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CARE 2018 | W. Gogłoza: False parallels and useful lessons. What the animal rights movement can…

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Full title | Włodzimierz Gogłoza: False parallels and useful lessons. What the animal rights movement can learn from the anti-slavery abolitionism of the nineteenth century Animal rights activists, especially those of a more radical bent, tend to look for parallels between their strategies and the strategy of the nineteenth century American anti-slavery abolitionists such as William Lloyd Garrison and his supporters. The aim of my presentation is to show that most of the supposed affinities between those positions are false and based on a superficial understanding of the original abolitionist movement and the social and political reality in which it emerged. At the same time, however, I will attempt to prove that the modern animal rights movement can learn a lot from the Garrisonian Abolitionists and their intra-movement debates. About the speaker: Włodzimierz Gogłoza, PhD, is an Assistant Professor of Law at the Maria Curie-Sklodowska University in Lublin, Poland. He is a coeditor of “Sprawiedliwość dla zwierząt” (eng. Justice for Animals), a collection of articles written by lawyers and activists working in the field of animal rights in Poland as well as six other scholarly volumes. So far, he has coauthored one book and published dozens of academic papers on topics ranging from modern organizational and management practices to politics of pre-state societies and medieval law. In his free time, he volunteers for Open Cages Poland where he coordinates a vegan outreach campaign called “Jasna Strona Mocy” (eng. The Light Side of the Force) directed at physically active men. When he is not at home or at the university, you will most probably find him at the Academia Gorila in Warsaw where he trains boxing, Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Do not mistake him for a tough guy though since he would rather have a conversation over a cold brew about the latest books you have read than fight you. https://www.careconf.eu #CAREconfPrague #AnimalRights
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