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Jinsha River Basin: Integrated Water Resources and Risk Management under Changing Climate

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The Jinsha River Basin (JRB) project is a Sino-Swiss cooperation aiming to foster integrated water resource management (IWRM), under the perspective of climate change and socio-economic and demographic development. The overall goal of the project is to improve livelihoods in the basin through future-oriented and sustainable river basin management. The project analyses the past and current water characteristics in JRB, elaborates climate change scenarios for temperature and precipitation and sets up socio-economic trends, such as population growth or standard of living, which might have an impact on future water resources management. Based on these findings, adaptation strategies and measures are developed supporting local and regional water management plans and considering short- and long-term challenges. Read more about this project on weADAPT: https://www.weadapt.org/placemarks/maps/view/25966
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