lupito Lira (4 days ago)
I use to be vegan, but I one day when I was going to donate blood the nurse said I had low iron levels. I couldn't donate and I was disappointed.
Lupito Lira (4 days ago)
+Mishel Fayad I did exercise alot and gaining muscle mass was a struggle. Maybe I didn't have the right plant based diet. Also being vegan is expensive, especially when u want icecream.
Lupito Lira (4 days ago)
+Mishel Fayad I did exercise alot and gaining muscle mass was a struggle. Maybe I didn't have the right plant based diet. Also being vegan is expensive, especially when u want icecream.
Mishel Fayad (4 days ago)
That's not necessarily due to veganism. You have to take care of your diet whatever that is. A regular physical check up is essential.
Christian De La Hoz (4 days ago)
You left out the fact that many become malnourished in places where meat isn't eaten. What about the fact that farms are USDA approved, regulated, inspected, and instructed to ensure proper animal welfare? It's also funny how this video uses footage from a place that seems like a prison and showing dirty animals instead of showing the truth. But wait, what about the fact that meat contains oils, certain nutrients, and fats that plants alone do not provide enough of? If you're going to make a video, dont make it biased or one sided. And what's going to happen to the animals when eating meat is either banned or ended? Are you going to be one who steps up and cares for the animals for the rest of their lives? Are you going to continue to wake up early to feed, clean, water, and care for the animals? Or are you just going to stand back and watch the animals either get euthanized or shipped off to different countries where they can still be eaten? Veganism is also a myth. Everything we use came from an animal one way or another!
ColWilBald (4 days ago)
Get away from my f*cking chicken nuggets
oldschoolman 144 (12 hours ago)
ColWilBald, what part of a chicken makes them?
XynthoanXV2 (4 days ago)
I thought this was pro meat.
S_LQW (4 days ago)
This is a good way to encourage people becoming Vegan 🌱
Nerd boy 78 (4 days ago)
Ok I have no problem with this video except that they portray meat eaters as fat, dumb, and barbaric. WE ALSO EAT FRUITS AND VEGGIES YOU KNOW NOT JUST MEAT
Zdenka gadze (5 days ago)
Im both
Angello! R. (5 days ago)
“In the pass three years the number of vegans has increased in the USA” Ummm... really? I’m not seeing it.
Alpha Alex (5 days ago)
There is nothing wrong with eating meat. It's just how nature works... Carnivores eat herbivores, herbivores ear plants... And us, omnivores, eat the herbivores AND the plants. It's just how nature works...
VyxtelHD (5 days ago)
My favorite food is meat, but okay, I'll be fat over on
Ricardo Ricko (5 days ago)
Aye but which one taste better?... exacly.and yes I did write it like that
KooKooKrabKlan (6 days ago)
Lets just eat dirt, it has nutriens and it looks like chocolate......
Jocomol (6 days ago)
This Video made me hungry, for meat
N. Americans... the only mentally-illed people who can afford, create, and have all basic needs granted
TotalwardenHD (7 days ago)
Still doesn't matter I will still eat meat because I like eating it and I love eating vegetables too. So to solve the vegan problem stop going organic because the rates we are going we need gene food to sustain our billions of people and it will keep rising so even if everyone became vegan you still need farm land for all of those crops. However you'll also need room for billions of people to live and organic foods won't cut it eventually due to demand. And the nutrition from organic foods won't be enough to sustain population increases in the next centuries.
renge9909 (6 days ago)
...it feels like the population expansion is the real problem.
Unknown Youtuber (7 days ago)
I’m now vegan
da sa (7 days ago)
only food humans absolutly dont need is CARBS Go vegan or vegeterian without carbs...or pill supliments and it wont work
renge9909 (6 days ago)
You'll get carbohydrates anyway, if you eat fruits or root vegetables. What vegetables would even be zero carb? ...lettuce? Cucumbers?
almightyinferno (7 days ago)
fuck vegans, cant wait till you drop and realise you need meat
Bron (8 days ago)
Man is naturally an omnivore not a herbivore. I'll stick to nature.
renge9909 (6 days ago)
He is also a a hunter gatherer by design, made to stalk prey over long distances, and subsist during periods of food shortages instead of sitting around watching videos before going to the nearest mcdonalds - but then, man is a wonderfully adaptable organism too.
Black Bear33 (8 days ago)
B12 just B12
Caden Roberge (9 days ago)
I don’t like how people portray meat eaters as “evil people” who “want to kill animals for no reason” ( and yes I have heard this before ). I’m a meat eater, but do you think I enjoy seeing all of these animals being put through grueling tests in factories? Well guess what, I don’t!
Hats (9 days ago)
Then why do you continue to fund the industries that exploit said animals?
Poke (9 days ago)
Bruh vegans are also meat eaters cuz have u heard the saying plants are alive too so ur killing plants how do they feel when there fruits get picked how Does it feel for u if ur nose gets picked yea yea so we can’t eat anything will just live for a bit and then die
Frode Øverli (9 days ago)
Lol desperate much? Animals are sentient and able to suffer, which they tend to do when you kill and eat them. Plants are not sentient, they only react to stimuli. No brain and central nervous system. If you care about plants so much, and you still need/want to eat, go vegan. An animal eats 5-20kg of plant matter to make 1kg meat. So eating animals kills more plants.
