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Rimworld: Prepare to Die #7 (Hardcore Survival Modpack)

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Help keep the channel alive and uncensored over at Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/Roll1D2Games Jilp Vondle, the most cursed man alive, tasked with only one thing: Survive. This is going to be a radical departure from any of our previous series! This is a high difficulty modpack aimed at emphasising survival, and eventual death with a slew of new core mechanics such as fog of war, combat extended, and various survival needs and additions. No more infinite resources, buildable helper bots, resurrections, magic, or easy mode! === Mod Info === Steam Workshop Collection: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1186763584&savesuccess=1 Achtung! By: Brrainz Allow Tool By: UnlimitedHugs Alpha Animals By: Sarg Bjornson Animal Tab By: Fluffy Architect Icons By: marcin212 Area Unlocker By: Fluffy Better Workbench Management By: falconne Blueprints By: Fluffy Camera+ By: Brrainz Circle And Oval By: FlashPoint55 CleaningArea By: Hatti Color Coded Mood Bar By: semTex. Common Sense By: avil Damage Indicators By: Spdskatr Defensive Positions By: UnlimitedHugs DontBlockDoorMod[1.0] By: tikubonn Draggable Corners By: sparr Dub's Paint Shop By: Dubwise Dubs Bad Hygiene By: Dubwise Dubs Mint Menus By: Dubwise ED-Embrasures By: Jaxxa EdB Prepare Carefully By: edbmods Everybody Gets One By: Uuugggg Facial Stuff 1.0 By: Killface Faction Discovery By: Orion Feed The Colonists By: PostRobcore Fluffy Breakdowns By: Fluffy Food Alert By: Mehni Haul to Stack By: ItsComcastic HugsLib By: UnlimitedHugs I Clearly Have Enough! By: ChippedChap Impassable Chest-deep Water By: Dropbear_Ninja.wa.au In-wall coolers and vents [1.0] By: Hanabishi InventoryTab By: CptKota Invisible Conduits 1.0 By: Lance Hardwood ItemListSelector By: InsertKey JecsTools By: Jecrell Just Ignore Me Passing By: Brrainz Mechanoids Extraordinaire By: Spino Megafauna By: Spino Mod Manager By: Fluffy More Faction Interaction By: Mehni More Mechanoids By: Orion Pawn Badge By: rangelreale Pharmacist By: Fluffy Pick Up And Haul By: Mehni Please Haul Perishables By: Marvin Powerful Faction Bases By: NilchEi Progress Renderer By: Lanilor Real Fog of War By: Luka Kama Recipe icons By: AUTOMATIC RenameColony By: bathroom floor Replace Stuff By: Uuugggg ResearchPal By: Charlotte RimHUD By: Jaxe RIMMSLoadUp By: Razuhl RimQuest By: Jecrell Rimworld Search Agency By: Killface Roof Support 1.0 By: Match Room Food By: Uuugggg Run and Hide By: The Word-Mule RuntimeGC By: user19990313 Search and Destroy By: roolo Share The Load By: Uuugggg Show Draftees Weapon By: Targhetti Simply More Bridges By: Lanilor Smart Speed By: Sarg Bjornson Statue of Colonist By: tammybee Toggle Harvest By: Jaxe Vanilla Animals Expanded — Livestock By: Oskar Potocki Various Space Ship Chunk By: tobe Wall Light By: Murmur Where is my weapon?[1.0] By: tammybee While You're Up [1.0] By: kevlou [1.0] Combat Extended By: N7Huntsman [1.0] Combat Extended Guns By: N7Huntsman [1.0] Combat Extended: Shields By: N7Huntsman [1.0] Dire Raids By: pyrce [1.0] Graphics Setter - Fix your textures! By: Maxim [FSF] Complex Jobs By: FrozenSnowFox [KV] Consolidated Traits - 1.0 By: Kiame Vivacity [KV] In-Game Definition Editor - 1.0 By: Kiame Vivacity [RF] Realistic Planets [1.0] By: Rainbeau Flambe [v1.0]-LinkableDoors By: Steardliy [XND] AutoOwl By: XeoNovaDan Mod manager file: http://www.mediafire.com/file/j5ad53kcn4q12ft/SurvivalExtreme.xml/file === Links === Second Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/roll1d3games Co-op Let's Plays: https://www.youtube.com/c/eliseandsam Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/roll1d2games Twitter: https://twitter.com/roll1d2games Public Discord: https://discord.gg/smb5k7r ============ #rimworld #hardcore #gaming
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Text Comments (92)
joel mac (21 days ago)
little did he know...………………….it was rigged from the start
Strider_503 (23 days ago)
Quinn Williamson (28 days ago)
Why didn't he put the cooler to freezer temperatures?!
Quinn Williamson (28 days ago)
(did- did he just heat his freezer?)
