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Why The Netherlands Isn't Under Water

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Text Comments (3478)
wkruit1 (3 days ago)
I lived through all of this. When I was just one year old, our house was flooded, luckily without casualties. After that, I grew up in the Delta, whitnessing the gradual building of more and more dams. With the loss of several ferry services... Interesting times!
K. Ganesan Ganesan (6 days ago)
Netherlands Live with Nature. No problem.
Keilerbie (7 days ago)
3:49 "...were created by forming two islands," That's the most dutch thing I've ever heard.
RHIC (8 days ago)
God created the world, But the Dutch created The Netherlands...!
Rico134 (9 days ago)
Britannia rules the waves? Step aside Britain, we got a new wave ruler... and a TRUE ruler of the waves too
jimbo jimbo (10 days ago)
Every country ; you can't control mother nature Netherlands ; hold my joint
youyou channel (11 days ago)
I live in Holland and we fight evry minite with the water
youyou channel (10 days ago)
+Renzo van den Brand south
Renzo van den Brand (10 days ago)
witch holland north or south
MetalSIERRA-117 (11 days ago)
Im proud
Bilimin Sırları (11 days ago)
0:32 Hitler's table talk...
My Piano Music (11 days ago)
Like = Dutch Comment = Other language
fadingbeleifs (12 days ago)
Why not just not build a fucking city below sea level? New Orleans is a disgusting shit hole. It never should have been rebuilt, it should have been abandoned and demolished.
Brozius (3 days ago)
The dutch don't have a choice, do you even realize how densely populated the Netherlands is?
hey how to draw?? (12 days ago)
It's because they are in the land
Vince balaga (12 days ago)
Fine youtube recommendation, ill watch the video, its not like ive been avoiding it for the past few months
Mark Scheper (12 days ago)
Pentagon really seems to hate dutch people, reacting on every comment.
augurkje (12 days ago)
Wij gebruiken *Dijken*
Max Tabmann (12 days ago)
An even more interesting question is "Why are all the major cities in the Netherlands like Amsterdam, Rotterdam located 50 km away from the sea shore?" A look into history books reveals, they were located at the sea shore when they were founded. That's just the opposite of sea level rise, but in this case it has to do with an ocean stream carrying plenty of sand with it, which is continuously deposited at the shore. So the Netherland land mass grows and will continue to grow, which has nothing to do with dikes and damms.
Raihan Gaming 27 (12 days ago)
America:the master of oil Rusia:the master of snow Netherland:the master of water
Raihan Gaming 27 (8 days ago)
+My penis is small , but Sahara is desert but whatever The master of wind i don't know
Sahara:the master of fire nation And which one is the master of wind
Sleepy TD (12 days ago)
Short Answer: They made a wall to block the ocean mexicans. The water.
koniu (12 days ago)
I can build it in Minecraft for free. Where did these cost come from?
koniu (10 days ago)
+Renzo van den Brand oh, that explains a lot
Renzo van den Brand (10 days ago)
we didn't have creative mode yet and we didn't have time to mine the milions of blooks needed for it
Melvin Priem (13 days ago)
Im not under water because of the deltaplan #lifeinthenetherlands
Outlaw Gaming (14 days ago)
You sound like a British -Scottish acceny
inshane (14 days ago)
Heel eenvoudig we hebben het water G E K O L O N I S E E R D
TechTT (9 days ago)
Definitely irish
blacc egg (14 days ago)
get drunk maybe you can know how to fix this
dito7347 (15 days ago)
America learn from history? Lmaoooo cmon buddy we barely do a good job with traffic
Adrian Czerw (16 days ago)
The netherlands isnt underwater because of water dams. The netherlands is bellow sea level tho
kidskersten (16 days ago)
best thing about The Netherlands: we made our own country out of the seafloor. Worst thing is that two Dutch people online will immediately swear at eachother once they know they’re both Dutch.
Renzo van den Brand (10 days ago)
well f you to then :)
Hero Games (17 days ago)
I'm from the Netherlands like if you are too
Sebastian Stark (10 days ago)
Pixel Man (14 days ago)
Speed Pro (17 days ago)
I’m from belgum so... i’m proud of my neiborgs
Boilermaker (17 days ago)
0:40 You have the low-pressure system/Extratropical cyclone rotating in the wrong direction...In the Northern Hemisphere, low pressure systems rotate counterclockwise.
