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Ted Cruz And Beto O'Rourke Face Off In First Debate | NBC News

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Watch live coverage of Ted Cruz and Beto O'Rourke meeting for the first time to debate in the Texas Senate race. » Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC » Watch more NBC video: http://bit.ly/MoreNBCNews NBC News is a leading source of global news and information. Here you will find clips from NBC Nightly News, Meet The Press, and original digital videos. Subscribe to our channel for news stories, technology, politics, health, entertainment, science, business, and exclusive NBC investigations. Connect with NBC News Online! Visit NBCNews.Com: http://nbcnews.to/ReadNBC Find NBC News on Facebook: http://nbcnews.to/LikeNBC Follow NBC News on Twitter: http://nbcnews.to/FollowNBC Follow NBC News on Google+: http://nbcnews.to/PlusNBC Follow NBC News on Instagram: http://nbcnews.to/InstaNBC Follow NBC News on Pinterest: http://nbcnews.to/PinNBC Ted Cruz And Beto O'Rourke Face Off In First Debate | NBC News
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Text Comments (20078)
DEL TRON (19 hours ago)
is this ted cruz on an snl skit? nbc n beto is a disturbing joke.
Ian Hardly (2 days ago)
Cruz is a great leader of the GOP Party, and America. God Bless America.
RetroMist27 (8 days ago)
Ted won lmao
Oleg Shymon (8 days ago)
I like Beto as a person more, but Ted is closer to common sense.
Xandra Icon (12 days ago)
I don't like Ted Cruz but he is intelligent. As is Beto O'Rourke. Quality debate.
Grady Whitman (13 days ago)
If you watch his speeches from a few years before, he sounds completely differently now - he is doing his best version of Obama now.
Melania Trump (14 days ago)
are beto supporters still crying where you at beto supporters anti-american scum
Devo OS (11 days ago)
Anti-American? Trump bends over everyday to Vladimir Putin and you support that? it's obvious you're anti-American you wannabe russian troll. By the way Democrats won back the house overwhelmingly and in 2020 we'll win back the senate and the Presidency, and your stupid nationalist views will be an ugly memory
Hubris Logic Checker (15 days ago)
If only two people like this can come down and work together, changing things up, but doing it wisely. Do not throw out the baby with the bathwater.
Itsuki 4Ever (18 days ago)
I thank God everyday Cruz won
Devo OS (11 days ago)
Itsuki And I thank God everyday that the Democrats Won back the house overwhelmingly and in 2020 we'll win back the senate and Presidency
$mittyd (18 days ago)
Imagine the contrast between Beto vs Trump in a debate. Beto: smart, fit, good looking, inspirational, young, unifying. Trump: dumb, fat, ugly, hateful, old, divisive. Beto 2020!!!
zigzagwandra (19 days ago)
hair vs hair... you decide
Sigfried (19 days ago)
28:39 Random aside. Hearing beta talk sounds like he's a white clone of Obama in both inflection and rhetoric.
Sigfried (19 days ago)
25:55 Ted's response is essentially "why you care about this now when you didn't before?"
Sigfried (19 days ago)
25:12 "Thoughts and prayers" that's how I describe gun control. Note also, that Ted never said in the classrooms, beta is conflating proposed solutions.
Sigfried (19 days ago)
23:04 That's great home defense rounds. Beta just described how good those are at stopping a threat. Rather have that than a round that won't stop my assailant dead in their tracks.
LUMA NATE (21 days ago)
Immigration is much simpler than both sides think. Really we should just make it near impossible for illegal immigrants to get jobs and the fine for businesses too much to take the risk. On the other side do what Bill Clinton did and enforce the law to its full extent. Let the illegals self deport and the criminals face harsh consequences. We don’t need a wall more like a fence and we certainly do not need to be deporting people spending billions doing so.
mr. goodwill (23 days ago)
o'rourke should be president
Luis Hernandez (23 days ago)
So funny how the recording devices went of near the end of the debate when Cruz was speaking. Especially on a video that’s been up for like 2 months.
GHOST RIDER (24 days ago)
So beto o'rourke is Napoleon dynamite all grown up? 🤔😮
Douglas W (25 days ago)
Anything other than merit based legal immigration is garbage and you can gtfo with that chain migration crap.
Jo Bu (26 days ago)
Beto lost haha
Scott Cartwright (26 days ago)
Do not like beto.. ..
