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Rimworld: Prepare to Die #9 (Hardcore Survival Modpack)

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Help keep the channel alive and uncensored over at Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/Roll1D2Games Jilp Vondle, the most cursed man alive, tasked with only one thing: Survive. This is going to be a radical departure from any of our previous series! This is a high difficulty modpack aimed at emphasising survival, and eventual death with a slew of new core mechanics such as fog of war, combat extended, and various survival needs and additions. No more infinite resources, buildable helper bots, resurrections, magic, or easy mode! === Mod Info === Steam Workshop Collection: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1186763584&savesuccess=1 Achtung! By: Brrainz Allow Tool By: UnlimitedHugs Alpha Animals By: Sarg Bjornson Animal Tab By: Fluffy Architect Icons By: marcin212 Area Unlocker By: Fluffy Better Workbench Management By: falconne Blueprints By: Fluffy Camera+ By: Brrainz Circle And Oval By: FlashPoint55 CleaningArea By: Hatti Color Coded Mood Bar By: semTex. Common Sense By: avil Damage Indicators By: Spdskatr Defensive Positions By: UnlimitedHugs DontBlockDoorMod[1.0] By: tikubonn Draggable Corners By: sparr Dub's Paint Shop By: Dubwise Dubs Bad Hygiene By: Dubwise Dubs Mint Menus By: Dubwise ED-Embrasures By: Jaxxa EdB Prepare Carefully By: edbmods Everybody Gets One By: Uuugggg Facial Stuff 1.0 By: Killface Faction Discovery By: Orion Feed The Colonists By: PostRobcore Fluffy Breakdowns By: Fluffy Food Alert By: Mehni Haul to Stack By: ItsComcastic HugsLib By: UnlimitedHugs I Clearly Have Enough! By: ChippedChap Impassable Chest-deep Water By: Dropbear_Ninja.wa.au In-wall coolers and vents [1.0] By: Hanabishi InventoryTab By: CptKota Invisible Conduits 1.0 By: Lance Hardwood ItemListSelector By: InsertKey JecsTools By: Jecrell Just Ignore Me Passing By: Brrainz Mechanoids Extraordinaire By: Spino Megafauna By: Spino Mod Manager By: Fluffy More Faction Interaction By: Mehni More Mechanoids By: Orion Pawn Badge By: rangelreale Pharmacist By: Fluffy Pick Up And Haul By: Mehni Please Haul Perishables By: Marvin Powerful Faction Bases By: NilchEi Progress Renderer By: Lanilor Real Fog of War By: Luka Kama Recipe icons By: AUTOMATIC RenameColony By: bathroom floor Replace Stuff By: Uuugggg ResearchPal By: Charlotte RimHUD By: Jaxe RIMMSLoadUp By: Razuhl RimQuest By: Jecrell Rimworld Search Agency By: Killface Roof Support 1.0 By: Match Room Food By: Uuugggg Run and Hide By: The Word-Mule RuntimeGC By: user19990313 Search and Destroy By: roolo Share The Load By: Uuugggg Show Draftees Weapon By: Targhetti Simply More Bridges By: Lanilor Smart Speed By: Sarg Bjornson Statue of Colonist By: tammybee Toggle Harvest By: Jaxe Vanilla Animals Expanded — Livestock By: Oskar Potocki Various Space Ship Chunk By: tobe Wall Light By: Murmur Where is my weapon?[1.0] By: tammybee While You're Up [1.0] By: kevlou [1.0] Combat Extended By: N7Huntsman [1.0] Combat Extended Guns By: N7Huntsman [1.0] Combat Extended: Shields By: N7Huntsman [1.0] Dire Raids By: pyrce [1.0] Graphics Setter - Fix your textures! By: Maxim [FSF] Complex Jobs By: FrozenSnowFox [KV] Consolidated Traits - 1.0 By: Kiame Vivacity [KV] In-Game Definition Editor - 1.0 By: Kiame Vivacity [RF] Realistic Planets [1.0] By: Rainbeau Flambe [v1.0]-LinkableDoors By: Steardliy [XND] AutoOwl By: XeoNovaDan Mod manager file: http://www.mediafire.com/file/j5ad53kcn4q12ft/SurvivalExtreme.xml/file === Links === Second Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/roll1d3games Co-op Let's Plays: https://www.youtube.com/c/eliseandsam Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/roll1d2games Twitter: https://twitter.com/roll1d2games Public Discord: https://discord.gg/smb5k7r ============ #rimworld #hardcore #gaming
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Text Comments (50)
A fat cat from sweden (26 days ago)
”Now with 100% palm oil!”
