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SHE'S DONE! Maxine Busted For ‘Illegal Dealings’ Cries Like A Baby After Trump Supporters Get To Her

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Text Comments (2683)
Wade Hardel (7 hours ago)
Another puke, you make me sick to my stomach maxi pad.
David Calderhead (8 hours ago)
Jason Glessner, I at one time in my early twenties As hard as it is to admit was a Clinton supporter. I really wasnt political at all and knew very little about what the partys represented. Maybe you should go on a speaking tour and tell all those brainwashed criminals how you got out. They sound like a cult. God bless ya!
Michele Bump (10 hours ago)
Nothing will happen,nothing ever happens.Clinton,Obama,Rice,Brazil,etc....
Jess J.J. French (10 hours ago)
Senators and state representative should not become millionaires serving a public office they are a public servant They knew the risk just like police officers when they took the job they should not be rewarded with massive amounts of cash Instead they should be made to work more than 117 days out of a calendar year which is 365 days stop making Senators and state representatives knowing they're deceiving the people that are their constituents and their supposed to be representing Cut off their salary and pay them a $1000 every 4 months and see how many people run for Congress or house of representatives it's all a money laundering scheme If members of Congress and members of the senate and members of the House of Representatives had to live on $35000 a year they would have never joined public office or become a career politician funneling millions of dollars of dirty money
Jess J.J. French (10 hours ago)
I normally wouldn't say send someone to jail yet I know that bitch ass MULTI-MILLINAIRE gets kickbacks from private prisons and jails that she sends people to Strip her credit strip her of her money(TAXPAYERS MONIES) and strip her of her freedom prominently that bitch needs to die in prison
Jess J.J. French (11 hours ago)
Put that bitch in prison Make her put in work to pay back all the money she stole
I.C.E Agent MAN (15 hours ago)
Squeeky wheel gets the grease
Andy Minter (17 hours ago)
Put the bitch in prison. End of story. Don't need to go on with this shit. Just do it.
blahblah (1 day ago)
You're fired bitch!!
Jack Parker (1 day ago)
I think you people need to vet stories who's running this cartoon show... Maxine Waters is a character. Donald Trump is a character.. But a character in the wrong job
Jack Parker (1 day ago)
Donald Trump our memories very good. 2nd Amendment people take care of Hillary.... forearm smash to the head of a security escorted protester during a rally. Donald Trump.. I'll bail him out. Way to set the bar Donald Trump.... I believe that was the ultimate incitement of marauding brawlers... from a man speaking to our nation
she is bizarre.. and has Not even Intel in her corruption and scrupellose enrichment.. mafiastyle taxavoiding sceam.. give IT to her daughter.. she deserves what she has.. the slick willie Clinton culture..
Jack Frost (2 days ago)
Only fall guy politicians go to jail, not the true political terrorists in our Democratic Party. Nothing but treasonous terrorists is all they are. They don’t deserve to call themselves Americans just like Obama who said in a speech himself in Kenya that he was the first sitting president that was born in Kenya but still walks the streets while we Americans pay to protect him and his very gruesome transvestite of a husband Micheal.
Jack Frost (2 days ago)
Somebody should really do something about her. Law or no law. She’s trying to destroy America. And that’s treason as far as I’m concerned. And the punishment for this crime is the death penalty.
unklbuk1 (2 days ago)
I'll believe it when I see her cuffed.
Felix s (2 days ago)
the foul beast should be deported (in the middle of the night) to either Somalia, Liberia or The Sudan.... she (and her supporters) will be happier there....it doesn't really matter where the beast came from..... it's time for a new position to be adopted..... *it'll be for the best*
Richard Dillard (3 days ago)
She is crazy.
Scott Huffman (3 days ago)
How did she ever get elected???
Phillip Mckenzie (3 days ago)
Oh come on, everyone knows she's just another racially targeted victimized "dindunuffin". Yeah right!
Jim B (3 days ago)
Mad Max you thought you get away with that money
Hope For the Planet (3 days ago)
If we Don't KNOW by NOW...that she is untouchable with ALL her " privilege" cards..Woman, Black, rich, politician , democrat...we are deluded ....There is One justice for the plebs and that's it...The Rich, the famous, the politicians ...free and clear...NOTHING will happen to her regardless of what they find in her campaign audit, or for deliberately using HER POLITICAL CLOUT to incite hatred, violence and outright anarchy against the democratically elected government ..and its workers.