Boogey MANN (17 days ago)
So it's just like Caligula's war against Neptune
Slinger (18 days ago)
2.1 million dutch people watched this
Daan (18 days ago)
*This wall will keep the water from Mexico away*
Khan Bhai (21 days ago)
Deurlii (21 days ago)
On the biggest Island of the Oosterschelde keering, neeltje jans, is great museum/attraction park themed to the sea and delta works. Its absolutely worth going if you’re nearby.
crusaders soul (22 days ago)
god created earth the dutch created the netherlands
Cosmic Dragneel (29 days ago)
Dont say germans occupied the netherlands because it was nazis not germans
Cosmic Dragneel (10 days ago)
Sebastian Stark what i mean by that is the germans are alot better then the nazis who were incompetent germans and just really bad
Sebastian Stark (10 days ago)
nazis were mostly german and austrian.
rom mlol (30 days ago)
Total hipster move, they were green environmentalists before it was cool
FlyingPenguins (30 days ago)
Weed makes people do strange things...
Krijndees games (30 days ago)
Just like i dont know stuff about my country lol and more than half of the country is high ground
Channel 355 (1 month ago)
*Germany struggles conquering Netherlands Water: Hey Hitler need help?
Channel 355 (10 days ago)
SharxTheGuy Oh really? Well thanks for the fact
SharxTheGuy (10 days ago)
Channel 355 in fact, the dutch used water to flood parts of their land during the war. ThIs was to hinder the Germans.
Aurobindo Ghosh (1 month ago)
your poseidon saw how you built venice and threw away the plan
Griffin Fuller (1 month ago)
When I watch these videos I'm both filled with wonder and doubt. I always ask myself how others were able to come up with all these inventions, solutions, and solve complex problems. I always ask myself why I doubt my own ability to follow along with the process they came up with to do simple things like build a house or make concrete. I'm grateful for our world's brilliant minds, but I feel so lost sometimes.
New under Craft (1 month ago)
You sound like RT games autistic brother
CORGIH GAMING (1 month ago)
Welp ur wrong we are always high and also we won’t sink because of our wooden shoes
Dkgames - 4890 (1 month ago)
We in the Netherlands have bariers and do much that it can reach New Zealand
Sir Tinley-Knot (1 month ago)
Just came here to say that having holidayed in France on a campsite full of Dutch people, I wish it fucking was.
Duckling Gaming (1 month ago)
Waarom zie ik geen nederlandse comments?
YouGottaMineDeep (1 month ago)
They built a wall and made the ocean pay for it
Jeroen (8 days ago)
+maarten vantongeren yes because that water is illegal and brings drugs and crime into our great country.
maarten vantongeren (14 days ago)
A wall to protect them from al the water from Mexico
Nycoz Nite ツ (1 month ago)
Netherlands has lands that are rising and in 2119 the land will rise 1 km in the sky
CapnTates (1 month ago)
Aww, you didn't cover the huge rotary dam. A dam shame. (get it?)
Renzo van den Brand (10 days ago)
*badum whoosh* sorry i mised
America: we gonna build a wall and it will be the greatest wall you ever seen Netherlands: hold my beer
maarten vantongeren (14 days ago)
olodemolo MCAroon i think you need to say paris hold my whine (my opinion french wine is better)
olodemolo MCAroon (23 days ago)
Rome: hold my wine Ancient China: hold my rice
Sven518 - (1 month ago)
Hold my heineken
Reg. Oper. Team (1 month ago)
Als je het je niet bevalt moet je lekker opdonderen en in America gaan wonen of zo kunnen ze je ook wat makkelijker uitroeien. The dutch are way better in a lot of things so keep you mouth shut or i will shut it for you permanently
Speedcup (1 month ago)
That’s my country ( laat je horen Nederlanders)
alexsolosm (1 month ago)
Seems there are still plenty of climate change deniers around... May be worthwhile if you do a video on climate change. That'll be a big project to take on though.
TheMagicalCarrot (2 months ago)
Dhaka should take notes.
TheMagicalCarrot (1 month ago)
Oh, you said LOL, but seriously this would benefit Bangladesh, this could e made at the Meghna river delta and the Sunderban river delta.
TheMagicalCarrot (1 month ago)
I dont understand Bengali, Im a Marathi Indian.
