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Animal Rights Constitutionally Established

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In Ecuador and Switzerland the rights of "nature" have been Constitutionally represented and established. What does this mean? http://www.weeklystandard.com/Content/Public/Articles/000/000/015/823qaarg.asp http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2008/may/20/mexico And forget the issue that this is unenforceable. Perhaps to hunters, but what when animals commit the crimes against nature? Animals can't because they are part of nature. And so are we. thecast, now in widescreen! :D
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m2frogger (10 years ago)
"People are social animal according to evolution". If people are the only type of biological organism that loves and cares for each other,and have tribes and families..then how come certain types of animals are know to love? or mourn the loss of a loved one? of course they won't be making any "Laws" themselves anytime within the span of our existence,but how could you say they don't love,when they do in fact love?
DomWrath (10 years ago)
tha makes sense animals eat eachother, they dont reely care. i stil think people are naturally selfish tho, as children we alienate others that are different and will respond with outrage if we dont get what we want. btw im not vegitarian cuz i luv animals, jus cuz of my extream hate of plants XD
blueBlackpurple (10 years ago)
People are basically evil to the core. The only thing that keeps them from killing one another are laws and rules which were created to control them. If we all were killing one another, profits could not be realized so rules and laws were established so that some people could profit from others not because we care about each other.
TheMathGuy (10 years ago)
I would go so far as to say the higher animals DO have a right not to be treated inhumanely by humans. That's why we consider dogfighting illegal--it's cruelty to animals. But animals are not little humans. It's not as though they should have the right to vote, for example. Human animals have greater rights because we have greater capacity for thinking.
HungarianMafioso (10 years ago)
Or would you sayyy putting a donkey in jail is... "redonkulous?" Sorry, I had to say it :-P
thecast: life video blog (10 years ago)
I can't wear them anymore :( They give me ear infections and more bad things.
isselman2000 (10 years ago)
Well, fuck.
thecast: life video blog (10 years ago)
Ripped off? Fuck! I thought we were all sharing ideas here!
thecast: life video blog (10 years ago)
IronButterflies (10 years ago)
:( I bet.
MadBadVoodo (10 years ago)
Five Stars!!
ImDino (10 years ago)
i saw this video of a giraff mother who scared/forced away it's baby because the baby has to learn to live on it's own.. looked sad as hell
Paddywagonexpress (10 years ago)
ImDino (10 years ago)
i feel so sorry for animals that are just being left by their mother because they have to =/ looks so sad

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