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Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1060 G1 Gaming 6G noise problem

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I've just bought this graphics card and notiсed annoying noises. At first strange noise appears when fans runs, after a moment it dissapears. Then I raise fan speed to 60 % and it appears again, on 70 % card works like a tractor, when i raise fan speed to 80% and higher you can hear normal wind noise when fans spin. On the video you can see that when I just touch plastiс plate annoying noise is gone. On youtube you can find few more video with this problem on 1070 & 1080 cards but not so noisy like my card. So WTF gigabyte? на русском: Купил видеокарту, заметил странные шумы при старте вентилятора. Если поднять скорость вентилятора до 70 % карта работает как трактор, если поднять выше, то странные шумы исчезнут и карта будет работать в штатном режиме на высоких оборотах. По всей видимости сборка оставляет желать лучшего, либо какая-то деталь не закреплена и начинает вибрировать, либо вентилятор на высоких оборотах задевает что-то. UPD: Offisial suppurt answer me that if you can make a refund do it or wait bios update. So, I make a refund). I changed card on the same model. And another card is much quieter. The noise when fans starts you can hear only when your ear is behind fans. Yeah on 70 % fan speed you can hear rattle noise but again much quieter. If you look in the gap between plastick plate and metal radiator you can see part of special tape, which must prevent the occurrence of such problems but this tape may be not wide enough or even non-existent in some places. You can fix it by putting rubber strip or something else (just choose material that can withstand at 65 -70 °C). In most games fan speed is about 40 %, so i made a choise to stay with this card. Shame on you Gigabyte, but I hope you know and fix this problem.
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Ayb ok (4 months ago)
can you help me i had an Asus r9 270x with thermaltake smart se 530w no coil whine then msi twin frozr gtx 770 did have coil whine and now my Gtx 1060 G1 gaming has coil whine i wasnt able to try out another PSU but could it be the thermaltake causing this problem ??
MartinNY78 (6 months ago)
Hi, just got the RTX 2080. Experiencing same noise problem. Even in game lobby fans kick in. Not sure why, any suggestions?
AllenSlayz (5 months ago)
MartinNY78 I would suggest you push down the fan cable.
Vamble (1 year ago)
My problem is that the barrings in the fan are loose so it sounds like a hamster running in a wheel, that high pitched squeaking noise
Fat Doggo (1 year ago)
theirs a plastic piece hitting it mate get it repaired because maybe the glue they used got loose
YouLikeMe? (1 year ago)
mine sounds like a chainsaw XD
Riki Musin (1 year ago)
Сегодня столкнулся с данной неувязкой это задивает разъем второго вентилятора.
Slick Daddy (1 year ago)
Your gpu shroud is loose from the pcb, you should probably get a refund or a replacement
sochifrost (1 year ago)
Привет. Как карта? Норм работает на этот момент? На деньках купил 1080 g1, та же хрень. Поддержка пишет отправляйте торговцу. Завтра оправляю, обещают не больше 10 дней. Если возвратят $ то гигу уже наверное не возьму а этак щас закину видео для себя, взгляни
I know (1 year ago)
Artform дудки такового будто у вас, однако у меня время от времени какой то железный звук возникает, типо будто будто пружинка малая раскаленная обо что то железное ударилась и отскочила и остыла пару один, при чем этот звук возникает очень рандомно, никак не могу осознать в чем неувязка.. однако когда слышу душа в пятки уходит;(
Artform (1 year ago)
sochifrost конечно, лицезрел. Такая же неувязка и конечно, эту модель я бы тоже не взял опять.
sochifrost (1 year ago)
Artform ты видео у меня на канале поглядел? Про нее
sochifrost (1 year ago)
Artform у меня она при комнатной т 30 градусов нагревалась до 79 если не поставить 70% кулера. И конечно. Сдал я сейчас Ее, средства уже возвратили
Artform (1 year ago)
Привет. Да слушай, по факту реально она там за что-то задевает, однако я в итоге попросту забил. Работает размеренно, даже практически закончил обращать внимание на этот звук при старте вентиляторов. Можно попросту отключить автоматическую остановку вентиляторов при малой загрузке и все. Также не было ни одной игры, в которой вентиляторы разгонялись бы до таковой скорости, при которой начинается неизменный треск (60% и выше оборотов), однако у меня корпус открытый. А этак конечно, если бы брал на данный момент, то не купил бы эту модель.