Unfaedah TV (2 months ago)
A great country. I think we, south east asian, wouldn't kick your asses from our land if you treated us well. Now, we faced such problem that apparently only dutch can solve.
norbertdx (2 months ago)
So, now this version of New Orleans flooding happened in 5 hours. I'm find with New Orleans area flooding being used as a teaching subject but everyone should be on the same sheet. There's more to the contributor of the flooding besides lack of human support. Most of the levies were built at different times so they used the latest, current, or cheapest methods available. There was also another area hit worst off just south of NOLA but there's no mention of it and they get flooded to the roof tops on the regular. Another contributor was the pumping stations had shut down, in Jefferson Parish the pumps were order to be turn off by the Parish President as he didn't want the pumps to get damaged. Oddly, the pumps were designed to shut down when overburden with debris, so shutting them down only put the residents in harms way.
Mark J (2 months ago)
Do you realise how much water is needed to grow cannabis on the scale the dutch do?? They just got high and the land got dry
iam zxenxi (2 months ago)
Netherlands shoul be thanks to indonesian-_
The Gameboy (2 months ago)
I am netherlands
Robert. (2 months ago)
Just kidding i actually can
Robert. (2 months ago)
I very good english kunnen speaken :)
Ryko Kohne (2 months ago)
I think the developers of Civ 6 saw this video
epic gamer (2 months ago)
Because you can't place water in the nether jeez you ever play Minecraft before
Mrityunjay Satapathy (2 months ago)
Because they are the tallest people in the world
Bigg Jobag (2 months ago)
Why are costs given in Euros? Surely this dam was constructed long before the Eurozone?
David Roddini (11 days ago)
Bigg Jobag true it was constructed previous to the Eurozone; however, it is generally the custom to list costs of historical items in contemporary currency for ease of understanding what said items are worth (often also adjusted for inflation).
Kishore Rockzzz (2 months ago)
Please make videos on electrical engineering also
The netherlands is not underwater because the water is under the netherlands
PKMK B (3 months ago)
i will be happy if duch will be shunk
tAintED (3 months ago)
After 50years the suitable titile would be.. Why the Netherlands is under water..
Yasir (3 months ago)
50 years after : Atlantis
Rob (3 months ago)
Or just stop global warming
Peter Santos (3 months ago)
Stop telling me in those god damn global warming videos that Amsterdam would be under water if sea level rises. Never fucking happens.
Sebastian Stark (10 days ago)
make sure to remember this comment in a few years.
BigBoi 101 (3 months ago)
Nazi megastructures : we have the biggest complex etc. buildings Netherlands : hold my beer
SIR DOMINICK (3 months ago)
Isnt it just marvelous viva holandia 🇳🇱
HowToBasic 2 (3 months ago)
sea levels rise by 1 millimeter Netherlands: Mr Stark I don't feel so good
Farid jamal (3 days ago)
Sven Uijl (8 days ago)
Nah fam lmao, when it rises by 1 meter, then we'll be worried
KeVe Videos (9 days ago)
If it rises 1millimeter the whole netherlands would be underwater.
iTzVo1d (11 days ago)
S D1ZZL3 (30 days ago)
fortnitecringe mr shark 🦈
Magnus McGee (3 months ago)
Eh... you skipped fifty years of history when the Netherlands built the Afsluitdijk in the north where there no fatalities in 1953 (see Avery Thing), M
Sebastian Stark (10 days ago)
the *what* ?
iwe timer (3 months ago)
Such a lawlessness country they think they were more powerful than God. Repent!
Louis Fod (3 months ago)
After being there I ask miself why isn't the Nederlands under watta.
Alex Jeremic (3 months ago)
USA thinks the rest of the world is stupid and we here are brilliant 🤣🤣🤣
Robert Bareman (3 months ago)
Do you also know that the Oosterschelde storm surge barrier has been miscalculated in the past. No account has been taken of climate change and sea level elevation. The whole project therefore stands for nothing. The Netherlands will cost billions of Euros to come up with something new.
Coop Shanks (3 months ago)
Humanity, the last bastion of order against a universe full of chaos. It’s amazing what we can do when tasked with an extremely difficult problem to solve.
Marc Billen (3 months ago)
Well done video
Gjeldeti (3 months ago)
Zýv zo Nederland ne no lá š êšu?
