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Sandy Bland: Animal Rights bleeds into Human Rights

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Sources: Dash cam video of Sandra Bland's arrest: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jpSEemvwOn4 http://www.nytimes.com/2015/07/31/us/texas-troopers-behavior-called-catalyst-in-sandra-blands-death.html?_r=0 http://www.wsj.com/articles/trooper-in-sandra-bland-case-is-under-criminal-probe-1437589219#livefyre-comment Cecil the Lion footage https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ViCAoHMDwho
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Lina Sorrentino (3 years ago)
Talk about racial profiling. That woman should not have to be taken out of her car for a traffic violation. He obviously wanted to do something to her. Then she's found in her cell hung. That was so she wouldn't Sui the police department. They wanted to shut her up. All animals demand respect too. You should never be cruel to animals. They can't speak out for themselves, so we must do it for them. All hunting animals and people should be against the law. We have no right to kill an animal so we can put their head on a wall. Wow big deal. You and your high powered rifles and arrows kill animals just for living, the same thing we won't to do. I'm an animal advocate and a vegan. I have seen more cruelty to animals than I ever could imagine. It makes me wonder just what kind of human beings these are? THEY DISRESPECT ANIMALS LIKE THEY HAVE NO RIGHT TO LIVE. THEY DON'T THINK THEY HAVE FEELINGS. THEY DO. PEOPLE ARE SO WRONG AND THEY MUST STOP THIS BEHAVIOR OR WE WILL NO LONGER HAVE THESE BEAUTIFUL GENTAL ANIMALS ANYMORE. PLEASE WHAT DO YOU THINK? LET'S GET THE WORD OUT THAT WE DON'T LIKE THIS, NOW. THANK YOU .,ONION KNIGHTS SHOW. YOUR TRULY DOING A GREAT SERVICE FOR ANIMALS AND MANKIND.
Lina Sorrentino (3 years ago)
Sandy was a perfect example of racial profiling. First of all why did she need to be taken out of the car for a traffic infraction. Her big crime was not signaling to change lanes. Get out of the car? Then he drags her away from the camera on his squad car so no one would see what he was going to do to her. He was banging her head around and she was yelling your breaking my wrist!!!. This cop was determined to hurt her because he didn't like blacks! It was so obvious to me and I'm sure to others. I'm a white woman and that cop was so rude and so scary to me that I probably would of started running from him. I've had cops try to rape me before. So I could totally feel for her and what she was going through. The terrible whole thing to this story is that three days later she's found hanging in her cell. What also makes me wonder is ,why was she even in a a cell alone to begin with?????? Sounds a bit fishy to me. I'd fight this all the way. I really believe they silenced her .......with out and out murder.l think that cop needs to be prosecuted for his crimes. He's insane!! He pulled her over because she was black and had intent in his mind to do bodily harm to her before he ever stopped her. This had nothing to do with a traffic infraction. This had to do with racial profiling of a black woman. 
Teresa Stratton (3 years ago)
thank you for your good heart and I am very passionate about the link between human and animal rights never stop fighting peace out l
Stormgryph (3 years ago)
I agree with all that you said about Sandra Bland and I'm glad her family is fighting the original outcome. I am against trophy hunting, I'm not against folks hunting for food. The reason for that is we've thrown the balance of nature out of whack when we got rid of animals like the wolves. Lets take the deer as an example. The deer are allowed to over populate areas and they starve in the winters because of lack of food. I find them starving a much worse thing than someone's family being happy and healthy for the meat that is shared with them from the deer or other animal. Yes, I do think we need to find better ways then the mass farming of animals, but some folks bodies don't do well without meat. Yes, I've tried many ways to do without and had to come back to eating meat.
Stormgryph (3 years ago)
+Anastasia Petrova Thanks for talking with me. I've tried eating vegan, it didn't work for me. Maybe one day I'll try it again.
Stormgryph (3 years ago)
+Anastasia Petrova LOL! I can see where you're not clear about what I said. I was referring to eating store bought meat, which I couldn't afford. Doesn't mean I didn't eat beans, rice and such as that. In fact because I don't qualify, haven't qualified for food stamps etc...for much of my life, I used to live off of Raman and tuna. I'm making my way through these later years of my life by selling things I make, some of the woo-woo work I do and plasma. No welfare, no medicare etc... *I live in KS and my governor is an asshat*
Stormgryph (3 years ago)
I'm glad I made you laugh, but excuses? At one point in my life if I hadn't hunted for food, I would have gone hungry. It's called living while poor. Sorry if you don't understand.
Nina Thomas (3 years ago)
And the police officer told her I will kill you,, and he did...

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