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Are USB miners profitable

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We take a look at the 3 most popular and best USB miners on the market. These miners are good for mining Bitcoin or Litecoin and even in dual mining mode. But you will never make profit with USB miners unless you mine by yourself and get extremely lucky. CHANNEL ID: jfdiszbnk783dsh568sdbf7kf
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Text Comments (57)
Ziga Zajc (1 month ago)
I would become rich in 1 year
Doodle A Day (1 month ago)
What about that fkn icon for this video..... what are the numbers for that array? You’re a shill
i kothiya (4 months ago)
How to mine own?? Somebody can help ??? Please
Harley Me (4 months ago)
the gekkoscience 2pac hashes at 23000 MH or 23 GH when you use cgminer.exe --gekko-2pac-freq 200
Spooly (5 months ago)
The thing with Usb mining is noone is running them in array. Gotta look at the bigger picture.
bRfc9QgjclrMlc (6 months ago)
Ill be honest cant make money out of these things anymore n less you get REALLY lucky doing ..The Lottery!,but i still use few of these Miners ,sometimes you will have sometype of possible issue with a pool or Something!,rather then have 20+ antminers waste power,etc,i will stick a few of these miners on it,check the results a few hours later,i use em as a diagnostic tool,if the results are ok parameters etc, it will send a call to a watchdog that in turn starts update the miners,they are still useful just dont expect to make money out or roi etc out of em.
URJ Limited (7 months ago)
i am intrusted to make minning .... is this profitable (usb )
Abdulk PlayZ (7 months ago)
its a HUUGE lie you dont gey 1 dollar per year if you calculate this by yourself its not true, i do mining by myself my shitty pc and i get 520 satoshi per day = 0.00000520 by 90kh/s its 0.000156 in a month thats 1euro per month 12 a year
Harley Me (7 months ago)
block erupters are a joke at megahash for theyre price. a gekkoscience 2pac usb asic however gives you 33 GIGAHASH.. and use's less power (1.5 watt an hour).. sad lil thing.. no wonder they arent profitable :-o
Blc ME (8 months ago)
1$ per year..????
Harley Me (7 months ago)
bout right, mines a gekkoscience 2pac, at 33GIGAhash you earn $4 a year.. its theses huge 12000 dolla antminers hiking the difficulty up so much nothing but bitmain antminers are profitable... and antminers have a return og investment in.. NEVER ... until we kill bitmain, noone but bitmain will profit with there 1000s of antminers....
Marisi Daah (8 months ago)
can this mine ETH? if not what usb that can?
bRfc9QgjclrMlc (6 months ago)
Harley Me true got to be careful lot of forking going on ,so buying script miner,is dangerous,even talk of forking out GPU mining have it CPU only but I dont see that happening..Well not too much at least
Harley Me (7 months ago)
none, asics are bound to sha256.. although bitmain L3 was for Monero, the forked the algo and the $3000 L3 is now the most expensive doorstop you can buy
DevilsBitcoins (8 months ago)
There are no ETH usb miners
Everest Network (8 months ago)
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jirka merunka (9 months ago)
USB miners have always been for stupid people that don't understand mining...
Harley Me (4 months ago)
stupid ppl huh.. what would you do.. buy a $9000 bitmain asic? you now those arent profitable AT ALL? oh right, you wouldnt be smart and buy 50 of these instead of that bitmain crap and end up getting the SAME hashrate while using 1/100 the money in electricity.. lol I'm making more profit then a 4.5 TERA HASH bitmain miner. simply because mine get the same hashrate using only 55 watts instead of 1600... stupid ppl must be a lot smarter then you think
Clifford Bernard (9 months ago)
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Lubabalo Manzi (10 months ago)
You should have stopped recording at 1:06 mintes
adriiPortillo (10 months ago)
i-ll guess you;ll have to wait until a new coin goes online with sha256 and hope that new coin doesnt end up as a shitcoin
H Sam (10 months ago)
What's the average daily mining rate?