Scott Cartwright (26 days ago)
Ted Cruz is the winner here...but I'm still voting for trump in 2020..
Nabi Sonyeo (1 month ago)
Beto makes me excited for the future. As a young person, that feeling has been gone for a while
N'dia B (1 month ago)
Captain Totes (1 month ago)
I hate it when Ted Cruz fake laughs
Krisper Kreme (1 month ago)
I am so glad he lost.
Ryan Lowe (1 month ago)
I just can't handle cruz. He just excretes and fumigates a 'slave owners sons' stench
Prateek Wadhavkar (1 month ago)
is 43:42 down for everyone?? or is it just my laptop?
California Girl (1 month ago)
Beto is similar to Kennedy brothers. His smile is similar to Robert Kennedy's smile. Great hunk. Good luck to him in his political carrier. Beto for President 2020!
California Girl (1 month ago)
Cruz was full of hot air. That's all. He also lied over and over again throughout his speech. Cruz would give a gun to every student in their lunch box.
PigIron BigIron (1 month ago)
Ask an Independent... Beto needs to understand firearms and freedoms and he will be our next President. We don't like anyone taking anything from us majority.
paco ramon (1 month ago)
Beto is the man.
WHY did any actual Texan want Beto to win? I truly am curious as to what about his ideas were good to you? All I see when I listen to him speak is someone attempting to appeal to 20 somethings (I’m a millennial myself) via all usual democratic/ socialist talking points. Watching the Betomaniac ad literally made me get second embarrassment to the point of turning it off because it SAID NOTHING about what Beto planned to do.
Why do blacks commit half of the murders in the country but are only 13% of the population?
Alex (1 month ago)
I can get the culture argument, as western pop culture is truly degenerate. But don't tell me that blacks are committing huge amounts of violent crime against other blacks as a result of being "enslaved and oppressed by whites for hundreds of years". This is completely refuted by the fact that the modern *ancestor* of a black slave in America is MUCH better off than the ancestor of a non-enslaved African - the American blacks have a much better standard of living in just about every way, compared to that of their African counterparts.
Ted Berrybasket (1 month ago)
Well... if we use the election as an indicator as to who won the debate, I think we can all agree now that it was Ted Cruz. O'Rourke will be back for sure... as a member of the black caucus.
Crimson Colors (1 month ago)
Came expecting for my support for Cruz to grow, left with none and an honest support for O'R
Mark Turley (1 month ago)
Beto O’Rourke - self hating white
krisikal (1 month ago)
“Party of Lincoln” *tiss* the Republican Party is the opposite party then what it used to be then and now.
markuspalm12 (1 month ago)
they stand for the same things as they did back then, so no not really
Kayla D (1 month ago)
Cruz has a punchable face
La Dama del Caribe (1 month ago)
The Irish Made interesting points but I see an Obama coming out of him. Cruz won anyways! As expected! Thank you Texas! :D xoxo
La Dama del Caribe (1 month ago)
I wonder why the Democrats are pandering so much for the illegals...the legal constituents should be first and only.
Carter Swift (1 month ago)
God bless America. God bless Texas. Thank you God for letting the better of the two win.#TedCruzToughAsTexas
Bernie Clinton (1 month ago)
Thank god Beto lost
Timothy Magee (1 month ago)
Cruz = Alpha Male, ORourke = Beto Male
Angie Taylor (1 month ago)
Texas is not "bright Red" anymore!!! They only won by a sliver of votes!!! We're Purple!
Mitchell Sommer (1 month ago)
Beto: *answers a question* Cruz: "Ya-know..."
Legacy Dusty (1 month ago)
Last time I checked weapons were created for self defense and hunting and gathering
harrison duncan (1 month ago)
Can Beto uhhhhhh run for president
harrison duncan (1 month ago)
The dreamers aren’t here illegally
WOW🤣 Ted sounds like a caveman speaking. “Legal good illegal bad”
Alex (1 month ago)
"Legal good illegal bad".. is a pretty valid statement. If this is so caveman, then how stupid are those who disagree with this? People still don't understand that Trump has never spoken against immigrants, only against illegals.
It really is that easy though Rebecca, illegal immigrants like every other illegal action is BAD. Legal immigration is a good thing, like most legal action. It may seem “caveman like” to you but it’s because it’s that simple of a thing.
starry night (1 month ago)
mad that he won?
starry night (1 month ago)
so you're for illegal activity? good to know that you endorse criminals! btw, its the people on the left who are the NPCs who dont understand simple concepts. "orange man bad, border wall racist!"
