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GTX1060 Showdown - MSI Gaming X vs Gigabyte G1 Gaming

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Lets put these two popular 1060's head to head and see who wins! Big thanks to http://www.playtech.co.nz for supporting me! Please subscribe if you enjoy fair & unbiased tech reviews! Hit me up on twitter: https://twitter.com/TechShowdownYT Secret Question: Which model of 1060 do you think is the best?
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Tech Showdown (2 years ago)
If I look hot its because I turn off my air conditioning in order to save you guys from a constant humming in the background, the trade off being that I get very hot as the video goes on because I shoot it all in one take to keep it to my vlog style I love so much.
-HARD BASS- (29 days ago)
+Hardware Unboxed nohomo
quepew (1 year ago)
what is your processor?
Hardware Unboxed (2 years ago)
You always look hot Kev 😍
Sufiyan Khan (2 years ago)
Tech Showdown which one coil whines?
gigabyte gtx1060 wf2oc can running 2.228ghz no voltage set。and vram 9700mhz。
Exiled Entity (2 months ago)
Just ordered the Gigabyte for only $400! down from $550. $400 is what they are selling the 3GB model for everywhere else hah. Damn bargain! Can't wait to be back with Nvidia again :D P.S These are both great cards but the Price difference between the two is pretty big so 100% stick with the Gigabyte :) I havn't finished the video but so far the G1 is producing a higher Frame rate...Wow
TV Samsung 8 Serie (3 months ago)
Is the GTX 1060 good when playing on a 4K tv with 1080p settings?
costlertrack (4 months ago)
Thank god English review
asim khan (4 months ago)
guys plz comment me which good 1060 zotac 6 gb or 1060 msi oc 6 gb?
durableblo (4 months ago)
My msi gaming x hits 1999-2000mhz
Aryan Singh (5 months ago)
Does it fits well in micro atx cases?
Phil Dawson (6 months ago)
Best thing I ever bought the gigabyte 1060 6gb. Fantastic for dvdfab 4k UHD HDR blu-ray ripping/converting. Saves me basically 22hrs per disk from my old gtx970
Mason M (8 months ago)
My MSI GTX 1060 6gb can go up to 2100!
Миша Соболев (2 months ago)
OH!!! My Gigabyte 1060 G1 can go up to 2041 MHz
Tropical (8 months ago)
Gigabyte is much better than MSI. You should have done, Zotac v. MSI
Fahad Vakarian (5 months ago)
+Ashley Cooper Lol a 1060 isn't a 'fvcking ace' setup. At best a very good mid range setup. But I'm pretty much happy with that. Waiting for the 1080ti price to drop down here (rtx series obviously) so that I can afford one
Fahad Vakarian (5 months ago)
+Ashley Cooper Probably dude. That shows gpu isn't the issue. The main point was the overclock headroom for the msi one
Ashley Cooper (5 months ago)
if u put the same gpu in a ryzen 3 2200g with 8gb 2888mhz ram ull get 30fps
Ashley Cooper (5 months ago)
Fahad Vakarian dude thats y u getting such fps u got a fkin ace setup
Fahad Vakarian (5 months ago)
+Ashley Cooper 16 gigs ddr 4 3200 bus ram (xmp enabled), i7 7700k (unoverclocked). Never used geforce exp.
vavafe bxbdhr (10 months ago)
Can i use gaming x 1060 with 6pin to 8pin cable cause i dont have a 8pin power cable but i'v got 6pin please i need this answer
Yes. Although try and get a new psu as soon as possible
thesuperstickman87 (10 months ago)
Got one for 275 bucks in perfect condition
Spina XIV (5 months ago)
+Ashley Cooper Ooh nice!
Ashley Cooper (5 months ago)
Spina XIV i got it fr 216$
Spina XIV (8 months ago)
+Thomas Hevinga But now it cost more
Spina XIV (8 months ago)
+Thomas Hevinga On a website called Cdiscount
Thomas Hevinga (8 months ago)
Im Spina where
misterx zxc (10 months ago)
Why the gaming x is better than the gigabyte Even if you overclock the gaming x you only get 3fps or 5at max I don't get the point
Shivam Gamer (5 months ago)
Gaming x focused on cooling
Virtus (11 months ago)
Also to note this is G1 Gaming revision 1. There is also revision 2, pretty much the same except the redesigned heatsink.