Quinn Williamson (28 days ago)
Jilp's life, find's a way *cue ripoff Jurassic Park theme*
Bender Wood (29 days ago)
lol >.> trying to build your cooler backwards is driving me crazy
ToricMusic (1 month ago)
It’s both frustrating and fun watching you learn how to play Rimworld. Haha. Just kidding, I know the pack is hard. I couldn’t last a day with a crash landed scenario! Achievement unlocked: learned to use passive cooler!
tjl102 (1 month ago)
When literally more then half of jibs are killed by heat waves and he builds fires before coolers... I can see why he dies to heat waves every 2 episodes or so
Olivia McLennan (1 month ago)
I love this series and this commentary. But he built over fertile soil and didnt break the organic spaceship. Ooof Edit: no.7 is the charm :)
Mitz Newman (1 month ago)
excellent start this episode! priorities are very well done today. there's still stools which match up to tables tho...
Ebenezer (1 month ago)
When you see the original scenario you're like : "Oh, he probably gonna die of starvation, wildbeast or even raids" HeatWave joined the game Jilp left the game
mr cantoasians (1 month ago)
does anyone think that using prexisting walls and stuff to build buildings should be done
Gore Obsessed (1 month ago)
Wooden wall around farm keep the thrumbos out
Jaxtor Plays (1 month ago)
For anyone who watches this in the future (as I am doing) there is a mod called "While you are up" which makes your pawns haul items when they are walking by them if they can. Super useful :)
NANCOK (1 month ago)
this modpack really isn't meant to be played, i mean dark souls is hard, this is just unfair/luck based
Cree Moon (1 month ago)
Finally a decent Jilp ! lol
Noble116 (1 month ago)
Bro you get heat waves like I get cold snaps, every game I get a cold snap when my first crops are half done, then they all die, then I die
Sean Hoffman (1 month ago)
You sure do wait a very long time to build a weapon hahaha seems like in my naked play throughs a club is like second on my list hahaha.
Henrique Mattos (1 month ago)
you are putting cool side for cooling outdoors? I dind't get it.
bavuz6 (1 month ago)
I stumbled onto your channel and i have 2 say, great series! You,sir, got yourself a sub
Olivia McLennan (1 month ago)
Aaron Archer (1 month ago)
Is it common to pronounce geyser as geezer in the UK? What do you call old geezers?
Aaron Archer (1 month ago)
+Roll1D2 Games how do you know when the geyser or the geezer is about to blow? There will be unforeseen consequences...
Roll1D2 Games (1 month ago)
They're pronounced the same!
Atomic Speed FT (1 month ago)
Yolothereindeer (1 month ago)
I haven't played the game much much but from my experiences playing randy on rough, he always gives you a heat wave early on
GoogleStoleMyAnonymity (1 month ago)
Why tempt fate by keeping chemfuel in your wood hut?
Unhumanized (1 month ago)
*cursed images*
Underground Dude (1 month ago)
You built the cooler backwards xD . . .
Michael Kalontarov (1 month ago)
Passive coolers?
Fritz Darchinger (1 month ago)
heat wave heat wave heat wave heat wave heat wave...
Vito (1 month ago)
I started playing this modpack, and it is hard but not as hard as you make it out to be at the start of the video. The only thing you need to do is craft a bow and from that point as long as you rolled a shooting stat 6 or more colonist you can easily kill anything that comes at you, in your case making a sword and shield as soon as you can will make Jilp almost unkillable in meele
Amateurish Author (1 month ago)
I play quite a bit of tribal, and I can say that Passive Coolers are absolutely needed for heat waves, one can keep a sizable room cool for everyone.
Zeal Iskander (1 month ago)
"Yeah I'll build a cooler tomorrow" YOU FOOL, WHY WOULD YOU SAY THAT?
Tim D Nchantr (1 month ago)
Pro tip. Rich soil in dark I think there's been a heat wave at the start of literally every run so far. haha. my inner sadist laughs maniacally every time he says "ANOTHER heat wave, are you SHITTING me!" P.S. I actually enjoying you learning the game and doing things better and better each run.
Timitrius (1 month ago)
I've watched each one of these and I'm giving up halfway through this episode. You're an absolute train wreck my dude, and I can't watch Jilp die again. P.S. - There have been some seriously good suggestions in all of the video comments up to this one. You've used maybe 2 or 3 of them. Hint Hint...
TDog (1 month ago)
could i perhaps get a mod order ? i seem to get some errors at the launch of the game
Tom Meakin (1 month ago)
This legitimately makes me want to do this myself again. I feel like going from absolutely fucking nothing to a super high-tech, hyperweave-wearing, thrumbo-riding, bionic super soldier sex god might be *quite satisfying*
blazing_ion (1 month ago)
I don't know how you can play on Randy. He's the most boring storyteller ever. It's always a heat wave no matter how I start on this scenario. Randy just forces you to build everything in a certain order. I prefer Cassandra! Good job on Jilp 6 so far!
Yolothereindeer (1 month ago)
I agree I always find that Randy gives a heatwave
thecloner (1 month ago)
any suggestion for loading up this pack and making sure it works. im still getting erros following the load list in the description
thecloner (1 month ago)
+Roll1D2 Games ok also is the link mod list order still accurate because i subscribed to all the mods listed in the mod pack and it seemed a couple were missing
Roll1D2 Games (1 month ago)
I get errors too, but they're not a problem
811 YT (1 month ago)
This is promising
Morgon Anderson (1 month ago)
I been enjoying the series since the beginning me and a few other people have been laughing our asses off even enjoying the series and this time you are doing much better and this person's number eight u need to make weapons don't forget and clothes and u talk way to fast u need to slow down your talking plus the clothes will actually probably help you live longer when you're attacked by animals does you'll have some type of Defense I'm happy you finally listen to us all about the passive coolers that they are useful
J.J. Shank (1 month ago)
Sentence breaks. Please. You sound like a lunatic.
