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1070 Showdown - G1 Gaming GTX 1070 vs Strix ROG GTX1070

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Lets put the Gigabyte G1 Gaming 1070 up against the Asus Strix 1070! Big thanks to www.playtech.co.nz for supporting me! Subscribe and help me get to 20,000 subs, then it will be giveaway time!
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Text Comments (567)
Victor Barberis (1 month ago)
Whats the name of the song at 6:42?
Ted Cameron (4 months ago)
Vince Cooper (4 months ago)
If you Build your own Gaming PC's like I have been for over 35 Years, Why over clock? If you Build with the right components & configuration & your System runs everything great, why over clock? There should be no need to over clock if everything runs great. It's my opinion to leave everything default. This way you don't stand the chance of over clocking damage. Think about it. As long as your happy with the way your Build performs, perhaps you should leave well alone. Don't stress your CPU or GPU's if not needed. Don't take a chance on sending your beautiful build to an early grave.
G.G (4 months ago)
Xbot4Life (5 months ago)
thanks, now i wont bother with the strix
ItsYaBoyLorains (6 months ago)
strix for the win
Mark V (6 months ago)
im using asus strix 1070.. i suggest nxtym when u do fps comparison try using in game fps at the same time so they can see different on fps at the same spot
Skeltich Ironland (6 months ago)
Like my strix oc
mustapha GH (6 months ago)
how did u controlled the rgb lighting on asus motherboard?? i have asus prime z and the rgb fusion app is showing nothing
Blu Stallion (7 months ago)
Strix any day, that gigabyte cooler doesn’t have very quiet fans
Tyler Crooms (1 year ago)
Just bought the Asus Gtx 1070 strix. Really can’t wait to get it and start building my new gaming rig
Brickleberry (1 year ago)
Who will choose G1 Gaming over Asus Strix??? OMG,Never!!!In my opinion Strix is pritier than G1 :D
Nathan (1 year ago)
I've gotten 2100+ on my overclock though i keep it at around 2088 no problem when playing games for long periods. fans never go over 50% so pretty much inaudible in my h440 case. pushing the fans to 100% makes it sound like a jet taking off, i guess if you want the most cooling and noise isn't an issue you could get better clocks.
Henrik Svensson (1 year ago)
get shit on gigabyte
Frozn (1 year ago)
Bought the Gigabyte G1 because in Finland it is 40-60 euros cheaper than the Strix, im really happy with it, i dont have coil whine and the heats are really good and the card itself is excellent in every way. No way the Strixs price is worth compared to this
HELLGame (1 year ago)
My love Asus rog Strix GeForce GTX 1070 OC ❤
Finn (1 year ago)
Got the Strix on sale for $449 USD, totally worth it.
Davi (1 year ago)
pra que ficar comparando man , as duas são tops, é só comprar a mais barata
XgUNp44 (1 year ago)
could you please do a video of you playing rainbow 6 seige with the strix 1070?
Luke Bull (1 year ago)
yes ! a fucking new zealand tech channel <3
der8265 (1 year ago)
Strix 480€ here. What the actual fuck?!
Luke Serdar (1 year ago)
Subscribed mate, this is a fantastic comparison. :)
GVENOM94 (1 year ago)
1080g1 or 1070 rog strix?
AmineHarit7 (1 year ago)
GVENOM94 1080
Esra Erimez (1 year ago)
There is a tremendous amount of fur in this video.
FozzE (1 year ago)
if its 30$ more expensive is it worth then ?
Eggbrt (1 year ago)
Bottom line for those who are lazy to finish the vid, STRIX has better fps
SVTsupercharged Hi (1 year ago)
Margin of error.
der8265 (1 year ago)
Lol that's just about silicon lottery and not the manufacturer. They all just get the board from nvidia and put their own shroud on there, that's it.
Alex Suarez (1 year ago)
Eggbrt there's the comment I was looking for :^)
MARIBONTUS (1 year ago)
The STRIX is $7000 in Trinidad & Tobago..
Elvis Best (1 year ago)
i have the asus rog mobo so want to keep it all the same plus the rgb lighting would got great with the nobo
Rukalion (1 year ago)
gigabyte is ofc cheaper than asus and fps are the same...cooling and tdp are secondary worries
Fosi94 (1 year ago)
I've always been in the side of the G1, but with this gen I'll stick with Asus.
James (1 year ago)
Well strix for sure then it's better and cheaper well at least for me.
Eobard Thawne (2 years ago)
i2Shea (2 years ago)
Kudos to you for showing the RBG on both cards. Normally you would think thats a given but a lot of the reviews I watched didn't for some odd reason.
