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17.5.18 1st LIVE STREAMING for PROFIT BOOK (forex live signals)

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14.5.18 1st LIVE STREAMING Profit booked=$30.5k & Running Profit=$35k https://youtu.be/skTHU1hOPwM 14.5.18 2nd LIVE STREAMING Profit Rise From $30k to $60k https://youtu.be/Rwn9iYAkqpk 14.5.18 3rd LIVE STREAMING Profit Rise From $30k to $80k https://youtu.be/4OYYOeMA9hA 14.5.18 4th LIVE STREAMING Profit Rise From $30k to $111k https://youtu.be/pwcUrg531T4 15.5.18 1st LIVE STREAMING Profit book=$65k (90% position size close) Running Profit=$40k (10% position size open) https://youtu.be/VFB1yDXcXw0 15.5.18 2nd LIVE STREAMING Profit Rise From $40k to $120k https://youtu.be/dO8nVLpCBMs 15.5.18 3rd LIVE STREAMING Profit Rise From $40k to $182k https://youtu.be/WscaGJ8q_qY 16.5.18 1st LIVE STREAMING Profit booked=$98k Running profit=$50k https://youtu.be/mVPk6j7y654 16.5.18 2nd LIVE STREAMING Profit Rise From $50k to $135k https://youtu.be/rUwHa5__j3k 17.5.18 1st LIVE STREAMING Profit Book=$285k Loss book = $40k Running profit=$60k https://youtu.be/J0V15NP_nrA === Position open=6 SELL EURUSD SELL GBPUSD SELL USDX BUY USDCAD BUY USOIL BUY XAUUSD === Join Telegram channel https://telegram.me/forextrade1 Ask Executive to Telegram for doubt/query https://Telegram.me/forextrade11 Remember that Forex Tradings are a leveraged product and can result in the loss of your entire capital. Trading Forex Markets may not be suitable for you. Please ensure you fully understand the risks involved. Please read our Risk Disclosure Statement and our User Agreement before using our services.
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Text Comments (5)
It's nice with demo account
Viv Viv (6 months ago)
Fake. This not a live account. There's no deposite. People making videos like this are so fucking annoying
OPPORTUNITÉ 2019 (1 year ago)
You Can manage my account how much or minimum aquitty ???
Malik Yasir (5 months ago)
+923448736110 Whatsapp
Forex Trade1 (1 year ago)
You can directly contact on Whatsapp number +1-631-483-9353 or telegram channel https://telegram.me/forextrade11

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