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How much 1 GTX 1080ti makes a day 13/3/2018

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Ahmad Ahmary (2 months ago)
Hi, I want to ask you , if i have 4× gtx1080 , how much i will earn ?
Grayson Mendenhall (7 months ago)
$75 a week? How long until you break even on the cost of the cards and the daily electricity usage?
Ryan Lin (11 months ago)
How much 1080ti make today?
Okk Okk (1 year ago)
Pal just want to ask I want to build a x6 1080ti 11gb will I be able to run all from a 1600watt psu
Pj nicolas (1 year ago)
Hi there I’m planning to build a rig and im not gonna pay for the electricity? Which gpu is better to use? 1070 ti or 1080?
jacek salaj (1 year ago)
super offer 0.1BTC free bonus to invest , You can buy 9Th/s lifetime https://seebit.io/?r=56086
ayman (1 year ago)
Are you out of your mind!!!!!!!!! really u mine at work>>>>>>>>>> u might be kicked out
BRAD LYON (1 year ago)
I usually use my gaming rig when it's not being used to mine which has two GTX 1080tis that gets around 5 dollars a day and my mining rig seems to get 7-8 dollars a day with four 1060's two 1070s and a 750ti. Profit has fallen majorly..
cryptingMe (1 year ago)
I have a HAT and some SHooS.... I.....
Werner Herrmann (1 year ago)
The btc yield dropped a LOT!! From 0.0012 with 2x1070 and 1x1080ti...to 0.0006 with 2x1070 and 2x1080ti
Bitcoin Lucky (1 year ago)
What is your total power draw wattage out of the wall?
Raz zaz (1 year ago)
can u play and mine T the same time with 1080s
Moises Lopez (1 year ago)
Raz zaz that is a big fat no!
Target Auto (1 year ago)
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Ghayath Nehmé (1 year ago)
Do you have any idea of how to cash bitcoin in Lebanon ?
Sailing Fanatic (1 year ago)
what if you choose an alternative to nicehash ? maybe the 1080 ti will make more $ ???
suicide weeb (1 year ago)
MrBeard17 (1 year ago)
Dane Shhh no let him think he's from the future... Hey suicide weeb.. I cant divulge future time travel details, but for your neighbor is coming for you next week.. Save yourself by taking him out first. Yea this is all legit too btw.
Dane Cook2 (1 year ago)
time zone difference
Crypto Fish (1 year ago)
Yeh, my earnings are down as well. Just have to keep holding till the fiat price goes back up.
Dean Barrett (1 year ago)
pretty much buying some of it to make up the difference during the low.
Dean Barrett (1 year ago)
Yeh bloody terrible nowdays aye,
Crypto money team (1 year ago)
Your rigs a very quite
Total Bullion (1 year ago)
Who care's about the dollar amount???? That fluctuates with the market hourly LOLOLOLOL.. It's all about how many BTC does a card pull in per day.
Cazacu Catalin (1 year ago)
Why do you say difficulty decreases? I am mining from February ... And from then on, the trend for difficulty was all the time decreasing ... Sometimes BTC was up to 11,000 USD and difficulty was the same. I never see difficulty decreases :(
JamaaLKellbass (1 year ago)
im still trying to figure it out, my brain hurts... :))
JamaaLKellbass (1 year ago)
here is my screenshot from 11 February 11 withh one 1080ti, its even worse, so you can compare with todays earnings https://drive.google.com/file/d/126RzsCQtSa7EVSRg7Dp-45uKXn1l9FET/view?usp=sharing
Total Bullion (1 year ago)
Yes, it's retarded, but when Btc is doing good, the difficulty decreases. Having said that, wow! You got a huge decrease in profit? , mine has only dropped from .0003 to .00026
JamaaLKellbass (1 year ago)
after i read this i had to check it, i took i screenshot on February 9, according to nice hash my 1080ti, stock settings, was making 0.00051124 BTC = 4,54$ a day, and today is 0.0002642907BTC = 2.19$. i guess difficulty increased or something
Onoffon (1 year ago)
hold it !!!
Gunner Tierno (1 year ago)
I'm making a video right now about the 1080TI mining profits on nice hash, lol. this was great to see. I'm doing roughly the same amount, a little more. I'll be posting mine shortly
Gunner Tierno (1 year ago)
My 1080 TI video is up!
Gunner Tierno (1 year ago)
creb (1 year ago)
Gunner Tierno awesome! Keep in touch and I'll check it out
David Simpson (1 year ago)
try the legacy miner i get higher earning with it over nh2
STI38superAU (1 year ago)
Thanks for answering my question in this video about how you withdra to your bank account. Look forward to your next vids :)
Adtrafic (1 year ago)
I love your videos! My msi 1070 ti makes 1.9$ a day mining zcash only with gpu.
jiri havoc (1 year ago)
i use coin spot to sell my coins if youre in australia, i send it straight the there and then ican send it to my account :)
jiri havoc (1 year ago)
i dont get how youre making 7 to 8 dollars a day with 1070s and a 1080, when my 1060 rig 6 cards is making 10 to 12?
Akhenaton Isis (1 year ago)
you minning Zcash ?
Crypto Birdie (1 year ago)
Hi crab, can you run your 1070 for a day and do the same test and let us know if it makes more or less than the 1080 ?
creb (1 year ago)
Crypto Birdie will do!
Edgar M (1 year ago)
Are you still gonna do gaming videos?
creb (1 year ago)
Edgar M yes Edgar! I will hopefully get around to it, it's hard to do while I'm working full time :(
Jack Peter (1 year ago)
yeahh make a video about how much does a single gtx 1070 make, I was about to make a rig of 6 of those but now im not so sure
Schmonkee Shomky (1 year ago)
I went from .0033 BTC per day to .0015 on 5 x 1080 ti. Tell those guys they’re wrong. BTC payout is way down
Schmonkee Shomky (1 year ago)
Amila Lakmal KASTHURIARACHCHILAGE Aaaaaand today it’s dropped to 0.0010 Mining’s dying faster than a terrorist suicide bomber
Schmonkee Shomky (1 year ago)
Amila Lakmal KASTHURIARACHCHILAGE .0033 and now .0013 Mining is losing on average 1% per day. Expect 50% decline over the next 50 days of this continues.
Schmonkee Shomky mine for 8x1080 as per today .0017 btc day dtsm + awesome miner via mph
Ted Soto (1 year ago)
creb (1 year ago)

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