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GTX 1080ti makes ?$$? mining december 2018

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Text Comments (10)
codylk101 (4 months ago)
I would buy the 1050s how much you want for them
GPU mining is too unprofitable right now unfortunately, but in 2019 situation should be better
larry josh (5 months ago)
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Ayman Munayyer (5 months ago)
try to use https://www.winminer.com/?ref=olrp09o7 you will like it
Amir Dibaei (5 months ago)
lol you got scared by sqrl miners
brandon coin (5 months ago)
+Amir Dibaei i prefer her to not join into a live stream as it de rails what little structure i already had planed
Amir Dibaei (5 months ago)
brandon coin i meanr yesterdays video. i heard they had threatened a few reviewers with defamation... your video today could have been 30 seconds. 1080tis make 64 cents. People are mean on youtube but check it out: I have a girlfriend.
brandon coin (5 months ago)
Scared? No i hope they deliver good perfirmance and ill buy one after they get fleshed out
Michael Andrew Hurd (5 months ago)
anyone using the phoenix miner? I 'm currently running it running 2 powercolor radeon rx 550 red dragons @ 26.22 mh both cards on Ellaism
MIke Anonymous (5 months ago)
No way in hell im buying or running a RTX anything for mining!

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