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BREAKING: MASS ARRESTS! Rabid Leftists Hauled Away by Capitol Police in Droves!

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Text Comments (3148)
Steve Ra (9 hours ago)
Ignorant fucks go Trump they all have low IQ
Bobby Beaver (2 days ago)
White people giving black power sign. Funny
Jason Reece (2 days ago)
If these people don't like Trumps pick, I support him even more!
Jason Reece (2 days ago)
The shirts should say, "Be a zero!"
Tammy Riner (4 days ago)
Pathetic losers
Christopher Robinson (4 days ago)
Oh boy that kid is going to love the boys! Mom will make sure if it!
eagle team (5 days ago)
It would be a bit crazy to be that ugly
Jan Hollon (5 days ago)
No ma'am! What your doing is getting yourself and your idiot buddies an extended stay in the federal lockup. Time for this to stop.
Anthony Morelli (8 days ago)
K Kates (8 days ago)
Hopefully they will be sentenced to at least 5 yrs in jail...
Redjeeboy (10 days ago)
Where do they get brainwashed like this?
Karl Welin (10 days ago)
WOW!!! Look at all those sore losers. It's obvious they're not contributors to society in any way shape or form. (Get that? Shape or Form? something crat women don't have)
Joseph Clark (10 days ago)
If you all don't Like it, then get the fuke out #
Joseph Clark (10 days ago)
Shut your stupid dic hole up clowns!
UILIAM (11 days ago)
Some people just don't know anything but still follow
Carol MacDonald (11 days ago)
Omg!!!! Jump on a bike....all of you SJW ass holes....peddle through Syria, check out the scenery....maybe hitch a ride in a passing truck convoy!!!!! Good luck with that too!!!! Loosers!!!
Darren Carver (11 days ago)
We need to call father O'Brian to perform Exorcisms on all leftists, liberals and demonic democrats!
Todd Haeberlein (12 days ago)
Can you say triggered..
skippyjl1 (12 days ago)
Mr. Trump, please step in take control ! tell them to stop the democratic bullshit and Let Our Country Grow👍🏻🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Mr. Trump please kick their asses👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
skippyjl1 (12 days ago)
Looks like a bunch of freaking Germans hailing Hitler😳
debra gordon (13 days ago)
All I saw were white people putting up the black power fist sign. Have the white protestors now taken over as theirs another black symbol?
Mark Moody (13 days ago)
What a bunch of idiots
Roger Dale (13 days ago)
No jobs were harmed in the making of this protest.
sparkplug T (13 days ago)
Leftists or SJW's? Democrats are respectable, sjw's are screaming childern using the left wing as a shield which the hide behind to attack people out of some since of self righteousness that's staggering to a normal person left or right. Whats more people have the right to protest but stay out of the damn streets before you get ran over. And black people are for your civil rights? Well I don't know who all she's helping but I doubt she means white people in that on accout shes in the sjw crowd, theres no telling
David Wiita (13 days ago)
Arrest them all. MAGA Trump and Kavanaugh and We, the people! TRUMP2020. No Libs or RINO's in November! Eliminate as many as possible via the Ballot Box!
David Wiita (13 days ago)
Such a gangly looking gaggle of Libs!
Michaelbos (14 days ago)
The nazis almost made the same salute. That's how ignorant these people are.
zeke cooper (14 days ago)
Why can't they follow the law and why do they get mad when the law is enforced and they get hauled off by the police? I mean its kind of a no brainer you break the law you get punished simple right.
Kathleen Lew (15 days ago)
soros is scraping the bottom of the bucket...
Zippy The Clown (15 days ago)
They're trying to de-platform Senators. Gotta laugh.
ART MCPHARLIN (15 days ago)
What a shame and this is in a country who elected a semi-Black President.
George Everette (16 days ago)
He can do it because he was elected in a constitutional republic where every part of the country are represented, not just the large states.
michael thomas (16 days ago)
Hahahahhaa.... I say arrest them all ... These are the people that are ok with corruption ... What a bunch of dumb fucks!!!!!
James Barnes (17 days ago)
Man get rid of them this weakness at its highest level. Boo and all of them will be gone.
James Barnes (17 days ago)
How weak can you be, these people are the bottom feeders. If the shit hit fan their gone. These are cry babies.
Dr. Steven Baxter (17 days ago)
what is wrong with these people?
Peter Debeer (18 days ago)
Demon possession. Greetings from South Africa
Gordon McCoy (18 days ago)
Why did I NOT see nor hear of this on CNN...?
Troll Liberals (18 days ago)
Wow......looooooooosssssssers! Looooooooosssssssers! Lol liberal dumbfucks. I can't wait to see Trump get 4 more years
Tyrel J. (18 days ago)
Luis Llorens (18 days ago)
handy andy (18 days ago)
Bass 167 (18 days ago)
It’s a sad day when people like this think they can stop Congress from going on their bunch idiotic morons I mean just look at them when you hear them talk you know they don’t know what there talking about the sad thing is you can’t fix stupid well you can but it’s illegal
Snarly Whiplash (18 days ago)
these people dumb as hell
Darth Vaadwaur (18 days ago)
What do you say
Saveea Paris (18 days ago)
Saveea Paris (18 days ago)
Ethan Van Halen (18 days ago)
I honestly think some of these weirdos think they are being a hero and think they are doing something besides being a complete leftist dumbass that is fighting against a President that is doing what is best for the whole country and they are to damn stupid to see it. Btw just look at how much better everything is besides their hurt feelings I mean things that matter.
