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BOOM! DAMNING Vid Of Ginsburg Surfaces Right After Trump’s SCOTUS Announcement – Dems Petrified

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The Next News Network (1 month ago)
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penguins inadiorama (1 month ago)
Ginsburg cheated in college and should have her degrees rescinded and be removed from the bench. she admitted that her professor gave her a test before the tests's administration and tutored her on taking it. she "had to miss a few to not be obvious" that she had cheated. She does not deserve the position that she holds. She does not understand the concept of a fair playing field or seem capable of empathy when her position and advantage is in question. She is a disgrace to everything we hold dear in America; the value of hard work, independence, and equality
Ms Mccoy (1 month ago)
Feinstein Schumer Blumenthal Ginsburg. Disgusting lying hypocrites. THE most disgusting in USA politics in the last two weeks.
Mark Rigsby (2 months ago)
She is ,Evil!
Mark Rigsby (2 months ago)
Ginsberg is, Senile.
Colon Richardson (2 months ago)
She made an oath to protect the constitution right?
J Tornif (2 months ago)
OMG! This is a justice on our Supreme Court. What is wrong with her? Well, that's the left, for you, total disdain for the Constitution of the United States of America. Let's hope she retires soon, and then thank God it isn't President Hillary making nominations to this wonderful court.
This scum still alive?
craig northey (2 months ago)
The men who wrote the US Constitution made their decisions based on more combined knowledge than the combined knowledge of all justices on the supreme court. Look where egypt or the eu is at present? We are far better off.
Billy Anderson (3 months ago)
Basic human rights for blacks , right now the government of South Africa is committing genicide to whites and they are stealing their farms that their ancestors built two hundred years ago ! Most people don't know it but South Africa was basically uninhabited when the pioneers cut out a living but now over 300 white farmers have had their farms taken by the government they helped build and demacrats and librals want to do the samething to whites in America! Better wake up if you think I'm bullshitting you !
tyjomeb123 (3 months ago)
Isn't her time up yet???????
Patricia Bonitz (3 months ago)
Ginsberg is a communist. The woman should never had made a Supreme Court Justice at all.
Bobby Browning (3 months ago)
This woman is delusional. Dangerous!
Melayne Clark (3 months ago)
I can't respect this woman even she is my elder. She is a real piece of dodo.
Scheryl Gray (3 months ago)
Tic tock Ruthy time to retire and enjoy the rest of your retirement ....
George Ramirez (3 months ago)
Never trust anything that bleeds for 7days and doesn't die!!!
Mhon Sy (3 months ago)
Ruth go rest in peace.
Tonelok (4 months ago)
Ginsburgh zionist trash.
Q Tē (4 months ago)
Can't wait until Mr. President Trump replaces her seat. Even though it's been covered it Liberal Diaper Shit for years!-_•
Q Tē (4 months ago)
I think her life has been over for a long time now. She thinks she's a Egyptian, wrap her up and chuck her in the sands of time!
Joseph Lynott (4 months ago)
I can’t wait till this hag is enjoying a long and eternal career in the fertilizer business.
Joseph Lynott (4 months ago)
I can’t wait till this hag is enjoying a long and eternal career in the fertilizer business.
Luntau Sintan (4 months ago)
SENILE ol Justice Ruth Ginsburg..just sleep away quietly 😈
kerry the truth (4 months ago)
She's a tyrants best friend..remove her. Shes a disgusting COMMIE!
Rigo Salinas (4 months ago)
She is shovel ready!!!
Mystic Madman (4 months ago)
Jews hate America and have been instrumental in the chaos we live in right now. How many countries have they been kicked out of? This c*nt wants to lower the age of consent to 12, FFS.
David Buzzin (4 months ago)
😠☠💣🔫🗡🔨KILL RUTH💩😝🔫💣☠🔨🗡
Astroflight (4 months ago)
When millionaires work till that age in any job provided by another, and particularly if the state pays their wages, they are expressing greed, pure greed and selfishness. Working class people should be allowed to work as long as they are able to, to continue to support themselves, their families and their households.... BUT wealthy elderly people in any occupation who hold a job that could be held by a younger pre-retirement age person are just selfish and greedy. IF they want to keep busy, and most want to and should keep busy, then there is plenty of volunteering they can do, or they can just grow roses and cucumbers in their back yard if mixing with common people is beneath them.