Leandro Barbosa (2 years ago)
What's the difference between ROG STRIX-GTX1070-8G-GAMING and ROG STRIX-GTX1070-08G-GAMING?
Leandro Barbosa (2 years ago)
Thanks man, then I'll buy normal version :)
Farsight (2 years ago)
the second one is factory overclocked.
V Kane (2 years ago)
Thank you, really help me to choose the best option for me. Greetings from Mexico.
My gtx 1060 was preforming poorly in csgo ONLY 300FPS+ WTF IS THIS SHIT 1080p So im going for the 1070 lol
Dreaddog Happy (1 year ago)
csgo is cpu intensive, and you don’t need a 1070 for 1080p unless you want over 60fps. 300fps is fine since no monitor can even achieve the refresh rate. So if you want the unneeded extra fps for csgo get a better cpu.
Veikka Hakulinen (1 year ago)
meh my hd 3000 performs 40fps at 720p
daSiew (2 years ago)
thx for the overview and showdown. well done. there is not much you could do better ;) whats that song at 5:51 btw?
sasha antidot (2 years ago)
here strix with coil whine
JP - MOTOS (2 years ago)
same thing... the 2 are excelent
aVco (2 years ago)
how do you keep your system so clean?!
havic rose (2 years ago)
I'm going with g1
AZ.K (2 years ago)
The 1070 G1 Gaming is $450 now lol I think it's a good value.
Nathan Cunningham (2 years ago)
AMDFX 99 the STRIX I. This vid is 410$ USD
Mostwanted (2 years ago)
Asus Strix 1070 . FTW /o/
Balor (2 years ago)
hey Mr Bean wants teddy bear back
BoiCantGame (2 years ago)
I thought you said "Bingmarks" for a second.
Gabriel Santos (2 years ago)
Music 6:02 ?
no coil whine?
Oh yeah yeah (2 years ago)
I got the STRIX 1070 for x-mas. It is a BEAST!
Trane Crowley (2 years ago)
ProMCdude Just to play minecraft?
Mamba (2 years ago)
in my country...the strix is cheaper than the g1 gaming😂😂(india)
Sufiyan Khan (2 years ago)
supervboy51 ohh nice.. i wish i had someone from the US.. i have relatives who lives in uae.. but gpus are expensive there
Mamba (2 years ago)
Sufiyan Khan from us...ny cousi s are visiting...i ordered it on amazon.com giving his adress ...that way he dsnt even have to pay.
Sufiyan Khan (2 years ago)
supervboy51 damn.. from where?
Mamba (2 years ago)
Sufiyan Khan hmm i dont think so but if sm1 in ur relation is cmng from a foreign country...u can ask them to get the card...they won't need to pay customs(atleast if u live in india).this way i am getting my 1080 for 33k :D and ull get a 1070 for about 26-28k.
Sufiyan Khan (2 years ago)
supervboy51 yeah bcos i just checked.. its around 38k and gigabyte costs 34k .. do you know any other places where i can buy asus for cheap?
Gandalf Grey (2 years ago)
Really good fucking video, made me decide wich one to pick up. Went for the G1. Thanks for the information.
Bo Sexton (2 years ago)
wait what? lol
Reed Farrell (2 years ago)
this was especially great because i have the STRIX 1070 and my brother has the G1 gaming 1070. Get to rub it in his face that i get 0.1-1 fps more than he does.
Jarjar jaja (2 years ago)
I supposed to but the strix but the republic of gamers logo is too much of a brand facepalm
cobydrei (2 years ago)
i'm noob about card, what the difference of those card to nvidia founders edition 1070?
Jaden Cheeks (2 years ago)
cobydrei the founders edition is also a blower style fan while most aftermarket cards have spreader styles of fans
Polkacik (2 years ago)
cobydrei Temps, more overclock potential, quieter.
Dan Patto (2 years ago)
Thank you soo much for this review! its perfect im in Australia was looking at the strix model but its $680 compared to the g1 gaming $625. You have helped me make a hard decision in a heartbeat!