P L (10 days ago)
I love this video, subscribed. Thank you! 😊🤗
Sam Durden (10 days ago)
wow this is so non violent! Thank you so much for producing this gold nugget!
purple guy (10 days ago)
nigga why vegans eats vitamins and weird things Idk how they are named I don't believe in evolution soooo
Frode Øverli (9 days ago)
+purple guy No, we don't need neat to survive anymore. It is the position of the American Dietetic Association that appropriately planned vegetarian diets, including total vegetarian or vegan diets, are healthful, nutritionally adequate, and may provide health benefits in the prevention and treatment of certain diseases. You need to take a B12 supplement, as it comes from a bacteria, wheras we live in a sterilized world. Animals get the same supplement, so we just get it directly.
purple guy (9 days ago)
+Frode Øverli but humans need meat to survive vegetables doesn't contain all the vitamins that we need I didn't mean vitamins that exist in food we call them vitamins in our country idk what's their real name
Frode Øverli (9 days ago)
Vitamins and weird things are in food, dude. What do you believe in? Evolution is not something you need to believe in, in order to understand that cruelty to animals is bad.
Darkhorsearmor (11 days ago)
Oh no you don’t. You aren’t here to give a reason to eat meet, you just want to disprove those reasons. Let me just say this. If it’s unethical to eat a animal, then it is unethical to eat a plant, because a plant is also a living thing.
Frode Øverli (9 days ago)
+Darkhorsearmor I understand that you are tired, getting your moral values questioned is of course draining. I had this too, but I was open for accepting that I was wrong (thought it took years). This wasn't about making you feel bad, just understand that you are suffering from cognitive dissonance (not agreeing to animal cruelty but still eating meat). I'll leave you alone, but if you want some resources to get more educated, I can point you in a general direction. Take care.
Darkhorsearmor (9 days ago)
Frode Øverli look i’m tired of this. I not gonna sit around while you keep asking me if things are okay because there cultural. I don’t care if your a vegan, and i not going to continue arguing in some stupid comment section when it’s obvious that neither of use will agree, so i’m not gonna comment anymore and if your a decent or nice human being (which i hope you are) you’ll do the same and allow us to agree to disagree.
Frode Øverli (9 days ago)
+Darkhorsearmor Bullfighting is cultural. Sharkfin soup is cultural. Genital mutulation is cultural. Eating meat is cultural. If you lived in the US 100 years ago you would support slavery, as it was part of the culture. So you agree that all people living within 30 minutes from a supermarket should turn vegan?
Darkhorsearmor (10 days ago)
Frode Øverli well if it’s Cultural, then yeah I’m fine with it. Is the animal in endangered? Does hunting it effect the ecosystem? Not everywhere can someone just has a supper market right around the corner, if within even a few miles. You think it’s easier for them to go hunt meat, or go get some fruits and veggies 2 days away? Mentality? Dude i have barely any emotional attachment to pets. Good luck convincing me on that front.
Frode Øverli (10 days ago)
+Darkhorsearmor Right, so if you did in fact not have a line, we would've seen four yeses. So you do have a line, you were just not aware of it until it was pointed out. In China they kill and eat dogs, a cultural tradition which you should be completely fine with. They enjoy the taste. Why do you kinda support the fur industry? Why not a yes? I don't understand your easier option, please explain better. For people living within the range of a supermarket, the option is as easy as simply picking up another food that does not support animal cruelty. I fail to see how this is actually hard. The hard thing is changing your mentality, as we have grown up learning that some animals are food and others are pets.
Fling Gonza (11 days ago)
It makes me hate seeing people making memes on vegans and making them quit being vegan and know that they don't even know the infinite advantages of veganism :(
Alcia Luv (11 days ago)
To some of the commenters below, I don't think the thumbnail is biased. He gave legit arguments for eating meat. Whether he countered with better arguments is up to you.
SSVida (12 days ago)
I also noticed vegans to be very open minded and nice non aggressive people
SSVida (11 days ago)
I Need to go home ehhhhh you just have to be on their good side lol
I Need to go home (11 days ago)
SSVida I think it’s opposite
Lara Johnston (13 days ago)
But taste? And why are you drawing meat eaters like we are deformed.
P L (10 days ago)
Just average commoner types.
Owen Keller (13 days ago)
Vegans are not happy. Go meet one
Jorge Gutiérrez Gil (13 days ago)
That happy yellow dog appears in EVERY A.S video !
wizard oz2014 (14 days ago)
Animals sacrificed to satisfy human beings 👅 tongue? [email protected] used to be famous among Hindu's tradition, now Westerners have realised impact of plant based food to mankind can save planet Earth soon or later. Why Human beings baby not killed as food for Animals? But Why Animal's [email protected]@family killed to SATISFY HUMAN Beings 👅? It's PAINFUL to get JOY from someone's PAIN.😔
Anthony Escobar (14 days ago)
As a meat eater I see your valid points especially 'is eating meat ethical?'. I say no, but my stomach in me is rewarding me in a way that eat meat. I'd like to see a world of vegans and a fresher earth. But I helping in the project.