SpartacusYLK (1 year ago)
My fix for this problem ( GIGABYTE GTX 1060 WINDFORCE OC 6GB ) : My GPU makes that fucking sound only when fan was between 50-85 % speed. So in xtreme gaming software i set fans to works only under 50 % or above 85% of max speed. Just try to find your fan speed noise window and set fun to skip it. Peace
sergtrav (1 year ago)
у меня на Палите GTX780 была схожая хуйня.
hu5k3r (1 year ago)
I have this same thing happen on my MSI. I know this is an old thread, but I figured someone (like me) may be experiencing the same issue and would like to know if it is still an issue. IT IS!
///James (1 year ago)
i have same issue on gigabyte wf gtx660
BurlyGrandmasterTM (1 year ago)
me and my friend have the same card but we have the "Gigabyte geforce GTX 1070 G1" grapich card, i dont have this problem but i installed my friends card and the same noise come, if you are taking it out and looking on the fans and see if some thing toutch them like a sticker just glue it up and take it in the side
Görkem Karaman (1 year ago)
Whine Coil detected
thdotaku (1 year ago)
its mostly that the fan is built badly and hits something or even worse the fan motor is fucked.
Terry (2 years ago)
one of your cords is hitting your fans
VRV (2 years ago)
Same here. Sent mine to warranty, got a new one. After 2 months, same problem. Gigabyte is a joke. Never again.
Revvilo (2 years ago)
I HAVE THIS EXACT PROBLEM! I'm pretty sure by the way we can push on the plastic face to flex it and stop the noise means that it's vibrating against the actual head sink, going to try tightening the screws like one of the comments says here
Matt (2 years ago)
Exactly the same issue here, same card, going to open her up and try tighten the screws + add more tape to hold her together.
クッキーオプ (2 years ago)
gigabyte g1 gaming's cable routing for the fans have not been the best as seen in the 900 series g1 gamings where the cable can come out of the shroud itself
Thomas (2 years ago)
I have exactly the same issue
As grinder sawing
Matt8796 (2 years ago)
Might be something in the fan
Mobius147 (2 years ago)
Tight all screws
Embraced Forever (2 years ago)
rock edition?
/b/ Tard (2 years ago)
a wire inside is hitting a fan you need to remove the fans and the plastic covering and take one of those wires hanging down back to where it should be
Skender Kastrioti (2 years ago)
I think you need to buy a new power supply evga P2 750w is the best
wird klap (2 years ago)
LOLL i don't have that problem with mine 1060 gigabyte. Unplug it and plug it back in
Nicolas Ruiz (2 years ago)
I have the solution. Between the fan of the body there is a piece of black insulating tape protruding. You must remove it or adjust it, I did that and it worked out, I hope it serves them. Greetings from Argentina
Sander Grimm (2 years ago)
got the problem now never heard it at any time before but now i played gta V than it pouled my headset of i hear the fan noise and ratle
Nicolas Ruiz (2 years ago)
I have the solution. Between the fan of the body there is a piece of black insulating tape protruding. You must remove it or adjust it, I did that and it worked out, I hope it serves them. Greetings from Argentina
Amoon (2 years ago)
Mine does the same, and I have the slightly smaller card (with 2 fans) from them
Nicolas Ruiz (2 years ago)
Tengo la solución. Entre el ventilador del cuerpo hay un pedazo de aislante negro que sobresale de la cinta. Debe eliminar o ajustarlo, lo hice y funcionó, espero que les sirve. saludos desde Argentina
Vice Stojčić (2 years ago)
It's clearly hiting something.
Alex Linden (2 years ago)
У меня гипотиза не Gaming, a OC, однако неувязка та же: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yy1gevUmcpQ . Вернуть покамест не выходит...
Chris Pridemore (2 years ago)
trignite (2 years ago)
Same thing on my gtx 1080 not a good first impression need to return it experienced this issue after 1 hour of having it in my pc and running some games.