Michał Pióro (1 month ago)
best way to slow down invaders is place first sandbag next to it place store for stone(1)( and repeat it for longer road sandbag-stone-sandbag-stone)becouse they was slowing down when they atemt to enter spot with obstacle and if you make line of the same obstacle it will slow down them only at entry point. By the way i don't know it would be helpfull in your game 15 episodes later ._. PS: it was so hard to write coment in englis when i from difrent country and i was slacking off in the eng lessons. :P PS2: I see someone write about it but without the stones then my coment seems to be useless ;)
Mitz Newman (1 month ago)
To be honest, i want that wall to be called "the great wall of voosh" just for comedy & references. why not?
Christopher Piotrowski (1 month ago)
Love the game play but holy shit u say my guy a lot
Caleb Brazier (1 month ago)
"Natural Geometry" Lol
Liam Woffindin (1 month ago)
"septic tanks, even though that might seem like a *shitty* research..."
JestersDead (1 month ago)
A couple things about food poisoning.... cooking and butchering in the same room is bad. Also storing meals in the same room / freezer as raw meat is bad. I have a skill 15 cook and kept getting "incompetent cook" messages. I made a separate small room for meals, and the constant food poisoning stopped.
Unhumanized (1 month ago)
Shitty research. Punny
DeepFriedPotatoes (1 month ago)
Someone needs to make a mod that replaces the alert sound every time their is a solar flare to krillins voice screaming solar flare.
DeepFriedPotatoes (1 month ago)
Sigh i get sort of why people hate killboxes (boreing and apparently "op"). But killboxes exist in castle designs. Heck they use to have hot tar holes to pour onto people trying to climb walls (essentialy a killbox). Its not like kill boxes are not an unrealistic concept
Alex Kirrmann (1 month ago)
Those are not rhinos lol. They're a type of pig.
TheHoodiedThief (1 month ago)
I think that’s rich soil in front of your base, you should probably set up some crops on that
Tim D Nchantr (1 month ago)
Connect the second windmill generator. then you will have more power :). Man, Loving the series and glad you upload everyday. Jilp 7 (Actually Jilp 6 because 4 was skipped) is doing great and I like watching you learn the game more each time. it sure is complicated and your mod list doesn't help it XD. Lokking forward to more episodes Edit: Sadly my laptop isn't good enough to handle that many mods at once so i can't really follow along but I'll keep watching this series
Dr. Sir Knight (1 month ago)
You should get Realistic Darkness 1.0, it makes the game alot darker so it's harder to see during night, making it harder to tell what's happening during raids
Rad (1 month ago)
make a dumping stockpile and take that waste out of your bathroom. Also make a well and they will use to wash up and if you really want to make it easier you can make a tub and they will fill it once in a while instead of going to the lake.
Rad (1 month ago)
make a dumping stockpile and take that waste out of your bathroom. Also make a well and they will use to wash up and if you really want to make it easier you can make a tub and they will fill it once in a while instead of going to the lake.
nindzafa (1 month ago)
You are underestimating the power of steel traps in narrow corridors. Build a door next to the killbox entrance, so that Jilp and Lucas don't have to walk through it every time they wanna go out. Love the content. <3
Tom Meakin (1 month ago)
Am I correct in saying that the maximum protection from gunfire you can get from defences is staggering walls and embrasures and having your pawns stand behind the wall so they can lean to shoot through the embrasures, and then having sandbags up against your wall-embrasure?
K LaCoste (1 month ago)
thats what i do in my game.
