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Furious Judge Stops Mueller Prosecutor Mid-Trial And Torches Him In Front Of Entire Courtroom

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The Next News Network (5 months ago)
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Alison Watson (7 months ago)
AMEN judge, why don't you lock Mueller and Rosenstein up. Do us a favor because they are wasting our money on this BS court case.
Sheila Starks (7 months ago)
Why doesn't this case fall under DOUBLE JEOPARDY, since Rosenstein already exonerated Manafort 20 years ago?
Eric Michael Kocher (7 months ago)
Rae West (7 months ago)
The walls are closing in Trump! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
proboy1 (7 months ago)
mueller TIME to get out of Dodge while you still can ! ! mueller your hangman is waiting ! !
DGA2000 (7 months ago)
Hahahahahahahha. I wonder what the psychological profile is on a guy who buys ostrich clothes
Derek Watkins (7 months ago)
The government is so curupt,,destroying lives, unbelievable, hope Mueller goes to jail
Bernard Clark iii (7 months ago)
He's going to walk and I wished to god I could stand in front of that POS and watch the look on his face when he gets his ass handed to him.
None ya Biz (7 months ago)
This judge is obviously on trumps payroll and is blatantly biased. This isn't about traitor trump, its about tax evasion and treason.
christopher cook (7 months ago)
None ya Biz l thought it was about Russian interference with 2016 election. This trial could be about Jay waliking and has nothing to do with the Role of special counsel who knows Democrats squeal like pigs but Republicans do not. Russian access to Hilary's emails seems far more relevant to the role of Special Counsel for which he is hired and paid to do. Mr Mueller could be obstructing justice or conspiring to pervert justice by not doing what he has been charged to do.
Bull Shit (7 months ago)
So Hillary can collude with russians.. Bullshit dossier set ☝.. If there not investigating Hillary.. than the whole thing is biased bullshit.. Got away again.. Thousands of felonies.. Whats one more..
Alerde Pertian (7 months ago)
Mueller is an unindicted FELON, like that bitch clinton..... and obama
News Now News News (7 months ago)
Can't believe people believe this Russian produced crap.
Amelia Rodriguez (7 months ago)
How much is Muller worth..where did he get his money...
Robert Kubrick (7 months ago)
You have be a real shithead for a judge to interrupt your opening statement in a trial, it's almost never done.
Samsun O.O (7 months ago)
Every juror has been paying for this vindictive witch hunt, I hope they are all pissed and deliberation takes only 1 min with a Not Guilty outcome. Also hope Manafort sues the fuck out of mueller and his team.
Sam Lucky (7 months ago)
I wanna see the video evidence of this or trial announcers speaking about it
dbltrplx (7 months ago)
Have his punk ass arrested and indict that mthr fkr
What Rob Muller and the rest of the globalist want!!; is to find Paul Manafort guilty.... then start circulating rumors (lies) around that the president is planning to Pardon him; and the media will take it and run. By doing this it would encourage the case to continue through his second term exactly what the globalist wants!!; to slow up progress of This president's Administration and America. What we in America don't realize..... some countries are taking notice and catching on.
Junior Alsept (7 months ago)
The only criminal there is Mueller. He was involved with the Clinton uranium 1 deal to Russia.. I have suspicion that he has been in other shady deals.. He should be the one facing life in prison.. Mueller your not getting off. There's evidence out there on your shady dealings we will find it..
Eloise Hall (7 months ago)
This judge is reacting accordingly because he is bought and paid for. His actions from the bench is evident that he is a Republician elected judge. Mueller is trying Manefort for money laundering and tax evasion and the show of the items purchased is just evidence that his association with Russia was bought with the profit from the crime. Manefort is not on trial for Russian meddling in our election. This judge knows this but if he can make it as though these purchases was immaterial to the case, then a higher judge need to recluse this judge because he is obvious bias on behalf of,the Republician party. Perhaps, he may owe Russia for his election PAC fund, would not put it pass these crooked Republicians.