corey f (2 years ago)
Dan Patto nice mate looking forward to mine coming too :)
Dan Patto (2 years ago)
corey f hey mate, yeh I already ordered my 1070 and I love it so all good haha :)
corey f (2 years ago)
Dan Patto hey buddy, yes that is the one in the video. I know it's four weeks after wrote this but if you haven't already bought it from MSY get it from Amazon.com! converted to Australian dollars it's still $100 cheaper plus a little bit of postage but not too much. I just ordered mine a couple of days ago :)
Dan Patto (2 years ago)
this is the G1 you reviewed yeh? http://www.msy.com.au/saonline/17171-gigabyte-n1070g1-gaming-8gd-8g-gtx-1070-g1-gaming-pci-e-vga-card.html
Vile (2 years ago)
i hate windforce fans
Tennis Fan (2 years ago)
which card would you get if the price is around the same in my country? 1) Asus PCI-Ex GeForce GTX 1070 ROG Strix 8GB GDDR5 (256bit) (1506/8000) (DVI, 2 x HDMI, 2 x DisplayPort) (STRIX-GTX1070-8G-GAMING) 2) Gigabyte PCI-Ex GeForce GTX 1070 Windforce OC 8GB GDDR5 (256bit) (1556/8008) (DVI, HDMI, 3 x DisplayPort) (GV-N1070WF2OC-8GD) and finally if I am there to choose g1 gaming of GTX 1070 (10-20$ more) how much it will be faster in comparison to Asus Rog Strix, not in the Overclocked edition.
3dot8_bedmr - (2 years ago)
they are both great, but in my country the strix is about 250.- more expensive than the G1, thats why i wendt with gigabyte
EliteCanadian (2 years ago)
In canada it's 640$ for this card WTF?!
bobytheman1 (2 years ago)
Exchange rates...
The DuPe-Network (2 years ago)
IK right am pissed
Swimming Pool Company (2 years ago)
Thinking about holding off my purchase until January. Should I look for a newer card or will this one do fine? Wondering about the price differences in a month or so.
T. Dougs (2 years ago)
They were basically the same but it's not a tie when the Strix beat out the G1 even if it's by one fps it still means the Strix won but i get why you said it was a tie they are close.
Taboost (2 years ago)
remeber there are error margins
JimBeam (2 years ago)
Jesus! So many cards on the market but the videos here don't have a definitive answer to which is best!
Anna Scott (2 years ago)
i want a g1 instead of a strix rog as my case h440 is a couple milaitres off but i dont like the colour any advice for painting it
Tarnished ™ (2 years ago)
i think buying one but dont know the measure
AMN O-Jay (2 years ago)
I've been seeing this card on eBay for about $350 and lower. I'm just being patient until I see one for $300 or less then I'll buy one.
Luka Kuhar (1 year ago)
man, u really gotta say that huh? now they are almost 600 and nvidia keep raising the price cuz AMD did pretty bad
Emdrag13 (2 years ago)
dont want to spend extra 50$ for the asus strix idk if I should get the g1 gaming i heard the fans are cheap
Thanks for the video!
Hassanalhajry d (2 years ago)
I say real competitor for strix roc is gigabyte extreme edition
איתי לוין (2 years ago)
On my country the STRIX is only $15 more
ecotts (2 years ago)
Even if both cards were identical in performance, temps and price I would buy the ROG Strix over the G1 gaming as I cant stand the fact that Gigabyte insisted on including stupid ass red accent lines on the front of its cooler and that would sit totally out of place with allot of people's colour scheme.
dan mahoney (2 years ago)
Thanks for the quality review. Historically I've bought Gigabyte, but just bought a STRIX OC 1070 for $409 US. Love black friday!
SVTsupercharged Hi (1 year ago)
Lucky guy fml.
Ten Kikohu (1 year ago)
dan mahoney fuckkk
Trane Crowley (2 years ago)
dan mahoney Same
Audi RS (2 years ago)
Ok dude, you got my vote! 20 dollars difference here, so I will go for the STRIX.
Ricky Luo (2 years ago)
G1 is the coolest GPU when 100% loaded. Around 65 degree cel( Tested) BTW. Strix is the hotest GPU when 100% loaded....For OC 3.0 on GTX 1070, the lower temp you have, the better performance/higher clock speed you will get.
Yashar (2 years ago)
Ricky Luo mine never went above 63c... and achieved 2073mhrzs
Macc (2 years ago)
Dimensions would be nice, as I have come across conflicting information more than once when trying to find a card's dimensions. Getting a final answer from someone who has the card(s) in hand and took a measuring tape to them is very useful. To anyone who says that's "boring", no shit. Information comes first in content like this.
fspec (2 years ago)
Guys I cant decide between the EVGA 1070 SC, the Strix, or the Gigabyte windforce or G1 1070 help! any suggestions would be very appreciated
Yashar (2 years ago)
ThaRealArabDude asus dude won't regret it
Reagey Yoon (2 years ago)
ThaRealArabDude asus ofc ,gigabyte have coil whine probelm and evga vrm probelm
ItsCorin (2 years ago)
Guys should I get the Strix OC or the MSI Gaming X 8G?
ItsCorin (2 years ago)
FPSKorea Yeah I've decided to go with the Strix, thanks for the reply!