Victor Villa (1 month ago)
I loved everything about Beto but he lost my vote with his gun views.
Alex (1 month ago)
How many home invasions are prevented as a result of gunowners? Compare that to the number of gun deaths. (Hint: Multiple sources have done criminal surveys, and they've found that a huge number of crimes are prevented because of fear of gunowners) On that note, I don't think Beto has extreme gun views - he just wants more secure background checks. He himself is a gunowner.
Victor Villa 103 shootings in America this year and you still want more guns?
kileysean (1 month ago)
Hey guys! So who won the Senate seat?
Jessica LeBel (1 month ago)
Oh dear God, Ted Cruz is so stupid. He's not a part of the same party that Lincoln was and he has no clue why.
Dory bradson (1 month ago)
'full of people of color in prisons' um...not really you have a diverse race there, but sure you have a disproportionate of inmates compared to their demography as a whole isn't that the other way around? why don't you ask why there's a substantially higher proportion of inmates, you can't just accuse this is racism, those are all convicted inmates. They broke laws, and proven in court unless you have a system with no court to defend you like in north korea then sure you might argue on that. But what you don't have that, those inside are those who are proven breaking the law. If you bring up racial issue, isn't the question should be directed to the race you spoke about? as an asian myself, im not surprised for african americans to dominate prisons much higher than their population proportion, there's a more thuggish culture there (not all, but comparably with other races, say whites or asians, there is) how do you turn this upside down and question the legal system itself?
Alex (1 month ago)
A huge part of the standard of Democrats, and in my opinion a huge flaw in their ideology, is the belief in *equality of results* as opposed to equality of *opportunity.* Often, they think that because there is a result that is not "just" in their minds, that there *must* be some form of systemic cause - they then create all sorts of soft "science" to back up their claim, instead of going the other way around (which is correct). You see this in affirmative action, for example. This is not always true, obviously - some unjust happenings really are caused systemically, but many are not, and are statistically obvious.
Queen Msp (1 month ago)
PsychicToaster (1 month ago)
How could anyone vote for this turd that just attacks his opponent, rather than address the questions being asked?
Ghost Wood (1 month ago)
Deport dreamers bye bye
Gabriela DM (1 month ago)
Not all police are bs ok but the fact that cruz is trying to say police brutality doesn’t exist and there shouldn’t be any consequences is gross
kbkesq (1 month ago)
As I predicted 1 month ago Beto the billionaire boy lost big even after his father in law kicked in $70m
ban this guy (1 month ago)
11:33 that moment of the greatest thing he said and got caught was caught on the same exact first two number and the other exact same numbers
CheezyDrool (1 month ago)
Good thing Beto lost. He's the fakest fake politician I've ever seen.
Sarah Johnson (1 month ago)
RED RUM (1 month ago)
Hahahahah he is a super star ⭐️. But sorry holly wood and this 2dollar bill . ted cruz is the victor ........ sorry liberals
Arispe Missy (1 month ago)
Captain Howdy we have been nothing but slaves since Adam and Eve got thrown out into the world.Had they never eaten the forbidden fruit none of this would be.
Arispe Missy (1 month ago)
Captain Howdy Don't get me wrong kids are a blessing.I had three.Their all grown but than you have grandbabies.Its never over.They are a blessing when your name is Trump lol.Get a education young people.The cost of living is astounding.Its not gonna get any better either.
RED RUM (1 month ago)
Arispe Missy trump called their bluff and offered asylum for 2 million if you build the wall . But they backed out . And it’s the fake propping up by Hollywood and the media not to give a fair and balance view . CNN their is zero balance . Fox News is pretty liberal half the day . And the other half is opinion news not news . CNN is not news its opinion news and hate news now . Pretty sad . And liberals apparently like slave labor because that’s what Mexicans do pick our fruit . And it’s ok to pay them Slave labor . That’s why Americans don’t pick fruit . Because they will have to pay the minimum wage. And that’s not gonna happen when you have slave labor That is justified by liberal media and people who support slave labor.
killer mega (1 month ago)
I'm not gonna say my views because everyone just says racist and yell bull shi
TGS_SosSpicy 1 (1 month ago)
TEAM BETO!!!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Mark Harris (1 month ago)
Cruz is defiantly gonna win. Go red.