Mark (2 years ago)
A mi me pasa cuando paso a mas de 75% empieza a vibrar y hace el mismo ruido del video, vos lo solucionaste sin problemas?
Nicolas Ruiz (2 years ago)
Tengo la solución. Entre el ventilador del cuerpo hay un pedazo de aislante negro que sobresale de la cinta. Debe eliminar o ajustarlo, lo hice y funcionó, espero que les sirve. saludos desde Argentina
trignite (2 years ago)
Was able to return it for a MSI Armor gtx 1080 it has some coil whine in menus without vsync enabled (much quieter then the coil whine on the g1 I had) and the fans are very quiet 0 issues.
reC (2 years ago)
the cooler start, and the noise comes... this isn't coil wine, this is vibration. Something are vibration or maybe your cooler are touching something...
HardMode (2 years ago)
Buy Palit instead, by experience is the best and one of the cheapest out there.
srhbtydtumdg (2 years ago)
i think that card is so long and heavy so it's bending it as you see how he lift it up noise stop.
Endy Garcia (2 years ago)
сними кожух, пристально взгляни где трет вентилятор и подточи (согласен что за такую стоимость это не допустимо)
Michael Crider (2 years ago)
card upside down only time that noise seems to be showing up.
Gustavo Custódio (2 years ago)
Guys, do not despair of this problem. I also have a GTX 1060 G1 Gaming, and it can have 2 types of noise: 1-Coil Whine: An electric noise that happens when the board is running a game/benchmark that causes an annoying noise coming from the coils of the board. It's absolutely normal and not harmful, but it's a bit annoying. You can enable vsync in games, or if you're annoying yourself a lot, do the RMA. 2-Power cable of the fans hitting and touching something: this is what happens in the video. If this happens, just use a thin screwdriver or some object that you can pound the wire up so it will not pull over and vibrate. Simple and easy to solve.
trignite (2 years ago)
2: That is flat out wrong, i just returned a g1 with this issue and I had the fans set to completely off and i still experienced this buzzing noise, even if i tried lifting the card slightly like in the video it still made this noise.
Hans Schmidt (2 years ago)
staubsauger geht gar nicht
Muhammad Usman (2 years ago)
warranty clam on gigabyte
Devon Brown (2 years ago)
it's the fan power wire it hitting.
haro wilson (2 years ago)
the card is vibrating. When u touched it, the vibrations stopped. So did the noise. Try reinstalling the card
prokmeh (2 years ago)
Тоже данную карточку купил и увидел эту "необыкновенность" лишь чрез 2 недели. Так же на 60% тишь, на 70-80% трещит, потом 80% тишь. Самая жопа в том, что я будто юрлицо ее купил и они отрешаются попросту этак её поменять. Говорят ожидайте до 90 дней. Думаю выставить наивысшую скорость 60% и ебись оно конём. Не пережарится ведь?
Nesha96 (2 years ago)
Its not a problem with gpu as u all can see your case mate is a problem or u didnt screw it for good....
DogCilla PeraCruz (2 years ago)
dont ever buy gigabyte gpu.
Alex N (1 year ago)
I had an MSI RX 460 and it was doing the same, everytime i touched it, it would go away ... i couldnt stand the noise so i have returned it ... heard it on Asus Strix models. In conclusion, the chinese supplier did a shit job ...
クッキーオプ (2 years ago)
i think you have a brain tumor
HardMode (2 years ago)
klara belle (2 years ago)
then u don't know anything about Computers shut up
Juan Cereda (2 years ago)
I had the exact same problem and i fixed by myself. The only thing that i did was tight the 3 screws per fan (you dont need open the card, but you need a tiny screw driver). After that my card is totally silent. BTW is a RX 470 G1 but it has the same assembly than all G1 cards. Other things that i did: -change the thermal paste -change the fan curve -did a little of undervolt. Now my temps are max 70º with 50% of fan speed (stock was like 80º with fan running VERY LOUD). Now the card is silent as fuck. I apologize for my bad english.
BOCAH NDUESO (2 years ago)
Juani Cere , same my problem gpu....