Butt Scratcher (14 days ago)
Frode Øverli (10 days ago)
+Butt Scratcher Bump, did you get around answering the questions?
Butt Scratcher (11 days ago)
+Frode Øverli and for the ice caps you say they melt or grow in size depending on the season.....lol kinda like most things that are frozen and then get melted when the FUCKIN SEASON CHANGES!!! You expect everything to stay the same forever and if there's any change then oh gotta be because of man right? Couldn't be natural ....so all the other times the earth has changed before man was here, who caused that????? Dumb fuck....it's a lie to get you to pay them more money !! CA driver's now pay more for gas cars, pay more for gas and they can raise it anytime they want because the idiots here voted for that.... SMH 🤦 it's all a game plan for control....they control you by teaching you how and what to think and they've got you programmed pretty good boy! From propoganda fake news media to the education system to the pop culture to entertain they have controlled and you are falling into their trap! Now they are claiming the president is a racist Hitler Nazi and the world's gonna end in 12 years yet the only thing they care about is taking trump off the ballot if he doesn't release his tax returns SOMETHING HE DOESNT HAVE TO DO LEGALLY and they are petitioning trump, and they are sueing him and they are accusing him of a fake Russia story and they are lying to everyone and the biggest thing is they say it doesn't matter who the president is as long as they beat Trump....fuckin pathetic grow up
Butt Scratcher (11 days ago)
+Frode Øverli dude I answered ur questions moron l2r and 2ndly Chernobyl is relevant because they said it would grow and that's why we shouldn't do nuclear when they were wrong. Global warming yet it's getting colder? Oh but it's climate change now.....the natural change over time and you have 0 proof humans are doing fuck all from gov paid scientist who get paid to produce numbers when Dan Pena and other scientists who have won Nobel laureates say it's a farce and that we aren't a fart in the wind compared to the cosmos of time....you tell me what cause all those different eras of climate in the past behind humans..... dinosaur farts? You realize the atmosphere has changed since it was 1st created? Again the earth is incredible resilient it knows how to fix it self it's been around for 4.5 billion fuckin years. You don't know fuck all when it comes to the cosmos of time!! Humans haven't been around long enough to make an effect that would destroy the earth. We have set nukes off several times and Chernobyl was suppose to be more radioactive than the bomb we dropped on Hiroshima...they were wrong again! Like humans thought the Earth was flat...wrong wrong and wrong and just like right now you are wrong. You think AL fucking GORE is the person who was smart enough to figure out how and when the world is gonna end? He said it would end decades ago just like AOC said 12 years....he was wrong, she is wrong, and so are you Mr brainwashed. Plz tell me why a bank would give a 30 year loan to water front property if this was real then their property investment would be worth fuck all because it would he UNDER WATER!! in the foot notes of the loan it would say *if global warming happens and property is under water this investment is worth fuck all!!! You people are so fucking retarded I swear....been watching too many movies, why is it I go an hour east and there's no smog? Because it's trapped in areas of large population and location like basins of large cities that get trapped like LA....where I live!! I've had this libtard debate more times than you can think! I answered all your questions go read fool and try some meat at least fish and chicken the best for you, maybe you'll find a woman and become a man.
Frode Øverli (12 days ago)
+Butt Scratcher Did you ignore all my questions while focusing on something irrelevant? Is this your proof against the changing climate? The ice caps are increasing and decreasing in size depending on the season. We are now seeing colder winters, a result of climate change, which allows the ice cap to grow faster in this period of time, but historically it is decreasing, as it is also hotter in the summer months. It's great that polar bears are increasing, as they were endangered at some point. See here for more info: https://arcticwwf.org/species/polar-bear/population/ What is relevant with Chernobyl? Plants can grow almost anywhere. What is relevant with pre-historic humans? Just becuase they acted carnivore sometimes does not make them carnivore. Feel free to answer some of my previous questions, or delete your thread. People tend to do that when they are wrong.
Uriel JZ Estante (15 days ago)
Nikita Myrting (16 hours ago)
Vegetables are the balance. There is no other way, we simply don't have the ressources to maintain a lifestyle where we eat meat, the climate ARE changing, and we WILL die of it.
Chris Tarzan Hayward (15 days ago)
Ronald Johnson (15 days ago)
If u are a vegan your a wimp
Hats (9 days ago)
Really? If helping to save the environment and not wanting sentient beings to die means being a wimp, I'd gladly be one :D
Fynn Henderson (15 days ago)
I’m gonna eat some fish and chips
Jacob Wolff (15 days ago)
Selectively bred cattle are considered GMOs
Jacob Wolff (15 days ago)
Title: Top 3 arguments in favor of eating meat Video: *Explains how you don’t need meat to be healthy.