Styx62 Ga (7 months ago)
Mueller needs to be buried
holoholo haole no ka oi (7 months ago)
Meuller will be arresting kids for lemonade stands next
mikes channel (7 months ago)
I’ve been through this with the cops before what they do is they say we can make anything we want up and charge you with it but if you’re willing to give us a statement doesn’t matter if it’s true or not just tell us what we want to hear we can make all this go away. That is our justice system
1woodmonger (7 months ago)
Right now on C-span on the Senate, they are trying to push laws into place to control information. .under the guise that Russia is meddling in our elections through social media.. So they need to end free speech and control what is being said.. they even pointed out about the elections and the biased against hillary in regards to Online media.
1woodmonger (7 months ago)
Look they are going after manifold for actions in 2005-2007, right ? what about the statue of limitations ?
1woodmonger (7 months ago)
To bad the judge didn't tell the bailiff to handcuff Mueller and take him away to prison.
thasway3 (7 months ago)
Let's put obama, Hilary, holder, etc etc on trial. Those bastards deserve to be put to death by the most painful ways possible.
KAGA — TRUMP — 2020!!!
Patrice (7 months ago)
So....most democrats and republicans in DC are guilty, more that one house eh? What about the DNC lead guy walking around with an almost $2000 bag? Guess that's ok too. I really hope Manafort sues the feds for legal costs and lost wages! I thought this was about Russia? Do you see how the FBI works they call in the other enforcement the IRS when they don't like you but can't find you guilty of anything else. All alphabet enforcement needs to go, especially the CIA they should have been shut down as soon as the MK ultra came out in the 60-70's about the CIA funded studies on mind control without the victims knowledge. All these groups use the black budget when the program is monstrous or evil. Just because your enemies are doing these things doesn't mean you should. Preventative measures should have been taken not "hey let's do this even better!" It's time for the American people to say "ENOUGH".
Ron Gruber (7 months ago)
What I want to know is how long will it be before manafort's defense attorneys out the fact that little rat face Rosenstein years ago when he was a piss ant prosecutor has already exonerated Paul manafort for this crime. Don't tell me this is an Inquisition
Tx True (7 months ago)
An honorable Judge 😳
Duane Yazie (7 months ago)
Susan Raezer (7 months ago)
Why are we still running the Muller investigation? Illegals are signing up to vote in this country. That is how our elections are being rigged. When are we going to address that?
Thomas Murphy (7 months ago)
I would like to hear the testimony of his accountant that was given immunity. Msnbc made it appear that he's already convicted.
Michael Johnson (7 months ago)
And what does any of this have to do with Russian Collusion? Should be asking Mueller about his 14 million dollars net worth and where it came from.
Roxanne Moore (7 months ago)
What a difference between Paul Manfort and Trump's lawyer, Cohen. Manfort is stand-up, loyal, strong. Cohen betrayed his clients by taping them, whines like a baby, folds and sings like the rat he is.
Obliterate Tyranny (7 months ago)
Manafort should be acquitted. Whatever crimes he committed, if any, were found using an utterly repugnant and categorically unconstitutional fishing expedition. If the government is allowed to convict him using such tactics, we are all doomed, since such precedence can be weaponized against any one of us (as Obama had done to Tea Party members and other organizations and individuals he hated). The People (Masters) were NEVER meant to be in perpetual fear of their SERVANTS, but instead was meant to be the other way around -- for example,... In Convention, Friday, July 20, 1787: "Mr. GERRY urged the necessity of impeachments. A good magistrate will NOT fear them. A bad one OUGHT TO BE KEPT IN FEAR of them. He hoped the maxim would NEVER be adopted here that the chief magistrate could do no wrong." THE FEDERALIST NO. 64: JAY: "Every consideration that can influence the human mind, such as honor, oaths, reputations, conscience, the LOVE OF COUNTRY, and family affections and attachments, afford security for their [Executive & Senate] fidelity. In short, as the Constitution has taken the utmost care that they SHALL BE men of TALENTS and INTEGRITY, we have reason to be persuaded that the treaties they make WILL be as ADVANTAGEOUS as, all circumstances considered, could be made; and so far as the FEAR of PUNISHMENT and disgrace can operate, that motive to good behavior is amply afforded by the article on the subject of IMPEACHMENTS."
