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GTX 1080 8GB Vertcoin Mining Profitability and 2018 Price Prediction!

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In this video, I will show you the GTX 1080 8GB Vertcoin Mining Profitability and 2018 Price Prediction! I am doing an Ethereum Giveaway. I also touch on the price prediction for 2018, answer various questions about One Click Miner, "no shares yet", and mining the correct pool! Stay tuned for more mining updates for VertCoin, price predictions, and coins to look for in 2018 You will also find the info for the Ethereum GIVEAWAY below! Here are some links: Ethereum Giveaway: https://gleam.io/mIuZF/ethereum-giveaway Twitter: https://twitter.com/MyCryptoverse Website: https://mycrptoverse.com/ Coinbase Affiliate link to receive a free $10: https://www.coinbase.com/join/57c4564d301fd0714a378307 Mining Calculators: http://whattomine.com/ https://www.coinwarz.com/cryptocurrency Leave a comment, like, and hit the subscribe button if you would like to follow along or join in!
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Hobbified Life (1 year ago)
To enter the giveaway be sure to like and subscribe. Also, follow this link: Ethereum Giveaway: https://gleam.io/mIuZF/ethereum-giveaway
Joey Dicasio (1 year ago)
I also have a 1080 but on a gaming rig, wondering how much damage it does to the gpu and how much has your electricity bill went up. Also taxes.
Hobbified Life (1 year ago)
I did not see any significant issues with the 1080 in my gaming rig. Mining doesn't actually do anymore damage to a card than gaming. The electricity bill went up maybe $10-15. I always kept my computer going for the most part anyways and instead of gaming all of the time I was running the miner. I am unfamiliar with all of the taxes. I know Coinbase implemented something to make it easier. I would just contact an advisor if you cash out a lot of crypto and need to claim it as extra income/securities.
yogtze (1 year ago)
What can I buy with vertcoin?Does anyone accept it?
CryptoSLO (1 year ago)
tIP: Remove your BitConnect referral link.. :-)
L G (1 year ago)
Nice video, but i think the electrum wallet is not the best for mining payments. Vertcoin core wallet i think is the right chose. But take a while to sync. Download a file and it's a litle fast
Veez (1 year ago)
what's your msi afterburner settings?
maxspeed2k (1 year ago)
is this with 6 1080 8GB cards or one?
Hobbified Life (1 year ago)
Just one.
Ray Croney (1 year ago)
i want to *buy* a rig.. where is a good place where i can buy this rig? How much etc. .Thanks.
Lin Vann (1 year ago)
hey good video, will a gtx 980 do ok ?
Hobbified Life (1 year ago)
I would not recommend using a gtx 980 to mine because it probably would not yield much profit. The minimum miner I would look into for nvidia is a 1060 card.
Brett Holt (1 year ago)
What was the last thing you bought with Bitcoin? 13zwEvTKUhFmzsRjP7Wfzjy3FkWh7tZc9D - http://btc.targetgames.uk
N M (1 year ago)
Phillip (1 year ago)
I haven't started to mine yet, but I'm on the edge of doing so. Why do you think Vert will increase much over all the other crypto's? More curious than anything... TIA
Hobbified Life (1 year ago)
Well, it is better than nothing!
Phillip (1 year ago)
BTW, I downloaded Vert 1 miner today, and have a wallet. Just for giggles, I started to mine with my 2 gig card. A WHOPPING 224 kh/s I figure what the heck. Why not. I'm going to let it run overnight just to see what happens.
Hobbified Life (1 year ago)
Yes, you can link GPUs! Just adjust the settings with MSI Afterburner for each card and you will be good to go.
Phillip (1 year ago)
Thanks. I knew you could plug in numbers somewhere to see how long ROI takes place and that. I just didn't want to get locked in with a GPU that would be incompatible with another. Say I had 2 GPU's same brand. One has 4 gig of ram, the other 11. I would think they could work along side each other. I don't want to buy 3 or 4 to get to 2 ... if that makes any sense. Rather get something right up front... ;)
Hobbified Life (1 year ago)
One site you can check to see the profitability of each GPU and the coins associated with those GPUs is called: http://whattomine.com

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