Moon Flower Palace (8 months ago)
Meaning better cooling?
Jaws Xensroid (1 year ago)
What you use for testing those 2 guys? Ryzen or Intel?
Tech Showdown (1 year ago)
At this time it was an Intel X99 system with an i7 6900K at 4.2ghz with 32gb of quad channel memory at 2800mhz.
Roby.OFFiCiAL (1 year ago)
So what gpu is better? msi or g1?
yeti (10 months ago)
He mentioned it in the vid
BF3 and 4 HighLights (1 year ago)
Purchased both of these cards a few months back. Thank you for this review. The Gigabyte has Samsung memory while the MSI has Hynix memory. MSI into my PC and the G1 V2 into my HTPC.
Badreddine Kells (9 months ago)
my gaming X has samsung memory
Tung Duong Quang (1 year ago)
Many people said that g1 has coil whine. Is it right??
Tung Duong Quang (1 year ago)
Which is better ma friend??
GAMM4 -eSport (1 year ago)
Gaming x noise much more suttle
MrMethadrine (1 year ago)
Just buy the cheaper one..OCing is a lottery in any card anyway.
Tzz K (1 year ago)
In Italy the msi 3gb is 235euro while the gigabyte 3gb wild is 220 euro, but the 6gb version of msi is 320 while the 6gb of gigabyte is 280, I normally play normal games , especially any shooter game ,the issue here is my monitor is a benq 24' 144hz, I normally play at 1080p, should I buy the 3gb and save money or go for the 6gb,? In 2 weeks I start a small vacation and I wanna start playing again haha
Tzz K (1 year ago)
Thank you I'm thinking to get the gigabyte 3gb
Drewdizm (1 year ago)
value per framerate = 1060 3gb peace of mind of having 5% performance gain = 1060 6gb
Jorge Siles (1 year ago)
so is the msi better?
bad-_- bunny (1 year ago)
Jorge Siles yes
Glock (1 year ago)
Hi.Please tell me what the track playing in your video at minute 4.48
Olavi Kurki (1 year ago)
Turn on captions in 3:11 twin frozr sex cooler 😂
TheWaterbound07 (1 year ago)
Pyro (1 year ago)
lmfao wtf
Qexsbeyerg (1 year ago)
arada 1 fps bile yok aq
Thrilling Hazardous (1 year ago)
if you're wondering why msi has little lower fps than gigabyte it's because they *focused* more on cooling
Tropical (7 months ago)
AORUS for the win!
Jared Moulden (1 year ago)
Lmao im from New Zealand I can get it for 400$ NZD with this special deal of mine :)
Dakota Bradford (1 year ago)
My evga ssc 1060 6gb hits 2150 out of the box.
Fahad Vakarian (5 months ago)
Wtf. Liar
DougisLive (10 months ago)
Dakota Bradford no it doesn't
which one is better ? gtx1060 6gb - msi gaming x or gigabyte extreme gaming edition ?
Matej Stanojkovski (8 months ago)
+Vaughn Armstrong i have auros gigabyte 1060 6gb 3fans and its goes max 71C
Tricky Assassin (8 months ago)
+Vaughn Armstrong well.... I would say get the one that is the cheapest. Like it might differ 1 fps, for 50 euro. Thats not worth it!
Vaughn Armstrong (8 months ago)
+Tricky Assassin lol still confused in which one to get i heard msi runs smoother ik anyone i get I'll be happy with it
Tricky Assassin (8 months ago)
yes i do, still works perfectly. no issues!
Vaughn Armstrong (8 months ago)
+Tricky Assassin Hey do you still have that card now?
CostyGamingTube (2 years ago)
i have the gaming x and after 4 days of use he die and now i get no signal on monitor
Dave6767 (2 years ago)
Wow, and i complain about prices here in Australia.
TheChargingCow (4 months ago)
oah yeah when the aussie dollar is worth 70 cents usd
Crunchy Chips (2 years ago)
Use a G1 1070 with the 3x cooler in my HTPC and the fans get audible at ~44% and annoying at ~52%. I've got Afterburner forcing the clockspeeds down to 1600-1700MHz to stop the fans from going over 50% or my temps from going over 75c.
