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Animal Rights Conference 2007 - Marianne Thieme

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Marianne Thieme is a Dutch politician, animal activist and publicist. She is the chairwoman and political leader of the first animal rights party in history that is represented in a national parliament. Since last November, her Party for the Animals has won 2 seats in the Dutch National Parliament, 9 seats in the Dutch Provincial Governments and 1 seat in the Dutch Senate. She was voted Political Talent of the Year 2006 by the Dutch parliamentary press, Most Spicy Politician by women's magazine Viva and Most Influential Woman for Farmer's Incomes by the leading Dutch magazine on agriculture. Marianne has published a book on animal rights ('The Animal's Century') and dozens of articles in Dutch national & regional newspapers on factory farming, hunting, animal testing, bird flu, ritual slaughtering, fur, fisheries and vegetarianism. Please visit www.ArConference.org Video produced by Jeff Fleiss, Founder of Animal News.info, Spay Neuter USA and Doggy TV
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Text Comments (8)
SandGoose0 (10 years ago)
Really? Thats a bit ignorant to say, espically cause thats their beliefs.
phoenix1916 (10 years ago)
phoenix1916 (10 years ago)
Ah no that would be u!!!! babbling indeed!!!!!
phoenix1916 (10 years ago)
No!! Doh!!! Dont u get it??? : 0 ))
phoenix1916 (10 years ago)
If u dont get it then......................doh!
phoenix1916 (10 years ago)
Really check out their record on the sex trade and drugs, but hey animals are way more important......duhhhh!!!
phoenix1916 (10 years ago)
Oh ye she gets all her accolades from a country where the legal age for sex is 14 and drugs are legal, way to go animal rights LOL!!!!
animalactivist (11 years ago)
Way to go Netherlands...an inspiration to the world!

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