Ариша. М. (3 months ago)
Есть российские??
robert P (3 months ago)
Never could this happend on the African continent just saying
Apriansyah Wahyudi (3 months ago)
Willem Nijenhuis (3 months ago)
Een lage drukgebied draait linksom niet rechtsom.
Violet The FunTimeWolf (3 months ago)
Im happy that im safe in the netherlands :)
Zack Rose (3 months ago)
Who here didn’t know that the Netherlands wasn’t suppose to be above water
Richard Drum (3 months ago)
I know several engineers from the Corps of Engineers who spent several days in the Netherlands working with their civil engineers on options for surge gate designs for the New Orleans area after Katrina visited that coastal area. The Netherlands have a good strategic plan that addresses flooding issues as well as the inevitable environmental issues that accompany such large civil works projects. The problem with these large flood/surge control projects is the endless operations and maintenance costs once they are completed. Finding those funding sources and justifying tax/levy structures that equitably assess local or state residents or on some other national scale is a challenge.
Richard Drum (3 months ago)
Richard Hanjeleer, I didn't mean to go so long with the explanation of the differences in theories of public infrastructure between nations, but that is how it works in the US. US policy regarding many public works rests on the economic idea that the recipients of the benefits of public infrastructure should somehow participate in it's cost as well, therefore cost/benefit analyses and cost sharing. It works, not great, but it works.
Richard Hanjeleer (3 months ago)
+Richard Drum Thanks for the extensive reply. I'm unable to offer a useful reply since (especially US) politics and finances are not exactly my strongest point. I do appreciate you clearing this up for me even if it still sound alien to my dutch ears.
Richard Drum (3 months ago)
That is an accurate observation regarding the spending priorities of the Federal Government in the US. We do seem to spend an inordinate amount on defense systems relative to expenditures on flood and hurricane damage protection. The main difference between nations such as the Netherlands and the US with respect to preventing floods and hurricane surge damages is that, by law, most infrastructure constructed by the Corps of Engineers and other agencies for flood and hurricane protection requires cost-sharing the costs of construction with a qualified public entity such as a state, city, county, parish or non-Federal public organization. Those cost sharing ratios are dependent upon the project type and the fiscal ability of the sponsoring entity, but there is a local financial commitment to the initial construction cost regardless. In addition, and again by law, all post-construction operations and maintenance costs of these infrastructure projects are solely funded by the non-Federal project sponsor; not the Federal government. In the Netherlands, the initial construction and all future O&M costs are supported solely by the national government through their tax structure.....funding construction and long-term O&M for these projects in the US is a challenging task.
Richard Hanjeleer (3 months ago)
I hate to be that guy, but you guys currently operate 11 supercarriers with 2 more under construction and 2 on order each costing billions. The largest air force on earth is the USAF and the second biggest is the us navy. You have 20 (rip spirit of kansas) planes costing 2 billion dollars a pop. I'm sure a country like the us can handle building and maintaining a couple of glorified dykes. I'm aware of the fact financing infrastructure work very different over there but if the government of the richest country on earth can spend this kind of money on war toys they can surely chime in to prevent their people from drowning after every storm. Please don't turn this into the usual us/eu flame war i'm just genuinely curious how this is possible.
Fatih Demir (3 months ago)
GREAT and thanks about your Scottish ACCENT...!😂😂😂😁😘
Blode Kont (3 months ago)
You learn a skill by using your hands 6:28
KvAT (3 months ago)
So, just blow Dutch Delta Works up and the Indonesians have their revenge for colonial eras.
Tygo de Gier (3 months ago)
The Indonesians imo would be happy to be in the Netherlands otherwise why would they still be there. XD would be stupid to blow up such a thing while they are living in the Netherlands
EvilResident (3 months ago)
Luckely so many of you died by tsunami 😂 🤣
Dimas Zulfikar (3 months ago)
Actually we don't care about revenge anymore...
Mazda Miata (3 months ago)
Jokes aside, that's actually an important factor to consider when building something like this but I doubt it'll be the indonesians who are thinking about genocide through flooding
PolishGamer2005 (3 months ago)
Dammit world just stop using those fucking fossil fuels and just try snickers because your not safe when your hungry
HARVEY B20 9000 (3 months ago)
'Those whom don't learn history are more than likely to repeat it'...
Microsoft Windows XP (3 months ago)
Nope. **sinks Netherlands into my pool**
jiakommo (3 months ago)
...then the world would be better and much better if germany was underwater.

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