BlueFreeZe (1 year ago)
Crunchy Chips My MSI card is always silent I love it
theriux (2 years ago)
I'd honestly go with the RX 480, this comes from somebody who has the G1 Gaming GTX 1060. The coil whine is terrible during some games, nearly all models of it have it from what i've heard. Also there is the RAM bottleneck which the pascal arhitecture has, in games like: Overwatch(not stable 100, goes from 70 up to 140+ depending on how many players are there and what happens) CSGO(200+ but drops under 100 sometimes on some maps or heavy flashed/smoked area) League Of Legends(100 fps no matter the settings) The framerate in these games is very bad sometimes, and that is only due to the 8 GBs of ram - 1 stick that i have. I'll need to get another one soon. Changing settings does not do anything. I have had an RX 480 Nitro 4GB before but it kept blackscreening me nonstop after 2 minutes of openning the PC. Could not resolve the issue, had to return it and this is why i got the GTX 1060 now. Wish I went with an MSI RX 480. If you guys want a GTX 1060 go with MSI/ASUS but not Gigabyte due to the very popular coil whine in their models(again, this coming from somebody who owns this model). Thanks for the video man, hope your chanel grows up more.
Fahad Vakarian (5 months ago)
Only game I've faced a coil while with msi gaming x 1060 6 gb is nfs payback that too during the main menu. Enabling vsync from nvidia settings fixed that
d00m Slay3r_G1 (2 years ago)
You can have coil whine on any card if you are not lucky. This is more base on luck than fact because coil whine is a random effect. :) The only cards who always had coil whine and i know is AMD R9 Fury series. Because of the HBM memory cards designe that causing a lot coil whine. My GTX 1060 from Gigabyte G1 series do not have coil whine. I was lucky. But my ex R9 290 all so from Gigabyte had a lot of coil whine. Soo as you can see is a very random effect that can be on all cards.
Iorveth (2 years ago)
From what I understand coil whine is random, some cards have a lot some don't (i'm taliking about cards of the same model) so I think you just drew the shortest straw.
theriux (2 years ago)
Thing is in these low-demanding games the coil-whine is very to non existent, in other games like Witcher 3/Watch Dogs 2 and other AAA titles coil whine is incredibly annoying without headphones.
Crunchy Chips (2 years ago)
If you're trying to hit 100Hz+, most cards are going to whine a bit.
Roy Telling (2 years ago)
just looked here Finland Gigabyte G1 gaming 329,00€ MSI Gaming X 378,00€
CLXW (1 year ago)
is jimms better than verkkokauppa and gigganti?
Koen388 (1 year ago)
Vanguardas Vucava €400 here
Thrilling Hazardous (1 year ago)
are you filipino?
lol lol (2 years ago)
Vanguardas Vucava yeah and if we buy it from amazon usa we get it for like 230+80$ shipping which isnt worth it
KNI Slaughterer (2 years ago)
Can you do the same for RX 480 please???!
Phil Dawson (6 months ago)
Computer says NO
69aussieguy (2 years ago)
Talking about price difference between them, have you checked out the difference between them for the GTX 1080? The Gaming X is $1,039 where as the G1 Gaming is $899
d00m Slay3r_G1 (2 years ago)
My GTX 1060 G1 Gaming is very quiet (even if fan speed is 100%), very cool (65C full load OC), very good for OC (2114/9300 MHz), no coil whine (not all Gigabyte have colil whine that is a big lie). ;)
Tropical (7 months ago)
My GTX 1050 always has that god damm grinding noise
Amir Berkani (1 year ago)
is it still going strong no fan noise ? i see a lot of people have that fan grinding noise
aRemoteViewer (2 years ago)
thanks kevin and teddy, both are so quiet you wouldn't even notice, certainly WAY quieter than my 7970 ghz! :D
Tech Showdown (2 years ago)
is it the Vapor-X model? that thing put out insane noise!
Dingleberry Tech (2 years ago)
I have the gaming X RX 480, and holy crap it's tall (from pcie to the other end). Never had an MSI card before though, I've grown to love their design :] But yea as you say, margin of error stuff. Enjoyed the video though :D
Very nice, any chance of comparing with an evga gpu?
EmeraldGameZ (2 years ago)
the msi look cool with the black and red scheme and im first

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