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BREAKING: Welfare LEECHES Get BAD NEWS From Trump After He Gives Congress The DIRECTIVE They’ll HATE

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Text Comments (506)
sparkplug T (15 days ago)
Well if people made more money when they work then there would be a sever reduction in need for food stamps, though I'm not completely against it
Denise Uhlry (21 days ago)
It's been that way for over 9 yrs....Except,get this ....the MEXICANS DON'T HAVE TO ABIDE BY THIS ESPECIALLY IF THEY ARE ILLEGAL.I actually had a woman tell me in broken English that it's our Government's fault that she had 7 kids ranging from 8 to 2 months.She had to so that she'd get more cash aid and food stamps.Btw,she was already getting 958.00 a month in stamps.AND her husband was working under the table and she reported that he DIDN'T live with her.AND she drove a brand new hummer since she had to have room for all her brats
Erick Andrade (21 days ago)
They should require work for Cash Aid too not just food stamps cmon man!!!!
Common democrats for once do something right for your country
Ramona Shearer (22 days ago)
After my divorce back in the 80s I had to either go to school or work part-time to get welfare and food stamps. Didn't hurt me one bit. I was able to get an education and my kids are better for it.
Urbara Scott (23 days ago)
Geez - no wonder its so crazy.
joe doe (23 days ago)
true story: stephen richie in north carolina beat up a teacher in high school. he was designated disabled for anger mgnt. he,s now i think 36 . we have supported his entire adult life plus his fat wife and 3 kids to include full medicaid for all housing heating electric food etc. ive been in their home a number of times. he has worked under the table all these years and makes out quite well. report fraud and abuse and watch and watch their eyes gloss over.
joe doe (23 days ago)
if you insist on doing this then why not EVERYBODY gets the same safety net with their name on it. when youve consumed it its gone rhat simple. its not the govts place to pick n choose n qaulify and its very expensive to manage.
joe doe (23 days ago)
this IS socialism its not the govts place to take with lethal force from one and give to another. PERIOD
joe doe (23 days ago)
and whats it cost to administer this
joe doe (23 days ago)
they wont get a job theyll get knocked up..jeez
Grigori Rasputin (24 days ago)
Also, bring back the welfare investigators. They show up unannounced, to check on various things... they should also have drug sniffing dogs with the police. They check on those on section 8 who have boyfriends living with them (when they are not supposed to) Start cracking down on fraud No illegals or refugees should be getting any aid Start cracking down on SSD fraud as well Part of the food stamp program should be to send in your grocery receipts each month so they can keep track of what you are purchasing with it
Mari Rivera (24 days ago)
The Next...This is overdue.The people has connections and find their way around the system. No relief for the tax payers or senior citizens living in a low income . In Long Island, N y, it seems like the inmigrants multiply every day. Thats all you see every where you go. Go to Costco,they are the most customers, go yo the schools and they are full to capacity , even the workers are mostly inmigrants,. Landscapers, sanitation, construction, all jobs taken by them. They opem business , Delies, stores they only hire their own. Its all about them. Tax payers are just to pay for their upkeep. We are the slaves , they own the plantation plus they have most politicians on their side. Let's see how it works. Blessings.
David Wilson (25 days ago)
,I love leeches...I get food cards for half the price..great deal can't beat it..
White wizard Darmonk (26 days ago)
Damn straight now he needs to build the wall keep are country safe
Rex Wilson (27 days ago)
You can't help nobody that doesn't want to help themselves
Bill Huber (27 days ago)
101kalak (29 days ago)
these people about to SNAP! Literally
Chris Nicol (30 days ago)
The food stamps should be only restricted to fruit, vegetables, meat and milk (inc. Baby formula 0-6 months) anything else should be exempt. These are not for luxuries. If you want luxuries, work more
The One (30 days ago)
Yes, but it's not that simple. The system was fine until they let illegal aliens and aliens at large got on and get more than American people. It's in place for people who need. We need Trump in office right now. A large part of his constituency is white rule American who also is on food stamps. So we have to be careful with our unmerciful ways when we really don't know people's life situations. This economy is still recovering believe it or not. You make too many abrupt changes in a false economy and with the international bankers, federal reserve, irs, running things and a country that has been unconstitutional for over 90 years, you'll have more people hungry and in need of much more assistance if not careful and tactful and unroll things slowly.
Larry Russelllarry (30 days ago)
Go Trump MAGA
Edwin Ruiz (30 days ago)
I work and i can not affort my medical insurance and this people gosh they get e erithing. Dammmnm
Blanca Rey (23 days ago)
Exactly ! I bet you work more thank 40 hours 20 is nothing .