Trams Am (4 months ago)
Ginsburg is a pedophile pusher...she wants to drastically reduce the age of sexual consent. She is a liar and an idiot. Our constitution is not up for debate. Wtf is she talking about Egypt for, Africa, Canada....fire her. Set term limits for the Supreme Court . God bless president Trump.
rachel walker (4 months ago)
That woman should have been out of her seat a very,bvery long time ago. She is another one that wants a new world order
Andrew Duis (4 months ago)
God bless all People however God also see's good and Evil. He sees my life and he see's Traders, and Treasonous People who desire is to serve there own purposes and not the People as a whole. Keep Praying for MAGA and for President Trump!!!
Nathan Guillemette (4 months ago)
I couldn’t figure out why she didn’t just retire when Obama was in office but then it occurred to me, she was anticipating Hillary winning.
Hi There (4 months ago)
There should be an age cap in politics... Just my opinion.
Anthony Mayorga (4 months ago)
Africa’s construction is GREAT! For the racist government that wants to kill white farmers
Trail Blazer (4 months ago)
She is a domestic threat to the USA and our Constitution; which many swear an oath to protect.
Trail Blazer (4 months ago)
A fucking disgrace. It will be a good thing for our nation and the Constitution when she is no longer.
Chuck Reid (4 months ago)
There is a leaked anonymous verified video of Shumer and Pelosi tag teaming Ginsberg with mouth to ass resuscitation accompanied with liters of life sustaining precious bodily fluids in the hopes of preventing her from turning to dust before 2018 and possibly 2020...!
Stuie of Maple Street (4 months ago)
Is she a pedophile?
Allen Cruce (4 months ago)
I was taught to respect my elders. In her case, I’ll make an exception. The “Constitution of South Africa”? WTF? Sounds like she’s delusional and crazy irrational.
Andy Atkins (4 months ago)
She needs to go telling on herself she dosent stand by America
Pak YesU (4 months ago)
Is this the one who says "Pedophile is good for children". Look it up people. Damn!
Rick Snyder (4 months ago)
Hang Her
Edward Stack Sr (4 months ago)
Ginsburg is a piece of drunken shit!
Sunny Ah Day (4 months ago)
Canada's Charter of Freedom and Rights isn't for Canadians, it's for the government to exploit regular Canadians. It should be called Charter of Freedom and Rights Canadians don't have!
antonwearsakilt (4 months ago)
The Bill of Rights, and the US Constitution are what make citizens of the USA, Americans.
two dogs (4 months ago)
She thought shillery was going to be president but that didnt happen so now she is just milking it.
Ben Siener (4 months ago)
Well... south Africa is a great example... of how not to run a country...
Deplorable Dan (4 months ago)
What a POS!!! The Dems won't let her retire they are using her like weekend at Bernies!
spookerr (4 months ago)
Terry Fowler (4 months ago)
Ruth smeagul's sister 😆
J F (4 months ago)
Have seen this no where else, Gary. Thanks!
Sharon Benson (4 months ago)
I'm happy she refused to retire during Obama's tenure for the obvious reason. I don't know what is keeping that crypt from turning to ash. She looks like death! Creepy looking
Nathan Guillemette (4 months ago)
Ethics complaints!!!
Norman Sawyer (4 months ago)
Trump is the Lord's appointed!!
Jazz 777 (4 months ago)
Did she say South Africa did she see South Africa lately ? What a stupid woman.
Kenneth Cornett (4 months ago)
Yes she need to go and enjoy life
Shane Taylor (4 months ago)
She swore an oath to uphold our constitution. By these statements Ruth Ginsburg must resign as Supreme Court Justice and step down immediately.