Kenny Schell (4 days ago)
She's like Obama his kids are worth millions and never had job in their life how did daddy give them millions on a presidents salary the corruption of the Dems has no bounds
Angelina A (4 days ago)
Oh good she got a taste of her own medicine, she looked like she shit herself. Hopefully she'll shut her mouth next time.
Mario Muccino (4 days ago)
She is an Abomination to humanity.
Tammy Riner (4 days ago)
Arrest her
Juan Figueroa (4 days ago)
Lock her up.
Flying Dutchman (4 days ago)
She also went on msnbc and said to “absolutely harass them” talking about trump cabinet members . And she knows damn well how violent and unhinged her supporters are so when she says to “push back” or “harass” them she knows exactly what that means to them. I think it’s her turn to be harassed out of a restaurant. She’s getting more and more nervous that she will be completely exposed for the thief and liar she is
Delbert Voelker (4 days ago)
Lock this nasty bitch up
Definition of corruption
Hùng Kiệt (4 days ago)
Loud mouth lady
waynenevada (4 days ago)
Sorry bitch I forgot it's all ah you don't believe in God you piece of shit
waynenevada (4 days ago)
Listen lady I used the term lady loosely. You're a black thief you came into politics with no money in your pocket and now you got a six million dollar home. If that doesn't show your color nothing will. May God strike you Dead. Trader against your own kind bitch
Maria ortiz (4 days ago)
Anette Locke (5 days ago)
Who the racists? All black body guards? Where's the equal opportunity here? TRUMP 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Liberty Warrior (5 days ago)
The Chimpanzee is not mans closest relative, Maxine Waters is.
Tony Wilkins (5 days ago)
Three reasons nothing will be done, she's black, she's a woman and she's a Democrat
Dennis Hartford (5 days ago)
Why is she still running around making a ass of herself
roy rodgers (5 days ago)
to the American people when you see walters out in public stone her
Juan m Moran (5 days ago)
Democratic Party whant a free ilegal people...They are the only voting capable to be so stupid for voting democrat!!!
skipstalforce (5 days ago)
She should have bought Nancy Pelosi some new dentures
Brian Dunn (5 days ago)
She is like the craziest shit head !WTF
Billy prentice (5 days ago)
Call me when ANYONE gets charged. All getting pathetic
Marvin King (6 days ago)
Been stealing and imbezzling money for years, funneling tax dollars to friends and family for years while the Democratic National Black Caucus has kept quiet.
Joe _ (6 days ago)
Put a bullet in her skull. Her voice is like nails on a chalkboard. I hate that evil bitch.
Pinger Lock (6 days ago)
I hope she is put in prison
walt chambers (6 days ago)
Maxine needs to pay it back. NOW or go to jail.
Tim Brady (6 days ago)
I guess Maxine has a whole deck of cards to play her hateful racist liberal outbursts.
Renee Stern (6 days ago)
Tom Sanders (6 days ago)
This. Bitch is a crook. Should be jailed with the liar hillary
David Rivera (6 days ago)
I hope low IQ mad Maxine goes to prison
James Wilson (6 days ago)
Does she also deserve a Hillary pass I say off with her head get rid of her.
J A (6 days ago)
And there’s nothing anyone can do about it
Laura s (6 days ago)
Thanks Gary!!! Love love love. She can dish it out but she can’t take it. Karma for Maxine Waters
Glenn Wallace (7 days ago)
I'm sure she is in office only because of some flim flam!
Glenn Wallace (7 days ago)
I'm sure she is in office only because of some flim flam!
Mike Hilton (7 days ago)
Who voted for her who what insane person
dan poen (7 days ago)
wouldn't it be just be wonderfull if Californis turned red this newt election... I believe in miracles.
Sherri Wolf (7 days ago)
They can't steal our money anymore and they can't stand it!
amatuercounciler Dane (7 days ago)
If you see a crowd being created, and are told you are not welcome....you pull out your pistol, and let them know they are welcome to die for their cause, and make them a martyr. Have a nice day.
Lorey's Lair (7 days ago)
The protesters did to her in a mild way exactly what she told the left to do...
W C Emmons (7 days ago)
It's about time.
Brian Marshall (7 days ago)
When she is finally shot it will be justified
b-man bass (7 days ago)
Mahri Beneda (7 days ago)
Where is the straight Jacket when U need one to safe her from herself!,
Gail Brandt (7 days ago)
Nothing will happen. How does she like it Let's hope
Elizabeth Pickerel (7 days ago)
I hope so!