Joyce Thompson (7 months ago)
Republicans/patriots patience with you treasonous assholes is wearing razor thin. Push just a little more and see what happens next. Hint: you will be the ones on trial.
matthew turner (7 months ago)
I hope people realize how important this case is, it clearly shows Mueller's tactics and his dirty bias towards anything connected to Trump! Who's next Ivanka!!???🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Steve Cray (7 months ago)
William B. Cannot accept that Putin would lie. What planet are you from? He's former KGB all they do is lie... What an idiot
Kevin Goode (7 months ago)
All this time and the "big fish" is Manafort ... and for tax evasion 12 years ago! Smh. What else can be expected from the Rino Mueller and his "investigative" team of corrupt DemonRat lawyers?
jeannephilipp (7 months ago)
Why is he there if it's about Russian collusion... which is not a crime... or Russian hacking... which is a crime... but that has nothing to do with the 2016 election because the DNC is not a part of the US government... but what about the illegals in different states that can vote and supported by Democrats... like in California... that's illegal and that is a foreign collusion...
robert bronecke (7 months ago)
The whole investigation is messed up the guy who signed fisa's is under investigation!!!!!! Corruption in plain sight
Earnest T Bass (7 months ago)
Mueller's problem is he thinks the jurors are all dummies,, Tick Tock Von Mueller,,
Jazz 777 (7 months ago)
Mueller for prison !
Anonymous patriot (7 months ago)
The best survival food is beans and rice, because if kept properly they will keep for a thousand years.
101 Life (7 months ago)
Well done judge ! Get this swamp snake mueller!
Steve Bryan (7 months ago)
Now that is a real judge.
Mr.77check (7 months ago)
This judge need to be protected around the clock!........trust me he's interfering with the mob Clinton's message!!!
Mr.77check (7 months ago)
If the judge can see this is a rogue Liberal Prosecutor,and trying to convict someone who really has go taste ,and try to sway the Jury to crucify him for being rich,then I feel sorry for the Conservative Republicans ............because you're next if someone don't " De claw him along with his Fang's he gunna come after everyone.......you can't tell this is how Hillary Clinton would have ran the country but in 5gs...mode!!
Dave (7 months ago)
I don't know if Manafort is guilty of what he's accused of but his treatment has been bad enough for me to not care and want him released anyway.
Harder Harder (7 months ago)
This whole thing is a fraud. Mueller is in a business of destroying people's life. Trump should just pardon everyone who is a victim of this witch hunt
Laurie St Lyon (7 months ago)
Interesting, Judges normally don't jump into opening g statements. Seems to me Mannafort will, if this judge has his way, get a fair trial! Encouraging!
Laurie St Lyon (7 months ago)
Interesting, Judges normally don't jump into opening g statements. Seems to me Mannafort will, if this judge has his way, get a fair trial! Encouraging!
Michele Lyn (7 months ago)
So bill and hill commit fraud through their foundation yet Manafort jis getting the hammer?? Such bullcrap
Michele Lyn (7 months ago)
Where do u think Manafort learn this from.. look who he was around and what he was doing when this started and why is Mueller not kicking this to the correct authority
voxxpopuli (7 months ago)
Yo We The People... Muller is 100% GUILTY of COHESION and RICO... His Goal is to bring down Pres Trump, thus our Government... Therefore he is 100% GUILTY of Sedition/High Treason... Arrest, Incaricate and EXECUTE Muller for Sedition/High Treason... Spread This Message World Wide Immediately
James Crome (7 months ago)
Mueller is the main criminal
ap0lmc (7 months ago)
Rosenstein already cleared Manafort in 2008
Cloudblue0 (7 months ago)
Kill IT Judge!😁🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
mr ed (7 months ago)
can`t wait for muellers trial .
