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Education for Sustainable Water Resources Management

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What we have been taught: We all learn or should learn about the importance and value of water. Water Primer Video is on the value of water. For those who have not been fortunate for this learning experience in school, there are numerous stakeholder knowledge enhancement programs which are either conducted at ground level, field level, as stakeholders compound and more recently on the web via internet. What we need to Know and Appreciate: There is much more to know about water. Safeguarding the god given water is of prime importance for us to ensure global sustainability. Over 80% of the Sustainable Development Goals of UNESCO is dependent on the Sustainable Development of Water Resources. In a world where we press forward with new infrastructure development activities such as building of roads, buildings, water supply schemes, cities, dams, canals and irrigation systems, the most important factor is the sustainable development of water infrastructure. Well designed, implemented and maintained water infrastructure are the key to safeguard our precious water and the environment. It is time to find out what water infrastructure are, and what happens when water infrastructure does not support the sustainability of water and the environment.
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