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Factory Town Ep 2: Starting Research at the School with Paper

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Join me as I build out a town of lego looking people in a game like factorio without the biters! I'm learning as I go. In this episode I start some basic research after building a school and feeding it paper. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬🐵 MY PATREON 🐵▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 👇🏻Help Support GrindThisGame 👇🏻 ➤https://www.patreon.com/GrindThisGame ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬🐵 MY DISCORD 🐵▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ➤ https://discord.gg/brqFYky ➤ This playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHw_EJXYsdHhZcFXEnsImfg55cxNsTH-X About Factory Town: Build, Expand, Automate, and Optimize your own fantasy village in the wilderness. Starting with just a few workers, gather the necessary resources and build a wide variety of production buildings to supply your town with valuable goods. Research new technologies that will allow you to dramatically improve the efficiency of your harvesting and delivery supply chains. Use clever planning and management to grow your town from a quaint outpost to a bustling production colony. - Tons of optimization tools at your disposal - roads, wagons, minecarts & railways, marble-run chutes, conveyor belts, and other magical and physical contraptions - 3D terrain will make it a challenge to deliver your resources from high in the mountain down to your production centers - Build complex logical systems with gates, triggers, and filters to make sure resources get to the right destination - Manage supply chains to keep your population supplied with food, clothing, medicine, and other important goods - You're in control - Use simple click-and-drag actions to directly issue behavior commands to workers, telling them what items to pick up and where to deliver them. - Unlock magical secrets to boost your production buildings to absurd output rates - Mountain in your way? Need a river? No problem - use the terrain sculpting tools to shape the world to suit your needs. - Powerful world generation tools to create and share your own maps & crafting recipes #grindthisgame #factorytown
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Speiger (1 month ago)
Simple trick, when you select a filter you can just click on the next slot you want to filter without closing the filter menu and then you reselect the item you want to filter and it will apply correctly. It saves a lot of time since you do not have to close the menus als the time.
Elvin Paulino (1 month ago)
the moment you made the mistake with the shoots and the stone i laughed and said he done goofed
Amy Snapp (1 month ago)
I always think the grain looks like Kix and rocks look like Cocoa Puffs. Makes me hungry 😋
Igor K (1 month ago)
Att 19:25 you made a mistake in the rail, it tilted me the entire episode lol, but great serie man, keep it up!
itsthosehour s (1 month ago)
YouTube recommended this to me for whatever reason. I'm just stopping by to give a like. :)
j j (1 month ago)
Glad you like this game. Please keep playing it
e z (1 month ago)
Thanks for making another episode of this. I really like this game. Keep it up!
zanshibumi (1 month ago)
Half the video watching that poor stuck stone mason.
Alexis Alexi (1 month ago)
flying horse (1 month ago)
Are the resources in the game all renewable? Like can you later build a "farm" that does the same for iron or coal?
Grind This Game (1 month ago)
sort of.... there is a setting but also mana tech later that allows renewal and you can spend coin to plant rocks iron etc.
Ryan thechanle (1 month ago)
flying horse (1 month ago)

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