Rmfw Watson (7 months ago)
Dems always hurl the fact they have stuff-as if it's criminal.
Andy Knolls (7 months ago)
I am beginning to get the suspension that the President is allowing this go on so enough evidence can be gathered on these deep state creatures so they can all be rounded up in one go. Giving them enough rope to hang themselves with.
Andy Knolls (7 months ago)
I guess we wait and see.
Ivy Mossgarden (7 months ago)
If you are correct, it's just proof that our President is a brilliant strategist. 👍🇺🇸✌
Lynn Lamont (7 months ago)
Did anyone provide gasoline?
Andy Knolls (7 months ago)
The amounts of imunities that have been handed out by the doj is astounding,
Louis John (7 months ago)
Mueller probe is a waste of tax payers money
SoundCeremony (7 months ago)
Why call people as 'male' and 'female' when they're Men and Women? Humans are not animals unlike those bad 'people' who purposefully avoids using 'Men'/'Women' in their dialectic
carolineleiden (7 months ago)
They are only stalling for time. This is all about the Mid terms.
amund amundson (7 months ago)
manafort is being railroaded
Michael Engerman (7 months ago)
Mule can suck it. Can't wait for his trial to start. Traitorous fkcu!
Diane Marencin (7 months ago)
Great channel
Ryan Potochnik (7 months ago)
Get a haircut
Ryan Potochnik (7 months ago)
This asshole spends more time trying to sale shit then telling news smh.
William Thisbal (7 months ago)
It's time to end the Mueller witch hunt. History remembers another witch hunt it's was called the McCarthy hunt for communist in every corner of American life. Many good intentioned American's lost everything defending themselves.
Marcelina Hernandez (7 months ago)
Watch how now trump will start paying off judges to help him get off from all charges he may face in court.
Marcelina Hernandez (7 months ago)
Ivy Mossgarden no I won't clarify my statement because he's a racist bigot crook that is only out for himself and his family. It's pitiful that you are so blind to see him for what he is and the idiot crook that has you and so many others brainwashed. I just hope he keeps being so stupid as he is and continues doing the idiotic things that he is doing, cause he don't know what the hell he's doing and doesn't belong in the white house. Moreover destroying the United states for our children that will have to try and rectify all the stupidity that he has done. What I do have is the knowledge that his reign will soon be over, and I do hope that people like you will wake up and see him for the idiot that he is that doesn't belong in the white house running the United states into a deep and dark hole that we may never see the light and our children may never get out of.
Ivy Mossgarden (7 months ago)
He doesn't need to pay off anyone. What charges does he need to defend himself from? Clarify your post please.
Sonny Seabury (7 months ago)
Very glad that judge put Mueller in his place. Continue to do so, and humble his ass. Podesta walks scottfree, while they try to drag Manafort over the coals, just because he was involved with Donald Trump? Fuck that. Double Standards and preferential treatment, for criminal people are the way for the Snowflake Party, and if there is any way that President Trump can do something to help Manafort, I pray that he takes action, since if it's up to the Libtards, Manafort will rot in jail, for the rest of his natural life, while what Podesta did, matters none to them, since they play dirty pool, and always have, with their manipulative, sociopathic, immoral, unethical, compulsive lying, double standard ways.
Sonny Seabury (7 months ago)
Ivy Mossgarden 😉😉😉
Ivy Mossgarden (7 months ago)
You got that right Sonny. 👍
Phoxphire (7 months ago)
God Bless President Trump!!!
TheJESUSCHRISTRULES (7 months ago)
What about the 33,000 emails?
DAVE YOUNGMAN (7 months ago)
PODESTA didn't file and hid millions from overseas lobbying. When duz his trial begin??