Kjumei (3 days ago)
Cause you shouldn't just tell/copy them but also think about them (like they did)
Heather emc (16 days ago)
This title is misleading
SSVida (16 days ago)
Honestly why all the dislike I’m not a vegan I rarely eat vegetables but he has very good points I’m looking to become vegan as we get good tasting vegan food I hope Burger King vegan burger comes out food soon
Frode Øverli (12 days ago)
Have you tried the Beyond Burger yet? It is really awesome. Also, depending on where in the world you are located, there are a log of great vegan food. Where do you live? I can see if I could give you some suggestions! :) Also my saviour in the start were lentils and beans - if prepared right and with the same seasoning, I could recreate basically all my previous dishes that needed minced meat.
SSVida (16 days ago)
I’ll become vegan if they make vegan food taste like meat 🥩
RiSe Ash (16 days ago)
Funny how all these "carnivores" are getting triggered & think this is biased yet it's 100% true
RiSe Ash (14 days ago)
+Fynn Henderson ?
Fynn Henderson (15 days ago)
It’s 100% true that your vegan meals are 99% sugar
silversoul the imp (16 days ago)
Clickbait and obvious bias... I'm greatly disapointed...
RiSe Ash (16 days ago)
+silversoul the imp Yes because they clearly feed them nothing but oxygen 😂 I'm struggling to see your point in all this. I was referring to hormones and antibiotics
silversoul the imp (16 days ago)
+RiSe Ash ya but you can't say that human crops are going to the animals then..
RiSe Ash (16 days ago)
+silversoul the imp Still sounds better than what we give to animals to keep them alive in factory farms
silversoul the imp (16 days ago)
+RiSe Ash most "natural" or "organic" fertilizers are more dangerous then synthetic ones but both are dangerous and you get half as much food from twice as much land when using organic and natural fertilizers and/or pesticides and it's either using parts of or whole plants humans don't eat naturally(hay grass milo ect. Or especially gor pigs and chickens the skin of fruits like watermellon pumkin and banana) for animals or you use more land it's not usually both
RiSe Ash (16 days ago)
+silversoul the imp I don't promote the use of harmful fertilizers but....🤦🏻‍♂️ It takes 18 times as much land to feed an omnivore than a vegan plus half our crops go into feeding animals for meat production
Sachin Raghavan (17 days ago)
1) Stupidity 2) Ignorance 3) Heartlessness.
Redstone Goomba (15 days ago)
Sachin Raghavan Eh
Cynic The Hedgehog (17 days ago)
Ok... veganism I’m down for, but non gmo is some bull. Do you think ray comfort is right about bananas? Oh my fuck.
Kas J (17 days ago)
I only eat organic meat 1 time per week. And my diet consist of all the micronutrients in good balance while being able to deadlift almost 600lbs at a 200lbs natural bodyweight. You don't need so much meat shit.
Papi The Harpy (17 days ago)
Allot of your arguments are plagued with bias. You complain about meat being genetically altered yet you conveniently choose to omit that the exact same thing has been done with plants. Compare a wild banana to a store bought one and the difference is astonishing. Not to mention that alot of crops have crazy amounts of pesticides sprayed on them. Aswell if you compare us to our hominin relatives instead of the wide strokes of comparing us to apes, a majority of hominins were omnivorous. "Oh but it takes so much more water to rear animals" yeah and? You seem to act as if the water just magically disappears instead of being recycled via the water cycle.
Frode Øverli (12 days ago)
Sure, bananas and meat are results of GMOs/selective breeding. Doesn't make it any more ethical to consume meat. Pesticides (and other bad things) can bioaccumulate in animals. The majority of hominins also ate meat as a necessity. This is not the case for modern society, as we can live healthy on a vegan diet. We need to have an artificial water cycle to support society today, so when we let the water be used on something that needs a lot of water, we need to use more resources to filter and recycle said water again. This is why it is really bad for areas that are experiencing drought, as factory farmed animals are using huge amounts of water. You seem to act as if the water just magically reappears in your tap.
Mr. N (18 days ago)
Did they just distort the evidence for argument #3? Because although it is a shame processed meat is consumed more than naturally organic meat there are some beneficial nutrients found in meat than vegetables can provide, like Omega3 in Fish. Besides that, our other primate cousins do sometimes eat meat (specifically Chimps and Monkeys) to grab in some extra protein because most of their bodies require more energy during their daily activities and you're not going to get much eating just leaves and fruits. It's not just primates either many other herbivorous animals cheat with a carnivorous diet to get the proper nutrients that plants cannot provide. More power to people converting to Veganism, but I will stick to being what our ancestors had evolved to be....an omnivore.