Kelly Hill (7 days ago)
She should be in prison
Trevor Cox (8 days ago)
When are you Americans going to wake up? The country that broke all records. Was number 1 in the world has now sunk so low that you are the laughing stock of the world when you vote for such price as this dimwit loud mouth ccriminally insane person
Alan Holubesko (8 days ago)
Black Biotch. All mouth no Intel. Lights are on, but nobody home. She should be a guest on Jerry Springer. Ding, ding.
Steve Sullivan (8 days ago)
Ta max is a leader of the black peoples,you spivie? It's hard to not hate this woman,o what the hell I hate that bitch
Jimmy Cain (8 days ago)
Nobody is going to do anything about Maxine. She is the poster child of political corruption and it is racist to even mention her corruption. She should be in prison.
Brett Orth (8 days ago)
spit in this bitchs face this big is just a bug but Nancy P best friend
MICHAEL HALL (8 days ago)
Kathylee Choi (8 days ago)
Dog 🐕 face maxine shutup before something happen to you,let me tell you maxine if someone attacking me Because am a President Trump supporter They will sorry greatly ,I willattacking Them Too,
Kakarotto Boom (9 days ago)
Lock this moron up already. She's probably more corrupt than the Clinton Clan LMAO
maureen janousek (9 days ago)
Bat Shit Crazy Bitch! Frightening behavior from a high ranking politician who is supposed to represent all American Citizens!
National Anarchist (9 days ago)
She was permanently trying to start a RACEWAR ! Put her in a closed MENTAL ASYLUM !
National Anarchist (9 days ago)
Get the Bitchwitch trialed and put away.
MrScott3060 (9 days ago)
Nothing will happen to her because Washington is 100% corrupt and not to mention she will just pull the Race card and the Republicans will run and hide.
Robert Malone (10 days ago)
Her mother should’ve got an abortion to make USA great again
VAMobMember (10 days ago)
Why is she upset for Trump supporters doing to her the same thing she wants done to them?
Gene Sotdorus (10 days ago)
Nothing ever happens it's all a game tired of it put them in jail democratic or republican break the law get arrested . Everyday people break the law get arrested.
mimamima2 (10 days ago)
Maxine has a big mouth and a small heart
L. Cleveland Major (10 days ago)
To all of us that are asking "When will she be taken down?", rest assured that it will happen eventually. A criminal like Maxine Waters has a lot of stooges in place working to hide what she has done, but the information trail is clear, and undeniable. It may not happen as fast as we would like, but it will happen. Have faith, my friends.
See son (10 days ago)
What's taking them so long?
preston121068 (10 days ago)
Until these corrupt supposed leaders of our country start getting jail time for their crimes, nothing will ever change.
Mark Rigsby (10 days ago)
Term limits
Mark Rigsby (10 days ago)
Ghetto bitch
darryl runnels (10 days ago)
I hope she has to suck dicks for 25 cents. Lying muck raking bitch
POF 415 (10 days ago)
Yeah yeah yeah. ..this is it.. this is the big one Elizebeth. ...oooooooook. .. When I see this CANT hanging fron a HD nylon anchor rope 😆. ...THEN. ....it will be it !!😈
Mick Mick (10 days ago)
Who let that animal out from the zoo?
Stephen Mitchell (11 days ago)
Why. Take. Soo. Long. To. Write. Complaints. To. Ethics. Comnision. Its. Because. She. Is. A. Democrat . it. Must. Have. Been. Done. The. Next. Day. But. Nooooo..... Months. Later. Wooooow. Terrible. Terrible. !!!!!!!
Jason Sapp (11 days ago)
She should run for office in Zimbabwe or South Africa she would fit right in. She could help with legislation to murder the white farmers that feed those countries and the their land.
jj oo (11 days ago)
Maxine you've been in Politics too long and only lined your pockets. You're embarrassed because Trump has worked you under the table. You scream the loudest because you have the most to hide, like where the proceeds for your $5 million house came from.
Robert DiMeglio (11 days ago)
Straight up Dirtball igga, watta you expect!
Alison Thomas (11 days ago)
Need to audit a few more democraps
so ho (11 days ago)
The more I listen to Democrats the more it reminds me of a fool
marie renfro (11 days ago)
Nothing happens next. She is a Democrat.
Mary LG (11 days ago)
Peace&Love (11 days ago)
Comingling $$ is very illegal. Now go after Rosie. And that tape shows her visibly inciting violence. I loved seeing her get Karma back. God Bless President Trump.

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