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Good vs Bad Project Managers - Project Management

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Learn what it means to be a good or a bad project manager by watching this training course video. Try our award-winning PM software for free: https://www.projectmanager.com/?utm_source=youtube.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=GoodvsBadProjectManagers-ProjectManagement
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Text Comments (67)
Domingo Meza (12 days ago)
Great video! Great Learning! Great Teaching!
Mark Jacobs (2 months ago)
Hahaha most of the people will now realize they've been doing things wrong till now!
Lương Xuân Thuỷ (6 months ago)
So cool video. thank you.
news flash 101 (6 months ago)
Thank you for sharing. I was able to make a personal assessment and areas needed for improvement.
Mosaad Bakr (7 months ago)
my problem was delegate
Ahmed Yusuf (7 months ago)
This is very helpful, Thank you
Michael Woodard (10 months ago)
Thank you for these. I have a project to manage my first actually this could be it and all these videos have actually helped me organize and focus on the multiple tasks at hand so thumbs up from me.
Godfrey Kabuka (11 months ago)
Its really a great coaching video
Sonny Mochamad (1 year ago)
Thank for sharing
Brent Cairns (1 year ago)
Thoroughly helpful and insightful! Thank you so much!
Abbey Ables (1 year ago)
Thank you. I feel inspired and motivated... wanna be a very good Project Manager.
Juan Gomez (1 year ago)
Useful and helpful. Ever must being all documented!
Alex P (1 year ago)
These video's are great, but I have to disagree with Project Managers being "bad" if they're at their desk often. I suppose the environment dictates, but I spend most of my time communicating via phone and follow-up email, so stakeholders have something tangible to work with. Making project charters, and plans and such also takes place at the desk and consumes a lot of time. Nothing exists until it's documented.
fathum mohamed (1 year ago)
so good project
very useful!
2D3D (1 year ago)
Very helpful!!
Mohsin Khan (1 year ago)
Good One !
kestrelblue (1 year ago)
a good leader is a mentor first, who knows how to leverage the skills of their people
This Is Ade Brown (4 months ago)
How true
rodd aniel (6 months ago)
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dave edward (7 months ago)
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Todd Harry (7 months ago)
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messer ezio (11 months ago)
Great Video! Apologies for chiming in, I would love your initial thoughts. Have you researched - Weydaniel Organized Dominator (should be on google have a look)? It is a smashing one off guide for getting 7000 plus project management and business templates minus the hard work. Ive heard some interesting things about it and my friend after many years got astronomical success with it.
Chris Low (2 years ago)
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Yernar Group (2 years ago)
there are very close areas like relationships, collaborative & communicate
Shristi Bajracharya (2 years ago)
Very helpful!!
Fredo (2 years ago)
That sucks
Fredo (2 years ago)
You are right barnes & noble are still walking, Amazon is just "running"/"using a scooter" from the start till now.
Mikael Arhelger (2 years ago)
Call me old fashioned, but before knowing how to run (digital era), one needs to know how to walk (traditional approach).
gagan (2 years ago)
+Fredo many of these points are still relevant
Fredo (2 years ago)
You are right, I am just surprise that at digital era people still are delivering traditional approach. My bad, I apologize
sunnyshiny06 (2 years ago)
+Fredo ... Very Constructive ....congratulation man.
TooManyBrackets (2 years ago)
Are "table stakes" something you season and serve with sauce?? I thought they were to price for being at the table, or the minimum requirement? Stakes not Steaks?? Could be wrong though
TooManyBrackets (2 years ago)
No kidding? Just just found her use of language in the first 60 seconds quite curious. Unless of course she is project managing a casino!
2dfx (2 years ago)
+TooManyBrackets Steak = meat Stake = something to be lost or gained, something you put into the ground
Jane S (3 years ago)
Good video; I am all of these, especially mobile and collaborative, yet I'm getting fired because Upper mgmt has undermined my efforts by A. joking about how no one likes the business unit I represent and B. no one reports to me, so they dont have to do the work. Mgmt doesn't clearly establish it as a priority. PM in a dysfunctional organization is the worst. I moved to a new city for this job, and ended being the scapegoat for their mess. No man alone can manage up enough to change the world by themselves.
Brent Cairns (1 year ago)
Jane- I am pleased you have reflected well on this topic. I believe your next company will better appreciate your skills. All the best!
Jane S (1 year ago)
No, you misunderstand me, I would never joke about my area of responsibility, that would just undermine my credibility. The company jokes about my area as being something no one wants to work on because they have other fish to fry, essentially. Everyone sort of rolls their eyes at it. Not the same in all companies, I've worked elsewhere where I was a rockstar because my project was the golden child project. Leadership should not favor one over another though, in any case.