Chris Yeager (4 months ago)
But really, I believe the constitution needs an overhaul, un update as you were, but the bill of rights would have to be a requirement!!!
Shane Taylor (4 months ago)
She is evil
Robert Gamble (4 months ago)
Impeach the political whore.
Bill Pocklington (4 months ago)
I heard that of all his presidential activities, Abraham Lincoln most regretted his nomination of Ruth Bader Ginsberg to the Supreme Court.
standwithterry (4 months ago)
Ruth(less) GinsBAG needs to either croak or get off the bench!
Rhonda Taylor (4 months ago)
Not surprised sorry to say
L.D. Johnson (4 months ago)
She stayed on because she thought Hillary would need her help, went she got to be president. I can barely imagine her reaction when Trump won.
DEploribus Unum (4 months ago)
I think she's already dead.
Victoria Louden (4 months ago)
I thought this whore had pancreatic cancer? how is she still alive that's going to be another Trump pick Twist of the Supreme Court Roe versus Wade is going down the drain where it belongs in the pit of Hell! and for her to say that the constitution should be Rewritten?? She should be thrown off the court because if our constitution goes we go to war!!!
John Ingersoll (4 months ago)
Fucking commie bitch, stayed too long at the party..
Expara Bravo (4 months ago)
Scary to think this retard is a supreme justice.
measl (4 months ago)
*RBG **_thought_** that Killary was going to win, so she could stay on the bench a few extra years. Well, she was wrong, **_again_** , and it's probably going to give Trump his 3rd or 4th SCOTUS pick, making a for a conservative court that will last generations!*
Kerry Smith (4 months ago)
Come on Ruthie, we are waiting for the fart. You think the demonrats are mad now, just wait until President Donald J Trump replaces this skid mark. TRUMP. TRUMP. TRUMP. TRUMP.
Marie Kazazian (4 months ago)
This whacko is an embarrassment to our justice system, our country and all Americans. God will take care of it. He’s been working overtime trying to keep up with His instrument, Trump!
peasants are revolting (4 months ago)
That venomous traitor knows more about other countries constitutions than the one she should know.
dbltrplx (4 months ago)
Don’t go away mad bitch, just go away.
Marie Kazazian (4 months ago)
The Queen of the Libetards. Wow.
dbltrplx (4 months ago)
How did this cunt end up on the bench in the first place?
dbltrplx (4 months ago)
That cunt is dead. She’s been dead for years The only thing that keeps the stink away? Is the embalming fluid . Fking cunt.
Mike Holzenbein (4 months ago)
What a senile piece of garbage. Or just a typical liberal. Same crap different day
dizzy18402 (4 months ago)
They thought she would hang on until Hill became prez and then she'd retire and Loretta L would step in. O was also in line for a SC seat. Ha.
This miserable hag was supposed to migrate to new Zealand right ? Why is she still here ?
Deesrickchevrolet (4 months ago)
Look at south African white farmer genocide. The authorities turn their backs on them.
Joey Brownfield (4 months ago)
No other country constitution matters. This is the U.S. only u.s. constitution matters here.
ProphetChaser (4 months ago)
Treasons biatch
Claudia Gravett (4 months ago)
I saw a meme that Abraham Lincoln said that his worst mistake was putting Ruth Badger Ginsburg on the SCOTUS.
Claudia Gravett (4 months ago)
Actually she looks like a Badger. Lol
Georges Guez (4 months ago)
Elle est pourie jusque dansses racines et pourtant elle est encore un pilier de la justice
Grumpy Bear (4 months ago)
And this hag is on the SCOTUS? Are you fucking kidding me??? Why doesn’t someone put a pillow of HER head?! (RIP Anotonin Scalia)
Lisa Irizarry (4 months ago)
Watch pls, Even Fox News executives think sean Hannity has gone completely nuts The ring of Fire.