Reload Fire (7 months ago)
Anybody with a brain can see Mueller bullshit .
Neko Mancer (7 months ago)
well the hillary had best march herself to prison then muller, she got money and she spends it on herself.
The Riddler (7 months ago)
Ha ha Mueller. Man Mueller should go have some fuckin facial reconstruction or somethin poor lopsided ass face son of a bitch.
pondering human (7 months ago)
His association with President Trump sounds good, but I also believe that Manafort is also being used to test double jeopardy since he was exonerated by Rosenstein in 2010 for the same crimes. It simply sounds of payback to me!!!
Luntau Sintan (7 months ago)
Murderous persecution by illegal Prosecutors.
daniel batomi (7 months ago)
These f****** lawyers are getting rich off the taxpayer I think Mueller and his team need to be shot or hung soon poly
C Johnston (7 months ago)
Bill and Hillary have just as much right to be there if not more than Paul Manafort.
Renee Hinkle (7 months ago)
and have spent upwards of 200 million in this hunt for 1 million
Lori Babich (7 months ago)
Renee Hinkle hahaha
Ghost of Reagan (7 months ago)
Full Pardon. By the way, isn't Podesta in federal prison for showing his winky to an under aged girl?
Lori Babich (7 months ago)
Ghost of Reagan hell no their walking around free I would bet.
Marilyn Dillard (7 months ago)
Ghost of Reagan. Podesta the pedophile..this is one vulgar nasty man...Hillary was just as filthy kissing his ass..omg..their backgrounds with Obama are very difficult to read...😝😝 o please prison for life...just pure scary evil.
Keith Perry (7 months ago)
Well if he is convicted and sentenced the Don will give him immunity. I would rather see him be found not guilty though.
Penny Stute (7 months ago)
A skunk smells his own den best so it makes sense that mooler is familiar with the smell!
PickelJars ForHillary (7 months ago)
Amazing how the MSM ignores that Manaforts laundering partners are the Podesta Bros.
Lori Babich (7 months ago)
PickelJars ForHillary Mueller wants pedestas to have immunity. Mueller is called into a case to cover it up and blame the lowest one on the totem pole.
Carloman M (7 months ago)
Do White children deserve to have a future? Tens of millions of non-Whites flooding into White countries every year will, in a few decades, mean that Whites will be a minority in every country they founded. Black countries will remain majority Black, and Asian countries will remain majority Asian. Only White countries will be affected by this. This is genocide under international law. But anti-Whites don't call it genocide; they call it diversity. Diversity means chasing down every last White child. Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.
Sam McCormack (7 months ago)
Without white people, the brown and black ones won't survive very well. If not for whites, we'd still be cooking over open fires.
Ivy Mossgarden (7 months ago)
Well said Carloman!!👍
West Idaho Mountain Man (7 months ago)
305 years? What about muderes and pedophiles!? Wtf?
Love Jesus (7 months ago)
Mueller is the one that should be on Trial not Paul Manafort for All the crimes that ROBERT MUELLER committed and boy ROBERT Mueller has a lot of skeletons in his closet.
John Santo Rawluszki (7 months ago)
All based on false information
Mark Pinther (7 months ago)
Nice work Gary.
jason 5 (7 months ago)
Mueller looks like a ugly inbred bitch dog face snoopy who couldnt get laid if his life dependent on it because he only has a hard on for trump but trump keeps taking muellers Viagra time after time. Trump 2020
Diann Gillman (7 months ago)
I'm surprised it hasn't been thrown out yet considering he was exonerated 8 years ago on the same thing. When is Rod Rosenstein going to testify after all he's the one that exonerated him eight years ago on the same charge.
Justinian Argo (7 months ago)
michael hammond (7 months ago)
Bob Mueller prosecuted Dr Steven Hatfill for the Anthrax scare and ended up having to pay him 5.8 million in damages
Ivy Mossgarden (7 months ago)
He did?? Wow. Good info. Thanks, I didn't know this. 👍

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