EiksonfromdaWehna (1 month ago)
MY GUY! Change their mode from snapshot to aimed shot or they wont hit a thing
EiksonfromdaWehna (1 month ago)
I'm undecided whether it would have been smarter to treat his wounds with medicine to reduce the infection risk. An infection of a single body part eats more meds than healing it in the first place
Callum Dixon (1 month ago)
I think barbed wire slows them down now instead of sandbags
did you forget to connect the 2nd windmill? dude how is it that simple things like that just pass you by so easily? I still gave you a like, as you've definitely improved from the first few episodes.
Nathan Osborne (1 month ago)
its been connected with invisible conduit, windmills just suck haha.
madtaco (1 month ago)
i cant stop lmfao he shot her
Tactical Murder (1 month ago)
How about you play on 1 speed? 4 take it or leave it.
Necronominom Ex Mortis (1 month ago)
Separate the butcher table and the stove, it'll cause food poisoning
Pendant Blade (1 month ago)
The 'hover over pawn to see attack statistics' is vanilla btw, not from CE.
Pendant Blade (1 month ago)
Tip: in the even of a heatwave or a cold snap, and if you don't have enough wood, you should deconstruct some walls. But really dude, get stone walls.
GoogleStoleMyAnonymity (1 month ago)
I can't stop watching (and playing with my version of this modlist) even though I'm sooo frustrated watching this. Turn off snapshot my dude! Get stone walls! Please just GO READ ABOUT THE MODS YOU HAVE. I understand that learning as you go is fun but it's not fun to watch you not learn as you go. CE and Dub's Hygiene are awesome mods, especially if you UNDERSTAND WHAT THEY DO. Also, Pendant Blade has been clutch with his/her tips in the comments. Really really legit advice.
Tom Meakin (1 month ago)
I honestly hope Lucas rebuffs Jilp at some point and he goes into a murderous rage and kills her.... That'd just be so fucking funny. The character development...dear lord the character development....
keiji yoshida (1 month ago)
any chance you can start working on stone walls? i'm worried of raiders and thunderstorm burning down those wooden wall. and you could also try blocking the river with walls to stop animals and force raiders on your kill box.
kokodin (1 month ago)
dayum fisher-price mouse
Krispy Bak0n (1 month ago)
M W (1 month ago)
fill the windturbine area with concreate PLS
charred1 (1 month ago)
change fire mode on the bows to aim. its more accurate
Noelle Wilton (1 month ago)
Regarding your irritation with the pawns not hauling thing that are on the way, there's a mod for that: While You're Up. If they're next to a haulable resource that has a stocpile near where they're going, they'll automatically haul it. :3
Noelle Wilton (1 month ago)
+Basil Daoust I didn't see any such thing in the mod's options. On my games, my pawns tend to be pretty liberal about the definition of "close". Are there a ton of slow-opening doors in the way? Are you sure your stockpile zones are configured optimally? Otherwise, I can't think of anything off the top of my head.
Augusto Jardino (1 month ago)
You should probably try to use less wood.
xXXxdotzzZ z (1 month ago)
Make carpets it help with the mood
StepOverGod (1 month ago)
You really should research the fish n' reactor for power. Super good.
Joep Luijkx (1 month ago)
yeaah thats SHITTY research
MPG Productions (1 month ago)
when a person is hurt in the field and they are going to die before you can save them CE adds a feature that allows you to heal your colonists temporarily in the field called stabilization
Fantasy Fan (1 month ago)
After you researched biofuel refining you could turn the sludge into chemfuel and use it for the chemfuel generator/gas boiler.
Alien Sheep (1 month ago)
You should build a vent between the kitchen and the bedroom
fire leaperd gaming (1 month ago)
9:25 thats dark but funny
Alien Sheep (1 month ago)
You should build a door on each side of the river so they don’t cross the river slowly every time they need to cross
fire leaperd gaming (1 month ago)
7:10 it was donkeys while he was building the wall and moving over to the next one it was constantly blocking and seeing them
fire leaperd gaming (1 month ago)
Roll1d2 games 2019: lets kill nature
fire leaperd gaming (1 month ago)
Yay keep up the great work your a great youtuber

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