Mind Blowing (18 days ago)
+Mr. N There are actually a lot of nutrients you can´t find in meat like secundary plant compounds which are very important to fight disease and fighting cell aging! Just to name one example! And no plants do not have a central nervous system so they can´t feel pain it is a proven fact! - You are talking like you´ve slept the last 20 years.It is hilarious and a shame to call it propaganda by careing about the feelings and lifes of other living beings - you are searching so hard for arguments against veganism that you are getting ridiculous. "it's been a part of diet for 3-2 million years now" this is actually a lie.The situation today is not a problem of the hunter-gatherers but a problem of agriculture started 13.000 years ago! And no 8! billion people won´t go vegan over night but they have to go in a slow process because the resources of our planet aren´t endless and meat, including your beloved grassfed meat is the biggest resource killer ever existed! If you name the argument with the insects why don´t you go ahead and comsume insects?  The world is going to change with or without you! Funny how you are talking about ignorance while you are ignorant to fscientific facts and ignorant to the fact that a living being that doesn´t want to die has to die for your taste spots and habit - as a consumer you are responsible for the death of over 56 billion land animals each year - ask yourself how this is better in comparison to abusing animals - you don´t have the right to take a life only because you have been "nice" to this creature before for a few weeks or month. Funny that you talk about propaganda while you are obviously brainwashed yourself by the meat and dairy industry! What is the real propaganda? concerns who want you to consume and spend your money until you reach the stage to spend the money for medication because you´ve eaten unprincipled? Or vegans telling you to stop support killing, death and disease without getting any money from you?
Mr. N (18 days ago)
+Mind Blowing I wasn't stating that eating processed meat is okay, if you read the first paragraph you will understand this, what I am getting at is that being you can nutrients from meats just as much as plants. Besides you don't think plants have feelings too? The whole propaganda, regarding the feelings of animals is not exactly a strong argument as much as it is saving the environment. This is a known fact from our primate relatives eating insects and other animals. Second 6 billion people aren't just going to stop eating meat; it's been apart of diet for 3-2 million years now...it is what we from time to time. So you haven't changed my mind I'm still sticking to being a natural born omnivore; as much as I love animals it's not going to stop me from eating a cow or a pig. Plus you cannot say our ancestors didn't have a choice in what they ate; you weren't there during the Late Pleistocene and that can be said for people today that still live in the wilderness! Converting to vegan is just somebody's way of saying "I am sorry to the animals". If you really want to blame somebody blame the assholes that abuse those animals; we have the choice to stand up and shutdown the slaughterhouses permanently. But again the human population is to blame...ignorance is bliss.
Mind Blowing (18 days ago)
there are even some beneficial nutrients in toxic mushrooms and other toxic things - this fact doesn’t cover the negative side effects of eating animal products for your health, the environment and the animals. Meat has no monopoly on certain nutrients. You can eat flax seeds, chia seeds etc. to get your omega 3 without killing the oceans and consuming micro plastic, heavy metals, antibiotics and parasites! Your ancestors didn’t have a choice...you have!
Ashley 11101990 (18 days ago)
Your video has a lot of bias,first up animal agriculture is way way different in other countries than in the US,look at Wagyu beef for example,the wagyu cattle are treated as a herding animal and are reared in a completely different way compared to how Cattle are farmed in the US,many people especially from Asia consume organic meat as compared to Americans and Europeans,so have more clarity in your videos.
Ashley 11101990 (14 days ago)
+Miriam Diaz I bet you haven't heard of Sir Jagdish Chandra Bose,have you? Please read his research on how plants feel pain and go through the same suffering as animals do,they feel pleasure the same way animals do,I bet you didn't know about him as your too busy watching and following stupid Vegan propaganda that doesn't highlight scientific facts in a correct manner. Suppose someone feels like pulling out a leaf of a flower plant to feel it. We think that the plant does not suffer like us. But the plant does suffer. In fact the pulsation of the plant stops where the leaf was plucked. In a short time the pulsation again begins at the spot, but this time very slowly. And then it completely stops. That spot is as good as dead for the plant." Go to this link and enlighten yourself with real science than actual stupid propaganda https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.speakingtree.in/blog/plants-too-have-feelings-and-responses/m-lite So again I don't give a damn of what you shove down your throat that's your personal thing,so don't bother with what people eat,by saying that I still am against animal cruelty,if someone kills an animal just to satisfy his/her hunger I don't see it as wrong,but torturing it and abusing it for entertainment,sport or amusement is what is unethical,get that in your puny brain will you,this the third time I am making it clear to you!!
Miriam Diaz (14 days ago)
Ashley 11101990 I don’t care if you torture them or not, you kill them anyway
Ashley 11101990 (14 days ago)
+Miriam Diaz have you been to any Asian country??? Yes or No,then we can argue,we don't torture animals and confine them to isolated enclosures,like most factory farms in the US and Europe do,which I mentioned in my comment earlier,so stop being an emotional idiot like many vegans who don't know what hey speak and rely plainly on propaganda,if suppose I was to come to America or Europe,I wouldn't eat meat there because the quality of meat is pathetic,laced with so many hormones due to ill-treatment of animals,I would eat lacto vegetarian Indian food especially from Indian restaurants if I would be there,so rather than being a person who hasn't travelled to this part of the world and plainly believing in propaganda than facts,stop poking your nose and demonizing the food habits of other people, don't you get it, it's part of one's private life,what you eat is none of my business either,I am just pointing out the bias,that's all.