What if you can't find work?
outlaw-x Realdeal (1 month ago)
All over due,,,ITS ABOUT TIME !!!!
James Vimyard (1 month ago)
Take away welfare from illegal s
Donald Pollard (1 month ago)
I support this in full!
The Riddler (1 month ago)
Yyyyeeeeeeessssssssss. Thank God Trump is taking the gravy train away from the free loading scum.
Israeli Warrior (1 month ago)
The Only People Who Should Get Food Stamps The People Who Are Poor or Middle Class.BTW I'm a Conservative Republican.i Respect Trump.But What He is Doing is Wrong
John Davison (1 month ago)
What if your disabled with a broken back and a spinal cord injury what do we do starve unless that's what the goverment wants you want all us people that are over 50 and disabled to just go and die to me that's sad considering I depend on my wife for everything social security dosent even give me a livable wage try surviving on less than 300.00 dollars a mounth in California I want out of this state so bad but we're stuck here financially I'm terrified of what's going to happen in the future long as I can hold a gun and aim and pull the trigger I'm good I geuse.
Trudi Fruty (1 month ago)
Cody Call (1 month ago)
Food stamps are usually sold .50 cents on the dollar for cash. 100 dollars of groceries gets 50 cash for those who cannot do math. And that’s usually spent on drugs and alcohol.
John Wang (1 month ago)
This will make people have at least 1 baby every 6 years until they cant have anymore babies, the more the babies the more foodstamps they can use to trade for cash, yes people people still find a way to do it with ebt cards
jon shadow (1 month ago)
this person could be the person funding ANTIFA ( Tom Steyer ) . we all know they dont have jobs'dont have collage, someone pays into a fund to keep ANTIFA going . very strange yes ????
Lolita Nelson (1 month ago)
you want to eat, you must work. Getting some food stamps and free cash make people lazy.
Lolita Nelson (1 month ago)
People need to work so they can be more independent than waiting on food stamps and be more of a better example for their children, you want to get, you must work.
Gary Huff (1 month ago)
Gary Huff (1 month ago)
Eonblue Apocalypse (1 month ago)
Illegal mexicans, libtards, and anyone capable of working theirs way to many Obama phones on welfare to for generations
J. B. (1 month ago)
Food stamp requirements should be as followed 1 : mentally or physically handicapped 2: elderly 3: a person that is legitimately sick , that physically can't work , for instance someone that is on chemotherapy or taking some other kind of debilitating treatment for a disease . Any reason other than 1 or 2 , said welfare must be paid back either by reasonable garnishment of wage when they return to work , or forfiture of tax returns until the amount is paid back in full . Everyone else can get a fucking job , or starve .
Frank Norred (1 month ago)
its definitely not to much to ask!
Nolan Forsyth (1 month ago)
To many welfare people here that get disability and are able to work one guy across the street from me very early 40s getting disability and he out doing all this heavy lifting around his house rides his motorcycle everywhere does things I can't do unbelievable his wife is a RN but she get disability because of her size I mean she is huge elephant size would you want this whale to take care of you in a hospital damn she's big hippo sized but a lot of people like her in the USA everybody getting whale sized it a crying shame and most people getting this size on welfare
mary howard (1 month ago)
Add the drug test to the requirements!!!!
Morningstar Wampanoag (1 month ago)
What about the immigrating-refugee leeches?
Dearest Gary, you know all those Lefty's and how they hate PRESIDENT TRUMP....well this is why.....NO MORE FREE RIDE!!!! They know Trump is coming for them so no more PLAYING WITH THE COMPUTER 24/7 IN MOMMYS BASEMENT!!! Hahaha!!!
tat2edsinner (1 month ago)
I support the requirements except the ages included most 50+ aged Americans are not considered viable to most employers and going to a work program does not improve their equity with in this market.
Matthew Cox (1 month ago)
Welfare isn't a career it's a financial aide to help those who really need assistance with finances.
Matthew Cox (1 month ago)
I support this
Don mcfadden (1 month ago)
if they refuse to not work then they should have all assistance programs cut
EXTOL ZEBULON (1 month ago)
Do not referr all People in need as leeches this is a slippery slope to being a holes some mother's are left alone with children. In CANADA disabled means drug and alchohol addiction more able bodied males are on welfare than Children who get more money now invaders get more money than Children.
warren oreilly (1 month ago)
WHAT NEXT Free med care and treatment Free travel Free interpreters Free money Free housing Free child care This will bust a society in no time(WAKE UP)
warren oreilly (1 month ago)
You need to make it stronger, in the UK the illegals say the are depressed that they have psychosis and get signed off by the snowflake docors that are from the contrys that they are from or worse. When here they just keep breading and breading. and as you well know The UK is rammed full of illegal and and migrants that don't want to work and make a living out of getting tax payers money.