Ethan Van Halen (18 days ago)
"Be a dumbass"
Pun Jab I (18 days ago)
Mostly black racists.
Dede Long (19 days ago)
Good grief...just go get jobs people..idiots
Ballers Anonymous (19 days ago)
Loiw IQ club watches to much TV... CNN should run a few months of big foot is real, they found his body, numbers are increasing... then just watch.
Eric Gardner (19 days ago)
Be a hero? More like being a ZERO!!!
Kick Face Ya (19 days ago)
Morons, everyone.
Daisy Profits (20 days ago)
They look like unwashed rejects. God knows they're moronic and Anti-American. Why don't they just walk the walk and all move to Venezuela? But being liberals, they're hypocrites.
Rob Hall (20 days ago)
Their not even saying what he’s done wrong?
Rob Hall (20 days ago)
Orange hue???
Rob Hall (20 days ago)
What the gack?!
GamingFAIL HD (20 days ago)
70 got Arrested. Where is all the police they should've Arrest all of them
Matthew Hawthorne (20 days ago)
unemployment must be great. Look at how much free-time they all have to do dumb things,
jag off (20 days ago)
Protesting just waists these shitbags time. Things will always happen if they like it or not. Do these people work? Probably not. These people dont know what they are talking about. Boo hoo, hes not selecting a lefty. Boo hoo.
Mark Edgette (21 days ago)
The Democratic party is dying hopefully abortion will go as well.
ANTAREZ ROCKS (21 days ago)
Soros drones
MlSHKlN (22 days ago)
how are these literal retards able to feed themselves? im surprised they havent bled to death from chewing their own tongues off thinking it was food they are "worst rap battle ever" levels of retarded, thats not an exaggeration, they can barely talk whats the cause? fluoride? inbreeding? can we bring back eugenics yet?
Antonio Venegas (22 days ago)
That little black kid doesn't know anything
ChitlinJr (23 days ago)
sheeple , so full of crap its spewing out of their mouths . are you for America ? if the answer is Not yes , GET OUT!!
TkUSA 1776 (23 days ago)
These people are so demented.
Christopher H (23 days ago)
None of them even know what they are saying.
Cliff Mccutchan (23 days ago)
What the f was that at 3:25? Cant talk, looks like something on a missing poster, or should be on a missing poster. Wit her baby. See no daddy. And if anyone in office get arrested, then they should lose their job.
Cliff Mccutchan (23 days ago)
Be a hero, eat a libtard for lunch. Or, just run them over out front.
Rhonda Zielske (24 days ago)
What don't black people understand about how Trump has helped them.
Carlos De Amaro (24 days ago)
This is anarchism. We must do something fast
Tyler McCloud (24 days ago)
Hes wikin d countri wooo wayd! Das wrayt!
Brian J (24 days ago)
Looks like the line outside of a methadone clinic
Scarlet LeMay (24 days ago)
What are they upset about?? They like to complain.
Scarlet LeMay (24 days ago)
LOSERS!! That NYC COUNCILMAN is a scum!!
Joshua Manthei (24 days ago)
Fascist sheep 🐑🐏🐑
Robert Williams (24 days ago)
These are the "warriors" who believe they can take our country? 🐮🐩🐵🐷🐀🐑🤡 😂😂😂😂😂
tiamat1296 (25 days ago)
Snap if you agree?? LMAO 😂😂
Don Young (25 days ago)
Proof they legislate from the bench.
Davina Clark (25 days ago)
Ya know those kinds of people protest the leathal ingection of serial killers and sex slavers it is so sick it makes me wanna throw up
Hayden Tolbert (25 days ago)
Blind, brainwashed, idiotic, liberal programmed robots.
USA Rocks! (25 days ago)
Like children when they don’t get their way!
USA Rocks! (25 days ago)
White people holding up black power signs. Pfffft! Loosers
TheToso13 (25 days ago)
Everett Brown (26 days ago)
So finally the disease of these animals is revealed. Rabies. No mad cow disease but rabies that causes them to act insanely.
Damas Garcia (26 days ago)
Over trun Row vs wade....judge Cavanaugh. ....great job....trump 2020...k.a.g...
Damas Garcia (26 days ago)
eagle 7 (26 days ago)
Mike Jon (26 days ago)
Dumbass kids dont know shit!!!
Dragon Fire (26 days ago)
that black kid didnt even kmow what he was talkin about
Mickey B (26 days ago)
ha ha ha as if they can stop anything. THat's great that they were arrested! Good!
firestorm8chaos (26 days ago)
"Snap if you agree..." What? A bunch of useful idiots and liberal fascists.
Jp Jp (26 days ago)
Make martial law. Shoot to kill these idiots
Jp Jp (26 days ago)
Those are some racists right there.
Floridian (27 days ago)
Here in Florida people were hired through Craiglist ($14.00 an hour) to protest against anything President Trump is doing. That is the reason why they have no argument, they just protest and talk non sense words, because they are paid protesters.
QuizPubUK (27 days ago)
Bunch of lowlife welfare scroungers who don't respect the law, hate their own country and don't believe in democracy.
Thomas Fleig (27 days ago)
Damn I hope Ruth goes in the next year, and Trump gets another pick.
Nathan136 (28 days ago)
Don't these people work? Da fuk
Beardie.D (28 days ago)
'snap if you agree'... sorry i just lost it, cant stop laughing!
V J Min (29 days ago)
I want one of those "Be a Zero" tee shirts. MAGA

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