Miriam Diaz (14 days ago)
Ashley 11101990 yes i have the right of arguing with you because you are damaging other animals and people too ( animal agriculture has an important effect in climate change), there is absolutely no reason to eat meat because it is not necessary, it has been a necessity in the past but now it is not
Ashley 11101990 (16 days ago)
+Miriam Diaz I respect your sensitivity towards animals and the diet you follow,I agree that animals should be treated ethically as well, it's not like I eat meat 24/7,it's only perhaps 2-3 days a week and I am used to the schedule since the last 28 years and the way animals are reared for meat here India is way way different than in the US,but demonizing all meat eaters is morally wrong as you don't have the right to be the judge on anyone's food habits, that's similar to invading one's privacy,I have pet's at home 2 cat's,1 goose and 1 rooster have had them for atleast 5 years now, eating meat is something I don't see wrong but the way in which animals are treated is,for example look at how the native Americans treat their livestock with care and love, that's the compassion I am talking about, hopefully the field of genetics eveolves further so lab processed meat is commonplace and then I don't have to argue with vegans anymore,Jesus be with you☺️☺️
Ditidos (19 days ago)
I still don't understand why it is ethical to make plants and fungi suffer but it isn't ethical to make animals suffer. They are all living organism with complex endocrines systems, if anything plants should feel things more than animals. The enviromental issue is not really that much of a problem, after all only cows produce enough gases to be poblematic so said argument doesn't apply for pig or chicken, more so considering how much gases we humans emmit. Also a plant based diet would not be able to sustain a human during very long times (healthy) because plants are harder to digest, it isn't that the nutrients aren't there, it is that they are harder to reach. Heck, gorillas have a longer digestive track than us and even they have to eat their poop to digest their food completely, animals that survive entirely on plants have tremendous digestive tracks because of how dificult plants are to digest (plenty of them have intestines double or triple the size of our own in proportion as well as multiple stomachs). Even if we ignore that, humans need way to much energy for the big body and powerfull brain to consume food in similar quantities and ways other primates do, granted cooking helps with that but also that we are relatively regular eaters of meat also helps too. There are also better alternatives than going vegan to reduce the methane farm animals produce (that really only affect cattle) like going for animals that produce less methane like chicken (whose global population produce less than a quarter of what we humans produce), pig (who produce more or less the same as humans, slightly more yes but not really that much) or arthropods and molusk (I wonder if we could also genetically modify farm animals to help us with that). In fact, going for arthropods and molusk grants another advantage and that is they take very little space and resources to breed and maintain, they are so easy you could keep a colony if you wanted to (thus eating meat you produce). That said, neither extreme is a good idea. Eating meat in every meal sounds a little bit excesive, animal-based products not as much but we shouldn't be eating meat every day at every meal. That's as problematic as eating only plant-based products. A very good thing this vegan movement has bringed to us, though is more versatility in cooked plant products. Some of them taste really good and it isn't rare to find them even tastier than meal. This have also made soja milk and other milk substitutes easy to find and widely avaiable, which have helped people who are allergic to certain milk proteins that aren't lactose that and I don't like the taste of actual real milk so these "plant milk" is what I usually drink instead so it is great I can find it easily.
Frode Øverli (11 days ago)
+Ditidos Here we go, we’re down to the core of your beliefs and we can now point at the cracks. There is no way to maximize your personal benefit without decreasing someone else’s. Answer me this – do you think bullfighting is OK? If yes, what about dog fighting? In your described world view these things should be completely fine, along with slavery, murder and cannibalism. We know that animals are sentient for sure. Plants have the potential for sentience, but lack a brain and central nervous system. We need to eat something, so let’s choose the one that probably is not sentient. If eating plants still is an issue for you, then you know that animals have to eat plants as well, so the total number of life forms that are killed is higher when eating animals. The rainforest is destroyed to support the desire for meat and animal products, and the feed produced there is transported the same distance, just in way higher numbers.
Ditidos (11 days ago)
+Frode Øverli See, as I stand morality and such stupid concepts shouldn't define how people should act. Because then people who do not have a code of honor will have a very clearly unfair advantage or, better said people with such things as morals or ideals have a great disadvantage whose enemies can exploit rather easily. As such, morals shouldn't exist and people should act in their maximun personal benefit. This, of course doesn't mean we should be assholes, only idiots would do that as the people who would are only looking at their physical health and completely ignoring their mental necesities as well as position in their social group. If we see things like this, you can see that animals are out of any kind of kindness towards them unless they are spectacle animals, pets or zoo animals. So, do I care about the live of animals that are raised to be food? No, do I think we should care? Again, no. If we care about them, we also should care about plants and fungi as they are also potentially sentient, but if we shouldn't kill any sentient being then we are down to eating corpses or to kill ourselves. And since for some strange reason I'm completely unable to grasp, eating corpses of once sentient being is also regarded as bad (even though I consider it the greatest honor someone could give to), that mean your best option to eliminate suffering is suicide. Or to take it to a minimun, as the people who will be sad because you die are far less creatures that the ones you will kill for food in your hole life. Now, I have finish the moral argument. Next one is, plants are only good to the enviroment or for yourself if you compliment them with meat and other animals products, as for you to be healthy basely only on plants you will need plants that aren't as common to find nor that are produced all year round and that you will need to transport for tons of kilometers due to them having very specific needs to grow, either that or have extremely expensive greenhouses with tons of tech expanding over kilometers. Arthropods are way easier to raise and keep plus they have all those benefit that meat products have so they could compliment a plant-based diet very well and being nice with the enviroment without the need to go bonkers, GMOs are also another solution to the problem as GMO animals are easier to control than plants and could help us have a more enviromentaly-friendly low cost meat.