Jim B (1 month ago)
Stop people from having so many babies if they been on food stamps before they had their fourth child have them spaded. Also drug testing
Joseph Allan (1 month ago)
Fucking awsome!!!
Thomas Pozsonyi (1 month ago)
That pink hair lady is a pig leech , she is lazy and has been cheating the working man its whole life. Don't continue to give her $$$!!!!!
King Loose (1 month ago)
Antifa are screwed now I believe in karma
James hickerson (1 month ago)
I am 55 and I had a medical emergency in dec 2016 where I had a blood clot cause me to end up in acoma for 8 days bled out and shut down 3 times and now I cant work at all like I used to, get dizzy after a few mins of work where i Push my self and I cant sit down for very long or my legs go to sleep, so I cant work a regular job and when I went to see about some help, I was told that, I dont quilify because I am single, I own my home and there isnt enough money due to other people needing it more, When I ask about other, the person looked across the room , didnt say why but looked across the room, there, was about 10-12 people with 6-8 kids, some were dressed way better than I had and some didnt speak english, I cant go into color of skin , that is racist now days but I can say this, the adults had no problems that were noticed, I wont go into my seperate problems but all you have to do is look and talk to me and even a blind man could see that I am not as healthy as I should be after working and paying into taxes from 16-55, I should be able to get some help instead of being told that there isnt anyhelp left for me. I have known families that lived by getting ( THAT CHECK) as soon as they could have kids, I am talking 4-5 generations of families with 5-9 kids in each living off of welfare, never trying to get a job, even a parttime job would mess up ( THAT CHECK) , GO TRUMP! This welfare system now is a joke, if you are a color other than white, you will get welfare with a smile or at least a mixed race family-NO RACE bait here, I treat others as they treat me, I dont care what color you are ,
Debbie Bambulas (1 month ago)
YES!! No more illegal immigrants in the fields; welfare recipients instead!! Great idea!! Kudos POTUS!!
Sylvia Lawson (1 month ago)
Black Swan (1 month ago)
Many reps. on the left need to be forced to work to earn their $ 40m^ 100 m* or whatever! * = Nancy Pelosi, ^ Madmax
Mathilda Cassisa (1 month ago)
How will the greenhaired army of pointlessness pay for their hair dye and crayons for posters?? Oh no Soros will have to bump up their hourly rate!!
S M (1 month ago)
When I was young I asked my dad how can they afford a 3 wheeler and a 10 foot satellite dish? He said, they’re on welfare, she’s on her 8th kid!
Blanca Rey (23 days ago)
S M Sad and true , personally ask not as kid the same question.
S M (1 month ago)
I don’t think its to much to ask to have to sing for your supper. If someone has a problem with this or drug tests, then they need kicked off the free ride! If you tested most people living off the gooberment teet around here, there would be few people still getting help. Lol. My dad who worked all of his life until nafta let his job go to Mexico always called it babies for money. I know women that has 6,8,even 12 kids! They’re just living off the gooberment! Close your damn legs, spade or neuter these baby for money people!
Blanca Rey (23 days ago)
S M Yep !
Christophe Tillery (1 month ago)
The program is supposed to be for people to get back on there feet. After I had two back surgery unfortunately I had to use it. But I got off of them. Not a life thing
The666Steppenwolf (1 month ago)
Cut all food stamps period . There is NO other real , basic solution to solve the problem The idea of government deciding who to give food by taking money from workers and producers is not only illegal and anti constitutional but utterly criminal at its core mentality.
The666Steppenwolf (1 month ago)
The real solutions to these problems should always be "radical and extreme" , so to speak: Cut all food stamps now. No exception. End of problem.
Lost Kidd (1 month ago)
good, get those bums outta my pockets. thank you Mr President Trump, you got my vote again in 2020
Duane Fendley (1 month ago)
Cool ...now stop giving these immigrants hotels and gas stations ..plenty of deserving citizens that would appreciate a chance to own a business that don't hate America...
Bluesdawg (1 month ago)
Way to many people on these social programs. Our taxes have gone high enough, nobody should be able to sit on their ass and do nothing and get paid for it. Total BS The Democrats set all of this crap up, they love voters on social programs. Losers
Patricia Bilinkas (1 month ago)
A lot of these leeches are on Judge Judy. She nails them, so they should be cut off after leaving that show.
Problem is that Trump will hurt the people that really need it. It's been done with the meds for people needing them. I don't think this will work for the Americans that really need it. Maybe try to get your people that work for welfare to do their jobs!