FPSKorea (2 years ago)
ItsCorin Definitely the Strix. Has better cooling, more base clock speed and better overclocking capabilities, and in my opinion, much better design. Not to mention that the Strix has really good-looking Aura RGB lights.
AlexandreHimself (2 years ago)
so no coil whine on both, that's cool
Ditendra (2 years ago)
Thank you for this video. I was looking for it.
megachromer (2 years ago)
Finally an NZ channel! Awesome comparison man. Ordered the G1 yesterday. Can't wait to see what it's capable of, especially since I'm moving over from my old Gigabyte GTX 670.
Christian (1 year ago)
megachromer How's it working for you? I just ordered mine a few days ago.
MeihanaBee (2 years ago)
I got the g1 for just under $700nzd at pcforce on sale
Closed In Laws (2 years ago)
wich one is better?
Make Great Worlds (2 years ago)
for the money, the gigabyte. less than 0.1% difference in perf.
storrooo (2 years ago)
J0nTTulI MkN the strix oc
Roger Dodger (2 years ago)
The Strix is $70USD ($100AUD?) also more than the Gigabyte where I live (Japan).... but I saw some people report some coil whine n the Gigabyte version (when over 140fps and no VSync).... so I got the Strix instead, because I like Asustek. I use an AMPLIFIER via HDMI for surround sound, so the STRIX is better because it leaves a HDMI port free for VR.
Kev Outlaw (2 years ago)
wow! Holy crap that's a good price! Thanks!
Roger Dodger (2 years ago)
+Noobishly Wicked Hi.... Here Yen of $500 https://www.amazon.co.jp/ASUSTek-STRIX%E3%82%B7%E3%83%AA%E3%83%BC%E3%82%BA-GTX1070%E6%90%AD%E8%BC%89%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA%E3%82%AB%E3%83%BC%E3%83%89-%E3%83%99%E3%83%BC%E3%82%B9%E3%82%AF%E3%83%AD%E3%83%83%E3%82%AF1506MHz-STRIX-GTX1070-8G-GAMING/dp/B01HEQYQHA/ref=sr_1_sc_2?s=computers&ie=UTF8&qid=1479557162&sr=1-2-spell&keywords=Straix+1070 .....(ITs been a while since I went to Tokyo/Akiba)...... DONT FORGET to READ the instructions (Uninstall old drivers first !!! [some little/temp  CD Software BSoD glitch]). ALSO the card is a solid 300mm long... I had to cut out a small part of my M-ATX Case for it to fit tight (but your case is sweet). Due to the SHAPE my 295mm-305mm iChiLL 780 fitted easier [in the top slot]). Domo... ;) P.S. I use DVi for the image because I have the Asus Stereoscopic 3D monitor. Works great. HDMI is for sound only.
Kev Outlaw (2 years ago)
I also live in Japan, I went to akiba recently and g1's are mostly 45,000 yen to 48,000 yen.. And strix's were 55,000 yen to 58,000 yen.. How much did you get yours for? I live close to PC depot and their pricing is way too high.. I too love the fact that it has 2 hdmi ports for my ps4 and VR also now that I have the NZXT VR user's s340 elite case(awesome case).. But I won't be using HDMI for PC, I'll be using Displayports to get best of my video card..
Humming & Strumming (2 years ago)
Which is value for money Asus Strix 1070 or strix 1070 oc..because i can't understand between two products..is this only base clock and boost clock defference or any other deference between two models....because some people telling about this two product they all have done 2100mhz during overclock using gpu tweek software... so why should i buy this oc version paying 20$ more than normal version?Give me an valuable feedback
Bill21 (2 years ago)
dam how bigger is the 1070 strix compare to the 1070 gaming X Twin Frozr i only got the gaming x twin frozr but i have order the strix 1070 i just hope it can fit in my case i just hope its a little bigger just a little compare to the gaming x
Smoos54 (2 years ago)
Big, heavy, 3 fans so the card can take off then at the end it will produce the same AAA titles graphics as a ps4
Himbary (2 years ago)
STUNNER [BoomBazinga] (2 years ago)
Hi +Tech Showdown, That was a nice video... Can you please tell me the power requirements for each card?
Rick Titball (2 years ago)
One of these, or MSI Gaming X?
CovaX (2 years ago)
strix is modelo with oc ?
Lost Child (2 years ago)
good video! I actually just bought the strix b/c of the lighting and extra features like xsplit.. now I hope it's better than the free OBS software. I spent hours looking at different cards and actually went with my gut and choose the strix over EVGA and Gigabyte. Your video topped it off Makin my decision just!