Frode Øverli (12 days ago)
+Ditidos What you keep avoiding is that this is unnecessary suffer inflicted upon sentient beings that do not want to die. Even if eating plants was bad for the environment, which it is not, it would still be more ethical to do so. Even if eating plants was bad for your health, which it is not, it would still be more ethical to do so. Veganism is about allowing animals to live a life without unnecessarily being killed by humans, for products we do not need. Most people are morally agreeing with this, as they do not like animal cruelty, yet keep supporting industries that are in fact cruel towards animals.
Ditidos (12 days ago)
+Frode Øverli Well, the arthropods have all the advantages of meat but in a easy to breed package that takes little space. They are easier to digest, protein rich, they don't depend on a temporary part of the year only for recolection, those are definetly some good pros over either vertebrate meat or plants. I do see pig's brains, whole heads and such in the supermarket or in basically any butcher's store, just like any part of the body of the pig such as hearts, bones (sold separately) or livers. Even those same parts of other animals (I just brought the pig up because it is the most know to be eaten full and goat's brains are the only other brains who I think are common). I don't know what do they sell outside of my country but we definetly have very easy access to basically any food product that comes from within our borders (which honestly make some plants not as easy and common for buying as more tropical and exotic vegetables and fruits that cannot be breed that easily due to our subarid to arid climate).
Frode Øverli (12 days ago)
+Ditidos I feel pretty confident in saying that most people don't eat all the brains, eyeballs and bones for the 121 million pigs slaughtered each year, not taking into account the other animals that we breed. Most of this is probably considered a waste product or used for something completely different. I've never had the option to buy either of these products. The only option I had were bones, where they would be sold with some meat attached to it. The bones went straight to the bin, thought. I never made anything with it, and that is the general norm. Some people might create bone broth or something like that, but again, not a necessity. Why eat arthropods when plants can be grown more efficiently? There is zero need for them, and we even reject human-edible grains that have some insect bite marks on them. Yet some people think that we should start eating insects commercially. What does the insects have that the plants lack?
Ria Zombie (19 days ago)
Meat is so bad for you 😷
Darkless4X (20 days ago)
This video is not only so biased but literally defaming anyone who eats meat. I've been an Omnivore for all my life which means I pretty much eat both Meat & Plants, but yet I still get slandered by these vegan bigots just because I eat meat. Euthanizing farm animals to process meat humanely is fine, but animal cruelty & abuse is something I strongly condemn.
Amorette sinopa (20 days ago)
I kinda condone killing animals at all. Idk. Im iffy on milk and such but killing them for no reason seems so...barbaric....
ATPecina (20 days ago)
I’m gonna go have a burger
B12, amino, fatty & folic acids, not to mention without animals we will eventually have to fertilize our plants with human manure. Besides that, sure veganism is a good concept
Miriam Diaz (17 days ago)
The Gardening Channel Inspired By James Prigioni except b12 everything can be found in plants and you can fertilize with death plants
MyMaitetxu (20 days ago)
the amount of protein in plants is not good enough, we can not asimilate it as easy and as efficiently
MyMaitetxu (15 days ago)
+Miriam Diaz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S5u3b6Vcy00
Miriam Diaz (17 days ago)
As the other guy said that’s simply not true
Amorette sinopa (20 days ago)
So, tons of vegans are dead because of this, right? Oh wait, that's not right....hmmmm
Radhika srinivasan (21 days ago)
Love to be a vegan, excellent video
Fynn Henderson (21 days ago)
I know vegans favourite meal: grass from the side of the road
Amorette sinopa (20 days ago)
Okay, like. I know this os a joke but I just wanna say that a really good snack is a spinach tortilla with peanut butter, blackberry jelly(I usually get a kind with ghost peppers its really good) and pumpkin seeds (maybe salt it a little or add honey, whatever floats your boat. Apples are good on it too!)
Javi Chicheri (21 days ago)
Plants feel pain as well, just because you don’t know how to understand them does not mean they don’t protect themselves....you are just just talking about the industrial form of meat consumption.
Javi Chicheri (21 days ago)
That is why I fish and hunt
Javi Chicheri (21 days ago)
Tell that to an Inuit or a mongol...
MICHAEL CRASH (21 days ago)
I’m going to get a chicken dinner right now I hate you for this it’s so opinionated I’m unsubscribed
Bob Ross (21 days ago)
I'm still gonna eat meat
Bob Ross (20 days ago)
+Amorette sinopa Thank you
Amorette sinopa (20 days ago)
+Bob Ross aight, up to you my dude.
Bob Ross (20 days ago)
+Amorette sinopa I'm good👌
Amorette sinopa (20 days ago)
Oof. I do suggest cutting your meat consumption by half though. Mainly for health.