Jerry Ryan (4 months ago)
Her remaining years that she will not remember , Oldtimers has set in big time . She has lost her grip on life as it is current
C Lopez (4 months ago)
Ginsburg looks like Mr. Burn's mother
J T (4 months ago)
I heard that she wanted the age to be married to change to 12!!! YEP!! And more horrifying things. Like pedophilia is not that bad, it's been happening for centuries. WOW!!! I saw that on a video. If they look, I'm sure they will find DIRT on all of them, especially having their backs covered and most likely black mailed by the Clintons and Obama... oh ya the Bushs.
Frank Armand (4 months ago)
Darth Bader needs to go!
Stefana Harris (4 months ago)
Frank Armand LOL!! Darth
Ghost 57 (4 months ago)
Yeah and look at south Africa
Pamela Mccarthy (4 months ago)
the democraps keep on giving trump high ratings go trump
Chuck Farley (4 months ago)
Ginsburg has DAIN BRAMMAGE. She just may be Nancy Pelosi's sister, which makes both of them (As Dennis Miller said) BAT SHIT CRAZY. I predict she won't last much longer. Lies never support breathing, heart action, or mental ability...she lost them all.
Cash P Winther (4 months ago)
There's one HUGE difference between the U.S. Constitution & very likely ALL other Constitutions... Our nation is one nation under God! At least it used to be... & thank God we've been blessed in having Donald J Trump as our President. The President is leading our republic back under the blessings of our dear Lord. When the U.S. Constitution was drafted, most or all of our founding forefather's were saved Christians. They knew of God's Holy Spirit that dwelled within themselves. They had God lead them, and inspire them in the drafting of the historic document. It is God inspired! It is complete. It is timeless. It is pristine... and most of all, it is a Holy document, that truly has God's blessing. The Lord God will bless our nation, and the Lord God will protect our nation... for however long we the citizens as God's children continue to honor the Constitution by keeping it sacred, and of course... ORIGINAL! The United States of America was well on her way to it's demise. The liberal's jurisprudence & "legislate from the bench" philosophy, and the globalist agenda were separating this extraordinary country further and further from it's Father God, and further from His blessings & protection. President Trump has been anointed by God in a move to reveal himself through actions God desires in order to bring the republic, it's citizens, and all that can see the Lord's blessings of this nation and her glory through him. President Trump knows this, has become a born-again Christian, and is governing through God's lead! He is helping us return back to the bosom of the Lord, with legislation such as moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem as the Lord most certainly desires. When the USA moves to having the best interest of Israel at heart, the USA is blessed greatly as God has told us, because we'd therefore have the best interest of God at heart. When the country purposely moves away from God's interest, as Obama did when dealing with Israel, we as a nation are moving away from His protective hand, and instead are moving evermore closer to our eventual demise and destruction! The same goes with the Constitution. Leave the Constitution original, pristine and sacred, as God, and our founding fathers intended, and we'll be blessed... change it, as liberal's, Globalist's, and democrats attempt to permanently do... and you'll witness her fall! But please, we must support this President and keep him very much, and very often in our prayers... and we'll see the President have the opportunity to line the U.S. Supreme Court with conservative and/or "originalist" justices that will preserve our nation for generations to come and in God's Holy Hands of protection, as we also return the Constitution back to it's intended original form, as well as see laws such as the murder of babies (Roe v Wade) be struck down with the blessing of, and in the Glory of God and His children and their Nation, given to them by God!
Michael Johnson (4 months ago)
She is a horrible excuse for a Supreme Court Justice.
Thomas Curl (4 months ago)
She thought Hillary was going to win. If she hung on till Hillary was installed as president, then she could retire. Guess what? Hillary lost. Now Darth Vader Ginsburg can never die. Or retire. The Dumpstercrats got waaay ahead of themselves on this one. They ALL thought Skullery was going to win and that's why they were all engaged in criminal activities. Even if they got caught, Hillary would be president and everything would be swept under the rug.
Dennis Ryan (4 months ago)
Where's a two foot length of lead pipe....when ya need one???
z man (4 months ago)
Tick tock commie...lmfao
Dean Samson (4 months ago)
She wanted crooked Hillary to appoint someone new that's why she waited!
He is going to get 3! Hell yeah!

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