SENZAYY ZONE (2 years ago)
tight the screws that's how I fixed mine
Skawzzle (1 year ago)
the screws holding the fans in place
Thomas (2 years ago)
doesn't work for my case :(
World Kermis Maquette (2 years ago)
Bonjour, ce que la vis est-il pour serrer? S'il vous plaît :)
Gustavo Custódio (2 years ago)
What screws?
Flaviana Totti (2 years ago)
fertolito Which screws? These little ones from the front? Please help me!!
AtomiCycline (2 years ago)
dont be mad at gigabyte it's not the first time it happend some companys like msi and zotac do have the same problem and so on why the hate? a simple problem doesn't mean hate the company for ever. well that happend exactlly to me and i found out it was just a cable touching the fans simple to fix.
Tiago Lauschner Araujo (11 months ago)
Zotac geforce 1060 6gb , same problem. :(
asif rocker (2 years ago)
Its probably the fan cable touching the fans . Just push it inside a little bit .i had the same issue .
SeboPro 71 (5 months ago)
Trignite ita power supply, my psu is like this souns like crap
Henryk R (1 year ago)
+1 I had this same issue ;)
trignite (2 years ago)
It's not an issue with the fans, at least it wasn't for me turning the fans completely off and it still made this noise it's something electrical.
Mam Grę Gram (2 years ago)
"On the video you can see that when I just touch plastiс plate annoying noise is gone." Can u Tell me why that happend when u touch it ?
Rusty Nugget (2 years ago)
the energy from the vibration transfers to his body causing the card to stop vibrating
Fabian Nissen (2 years ago)
maybe you turn the screws to the end ?
BOCAH NDUESO (2 years ago)
my gigabyte too .... same with your GPU
BOCAH NDUESO (2 years ago)
Ok thanks my friend
Nicolas Ruiz (2 years ago)
It's no problem, just push a tape that is loose between the fans. Do not hesitate to contact me privately
BOCAH NDUESO (2 years ago)
Nicolas Ruiz I've done RMA, but still have the same problem, whether it is 1060 GTX GPU gigabyte all like this
Nicolas Ruiz (2 years ago)
Yes my friend. The same thing happened to me. There is a ribbon between the coolers, pushes in and no more noises
BOCAH NDUESO (2 years ago)
+Nicolas Ruiz bandas negras en la parte en que ... me suena cuando el ventilador de la GPU acelera tocar el 70%, como el raspado de sonido, saludos desde Indonesia
Hannes Hiazi (2 years ago)
Same problem with gainward gtx 1060 ,but when take card out and remove to Pcie the noise disappears but not long...
SoRin (2 years ago)
i have to buy this cared too, is a problem with card? is worth to buy it?
AtomiCycline (2 years ago)
+SoRin it is worth buying this problem happens to every 1 of 20 persons
Ardi Nurhamdan (2 years ago)
and btw.. gigabyte has 3 years warranty.. claim it with the new one.. yea...
Ardi Nurhamdan (2 years ago)
check the cable dude >_<'
luciano Renzi (2 years ago)
Maikele (2 years ago)
it's a cable touching the fan, it's easy to fix
Soldier Scar (1 year ago)
A good way to lose warranty.
Maikele (2 years ago)
remove the plastic part of the heatsink try putting the cable of the fan in a better position, fixed
Gustavo Custódio (2 years ago)
And how do I fix?
luciano Renzi (2 years ago)
es el plástico led de gigabyte que vibra con la rejilla metálica disipador, debes de separarla con alguna goma para que no vibre mas, saludos
luciano Renzi (2 years ago)
si conectaste todos los cables y se prende y luego se apaga, quizás la fuente de poder que tiene sea chica, porque no es nada de otro mundo, la conectas al pcie, le conectas el cable de 8 pines de poder a la vga y por fuera va conectado el cable hdmi del monitor y con eso deberías ya tener imagen y encender, luego solo debes de instalar el driver de nvidia de la placa, fíjate que la fuente sea al menos de 600w reales, ahora si la pc enciende todo bien pero no consigues imagen fíjate siempre haber conectado todo bien firme, no creo que la placa este fallada siendo algo nuevo ya seria mala suerte y tenes la garantía, pero para mi que le estas errando en algo
Sofía Castro (2 years ago)
Hola. Yo me compré esta misma placa hace unos días. Conecté todo pero no la puedo hacer funcionar. Desde el momento en que se prende la pc también se prende la luz de "fan stop" y obviamente los coolers no giran. Pero no hacen ningún ruido de algún tipo de contacto con otra cosa. No tira salida de imagen nunca. Sabés si tengo que hacer algo más aparte de la instalación con esta placa? Saludos.
jose puga (2 years ago)
devuelvalo, esta jodido.