Graham Bennett (22 days ago)
One of the closest human relative, chimpanzees, are regular hunters/meat eaters. It’s a special treat for them and they love it
anjoelsallas (20 days ago)
Most chimpanzee’s also commit cannibalism. OH FUCKING BOY. What a treat!
Tom S (22 days ago)
i think you meant to say the 96% of the 'western world' eats meat because the developing world countries eat more of a predominantly plant based diet because eating meat is expensive if you are doing it yourself on a small scale. Also because many in developing countries occasionally eat meat does not make them vegan but places them in a totally different category to westerners eating meat two or sometimes three times a day.
Christopher Padilla (19 days ago)
It's more expensive to be vegan are you nuts? DO you know how much hemp seed costs by the lb? protein powder? Seitan steaks?
Mason Farrell (22 days ago)
Firstly, the title is incredibly misleading. He debunks each reason for eating meat with a way that being vegan is more beneficial than meat. Secondly, a quick and easy solution is making people kill their own animals for meat. You want a steak, kill the cow and cut off the piece you want. That would likely deter a lot of people.
Waldien (23 days ago)
Shut up you vegan
throatgorge2 (23 days ago)
bait and switch!
Papa Stalin (23 days ago)
If You give me Something that tastes and feels 100% like meat , You got me on your side . But i would still eat meat for B12 .
Sam Barnes (23 days ago)
+Papa Stalin I'm aware. no one is perfect but everyone should seek to reduce suffering as much as possible. it's impossible to avoid certain types of harm but not contributing to the NEEDLESS and cruel murder of animals is an easy step to take. it's completely unnecessary and ignorant to continue to consume animal products when there is no need to.
Papa Stalin (23 days ago)
+Sam Barnes You want no harm to the animals , fine by me . But You will never be able to stop it . You can't stop someone from killing a bug . It's just impossible , this is how nature works
Sam Barnes (23 days ago)
+Papa Stalin it is defined as murder in the majority of dictionaries, it depends on what one you read so that's irrelevant. even if they were NEVER going to survive in the wild, we still have no right to play god with the lives of sentient animals. the resources needed by humans DO NOT need to be animal resources, that is one of the worst arguments i have ever heard.
Papa Stalin (23 days ago)
+Sam Barnes and it is not classified as murder . Murder occurs only in case of human beings
Papa Stalin (23 days ago)
+Sam Barnes i don't believe animals would be haunted , i know they would be . Take a cow or a chicken , how tf are they going to defend against a pack of wolves ?
Papa Stalin (23 days ago)
We will replace our bodies with Robots in the future anyways .
Papa Stalin (23 days ago)
Reduce meat , yes . Eliminate meat , *N E V E R* !
Kegeshook (24 days ago)
The claim that every nutrient needed for survival can be found in a plant based diet is absolutely false.
Amorette sinopa (21 days ago)
+Kegeshook Idk...SOY like. Soy milk. Lots of 'plant milks' have then just cause they aren't 'natural' doesn't mean you cant get it and be healthy. Like, dude. Can i just say that it can be made in a lab and you don't have to kill animals to do it?
LarkspurLilMoon (23 days ago)
Here's a link to a reddit that links to a bunch of sources on the supplementation of agricultural animals and how in non sterile conditions we can get an "appreciable" amount of b12 from roots. Plus Mic the Vegan had a whole video going into the science and history on it.https://www.reddit.com/r/vegan/comments/7ujsaf/the_b12_in_meat_is_from_supplements_given_to_the/ Of course you'll probably dismiss all of this as more "vegan bs" but I'm replying more for anyone who happens to look at our comments. It's not like I'm going to deny that humans also got b12 from animals in human history but we also ate relatively little meat, especially red meat, usually on special occasions, so anywhere between once a week and a few times a year, so in the case of once a year, we also needed other sources of b12 which could easily be found in unprocessed water or unwashed vegetables. We don't need a lot of b12, one supplement once every one or two weeks is sufficient. Meat is a much MUCH larger part of the Western diet in our culture today than it ever used to be, and if it weren't for government subsidies, meat wouldn't be affordable for most everyone to eat three times a day. Not to mention, animal protein in general, but especially red meat, isn't really healthy, and much of it is inflammatory or classified as carcinogens. Mostly you just have to eat a balanced diet, make sure you either eat foods fortified with b12 or take a supplement (or i guess if you really want to just go eat some dirt?), And you should be happy and healthy on a vegan diet. That's the consensus of every major medical and nutrition/dietary board--a balanced vegan diet is suitable for all stages of human development.
Kegeshook (23 days ago)
+Amorette sinopa Where do you get your B12 from?
Kegeshook (23 days ago)
+LarkspurLilMoon You just are repeating he same old vegan BS that I've seen hundreds of times. Omnivores like me get our B12 from agricultural animals, wild animals, and from fish. Very few agricultural animals are actually supplemented with B12. The claim that cattle are widely supplemented with B12 is a myth. We humans never got sufficient B12 just by eating dirty plants and drinking water.
LarkspurLilMoon (23 days ago)
If you're talking about B12, it comes from bacteria and we supplement our agricultural animals with B12 supplements as well. And in our history, we could also have gotten B12 from soil on plants or from water because B12 is from a bacteria in soil.

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