Isi Ggarcia (1 month ago)
Amen God bless President Trump
Jesse McNeely (1 month ago)
They don't give a crap about us. While there living in there million dollar houses driving a Mercedes Benz buying orchids new cars eating steak while we're out here busting our asses and eating crap look at the price of food the price of housing the price of everything how are we supposed to make it. And now that we get to retirement age there going to close it down ya.
Jesse McNeely (1 month ago)
You need to wake up it's fine work 20 hrs a week, but where is all the jobs, Trump has not created that many. Want to do something, stop the government from sucking up our taxe money, there party's there vacations there security. All there doing is setting on there ass,s sucking up our money, paid to lie to us.
8 cats (1 month ago)
About time! 👏👏👏🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
anthony gregory (1 month ago)
The 18 dislike are probably welfare recipients.
wrx3123 (1 month ago)
Drug test all people on welfare
T G (1 month ago)
these morons can't afford food or rent, but have an endless cash flow for the pink hair dye, nails, name brand purses, hair extensions, weaves, vacations... and the list goes in and on
Supremely Skeptical (1 month ago)
this may be the ONLY policy this wretched pig makes...that I agree with
T. Soprano (1 month ago)
Well, Welfare was devised for a crutch when hard times hit,not a wheelchair for your entire life!! Limit the time on them! If they don't like it TOO BAD!!👍👍
Julie Sunshine (1 month ago)
And if you can't afford to feed and house your children... Stop having them! EBT for only 2 children, after that it's on the parents.. Not the taxpayers! America is not your baby daddy!
Blanca Rey (23 days ago)
Julie Sunshine Exactly 👍🏻.. Enough ! We are Working ( more 40 hours ) and They Enjoying
rockyofusa1 (1 month ago)
6 year PG for some career Welfare moms
Jay Tab (1 month ago)
This is good but for the people that actually need it, cant get it. Who declares you able to work?
ZoAnn Sites (1 month ago)
Jay Tab The state decides.
El AZ (1 month ago)
I hope Trump takes away child support as well .
xxxstonie (1 month ago)
Sure......... Go get the Original US's to solve the problem with the illegal img. costs..... DUMBFUCKS. If YOU give away lots of money to strangers your "kids" WILL rebel......... MANY of those US's already HAVE been contributing to the "System" for many years. And YOU just left them behind........ FUCKING ASSHOLES is what YOU are..... TRUMP FOR EVER... Stonie, Denmark.
Chris Massaro (1 month ago)
Put them to work, drug test them. If you want a hand out, your not getting it for free
Joe Cunningham (1 month ago)
I hope it's true! I wanna see those welfare queens dethroned! Leeches and parasites are killing America, as hoped by the lovers of endless immigration from the Turd world!
Big TRAV (1 month ago)
Pls Run welfare against citizens. The system should point out who to deport next. bye bye illegal aliens.
Jane Doe (1 month ago)
Now there's a gal you can lead around with a ring in her (nose) or LIP!!! hahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jamie West (1 month ago)
If it is about time these Crooks getting off of our tax money and work like everybody else get rid of the self-serve checkouts and give them a job
hightops77 (1 month ago)
He needs go go further than those requirements.. trump 2020
Hangover Blues (1 month ago)
So this means every Muslim in the U.S of A .
Jeffrey Kelley (1 month ago)
Soylent green for those who wont work.
M dlanor (1 month ago)
I don’t and wouldn’t live in California. All we can do is pray that California votes in favor of splitting into 3 States. The Majority of the land area of California is occupied by Republicans. Unfortunately Republicans only represent a small number of people that live in California. If California would split into 3 States. Our Country would gain 4 additional Senators. Then the Republicans would hopefully gain 4 New Senate positions. There are Republican House of Representatives that should be safe in the upcoming Election in November. The areas of California that they represent would be part of the new states of Northern and Southern California. Without California splitting into 3 States the Republicans becoming Senators is slim to none.
Captain_Dirt (1 month ago)
Welfare leeches.....you had the perfect pic for that. A fat , useless piece of shit looking idiot , with stupid hair , & spikes in it's lips........ya , thats a good look for her , it makes the abortion issue much clearer for me.
sonya griffy (1 month ago)
Our elderly, disabled and families in temporary need should be the only ones receiving benefits.
313 Grower (1 month ago)
I hope they target the Arabs, who own gas stations, liquor stores, ice cream trucks and apartment buildings: they are always pulling in to the welfare parking lots in brand new Cadillac trucks & cars, wearing 2 thousand dollar shoes...sitting around, waiting to get a case worker, to get food EBT Cards.
joboygbp (1 month ago)
Merica!!!!!! FU*K YA!!!!!!
melody drozd (1 month ago)
It's more than fair.
Bigsal 49 (1 month ago)
Charity is the church’s job.not the goverment.

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