Michael Elboim (2 years ago)
I had the exact same problem. I could hear the fan closest to the connections touching something when I turned it by hand, but I couldn't fix it by pushing the wires inside. I went back to the store and they replaced the card for me with the same model. I tested it in the store and currently it works fine. I'm pretty much done with Gigabyte after this.
Точно такая же неувязка! До 45% вентилятор не слышно, а при 70% трещит страшно. При 80 и выше теряется, переходя в рокот. Думаю сдавать по гарантии на ремонт.
К огорчению, я лишь чрез 15 дней решил проверить эту утилиту с разгоном (. Этим днем выслал на ремонт. Посмотрим, что из этого выйдет.
Artform (2 years ago)
если 14 дней не прошло, можешь возвратить торговцу. Либо подложи прокладку меж радиатором и кожухом.
Flesz (2 years ago)
xDizzyBx (2 years ago)
Here is a picture of the fans from my GPU: https://scontent-dft4-2.xx.fbcdn.net/t31.0-8/14188324_10154414773056698_8100546109662199020_o.jpg The power cables from each fan are positiones behind the blades, and as you can see in the image, one of the fans is positiones "deeper" than the other, and that fan's power cable is consecuently closer to the blades, and of the "strings" composing the cable is loose from the rest, while the other fan, its power cable is ok.
DarkAncientZ (1 year ago)
xDizzyBx Can You send the picture again please?
Shannon Sharpe (2 years ago)
Does this happen only on the g1 editions? There are stock gigabyte models without g1
Shannon Sharpe (2 years ago)
SittingDuck i ended up buying the asus strix rog OC 1060 6gb on black friday for £250 ganna get a 6700k used now
SittingDuck (2 years ago)
I've also got the Windforce OC version of the 1060 6GB, and also have fan issues. When the fans hit around 62%, you can hear a ticking-like noise, almost as if the fan is hitting the shroud, but it's not as fast as this vid showed.
Shannon Sharpe (2 years ago)
TJ C i just got the asus strix oc 1060 on Black Friday
TJ C (2 years ago)
I just bought windorce 1060 OC edition 6GB. When my fans hit 60% they make a strange noise. Did you ever get yours fixed? I have contacted my supplier but i am not sure if its even worth it or if they will redeem them product as faulty.
Darko Gelevski (2 years ago)
iv place the cooler not to go above 50% and i cant hear the noise anymore all do the temperature are 75 C max so i think ill survive im to lazy to go to the store and ask new :P also iv OC the card +125 on core , 500 on vram ,16% power more and is ok just don't let the fan speed to go above 55% and you wont hear it
Сегодня забрал "другую" и снова такие звуки... У меня уже подозрения, что торговец попросту возвратил мне тоже самое. На форуме гб пишут, что может посодействовать прошивка биоса до последней версии, однако мне бы весьма не хотелось вообщем касаться биос.
Dirty Animal (2 years ago)
Спасибо за таковой практический видос а я и не стал париться!Работает и работает без приреканий особо и не слышно в корпусе и под столом(: В отпечаток один при вскрытии системника проверю.
Artform (2 years ago)
не знаю, по мне этак биос может поправить лишь странноватые звуки, возникающие при старте вентиляторов, отрегулировать их скорость на старте и т.п. Но массовую делему с треском на завышенных скоростях вентилятора это не решит, здесь уж инженеры лоханулись, не подложив дополнительных прокладок либо не продумав размещение проводов.