Vlad Berariu (2 years ago)
is this the oc mode for asus ?
Bladezplays (2 years ago)
Get some of those acoustic pads on the walls and you'll be golden, it helps to make the audio better.
Bladezplays (2 years ago)
+TheDeceptikron Just meant it doesn't sound isolated, yes its very good but the acoustic pads make it sound like he is right up on the mic no matter where he is.
TheDeceptikron (2 years ago)
Sounds fine to me.
Tech Showdown (2 years ago)
Microphone didn't work properly in this video so that's why it sounds a bit rubbish
Dark5tar111 (2 years ago)
what do you think of the EVGA FTW version?
Hung4444 (2 years ago)
how about Zotac mini ver?
Kuncen RIG (2 years ago)
+Dark5tar111 agree.
Daevon Jackson (2 years ago)
+cash cash i was going to get it but it was too big
cash cash (2 years ago)
Daevon Jackson zotac amp extreme might be the same
Daevon Jackson (2 years ago)
+Dark5tar111 i have the same one yaay
J. Shih (2 years ago)
I was lucky the G1 Gaming just fit in my case it was a tight fit but the strix was not going to fit but it's made with better materials. G1 too much plastic but performs great both
xMaT-eO (2 years ago)
Gigabyte G1 : fcking stupid coil whine
Adel Yasser (1 year ago)
i dont hear any coil whine from my 1070, coil whine is a damn lottery dude, you just cant guarantee yourself
Just Monika (1 year ago)
Currently, there's less than 10 bucks difference between the Asus and the gigabyte, so I'd rather get the strix
Rukalion (2 years ago)
i have a gtx 770 2 GB and my PSU is a corsair RM 850 :c
Daniix (2 years ago)
Frederico Cunha i have little coil whine :/
Chosenxeno (2 years ago)
Hmm. I swear by Gigabyte cards but I was just on Newegg before I started watching video reviews/performance tests and there were a few complaints about coil whine. Then I come here and see this..
Bogdan Olaru (2 years ago)
Guys! Help me with something... Which one should i get? the Strix gtx 1070 or the Xtreme gaming from Gigabyte??? i really can't decide between these two!!!
Bladezplays (2 years ago)
+TheDeceptikron ah i see. You should be able to tho, maybe reinstall drivers or start wil lower settings. Let me know how things go
TheDeceptikron (2 years ago)
+Bladezplays possibly because I had it on ultra settings and it showed 0 fps. Changing the game resolution messes with the shortcuts on the desktop anyway, keeps shifting them.
Bladezplays (2 years ago)
+TheDeceptikron idk man. the game should load, you should be able to play fallou4 at medium settings at 4k. nvidia website has the 1070 at 46 fps on ultra at 4k. No reason it shouldnt even load.
TheDeceptikron (2 years ago)
+Bladezplays What sort of problem, this is a brand new computer, mate and I put it together 1 month ago.
Bladezplays (2 years ago)
+TheDeceptikron You may have some kind of problem with other hardware? it performs well but not perfect at 4k (40fps ultra settings in BF1) Im going to be playing on 3 1080p monitors (25% less pixels than 4k so I should be fine.) Other games that dont support the tri display i will play at 1080p. This card crushes any game at 1080p tho
CovaX (2 years ago)
how is better?
Moon_Breaker (2 years ago)
I wanted the gigabyte only couse of my giga mobo, but had to go with the strix.
Alex Richards (2 years ago)
On amazon right now, they are about the same price, ($429) but I would wait until Black Friday
tarx (2 years ago)
$362 @ Jet.com. Possible $352 if you forfeit free return shipping
Yashar (2 years ago)
Alex Richards at micro center
Yashar (2 years ago)
Alex Richards I got it for 388
mich guir (2 years ago)
hi, the asus is the oc version?
Hells Gate (2 years ago)
Awesome, a Kiwi... I got the gigabyte card form PB tech in Hams. Major problem getting the bloody led's to work. Had it for a month and still no go
Hells Gate (2 years ago)
And now the second card has fucked out!!! Dont buy the G1 card its shit. Plenty of cooling and both screens stopped working. Going back again!!!! Getting a refund this time and going for the strix
Hells Gate (2 years ago)
gigabyte got hold of me. it's going back under warranty
Hells Gate (2 years ago)
I have, also reinstalled windows and everything, Gigabyte cant solve it either, pretty fucked off about it
Liam (2 years ago)
hey bro try installing the gigabyte software for the card off their website the lights wont work without it ive heard im about to install a g1 1070 tommorow so ill tell you how i go
DEMENTOR13 (2 years ago)
asus apology strix is the standard version or the version OC

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