SrgtGoogle (1 year ago)
Jane S The number 1 thing a company wants is a serious, dedicated person that can understand all concepts on what the company needs to get the job done. You may think you fall into this category but do you have what it really takes? From a business stand point a company doesn't want someone who jokes around about their area in the business field. So you said you were getting fired for joking around right? Look at it from your perspective if you were an owner of a business would you really want someone to joke around about their own job? I most certainly wouldn't. In fact I would probably fire them also. The thing is it really depends on what your job is. Project managers have a VERY important role in the business field. No company wants a person to joke around about that at all. Why? Because your the one who plans to get the job done. Other staff members don't want a leader who jokes around a lot about their own job because then the other staff feel like you aren't taking your job seriously leading to them feeling like you aren't worthy enough for them. Understanding another persons point of view is SOOOO important in this job.
Trex bra (1 year ago)
If i assume right than that means 1 of 3 things. 1 management may have a point 2. they're not understanding what your presenting to them basically you have to find a way to positively persuade them or 3 they're a negligent company and you need to persuade them or convince them or get a 3rd party involved potentially another company i dunno what else to suggest :') good luck Jane S.
Jane S (1 year ago)
bategs900 I did, yes. They considered it whining, instead of constructive feedback and a cry for help to make some much needed improvements to the system.
ravi rational (3 years ago)
Good or Bad for who? You can't make all people happy always. Project sponsor perspective a PM is good if he delivers goods, but the same PM might look like a stringent and mean manager for most of the team who work for him. In my opinion, instead of taking pressure trying be a SuperMan PM, better to set priorities and be practical and try to work towards making your sponsor happy, because at the end everyone cares about the bottom line and crossing the line. So don't strive to be good, just try to achieve the goal set by your sponsor even at the cost of looking bad in the eyes of the rest.
Mr2at (3 years ago)
Joe Fish (3 years ago)
I sit at my desk, because I have to wait for developers to write code and can't be bugging them every 5 minutes. I hope that's ok. And I'm busy creating my plans etc. etc. which yes, allows me to answer questions and give feedback rapidly. I found some contradictions in those statements. However, I enjoyed your presentation immensely.
bategs900 (1 year ago)
Joey Fish you don't have to take everything she said literally. pick and choose what relates to you and then mold it to your own perspective. Just because she said good PMs are mobile doesn't mean you are a bad PM for seating at your desk while waiting for developers to write code.
G Stillwell (3 years ago)
I'm sorry but all the hand movements are very distracting for me to keep my focus on the talk. 
Nirmal Lotay (3 years ago)
Excellent guide to baseline PMs performances.
Kenny Lester (3 years ago)
You are a bless person, you really are a kind of a one. God bless you and all your love one, Excellent videos, all the videos that you made! I do have your book, Great book too.
Tariq Tariq (3 years ago)
hello, i would like to add # 14 which is "ability to analyze and evaluate"
Wilson Masaka (3 years ago)
Great video, I like it! Part of Organisation Culture...
Jason Gray (4 years ago)
Awesome info, thank you
Thanks a lot! Very helpful!
Léo Monte (4 years ago)
Great video! Tks
Matthew S (4 years ago)
This was great. Thank you.
Steve Hudson (4 years ago)
Love your videos!!
Rahim Shah (4 years ago)
the reputation of a pm depnds on how he is supported by the HO in the means of material supply if the HO fails PM also fails
Duane Tilden (4 years ago)
Great video, well presented. PM is definitely an art supported by science. I tend to be a "results merchant" and "table stakes" is a great way of simplifying what could become a complicated definition. Thanks!
12345helena (4 years ago)
Check out pmpass.ca for free PMP practice questions
James Brandenburg (4 years ago)
How many good PM have you meet? Kinda like common sense.
MoronAntidote (5 years ago)
I've never met a good project manager. I'm getting out of engineering because of this.
bategs900 (1 year ago)
MoronAntidote maybe you met engineers trying to be project managers. I have learned that engineers are not good project managers in my experience in the engineering industry. they don't see the big picture. All they care about is getting the work done. This mentality usually runs projects down the hole. You need good PMs? find someone with a management/Business degree.
Oganesyan Artyom (5 years ago)
I would add an #14 Honesty It's important to be really honest with customer, with team, with sponsor and try to be such one with all of stakeholders
Very good class that help to understand how better our project manager skills.

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