Digital ScorPion (2 years ago)
охото не охото, а придется - где-то на просторах веба лицезрел, что конкретно перепрошивкой биоса данная неувязка решалась.
xDizzyBx (2 years ago)
I got the same problem, bought it recently (less than a month I believe), though it haven't been as noisy as this case, is still happens... Edit: I talked to someone who had the same problem and that person told me the culprit is the fan's own power cable that is ruted in a stupid way and that he had to force the cable back towards the aluminum heat sinks with a thin screw driver and that fixed the problem. I am afraid to try that because I am not too good with hardware but if someone is brave enough you might want check into that. For now, I already created a ticket in Gibabyte's tech support to see what they say about it (used this video as reference).
Artform (2 years ago)
This guy explains almoust the same) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3lTGCzomZXs&list=FLVNjis6es8jTSPKVy6mzP1w&index=2
Soul (2 years ago)
А самому это както поправить можно? Не совершенно сообразил из описания куда там чего в виде прокладки запихать..
Nicolas Ruiz (2 years ago)
I have the solution. Between the fan of the body there is a piece of black insulating tape protruding. You must remove it or adjust it, I did that and it worked out, I hope it serves them. Greetings from Argentina
Digital ScorPion (2 years ago)
Про гарантию правильно сказано, если гласить про Asus либо MSI, а у других компаний дудки чётких указаний на счёт откручивания винтов и т.п. Это уже СНГешные сервисники сочиняют байки про нитронь, ни царапни и тем более не открути. У того же EVGA чётко сказано - невозможно заносить конструктивные конфигурации, невозможно подвергать продукт влаге и пыли, невозможно на физическом уровне деформировать. Поэтому их этак и обожают в USA, поэтому что там многие снимают радиаторы и вешают водянки.
Artform (2 years ago)
ну-ка я бы не рекомендовал что-то подкручивать усиленно, т.к. в гарантийке могут придраться, лицезрев следы от отвертки на винтах. Лучше подсунуть что-то в зазор меж подсветкой с надписью "Gigabyte" и радиатором. Просто попробуй плотный лист подсунуть в зазоры, чтоб осознать, куда конкретно необходимо подсунуть прокладку.
Digital ScorPion (2 years ago)
думаю он не сообразил тебя, однако смею представить, что данную делему можно убрать подкручиванием кинтов, которые укрепляют вентиляторы к кожуху, ну-ка и на кройняк вправду можно подставить прокладки в места крепления. однако на сколько я знаю, эта неувязка устраняется прошивкой.
Troublemaker (2 years ago)
кулеры неровно закреплены и болтаются, судя по всему
Nikola P (2 years ago)
In my country, gtx 1060 g1 gigabyte is 305€, and MSI GAMING model is 330€, and ASUS STRIX IS 323€, Which should i buy?
Rodrick HD (2 years ago)
DzoNy man i dont know wath gpu to buy because the GIGABYTE G1 Gaming is 339€ the gigabyte xtreme gaming is 350€ the msi gaming x is 360€ and the asus is 360€ soo shouçd i buy the gigabyte g1 gaming
John (2 years ago)
+ArtForm23 I love gigabyte espacially the gtx 970 xtreme gaming (which is better in the cooling than asus and msi ones) but it is very strange with your card!?
Artform (2 years ago)
For today I recomend you to choose between msi and asus. The first revision of gigabyte g1 gaming is crappy.
Xr0sS999 (2 years ago)
i have same noise after 86%, but never use it more than 70-75% even overclocked +100 mhz core and +1010 mhz memory
Artform (2 years ago)
you can read UPD in the description.
PenguinActually (2 years ago)
Got the same thing -_- 2 days of ownership too .....
Artform (2 years ago)
you can read UPD in the description.
HueHueHue (2 years ago)
same noise, did u find a fix?
Artform (2 years ago)
you can read UPD in the description.
HueHueHue (2 years ago)
same noise, did u find a fix?
How do u solve this problem ? Have same noise :(
Artform (2 years ago)
конечно поменял, однако это особо не посодействовало, нужно подкладывать прокладку, чтобы не трещало.
+Настя Настя на такую же
Настя Настя (2 years ago)
+Серега Серёгин на что поменяли скажите на такуюже? Или на другую модель?
Настя Настя (2 years ago)
+ArtForm23 а что поменял то? На какую?
+ArtForm23 тоже поменял :-)

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