IStenHK (1 month ago)
Jilp: Gets a heatstroke/goes on a mental breakdown Sam: Ah shit, here we go again
Yen Boi (1 month ago)
You can make a growing zone where the wind turbine is but forbid growing crops there but he will still chop down the trees
AshAntiquity (1 month ago)
Literally love this series. Thanks for making videos daily 😂😂
maidenmetal787 (1 month ago)
What about a passive cooler for heat waves
Pendant Blade (1 month ago)
On the bedand room size: yeah that's fixed. Just put in the corner that's fine.
By God man remember to check the cooler cause all you have now is a sauna
At least you caught it this time
Mark Stiles (1 month ago)
Craft a bow and build 3 wooden traps for then ro walk over. Most of the time it will not kill them but it will save you from taking damage.
Fayt Leingod (1 month ago)
Get him his weapon. Use it to hunt for tribalwear. Would be a shame if raid comes and you are not ready. Im glad you have found the passive cooler. It really is a big crutch when you are underdeveloped. I also like the torch lamps for the basic temp stabilization and light. Primitive rimworld play is an interesting thing. Ivr noticed you rush to industrial/electronics and your haste has been a big pitfall.
Alien Sheep (1 month ago)
You should build the door to the river you said you would at the beginning
Alien Sheep (1 month ago)
The heat waves tho
Alex Kirrmann (1 month ago)
I don't feel like hitting a big chicken with a piece of wood. Lol classic.
Sydney Lord (1 month ago)
Finally war crimes have stopped
Nic Pardon (1 month ago)
what you mean jilp 6 your meant to be on like jilp 5 you idiot you absolute fucking idiot you cant win because your shit and dumb you could of continued this series is shit
Joyde (1 month ago)
You put the "cooler" the wrong way 'round, friend.
Mega Machines (1 month ago)
Look around for steel walls and floors around the map, that may get steel faster
Gicaree Valentine (1 month ago)
also, train the meadow aves
SS_Shadowsan Wolf (1 month ago)
can you add the mod where it shows both Ferienhit and Celsius for us Americans
CR1810 (1 month ago)
Also 0°C is 32°F. Generally, to get an approximate conversion, multiply by 2.2 (or just 2) and add 32, from what I've heard :)
Celsius 32°C is the same as 90°F farenheit and 20°C is like 70°F
RodRelic (1 month ago)
SS_Shadowsan Wolf even though I agree Celsius is much superior learn it
Doomerang Victoria (1 month ago)
metric system for life, peasant with primitive measurements
Gicaree Valentine (1 month ago)
you can put campfires outside
RAPTORGAMING (1 month ago)
Randy is just making it seem great then hes going to throw a strange drop pod through your roof.
charred1 (1 month ago)
Amanda Roesie (1 month ago)
Is the cooler facing the right way?
Lanak (1 month ago)
deconstruct the strange drop pod when it lands and none will spawn. enjoying the series also build passive coolers
Dracorex2153 (1 month ago)
Austin Harrell (1 month ago)
Rimworld: Prepare for Heat Waves (#7)
fire leaperd gaming (1 month ago)
Some one should make a jilp song
SmertWorm (1 month ago)
if you go with the tribal 5 people start it is less lightly to get instantly killed and still goes with the theme of the playthrough
albert vdb (1 month ago)
Well not to forget 'lucky' 7 has more Trees than the rest had
Haji Dumas (1 month ago)
You are right to fear the Chocobos, they do as much damage as an smg Also 33:47 OOF.
Attackbow156 (1 month ago)
At least he fixed it.
try thrusting (1 month ago)
I screamed in agony when I saw that
BigBear (1 month ago)
i facepalmed and pity laughed lol
Joyde (1 month ago)
I wonder if he will notice....
Big Irishpotato (1 month ago)
wow he didnt mess up can we get a round of applause for roll1
Bernardo Monteiro (1 month ago)
Craft the bow and arrows before the first raid arrives
Steven Endersby (1 month ago)
Agreed it will make raids and hunting much easier in the long run at least until/if he can get ahold of a gun.
albert vdb (1 month ago)
I miss jilp5 a pity you screwed up
Propurty (1 month ago)
Start building a weapon early. Easy and could be life or death. Also a small freezer is way easier to cool during heat wave.
Somber Salad (1 month ago)
This was perhaps the greatest starts in the history of starts, maybe ever.
Luke McManus (1 month ago)
You can just deconstruct the strange drop pod
Luopa "Luopian" (1 month ago)
Go!!! I believe in Jilp!
DutchGabbers (1 month ago)
Well, I belief Jilp just build his cooler the wrong way.. So my confidence might be a little shaken at this moment XD

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