Alexander Moleme (1 month ago)
Jack Davis (1 month ago)
Okay but if they were shot in the head what is body armor going to do..
Cindy Lemus (1 month ago)
O’Rourke makes me want to move to Texas
The Gift Of Singleness (1 month ago)
Ted Cruz obviously knows nothing about Dr. MLK.
NEPTUNE117 (1 month ago)
I love how democrats always depend on people who are criminals and break laws in order to get votes......
Brandon Kerbow (1 month ago)
another Obama vote no Beto... snake, fake
William Diaz (1 month ago)
after watching this i dont know how anyone would vote for beto. he just doesnt have what it takes.
Matthew Riggan (1 month ago)
Texas: Canidate O'Rourke, what makes you qualified to be come the Senator of our State? Beto: "I visited every county in Texas!", "I visited all 254 counties in Texas!", "I visited every county in the state!". Texas: ....
J Oz (1 month ago)
All you betta supporters might as well call yourselves globalists. Beto's a globalist hack, at least Ted Cruz is an American. The truth is if you care about America you better vote Cruz, globalism is real and all you people who support it and beto are going to regret it when it comes to fruition. Look at the rest of the world morons.
Linus Knight (1 month ago)
First Texas, then the White house! LETS GO BETO
Roberto Villarreal (1 month ago)
43:45 The screen just goes black???
Roberto Villarreal (1 month ago)
I have not seen a single positive comment about Ted Cruz, do people just delete the comments?
Jair Compean (1 month ago)
I want to like Cruz but he's dumb
Michaela Mireles (1 month ago)
Honestly got heated by the comments about Beto saying he is a “liar”? For those with Cruz i hope you know he is a liar and Ted and Trump were the ones who never supported ObamaCare and tried to repeal it and vote it off many times before??? Now Cruz and trump are saying they have always been for pre existing conditions and are for Obama Healthcare because they know elections are coming up?? Yeah Beto is the “liar” right? 😂😂
The media started spreading lies saying Cruz is ahead in these so- called polls, even before anyone voted. Those stupid polls don't matter because they're not accurate.
Arispe Missy (1 month ago)
I am sick and tired of being sick and tired Cruz won news flash.hello lol they were pretty close though.
Kumar Ramamurthy (1 month ago)
25:08 lol
Jacob Stone (1 month ago)
Cruz won
Mario Lopez (1 month ago)
I hope Texas doesn't turn into a new California
Timothy Swindell (1 month ago)
O’Rourke’s neck scares me 😱
Jason Board (1 month ago)
Obviously NBC News erased all comments supporting Senator Cruz.... GO CRUZ!!
Justin Lacek (1 month ago)
"We will keep Texas bright bright RED!! GRRRR!!!" You can tell who's more interested in playing the party lines than actually coming up with a winning strategy.
emmalee (1 month ago)
jacksprat (1 month ago)
Betto literally managed to talk for an hour and say nothing
Michelle Pelagio (1 month ago)
Get Em Beto!!!
James Baxter (1 month ago)
Beto is just a populist. He talks calmly and appeals to emotion.
Ryan Buellesbach (1 month ago)
Beto lies and lies and then when Cruz calls him out Beto says he never said that. And y’all praise him
Jonathan Deeter (1 month ago)
Democrats want illegals because they want slave labor
Grady Whitman (1 month ago)
Beto is charismatic but he supports the views of Latino anti-white extremists who want open borders, including a popular Mexican band called "los tigres del norte" ("the tigers of the north"), who advocate for the violent conquering of the southwestern United States. In fact, he chose them to perform at a pro-Mexico rally in South Texas just last week. View for yourself: https://miblogestublog.com/2018/10/18/beto-o-rourke-los-tigres-del-norte/
Branden Klar (1 month ago)
Normally I like the read the comments, but they're so one-sided and misguided
Julian Gutierrez (1 month ago)
“Beto” is a phony, polished politician who is going to promise whatever free things he can give to struggling Texans to get elected. Taking money from hard working people and giving it to others is not a solution to people’s problems.
RealEstateInsider247 (1 month ago)
Ted Cruz did a superb job. Tax and spend Beto blew a bunch of smoke over and over and over and over.
Nicholas Loud (1 month ago)
Mind you we’re 21 trillion dollars in debt because of those foreign trade deals.
James Stuart (1 month ago)
Robert his name is robert

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