Harley Me (4 months ago)
gekkoscience 2pac rev2 is 23 GH if you use the freq setting of 200 and it only chews through 1 watt an hour
DevilsBitcoins (10 months ago)
You can find all currently profitable hardware and profits here: https://www.nicehash.com/profitability-calculator
H Sam (10 months ago)
What kind of miners are the most profitable then?
DevilsBitcoins (10 months ago)
Its currently not profitable to mine with usb miners
Shirwac Abdulkadir (11 months ago)
How much do u mine in one month plz reply
DevilsBitcoins (11 months ago)
With one of these miners you can mine only few dollars per year.
sagar makhija (11 months ago)
Hay can you sell one usb device i will pay for it, because i cant buy in india: there no one who sell this type of device
Harley Me (4 months ago)
EBAY.. AMAZON... BEST BUY... KIJIJI... you also need a usb 3.0 hub thats powered by at least a 1.5 amp power adapter
TABRINFLV (6 months ago)
I can help you to find real way of usb mining in 2018 , let me know if you will be interesting in it
Llabjani Beats (10 months ago)
Raoul Duke (11 months ago)
why the fuck would someone use this?
Hugo Viegas (11 months ago)
useless 1 dollar an year
eljuancho2 (11 months ago)
I mine with https://hashflare.io/r/7C9E9A74 10gh for 2.20$ usd I started with 330$ I invest 3 days straight and save the next 3 days for when bitcoin go up in price.
Dado Dadobl (11 months ago)
Odakle si? 😁
tuto and tech (10 months ago)
Odakle si ti haha srb ,hrvatska ,bih
Opp Speed (11 months ago)
He didn't include the power going to the system more like 100k a year
Harley Me (4 months ago)
1 watt a hour here = 1000 hours to a kilowatt, which is 13 cents.. so your probably looking at less then $2 a year... if it was running 24/7 365days...
Harley Me (7 months ago)
you should know usb's interface itself is 5 volts... at 500 miliamp. at 13 cents a kilwatt.. that next to nothing... or volts x amps will give you a general ball figure. 5x0.5 = 2.5 watts... wow.. thats like 500 hours for 13 cents
Opp Speed (11 months ago)
Off a 15k investment
mixsetup (1 year ago)
Is a hub of these better than an old 280x 3GB or 7870 2GB?
Questionable (11 months ago)
Actually he's not because if he spends more money to get a good one he can get a proper one. By using gfx cards he drives prices up and also has to pay lots for the gfx card. Usb miners are not great but getting a basic ASIC is worth it.
mixsetup (11 months ago)
Beyblade Warehouse thanks
Beyblade Warehouse (11 months ago)
mixsetup you'd be better investing in an RX 560
Christian Zavala (1 year ago)
Can we mine other coins?
lili put110 (1 year ago)
hi can you send iran my telegram +989127252569 i want alot
Robert S (1 year ago)
why make a video if its a waste of time to mine, lol
Gnu Ani (10 months ago)
0x 73636f7474 and their time.
0x 73636f7474 (1 year ago)
Robert G Solomon probably to try and prevent people wasting their money
Ps Tips (1 year ago)
hello brother... can we mine verge and electroneum coin with usb miner. please tell me which algorithms this USB miner can solve.
Harley Me (4 months ago)
SHA256 only
Harley Me (7 months ago)
asics are pretty much locked to sha256
Rafael Roman (1 year ago)
Ps tips took the words of my fingertips.
HAPPYGOLUCKY (1 year ago)
Hey bro! What can you say about this USB Miner? https://www.jqminerpro.com/pricing/
abcq9 Kumaran (1 year ago)
fake site
Sambandha Khati (1 year ago)
I find it funny how people bitch about the price of Lisk falling down. All I hear is money falling down waiting to be picked up. 1MRa4cUQxGGX2c42uuMSPVTr6sv52XDkWy

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